Consumer Sentiment Misses By Most Ever, Slumps To 15 Month Lows

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It appears paying more for gasoline and higher taxes trumps the exuberance of the equity markets as UMich Consumer Sentiment crashed in February. Printing at 71.8 on expectations of 78.0 this is the biggest miss on record based on Bloomberg data. The 71.8 level is the lowest since December 2011 as it appears that the Fed's only remaining policy tool is just not sparking that animal spirit in the real economy's anchor - the US consumer - as while current conditions did drop, it is future expectations that plunged.



Chart: Bloomberg

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And what is with the net long term TICS flows

dropped from 64.2 to 25,7  !!

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Do I get a prize for having the highest "Bullish!" call on the comments?  Every story needs one, because somebody needs to make sure that all the ZH'ers know that the rally is still on, no matter what.

(This concludes my public service announcement for today).

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Kilroy was here.

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and wait for it... markets rally on the news!

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Greenspan does not think stocks are overvalued. What does he know ?

Should the consumer buy some stocks? Maybe that will make 'em feel better.

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Greenspan does not know what he believes.


He once that free markets were the best until he was the chosen one that was able to meddle with them.

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Push gold above 1600 already

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

No longer. They got that puppy back under control.

<Whew! That was close. Can't have a Friday Gold close above $1,600.>

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I'm moving into base metals now.

Generally, brass and lead.

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I want to own my weight in silver. Roughly 2552.08333367 troy ounces.

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You might want to consider weight watchers.

thismarketisrigged's picture

impossible. dow is at all time high, s&p closing in on one, i feel so rich, lol.


the market should be down like 500 pts today, this is a joke. we better get a fucking monster prolonged sell off starting today lasting for a very long time.

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Say it ain't so Bernanke, say it ain't so. (I love my stawks, I love my stawks, I love my stawks.)

<Greenspan says there is no irrational exuberance in the stock markets. Run for the hills.>

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As long as the helicopters play Wagner during the money drop (Ride of the Valkyries, preferably)

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There don't appear to be any humans still trading, so Greenspan may be correct. Can HFT computers feel irrational exuberance? Or do the algos simply rationalize their decisions? 


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Head and shoulders formation between early 2012 and now

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They must be VERY bad indeed if the fiddled figures are that bad!

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Wish they would poll us here in Taxachussets if you want a jaw dropper.

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MassiveTwoShits............Don't miss it at all

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They're fleeing to NH.  Get the Fuck out of my state.  You frigged up your own state.  Leave mine alone.  Although its really too late.  The Governor is a wacko liberal woman.  Our congressional reps are all women...3 of which are Wacko Liberals.  NH is now no different than MA/NY/CA/CT/WA... there's nowhere left to hide.  The Fucking loonies have infiltrated every state.

ceilidh_trail's picture

Got that right! Look at what they did to Florida- doing to Colorado, etc. They create all this stupidity and then flee what they voted for and then move to a clean state and start to vote for (and eventually outvote the locals) the same stupidity that wrecked their original state.

machineh's picture

So much for the Free State project, huh?

There's just no substitute for secession to escape Usgov's reverse Midas touch.

You can move to NH, but you still have to sign up for ObamaCare next year. Meet the new state, just like the old state.

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Everything is Sunshine & Lollipops....the drone circling over my house reasured me so.

Well, actually, its a Cessna 172 with real humans on board but it climbs to station at exactly 5:45Am 3-5 days a week and loiters for 2.5hrs.  Based on the engine noise it is unmistakably a Lyc O-360 and THAT is what I hear that is telling me everything is A-O.K.  A sort of comforting, constant reminder that Ben is looking out for us littlle serfs.

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Perhaps it is a drone disguised as a Cessna trying to lull you into a sense of well-being.

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We are sinking, we are sinking.

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Stocks will still close higher today.

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I call bullshit on this.  Never believed this number, but the release is a sign that the TPTB are ready to send this bitch of a market to her knees.

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Maybe Jamie D will crash the markets to bury the senate committe hearings about JPM.



I'm just sayin'....

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The infallible 10am smack down on gold. You can bet on it. Thou. shallt. not. cross. $1,600/oz.

_ConanTheLibertarian_'s picture

Well, in 2005 and 2006 there were big misses but in 2008/2009 they were not that big.

So ZH, please, don't get so sensational with this. You don't need it really.


Disclaimer: still think SHTF will occur possibly this year

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What the consumer needs to boost confidence is more info about the sex life of the Kardassians, more worship of Frau Chewbacca, and more news about justin bieber's upcoming sex change operation.

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Good start, now lets see a 3% drop.... come on sellers

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once the iPhone loses that NEW SHINE... it turns out to be a cheap piece of plastic... and your sentiment goes down... untill you buy a new one...

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Because wealth compounds over long periods of time — a dollar saved 10 years ago is worth much more than a dollar saved today — young adults probably face less secure futures for decades down the road, and even shakier retirements.

“In this country, the expectation is that every generation does better than the previous generation,” said Signe-Mary McKernan, an author of the study. “This is no longer the case. This generation might have less.” The authors said the situation facing young Americans might be unprecedented.

Strong and sustained job and wage growth would cure many of the ills facing younger workers, experts said. But their delayed or diminished wealth accumulation might still have a lasting impact on their finances.

“It’s a little bit of a tipping-point moment,” said Ms. McKernan of the Urban Institute, a nonprofit Washington research institution. “If we don’t address it today, they might never catch up.”

adr's picture

Let's see, one dollar saved in 2003 had a compounding interest rate of 3.8%. I think it dropped to the low threes over the next fer years. By 2009 the savings rate dropped below 1%.

SO the saved dollar made about $.25 in interest over ten years. Almost everything you need costs double what it did in 2003, some things much more.

On paper your $1 from 2003 is worth about $1.25, but the purchasing power of that dollar declined by half, so it is really worth about $.60.


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that's a funny Times article-I like the fatty that looks like she's not exactly starving who ran up a bunch of debt in school, got a masters degree and works for a union, and lives in expensive NYC-wow-can you make a bunch of dumber choices? the sad part is she wants to reproduce to raise kids even fatter and more worthless than she is.

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SheepDog-One's picture


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This is a central planning reset. One month you have the historic miss then the next several months that follow you have better than expected beats. Meanwhile the underlying economy continues to stagnate.

Right out of the playbook.

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Earlier this morning we heard 'optimism' is at all time highs, followed an hour later by 'sentiment' at all time lows....what a bunch of straight-up BULLSHIT...bread and circuses smokescreen while the entire country is imploded!

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Psst the Fed is getting ready to take away the punch-bowl and the first thing they do is start handing out non-alcoholic beers. They also put a lot of POMO into the market. It may be that this party can fly on its own, we'll see, but this is why several analysts are calling for a bad end. Meanwhile they're hoping that individual investors get sucked into this market. Someone noted that the last many years the S&P has performed BEST when it was down around 15%. That is the Fed steps in and brings it back up, but at the top, only suckers buy at the top. Care for an O'Douls??

machineh's picture

Put them POMOs in a barrel to ferment, and they turn into cider. 

The orchard is angry, Ben.

the grateful unemployed's picture

and according the chained CPI measures, if you can't afford beer, you'll make cider in your basement, and the net is the same economic activity

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Trying to decide if today is the day to rotate half my portfolio back into TZA and SPXU.  I have a hunch that a correction is just around the corner but thought that at the end of January and got burned...