Because It Worked So Well For Stalin...

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Submitted by Simon Black of Sovereign Man blog,

Five-year plans in the Land of the Free? Apparently it’s not that far off from reality.

Yesterday Senator Tom Harkin introduced S. 544, “a bill to require the President to develop a comprehensive national manufacturing strategy.”

In effect, Senator Harkin wants the President to centrally plan the economy. Never mind that the President has zero experience in business or manufacturing. But hey, this worked out so well for Stalinist Russia, it’s no wonder Mr. Harkin wants to copy that model.

Not to be outdone by Mr. Harkin’s long-sighted vision, President Obama is drawing up plans to turn over Americans’ financial data to the nation’s spy agencies. So now, on top of everyone else, law-abiding citizens in the Land of the Free can count on the CIA and NSA combing through their bank statements.

Of course, it’s all for your protection against men in caves who wish to do you harm.

This is the same reason they irradiate and/or sexually assault airline passengers. It’s why they have to be able to assassinate Americans on US soil by remote control plane. It’s why they’ve authorized military detention of US citizens. Etc.

When you step back and look at the big picture, it really makes one wonder – how big of a piano needs to be dropped on people’s heads before they notice what’s happening..?

I acknowledge that people have roots. I understand that folks can’t easily pick up and leave their jobs, friends, and family. I understand there’s a lot of inertia involved.

But if you see the writing on the wall, there’s so much you can do to protect yourself against this lunacy. Own precious metals, preferably stored overseas. Open a foreign bank account. Ship your retirement savings abroad. Travel a little bit. Know, in advance, where you would go if you finally hit your breaking point and needed to leave the country.

The trend is clear. Every single day the political elite gives us even more evidence that they’re working overtime to destroy the economy and what few remaining civil liberties still exist.

It’s a difficult truth to acknowledge given that most people have been brainwashed from a very early age in public schools to trust in their government. But placing any amount of confidence in this system utter folly. And dangerous.

There’s no need to panic; rather, it’s important to take measured, rational action. The above recommendations are not alarmist, they’re steps that make sense no matter what happens.

In almost any scenario, you won’t be worse off for having gold and silver stashed away overseas. You won’t be worse off for traveling abroad and finding a nice place you enjoy. You won’t be worse off for taking back control of your retirement savings.

Yet it the bottom falls out, you’ll be one of the few people left standing. Unless, of course, you’d rather wait for the next five-year plan to kick in.

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nope-1004's picture

Fascism baby!!!  Now that's some "Hope and Change" - or so someone said once.

Maybe part of this 5 year plan should be a BUDGET!!  Who operates any organization with a large number of employees without a budget?


markmotive's picture

Socialism for the rich. Capitalism for the rest.

American Psychosis...Chris Hedges

DJ Happy Ending's picture

"you won’t be worse off for having gold and silver stashed away overseas"

Can someone please explain this to me?

Simon mentions this in almost every post but I do not understand how it is beneficial to have physical stored thousands of miles away from where you live.

If the SHTF, how would you get to it?

icanhasbailout's picture

And where overseas can you really expect your possessions to be held inviolate? Even if you manage to get overseas to get to your holdings in person, what leverage do you have to actually get control of it? "So sorry Senor American, we have no record of that account. Have a buenos dias." If TSHTF here in the US, wouldn't half those storage places pretty much immediately go sifting through the possessions of US nationals to see what can be absconded with?

Lore's picture

Maybe I'm wrong, but this comes essentially from the same bunch that has yet to pass a budget, yes? 

To draw clients away from a competitor, you promise superior service, yes? In finance, that means honoring contracts and respecting confidence, yes?

pods's picture

Contracts are honored until they are not.  When better to break a contract then when you cant exactly go to your department of state to complain that the money you hid has been stolen?

And of course you will be bound by any and all laws, statutes, and proclamantions of the jurisdiction of the locale which your holdings were last seen.  Suppose the good old US in it's infinite wisdom decides that your nation of choice has opened up an Al-CIA-Duh franchise and starts JDAMming all the locals?

Sorry, my holdings stay close.



Dr Paul Krugman's picture

And this is the point - if you aren't spending, and they aren't spending, then someone needs to - and that should be the government.

Xibalba's picture

Why does 'spending' need to continue?  Other than to keep inflated prices high and higher?  Why not let the global market decide what your home is worth?  What bonds are worth? What precious commodities are worth?  Do we really need 'The State' to come in and destabilize everything?   Deflation is good.

Lord Of Finance's picture

Right. I'm not spending, they are not spending, but government is. But where will the gov'ts spending end up? Of course we know. Where wil my spending and their spending end up, once it picks up? 

That is your goal. Gov't spends, Geithner prints and Ben drops relief aid from the chopper, all in an effort to stimulate the economy and to reduce unemployment to get the people spending. You can reduce the spending,printing and dropping, but how will you reduce the money in the supply? Won't that bring us right back where we were and quite probably several steps down? Such as down a hole?

BLOTTO's picture

Posted before, worth posting again...


The Russians told a familiar joke..."Under Capitalism, man exploits man while under Communism its the other way around."

= 'Heads they win, tails we lose.'


At the top tear (because its pretty sad) you always find the illuminati controlling the choices - of which they own/win on both.


And thats that.


Now what?

whotookmyalias's picture

Lack of qualifications has never stopped Obama before.  I'm sure he will be able to come up with something very "reasonable" and "common sense".

Middle_Finger_Market's picture

I read: Because it worked so well for satan.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Boris is cannot say bad of Stalin, because is never meet Stalin. But Boris is also not meet own grand parents, uncles, and cousins, either.

prains's picture

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Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Q: How many is take Central Planner to screw incandescent bulb?

A: Just one, but is take 5 year to plan and execute.

Lord Of Finance's picture

Capitalism is the unknown ideal. We don't have it. We never had it. The bankers and politicians have always interfered with the free market. The free market has its own way of policing morally hazardous conduct, but the politicians care about only one thing, and that is their agenda and their power is dependent on that agenda getting fulfilled. 


  Capitalism is a vehicle for prosperity. It is not immune from breakdown, but it's the best one available. The problem is not with the vehicle. The problem is the driver(s).

You can not junk the auto because we have hazardous/reckless drivers.

JOYFUL's picture

"Capitalism" is a theoretical construct, employed by Karl Marx, who used the term to describe economic systems in which land and labor are subservient to the owners of "money" = liquid in gold, or currencies which purport to represent a store of 'wealth'* ... conflation of the terms 'capital' & capitalist with 'ownership of the means of production' only came about once the cartel of moneychangers who both sponsored Marx and saw to the wide distribution of his recondite** theories had consolidated their victory over both the landed noble and laboring classes...via a C19th putsch in which the emergent middle classes were enlisted to subscribe to the fiction of class mobility - the "useful idiots" of the later Leninist school of Marxism - and the concept of 'class interests' versus 'racio-cultural' interests was used to dupe successive generations of Euro-merikans into aiding & abetting their own marginalizaton via surreptitious support for the vicious racial hegemonism of the sionist moneypower.

As an 'ideal,' it was ideally suited for this shell game by which an emergent class of noveau riche rentiers and unproductive parasites could impose their collective will upon the polity of western peoples, and reconstruct the prevailing historical narrative by means of their equally dominant control of the 'education\media\judiicial\legislative' estates, all in turn. You don't have "it" and you will never have "it"...because 'it' is the cruel fiction of power redistributed according to merit amongst a people whose true class and cultural enemies have simply invented the term to make your own self-immolation in their cause a self-fulfilling narrative of how they are smarter and better and more blessed than thou...the dupe goy who confused the  true free enterprise, free market, entreprenurial instincts of our forbears with this hollow repetition of worn cabbalistic phrasing which you so proudly bring to our attention here.

*all our "Indo-European" terms for money & currency are root-based in the numeration of head of stock...cattle...the meaning of wealth for our forbears...whose grasp of the really real far exceeded our own degraded vision...and who roamed  as freemen***, the thunder of their hooved hordes striking terror into the swamp-bound camps of the moneychangers' Khazarian ancestors.

**as in neo-Hegelian...having the temerity to convince your audience of your powers of intellect by confusing them with witless verbiage!

***freemen...owners of their own 'means of production' = hoof, herd and haulberk!

I suggest you chew on that apiece. M'lord.

Steve in Greensboro's picture

Capitalism is not an ideology.  Capitalism is what people do when government leaves them alone.

JOYFUL's picture

 Steve...all "isms" are ideologic...and like your description, complicate affairs of astonishing simplicity, generally for nefarious purposes...

what people do when government leaves them alone doesn't require an ism to describe it...nor a 'capitalism' to do it under...

Lord Of Finance's picture

I dont chew on incoherent psychobabble. I chew on the mis-informed zero hedge pseudo intellectuals who think they know history, but what they know aint so.


Like I say to all you knee jerk reactionaries, who get their panties in a bunch when they just see my name at the top of a post, make sure you understand my post before you respond and make sure you understand your history and the facts before you respond.


Your interpretation of the facts are unfounded and mindboggling non sense. You should be a professor at Al-jazeera University. Your "history" revision is as farcicle as said university.


Leave the discussion of Marx to markets to the grown ups. There is no way to chew on your incomprehensible conspiritorial puke. Your mind is full of useless knowledge regarding your percieved stance on the freedom of markets. 


Now, would you please inform me of where you attained your vast learning of Soviet and communist history. I also would appreciate the names of the historians/scholars who gave you such a wide breadth of knowledge on those subjects as well as the historians/scholars who informed you of your unique understanding of markets. 


I will not be chewing on anything. Such vapid thoughts are merely empty calories.

JOYFUL's picture

Sorry dood...I dinna do  any [l] chose to eschew all that to chomp on the classics of ye ol political economics....

Cantillons' Essai, Smiths' Wealth of Nations, in particular, hard goin, sometimes tough chewin...but indispensable to the enquiring mind... you seem, from your comments' tone, to be suffering some form of dyspepsia, intellectual or otherwise, and therefore may require a more epicurean diet...

I'm afraid I can be of little assistance in guiding you there, as I've not the patience for the lighter-weight pretenders in the field...perhaps I can offer you a straw M'Lord?

Lord Of Finance's picture

You cited 'wealth of nations'?  Are you familiar how this book argues against your own free market position and how it was an inspiration for Von Mises? Are you also aware of its contradictory flaws? Now, it does have arguements for your stance, but after years of analysis, its contradictions/misinterpretations overule it as a guide to free market direction. Its only cogent stance is against bank nationalization, which we all agree upon, but the end which you choose to justify does not justify the means. 



JOYFUL's picture

Now Whitey finally learns how to properly defend him\herself...

the bolshie hebraics own your dna...they've studied and experimented on(Mengele and Co were just part of their racket!)live subjects of our race and kind, and have now the tools to control, confuse, and a little further on, eliminate the gullible goys amongst whom they live. "Science" now trumps firepower...It's about quarter hour to midnight, and nobody seems to see beyond going out with a bit of fireworks...

you will rout them out of your midst, and disarm them of their techno tools of mass western genocide, or die as dupes to their machinations.  \Brecker Brothers - Funky Sea, Funky Dew\North Sea JazzFestival 1980...white boys get loose!

Lord Of Finance's picture



I'll tell you what 'joyful'. Lets make a deal. If you continue to get just as many or more people to agree with you, then I will quit zero hedge! I am serious. I'll go back to teaching my students real history and doubling down on that effort to make sure I do not contribute to the endless production of conspiritorial nitwits that I routinely encounter on these sites.



I do not want to be engaged with this kind of tripe. You get at least just as many people to agree with you, then I'm outta here.

Hell. Even 3/4 agreement will be close enough for me. I'll check back in by Sunday evening to see the results and give my final response. Plus, argueing with all of about the truth has taken me away from my job that I love. I should focus my energy on my life long dream. This site has become a nightmare.


BTW. The posts that you see by me that are entered below are from much earlier. This is my final zero hedge post.




I know that you will get more then enough. AND to all you lame brained nitwits, I say -


                         GOOD RIDDANCE!

JOYFUL's picture

You've worked yourself into a terrible state M'Lord...

now take your finger offa the trigger, take the gun away from your temple, and place it gently down...upon the table.

Though I may have little use for your thoughts, and even less for your style of stating them, what matters most to me is that you have the freedom to express them here...and I to agree or disagree

I do hope you will be feeling better.


Lord Of Finance's picture

You are partially correct. I will have a gun to my head if I spend any more time on this site dealing with the likes of you. 


I update my original offer. I you get a total of 5 people who agree with you, I will leave for good!

I mistakenly joined this site. I did not do the thorough research to see how many misinformed people are out here. I now realize it is called zero hedge for a reason, and that because it has so many zeros.

Now, I do llove free speech, but I do not engage in speech with the conspiritorial nitwits all over this site. I'll put it as George Washington rightly surmised;


  "It is better for a man to be completely alone, than be in the company of fools."


I am not alone nor a fool. I know your a fool, and sadly I believe you are quite alone. That is why you come to this site. Because you can be with like-minded troglodytes. 


Now as I stated before you mindless miscreant, give me the historical and scholarly references for your wasted intellect!


I wont be waiting for your references, because I know and you know there are no valid references for your mindless drivel.

Remember. You dont always have to be a mindless, misinformed ignorant fool. Well, on second thought, that is where this site comes in. You enjoy the company of these fools and therefore there will be no change.

Lord Of Finance's picture

Oh look! You have recieved more then the total of 5 up votes. Congratulations! You are the winner.


This is Lord of Finance saying good bye from sunny America! So long ZERO hedge. Your mission will never materialize because it has no philosophical cornerstone. AND, as we all should know, a foundation built on weak/shaky ground will eventually succumb to the multitude of various elements. This site is just like the economy that you quite justifiably lament over and over again; YOUR foundation is also built on sand.


Speaking of sand;

The sands of time for your influence on these forces is running out.


Speaking of over; I finally say, Over, and out!












(the posts below that were written by Lord of Finance, were written many, many hours before said final post)

SamAdams's picture

I'm afraid people are uncomfortable with the term Illuminati.  As such, you may use the alternate "Bolshevik".  It is more accurate than "Zionist".  Israel is just part of a bigger plan of universal Communism. 

Of course at a lower level, your USA has made contigency plans in case of social strife due to economic turmoil.  At the higher level, this was put into motion years ago.  The goymasons and their ancestoral societies have been responsible for preserving the nature of politics and kingship since recorded history. 

The Bible is not literally accurate.  If it were, do you think the kings and priests would allow you the knowledge of such powerful ideology?  Again, the 3 scams are:  Creation of Money, War and Religion...

Lord Of Finance's picture

C'mon Paul Krugman. You may be eating well of the finest foods and drinking the finest scotch, but these ideas of "yours" have got granny eating alpo for pete's sake!    :D

Dr Paul Krugman's picture

Just write - depressions are good - and wish for problems, so the rich can buy up assets for pennies on the dollar while the poor starve.

whotookmyalias's picture

I upped you not for being sarcastic, but because that the is most honest thing I've seen you write.

Dr Paul Krugman's picture

My comment was in reply to an above statement wishing for deflation; I am trying to prevent a furthering depression.

Lord Of Finance's picture

uttering nonsense was 'Joyfuls' "whitey" response.

PubliusTacitus's picture

Awesome, so you apparently can't use the reply button properly, either.


Good to know.  Cheers.


viahj's picture

maybe Tyler can rename the reply link to say "Print"

Lord Of Finance's picture

This inflationary recession has the top 1% buying up assets, such as real estate for pennies on the dollar, which keeps prices from falling to where they should be. 

And the poor are starving on food stamps. And they can't drive to work because they can't afford the price of gas.


And as said before:


These price inclines do not hurt you. You must still be eating very well and unwinding with the finest Scotch, but granny is eating alpo!     

dark pools of soros's picture

How do you starve on food stamps? Most eat better than the working schmucks

Lord Of Finance's picture

If life is so good for food stamp nation, then why don't you join them?


Of course that was not your point, but . . .


    My point is, the majority of food stamp recipients are below the poverty level. Which is at levels not seen since the great depression. In order to be on the stamps, the overwhelming majority are in desperation. 


 For some reason I can not edit the post so this is more of a clarification.

dark pools of soros's picture

they don't let you edit once someone replies so people can't revise arguments yadda yadda

without food stamps we would see the effects of this depression but they'll keep that flowing till the end.. when's the end?  never really since there is no cap on stealing money from the future to line the wal-mart profits of today via food stamps

people as a whole need to stop going into debt... then they can have the courage to take back their local politics.. from there go higher until the federal government gets cornered for the theives they are...  but you know how easily the masses are hooked on thier vices and tap out all credit


Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Dr. K, I'd agree only if your premise is to "Keep the FRB system going".  W/o the VoM, we downshift to a less complex society, with less need for clerical/office/desk jobs and more hands-on jobs.  No?

Lord Of Finance's picture

'May I have your attention please? May I have your attention please?

Are you the real Paul Krugman? We gonna have a problem here . . .'


'Are you the real Paul Krugman, yes the real Paul Krugman?


Or are you just an imitating 'bluffman'


So won't the real Paul Krugman just please stand up!




OK. How about this. Next time you go on Charlie Rose can you give us a sign? Maybe at the end of the program, just give a shout out to all your new friends at Zero Hedge!  Just a sign, man. Give us a sign.


bunnyswanson's picture

Or the banks should begin lending.  Small business owners await.  Friendly terms, under the circumstances, could be the spark needed to ignite private enterprise.  Made in America will be needed of the dollar fails to compete with other currencies during times of shortages of essentials (food, medicine, material goods).  that is, if one hopes the US economy recovers.  It's been speculated that destroying same is the goal. 

Banks lending would put cash on Main Street as new businesses hired, husbands brought home paychecks and their wives resumed living normally, not in one extreme fashion or the other.  The money has to come from somewhere and the banks have all the money.  It just makes good sense.

There is something to be said for stability when you have a sure thing.  A few regulations is all it would take.  And perhaps restructuring the system from top to bottom, weeding out the cronyism and inept, finding and rewarding those elected offiicials, proven to have characters of substance and unshakeable loyalty to keeping the derelicts at the fringe of every industry from making their way to the top,

and leaders whose past have reflected a high moral standard to provide compelling leadership, introduce protectionism for a decade while the US and her troops recuperate from the beating they've taken since the 9-11 terrorist attack that wasn't.

and voila' ... tax revenue ... it's the circle of life.

Lord Of Finance's picture

What you have written is mostly correct, but the banks will not lend because the fed has got them making money on low interest speculations. The fed wants them preoccupied with these activities. The result of lending to you and me would be real massive inflation in the core number. They want to avoid that.


  Their stated goal is to lower unemployment,(how this QE will precisely do this is another matter that is not even clear at the highest level) and then they will want the banks to lend to the newly employed, spend thrift consumer. 'Spend thrift', is another way of saying the fed wants Joan and John Q Public to whip out the credit cards once they find multiple part time jobs. Then, the banks will commence said lending. I say, either way, it will commence said massive inflation


Yes, what you stated previously about lending, and spending and tax revenue, should be the circle of economic life, but unfortunately for the fed, and the Krugmeister, the circle of life is a money printer.

petolo's picture

Government spending with who's money Doc ? Who is getting richer by it other than the "i'm richer than you" boys. You are an  odious little half-wit . Now go take a long walk on a short rooftop.

disabledvet's picture

if you're writing said contract and expecting it to be upheld...i would think so. That's why New York State was historically VERY discerning in it's choices of judges "and said rulings." if you ditch the rule of law in your public life..."next stop Washington DC." good luck getting "a bailout of the kind you need" on that front. and i would imagine..."it would have to be quite large" to have meaning. the current one amounts to trillions...yet still it doesn't seem to be "of the right kind." no news there of course. will say this "Russians cried when Stalin died." ....hmmmm. imagine that. let me say that again: "they cried when Stalin died." wow. go figure. here's the greatest industrial policy ever made in world history:
my understanding of Henry Ford is that he in fact had a FAR more radical vision of making cars however...namely "distributed manufacturing" in which every garage in the USA (we have a couple hundred million of them now) would make a part for "their car." interestingly with the sudden arrival of 3d printing technology and the information age this is VERY much do-able. needless to say "if you have a hand in the making of your car the potential demand increases by an order of magnitude." you also have an interest in the QUALITY of that vehicle as well.
this thing is the real deal folks. the days of "purely centralized and hieerarchical" died when GM went under and had to be bailed out. This is how electronics is currently made...and has been made for some time. Here's an interesting company that's been doing this for some time:
fascinating company who's stock price has moved solidly higher since Obama's re-elect. simply put we don't need the resources we once needed to have in order to make things anymore. with little that is in fact proprietary anymore in theory "anything can be made." here's a good example of what has value in "disabledvet's world": of course i would disagree as to "any fool will mind it"--i would argue it takes and EXCEPTIONAL fool to "mind your proprietary weave." here's the one to create "chain mail"--by definition a square and a solid:

JOYFUL's picture

The basis of your argument icanhasbailout, seems to be that, while you can be 'sure' of your stuff getting stolen abroad, there's a pretty good chance that no such pilfering can take place inside the CampFema zone...

somwhow the 'logic' of that premise eludes me - sounds more like 'hope' for a 'change' of heart on the part of the very 'people' whose motives and methods to defraud you of, not just your 'stuff,' but your bottom line civil liberties, and even freedom of movement, SB has laid out here. You wanna believe. In the face of the facts.

Indeed, this be Simon's best piece by far...he lays out the simple facts...Big Brother inching closer everyday...notes the incredible capacity of the neo-Gulag 'pre-registrants' to creatively ignore the obvious(the piano reference), and then simple states that you 'wouldn't be any worse off' to have an actionable plan for living outside it's greasy hyperbole, no Chilean hacienda tour or seminar plug. Hyberbole instead, is the stock in trade in this case of the "there's no rule of law outside the USA" crew, who instinctively retreat into a time warp that takes them down memory lane, to a kinder, gentler kind of Merika than what actually exists in the present...and wipes their survival instincts clean offa the map.

That's a perfect win for the 'FIVE YEAR PLAN' fellows; no hopping lobsters, no roadrunners...just a bunch of milling cattle waiting for the prod. Simon Blacks' way ahead of you on this one...the Bolshie Hebraics have been bringing their long term plans to a boil in every corner of this earth...they did Russia early on, then were to be found in China, the rest of Asia, and South it's your 'turn'... whether you wish to know it or not. "Absconding" is a phenomena built into the BillyAyres\Dorhnn\Alinsky\Obummer vision of your future...and they got the juice!

The risk to liberty and property exists everywhere you go...or don't go...that's a given...but there are places, right now, with a respect for both property and civil liberties that exceed those left in Merika...which ain't sayin a whole lot anymore...people need to be able to learn more about the alternative to stayin home until their number in the BIG CIRCLE K dude ranch and abbatoir comes up. Simon, for all his foibles addresses that need masterfully here.

Let a thousand choices bloom!

The_Dude's picture

Where's Banzai??....I need a pic of Obama superimposed on the baby...and I am getting T-shirts made for everyone!!