Japanese Welfare Recipients Hit All-Time High

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Over the weekend we learned that the most indebted nation in the world (net of unfunded liabilities), that would be the US, just hit an all time high in foodstamp recipients, which when added to record disability recipients, and various other programs providing for free benefits and entitlements, means that just as the US hit a record Dow Jones (and total Federal debt) print, it at least had a record amount of welfare recipients to show for it. In this context it is probably to be expected then, that that other hyperdebtflationary Keynesian basket case, Japan, just reported that the number of people receiving entitlement benefits just hit an all time high as well. Because the one thing insolvent misery certainly loves is company. Preferably globalized company, just so when the global statist syndicate needs to threaten a record number of people with pulling their welfare privileges should it not get its now periodic taxpayer-funded bailout every several years, it gets a very enthusiastic and prompt global response.

From Japan Times:

The number of people receiving welfare benefits nationwide hit an all-time high for the eighth consecutive month in December, totaling 2,151,165, the welfare ministry said Wednesday.


The number of households on welfare hit 1,570,823 — also a new record.


These represent rises from the 2,147,303 individuals and 1,567,797 households as of the end of November.


Households of recipients aged 65 and older accounted for more than 40 percent of the total, at 681,229, while households with ill or injured people totaled 297,923.


Meanwhile, recipient households that include family members who can work totaled 289,197, with the proportion of those households having grown markedly over the last decade.

Perhaps what is most surprising is that Japan, which has a population that is about a third of the US, has a "record" number of welfare recipients that is 2.2 million. In US terms this would be a measly 6 million, or less than the foodstamp recipients of just New York and California.

So what does it say about the US when the country with the record 220% debt/GDP has about one-tenth the official number of citizens on welfare? And just how will America's ~60 million welfare queens survive if and when i) the time truly does come to pull some of the trillions in deficit funded handouts, and ii) inflation finally does arrive and costs soar, but not the weekly government check? Surely there is no need to be concerned - we are confident the central planners are way ahead of us on this one too.

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lolmao500's picture

What a bunch of amateurs compared to the US...

Don't worry folks, all is well in Japan...


A 75-year-old Saitama man died after 25 hospitals refused to admit him to their emergency rooms 36 times over two hours, citing lack of beds or doctors to treat him, an official said Tuesday.

The man, who lived alone in Kuki, Saitama Prefecture, called an ambulance after suffering breathing problems at his home in January.

Paramedics rushed to his house but all 25 hospitals in the area told them, some more than once, that they could not accept the man because they did not have enough doctors or any free beds, a local city official said.

Don't worry folks, Obamacare is gonna give you the same thing in America!!

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Are Japanese bondholders counted as welfare recipients?

WayBehind's picture

"Japanese Welfare Recipients Hit All-Time High"

Is that a good news or bad news?

ACP's picture

Not sure...not enough illegals to make a difference in an election.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Japan is print much yen, so not is to worry, much available is for welfare, no?!

Punch Bag's picture

Agreed. Japan print..world say ok, we still like yen,
Japan print more, world say ok...we doing it too
Plenty money for welfare

WayBehind's picture

I got job for them. Perhaps they can send all those welfare recipients to Hawaii and Pacific US to clean all the shit from Fukushima

jonjon831983's picture

Then perhaps GE can pay to fix up all their crappy reactors.

Landrew's picture

You are a moron! High ratio elderly in Japan has something to do with healthcare here in the U.S. What planet do you live on. Get a better argument you cock brother troll!

yogibear's picture


Where's the Japanese version of:


The US is #1 on welfare and scams.



Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Black woman is not real. Must is be black actor-comedian.

RafterManFMJ's picture

What a shame! Here in the land of Amerika, we can import a 3rd world Somali and give her the best healthcare on Earth! Stupid Japs! Work all your  life, and think you get solace for your failing heart? Take out your steak knife, and end yourself now.

besnook's picture

that story doesn't pass the logic test. a region with 25 hospitals serves a large population so this patient would not have been the only one refused service and certainly not the only one who died.  it does illustrate the point that geriatric medicine is a critical need.

Charles Nelson Reilly's picture

Hey look on the brightside if you live in Japan, you still have 45 million less people livin off the gubbmint than the USSA.

max2205's picture

Dead old people with rice, yum

Yamaha's picture

Give them some of the pigs from the China river........

jeebus's picture

One of the things I can't wait for is for all of these bums on welfare to stop getting their checks.


Or for their checks to be worthless. Either will suffice.

dick cheneys ghost's picture

Can we start with the corporations first?

Landrew's picture

Bravo! Seems the Cock Brother trolls paid to be morons are in force today. Somehow they think they have more in common with billionaires then working people ha! Sadly they most likely are on food stamps and welfare since the Cock brothers don't pay well ha!

Cabreado's picture

Perhaps the relative humility of the culture itself will serve to soften the blow.

Perhaps we can already regret not having the same cushion here.


nasa's picture

2.1 million total?  Walmart must pay a little better over there. 

TallDog83's picture

What will happen when the American dependent class, no longer has Uncle Sam to roll out the unemployment benefits and food stamps?? Curtains for the American Dream... but maybe we'll see Japan goes first.

deebee's picture

surely just a temporary anomaly. all that ZIRP/QE will kick in sometime soon, yes?

illyia's picture

Maybe robots will take over the world, supplying all human needs - except for gardens kept beneath our clear (and conveniently HD-ready) solar panel roofs. Maybe the bitcoin will become the central-gov-corp currency of the realm and we will all be on welfare for our basic needs not supplied by our talents and hobbies. Perhaps we will all be off-grid, using new means to supply endless power - for our own use. Maybe we will cut out the middleman.

Maybe we will all have to crash first; discover that the profit-motive leads to the tyranny of the wealthy and the enslavement of the masses; that all people will cover their ass if they've cheated and that all fiat, not gold-money, will be debased by those trying to cover their asses.

Maybe people will all stop caring about what the governments say - along with their statistics. Maybe every salesman will look like they're selling snake oil, because they often are. Maybe the internet will really become the global conversation point - whether the PTB like it or not... maybe....

Naw that's just magical thinking.

hooligan2009's picture

robots are one aspect of the new normal.

who owns the robot? why does it have to belong to a company, rather it could be a government employee.

that will happen when we exit the transition phase....federal reserve printing of SNAP benefits via JPM.

it won't be long before the fed's balance sheet moves from its current 2.5 years of tax revenues to 3 years then....

mind you, the feds balance sheet is still less than one years government spending...

espirit's picture

Yeah, maybe someday we can use nuclear fission to boil water.

illyia's picture

Yeah. That's the ticket!

WmMcK's picture

I'm still waiting/holding out for cold fusion.

Flush the toilet and power your house for a week.

Tritium, bitchez!

dolph9's picture

Also remember that unlike America, Japan has a strong tradition of honor and shame that prevents rampant abuse of the system.

Kobe Beef's picture

Plus very few Low IQ, Low Impulse Control Imports, with no racial grievance lobby to blame their subsequent failure on the majority population.

The Invisible Foot's picture

At least they can get welfare. In Indiana they make your jump through 50 different hoops, and if you make more than $15,000 you cannot apply for TANF (temporary assistance for needy family's) because apparently that is too much fucking money . Food stamps are the only thing feeding this country. ($1200 a month for a family of 3 here). Don't even get me started on right to work. Thank you Washington/Mich Daniels. Oh read this to and see were you state fits  http://www.health.com/health/gallery/0,,20483493,00.html My state is number 2 BITCHEZZ!

booboo's picture

yea well when states have to choose between funding public employee pensions and providing shit to its "connedsoomers" something has to give and it ain't gonna be the public employee unions.

espirit's picture

Race to debase.

Dollah = Yen

hooligan2009's picture

do SNAP benefits ever have to be paid back? well yes i guess so, if the recipient doesn't die and gets a job..

more to the point...i think if the subsidies to rice and other food producers are taken into account, i think you will find that these subsidies translate into welfare benefits for many many more low income families that brings up the comparable stats to more or less the same as that for the US.

just saying...

jonjon831983's picture

Honor demands that we do not beg... oh wait this is welfare.  Screw it, they're paying anyways.

Yen Cross's picture

     Send all the unemployed Japanese to Australia. They have jobs coming out of their asses in OZ. Look at employment print below.


17:30   AUD     Employment Change 71.5K added 9.0K est 13.0K prev.

     How can anyone take government statistics seriously with such blatant outright estimate misses?

Punch Bag's picture

I am guessing the welfare drawers are the elderly not the unemployed.

shinobi-7's picture

Japan is a harbinger for things to come in the US. Tokyo is doing fine, thank you very much, splashed as it is with government money. Shops are full, towers are rising, people are employed. Move away from the center though and the picture changes drastically. In the countryside, villages are dying literally. Average age over 70 is now common, stores are shut, jobs unavailable, public services dwindling. These communities will go bankrupt the "Yubari way" one after another long before the country does. There lies the real risk for the economy: Shrinking into nothingness from the periphery inward. The worst is that it is almost invisible and people get used to it. They get subsidies until it becomes unafordable and the subsidies are cut. In the US you get Detroit, in Japan you get Yubari. (The same but without the murders.)

msjimmied's picture

"So what does it say about the US when the country with the record 220% debt/GDP has about one-tenth the official number of citizens on welfare? And just how will America's ~60 million welfare queens survive if and when i) the time truly does come to pull some of the trillions in deficit funded handouts.."


Who writes this shit? When the bubbles were expanding, and everyone's got a job, no one was lazy, living off the "dole". Now that there are no jobs, what the FUCK did you think would happen? This piss poor choice of language only serves one purpose, to rile up the red neck stupid Ayn Randian crowd who thinks they are the only ones who sees the light, and knows for sure the Darwinian struggle to survive should go to them. Why? because they will fuck with, stomp on, trample, piss on, and do what an animal must do to survive, fuck with everyone else. And there you have it. Animals. So what are you, fucking animal fucks?

It really pisses me off to have to use that language on whichever Tyler this is. All I know is that this is not the Tyler I followed many years ago. It's become an unpleasant task to check in most times just to see if I can winnow out some grain from this chaff. Down arrow me till kingdom come. I really don't give a shit about opinions based on this crap.


booboo's picture

"bubbles are expanding" now like never before, where are the jobs? Oh that's right, with the help of his press dick puffers Super Fly has convinced teevee nation we are in a "jobless recovery" 

dunce's picture

A few hours ago i went to a convenience store to buy a powerball ticket and noticed a big sign on the wall outside "EBT accepted here" and i thought this means that because of the fungibilty of money that i am also buying somebody else's ticket whether i want to or not. If i win, the govt. takes nearly half in taxes and gives it to all the people with EBT cards. The odds are bad enough without the redistribution to add insult to injury.

o2sd's picture

Japan doesn't really have 220% debt to GDP ratio. Almost a third of Japanese debt is double counted. The national government sells the bonds, then lends it to the prefectures, who lend it to local governments, and the total is all piled on top of one another.

Best estimates have Japan's debt to GDP ratio at 140%, or about 8T, and that is gross. Japan also has around 3T in foreign assets, so net liabilities are actually 88% of GDP.

Japan also has the highest level of industrial automation in the developed world, so less people can make more goods, but a ballooning trade deficit from weakening Yen as energy costs soar.

Sure, the outlook for Japan is not 100% rosy. They have some severe demographic challenges to overcome, but if you take a position based on what the government of Japan is telling you about the economic situation of the country, then you are likely being suckered.

I admire Kyle Bass, but I think he is wrong on this one.


Punch Bag's picture

Interesting point about the double counting o2. I hadn't heard of that before

o2sd's picture

There are lots of things you don't hear about Japan. I recommend Eamonn Fingleton. He maybe wrong, but he makes a compelling argument.



North Asia needs another 5 years of Americans spending their inheritence to industrialise China and develop a regional consumer market. When that 5 years is up, you won't hear much about Japan being broke.


besnook's picture

the usa numbers don't even count social security as welfare.

booboo's picture

I wish that the 15% I have been paying into SS on earned income since I was 16 could be welfared back to me with a modest interest then.