Which Is More American - War, Or Peace?

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It seems an obvious question but from the top down, based on the great and good leaders of the United States of America, it appears from their State of the Union speeches that 'War' indeed trumps 'Peace'. Of course, whether this is a reflection of the ultimate in Keynesian policy dreams of manufacturing ammunition just to be thrown away in non-inflationary ways (or to drive energy demand) is still in discussion.


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War is America's manifest destiny... since the statists have been in power for quite a while.

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President Obama got us out of Iraq and he will get us out of Afghanistan by 2014.

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Sure Krugman. Sure. Obama has been bombing 20+ countries with drones since he's been in office. Funded and armed terrorists in at least 2 countries (Syria and Libya). His action have killed SO FAR thousands of innocents. And he's planning to start a war with Iran. Fuck him up the ass with a rusted chainsaw.

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Your a grand ole flag...forever in peace may you wave


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"President Obama got us out of Iraq"

You mean when the the Iraqis refused to extend the stay and the military were forced to leave Iraq because of an agreement signed by George W.?

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Let me take a crack at using all of those words in their proper order in a sentence that distills the essence of the The State of The Union...

Here goes... ahem ahem...

In America we Love to Sacrifice Truth, Unity, Equality, and Liberty with the full Faith that Freedom and Justice for all will come  in our quest for Peace through War.

"God bless America and have a good night."

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Holy shit - you didn't even change the order. </bow>

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First rule of Peace Club is you don't talk about Peace Club.

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Should be easy to tell whose in Peace Club then.

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Peace is counter-revolutionary - so the Biggest Finance Capital revolutionaries have no interest in it.

The Red Orchestra

Rothschilds Conduct 'Red Symphony'
The 20th Century Unveiled
By Henry Makow PhD


How to be a Crook


Debt Money Tyranny


Veritas - spread the link and the word...

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And into Iran! Three cheers for the peacemonger.

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Below is an article that I cut and pasted from CNN; but …. I replaced the word Iran with US, replaced the word US with China and the word Gulf with The Gulf of Mexico – not an easy feat when one is drinking, hopefully no mistakes.


An US fighter jet targeted an unarmed Chinese Predator drone over the Gulf of Mexico this week, the Chinese Defense Dept says. 

It was the latest US move aimed at thwarting Chinese military airborne intelligence efforts in the region. 

Chinese Defense Department spokesman Wang Hung Low said on Thursday the unmanned MQ-1 drone was conducting routine classified surveillance over international waters on Tuesday when approached by an USA F-4.

 The two aircraft came within 16 miles of each other. 

The Chinese drone was escorted by two Chinese military aircraft, which remained over international waters, Wang Hung Low said, adding that the US jet departed after a verbal warning. 

No shots were fired. However, The China administration officials told CNN that the Chinese is concerned with US intentions in incidents like this and whether such episodes could unintentionally trigger hostilities. 

In December 2011, a highly sensitive Chinese Sentinel drone gathering intelligence on United States nuclear program for the Chinese Intelligence was captured by the US after it crashed [it didn’t crash it was brought down .. but what the fuck ever]. In November, an US warplane fired on a Predator over the Gulf of Mexico 

After the November incident, China told Washington that it would continue surveillance flights over international waters "consistent with longstanding practice," Wang Hung Low said. 

"We also communicated that we reserve the right to protect our military assets as well as our forces and will continue to do so going forward," he said. 

The use of Chinese drones so close to US remains a highly sensitive issue for Chinese military intelligence. 

The aircraft are capable of using sensors to gather information about USA military movements. 


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War is America's manifest last industry !! whoop whoop

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The economy is in a bad-enuf condition as it is.  The last thing we need is for widespread peace to break out.

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Too much peace = Too much unemployment = errr

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Peace is counter-revolutionary.

The Biggest Finance Capital 5th grade debt money fraud revolution must go on!

Power to the oligarchs!

Darwin says the the serfs need to die off since they aren't "evolved" enough to understand that human predators exist (Biggest Finance Capital) and that 5th grade math underlies the fraud being used to enslave the serfs.

Debt Money Tyranny


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I thought, according to Obama, Afghanistan was "the good war"?

Mission Accomplished?

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Yup! Nailed it! Iraq was "the Just war".

Not sure which definition of "Just" they were using though.

Either way, it's a bit dodgy.

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When will the beatings stop?

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12-14-08 Bush 2.0 signed the agreement regarding Iraq troop withdrawal and the end of the Iraq war, on what planet can anyone say that this was an accomplishment of Obingo?.....unless you are a clueless economist who's never meet a deficit he didn't loved provided it was the work a of a dumbocrat

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He got the troops out, not the contractors, private goon squads, corrupt managers and leaders, and on and on. They are still there and we are still paying for it. 

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I got one, hows about a little more CONSIDERATE!


And considerate leads to "fair", ... i.e. "Is that fair?" ... and then you're well down the yellow-brick-road to see the bearded wizzer.

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War is the health of the state.

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"We took them over and never fired a shot or put a tank in a square.....we are the envy of the rest of our adversaries....the greatest takeover ever"......1967 Budapest airport conversation after way too much booze during layover between two ...............

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Burned in Krugman's Amerika: The Mass Psychology of Fascism

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 Let's be politically correct Tyler. (regional conflict) >for evahh.

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12 year long wars are by design, not accident

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Sure.  Gots to keep those military contracts in a perpetually rising state...so that the entirely false economy can be propped up, and scads of bureaucratic desk jockies can keep hiring useless idiots to do their jobs for them, so that as they approach their golden parachute pension payouts, they don't even actually have to work.

This has the added benefit of making sure that America's primary export is death.  Brilliant. 

Thanks, Ben.  You are the man that keeps the whole crippled, corrupted, fascist system rolling along...even though, and for the sake of the world, it would be best if this entire group would finally just go broke...and go home.  We thank Mr. Bernanke for perpetually renewing this wasteland...in which us normal folks spend our days looking for additional part time jobs are baristas.  

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"The chief business of the American government is war. It is profoundly concerned with bombing, maiming, killing, and destroying the rest of the world."

—my gratuitous misquote of Calvin Coolidge

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  How, in your (circumvented) mind do you find the time to banter with the ILK of Z/H and run your own personal ' spend thrift blog'..

   Inquiring Minds > Want to know. I didn't junk you. I enjoy toying with you, too much/

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You answered your own question:  I am on the blogosphere quite a bit - as I write my own successful blog -  and I enjoy the swordplay here - I have to stay sharp for foul minds like Paul Ryan and Joe Scarborough - don't you know.

I have been reading Zero Hedge for years, for a source of financial reporting - I believe Tyler does a good job with some of the data - and when we were in more desperate times had a decent understanding of the depression.

Now however, Zero Hedge feels like it is on spin cycle - wash, rinse, repeat - with the calls of a faltering economy when leading indicators are pointing towards a recovery.

Yen Cross's picture

     Dr. Krugman, I've tried the (exasperation) approach many times. I'm asking you nicely, to take a walk to the local market and purchase a loaf of bread. When you return home, pull up  this chart http://www.bloomberg.com/markets/commodities/futures/

     I won't ever junk you. I enjoy questioning your sanity too much. I think that you are a sheep in wolfs clothing. I THINK YOU UNDERSTAND THE UNDERLYING MACRO ISSUES.  Step out of the Ivory Tower (Dr. Krugman)


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Food prices are not sticky - they are transitory.

Yen Cross's picture

 Who said anything about transitory? At least you have the conscience enough to admit food prices are inflated.

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Your Alzheimer symptoms are really pronouced lately so I think you should retire peacefully without further aggravation. Just have your drink and go to sleep, please!

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Elsworth sent him to keep tabs on us, and to keep him busy.

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Right on!

Criticizing the Fed for enabling perpetual war is like criticizing the banks who help launder money for drug cartels, as though they're somehow "bad" and should be "punished." Ludicrous! They're just making sure the money keeps moving, and if people happen to die in the course of that, so be it. If anything, we should be thanking these fine folks.

Saint Bernanke.

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Ben Bernanke is doing good work for the economy and the government.

Fed Sent Record $88.4 Billion Profit to US Treasury Last Year:


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Hopefully Treasury will return the favor by telling "Wall Street in Washington" to go to hell. It ain't like Greenspan "fled" to the Library of Congress. I highly doubt "Gentle Ben" will be "retiring to Mount Vernon" to ponder his work either. I do agree however "there is nothing more American than understanding to get the peace you need more war first." and that of course is the simplicity of "war": seek out more of it...and you WILL find it. i must say i do feel a need to thank the North Korean crazies..."daring the Americans to act pre-emptively"? in a NUCLEAR capacity no less?! that sounds like a dream come true to me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DqHyIcsO8E one of the greatest speeches in American history actually...

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It has nothing to do with people; it has to do with power matrices.

Ben has to keep the petrodollar strategy so vital to Pax Americana in place; as does POtus.

They can't walk away from that plank and thats WHY Patriot Act and Gitmo as still on US MIC agenda.

If you want to run the oil show YOUR WAY, you have to have all the stinking apparatus that goes with it. 

That's power politics, and that's whats going to kill the financial/economic conondrum you say Uncle Ben is fixing with QE/Zirp; not solve it but the opposite. As the private banking stink as per JPM crony pathetic drama highlights all too well before Congress. Can't hide that under the carpet; eh Krugman's shadow?

Awesome, what that spells for banksta world and their Political front men on the Hill.

Its totally incompatible this power play to save oil and the fight to generate home economic growth and bring down debts and deficits. 

Somethings gotta give. The Empire has overplayed its hand and its not sustainable.

We really need those Martians your Avatar talks about.

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Claiming chairsatan a hippie is a perversion. Hippies do not cut their hair and attach themselves to the FR , anyone who does that missed the bus.

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"Kinetic military action" FTMFW.

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War and Peace is Russian.

The US only likes war. Peace is very bad for MIC profits.

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I think it was Jefferson who said something like this. "Peace is one of those rare moments in time when everyone is reloading."

We do have a pretty grim track record don't we?

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Mostly 'just' slaughtering our First Nations and driving them off their land.  They weren't very productive with it anyway.  Now tell me, those of us who went to public schools....did ya ever hear about the Chippewa wars or the Blackfoot campaign?

We knew how to wage guerrilla war back when it was cool, and then somehow forgot about it.

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Peace is for pussies. Be a man and fight for the American Empire.