Bulldozer Parks Outside A Cyprus Bank - Full Video

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The logical question comes next: why is there a massive bulldozer parked outside a (just "bailed out") Cypriot bank? Well, if up to 9.9% of your money was suddenly and without warning stolen by your bank (pardon, forcefully "reinvested" in the equity of the same bank) and the rest was completely inaccessible, you too would probably park your bulldozer in front of said bank.

In other news, we are 9.9% of the way there:

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The silver coin in my pocket looks extremely shiny right now.

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Yeah no kidding. My stack has never looked so safe as it does this morning.

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Bitcoin is now offering a special on all new accounts from Cyprus:




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more along the lines of a Tamagotchi.

Pet rocks were a lot easier to care for.

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Another pathetic bitcon shill with a vested interest. 

How desperate you bitcon shills are.

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At least it's not one of those Soylent Green front-loader dump trucks.

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Yeah, once they get your money, why keep a useless eater around? 

Soylent Green and Imported Pork - from China, of course.   Yum yum!

Now we see a little more clearly why the DHS needs a LOT of bullets.

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Bitcoin the alternative to fiat currency and yet you can buy bitcoins with fiat currency .

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I honestly have not looked much into 'bitcoin', but would never touch it with a ten foot pole. Precious metals have intrinsic value, which is that they store value. (as well as their industrial properties, too).


Bitcoin strikes me as this NWO type mark of the beast chip. The internet is not safe. It might be marginally better than using a credit card, but the whole reason I buy PMs is to store wealth, and I wouldn't go the bitcoin route. 

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you are entirely missing the point, as do most on this site who are critical of bitcoin.

the point of bitcoin is NOT savings or appreciation, use gold & silver for that!

the real value of bitcoin is that it lets you move wealth outside of govenment controls and restrictions, across borders, etc.

so, yes, i save in silver, but i'm  glad that bitcoin is around for me to use to circumvent govenment controls and tracking, i will buy bitcoins when and as i need to use them.


FreeMktFisherMN's picture

but you're still relying on a counterparty to keep it 'anonymous.' And for those who lament that the average person has not clue about the value of silver/gold and that they've been money for thousands of years, even more so they wouldn't have a clue about/trust something called 'bitcoin.' At least people in general know gold is valuable (though evidently not enough that they think about saving in terms of it instead of FRNSs). 

stacking12321's picture

how are you relying on a counterparty to keep it anonymous?

please explain.

the counterparty doesnt know who i am in the first place.

check out the bitcoin FAQs to see how bitcoin works.

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bit coin is not something tangible. It just does not strike me as trustworthy. My savings will continue to go into phyzz PMs. As far as transactions, I will hold my nose and use cash. 

The idea might be fine, but who's to say .govt couldn't clamp down on that? And unlike phyzz gold, you can't defend it, as you don't have anything but electronic digits. I'm not totally demeaning the idea, mind you. I just want no part of this risk. The financial conditions today are tense enough, and I don't want to be in electronic systems. To each his own.

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What are you going to do when there are so many Bitcoin users that it will be required to report your transactions on your IRS form, just like people who have to report out of country assets?


I haven't looked in to Bitcoin that well, but it reminds me of the torrents that many have used for file sharing movies and photos and such.  The governments now have trackers for torrents and can tell what files are being transferred. They use these trackers in LE and have caught many people transferring illegal pron.

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i'm still yet to hear a credible way for governments to clamp down on bitcoins, which doesn't essentially involve crashing the internet.

but invest a you see fit. no-one's forcing you either way.

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I want a readily accessible store of wealth on my hands that is portable. Of all the people I know aside from cyber/ZH, not one probably has even heard of bitcoin. At least when I talk about gold and the prudence of saving in terms of ozt. they somewhat have a clue that gold is something of value.

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it's clear from your comments that you don't really understand what bitcoin is, or how it works, and you really don't want to understand.

being critical of bitcoin is fine, if you have a valid criticism, and there are some, but you should understand what you are talking about.

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Every 'bitcoin' has a full history.  There was a white paper showing how they could track a bitcoin theft.  Every coin was accounted for even though it was split up and spread through hundreds of 'anonymous' accounts.   This is all good and anonymous until you have to withdraw it or spend it somewhere that requires your personal information.  If you anonymously acquire them and spend it on services allowing anonymity or do face to face bitcoin-for-goods transfers you may be safe.  Otherwise you will inevitably leave a trail somewhere.

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If SHTF silver and gold will get you arrested, or taxed 95%. Its a very good investment, I used to have some until I lost it all on a boating accident. However, in a collapse scenario gold will most likely get you arrested or you will have it confiscated. If we are talking FIAT I say the last one standing is the US dollar. Would you invest in rubles? yuan? yen? euros? Fuck no! Large army=US dollar. 

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if the SHTF, arresting some guy for trading a silver coin for some food will be the least of a dying US Government's worries. They'll be way too busy trying to stop rioting mobs of former food stamp recipients.

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Most "food stamp" recipients will be the initial occupants of the FEMA camps, with the exception of those that DHS hires to "guard" the others! Great tool for compliance - No go? No food!

So much for the rioting mobs idea.  

XenoFrog's picture

Good luck stuffing 47 million people into FEMA camps. Talk about a logistical nightmare...

centerline's picture

That herd is the self-liquidating type.

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Most of Detroit is essentially a FEMA camp now! Just multiply that a number of times with the imposition of martial law and inforced by DHS (5 billion rounds of 40 cal purchased), backed up by the military.

Military won't fire on citizens you say? Can you say Kent State? I knew you could.   


Ok so a little persepctive. National Guard in 1970 were not standard military. They were weekend warriors and barely out of ROTC or basic drill.  Not the same now with many of the guard former active military. The degree of professionalism is higher.  The military will stand down. You don't have to worry about them. 1100 ex special forces have signed petitions to uphold and defend the constitution. What you need to worry about are the para military DHS, FBI, ATF and local law enforecement that has thrown in with them.  As long as the military stands down the citizenry can hold off the alphabets.

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The Alphabet guys will soon fade away - see New Orleans Police after Katrina. They quickly got focused on protecting their own homes and families. The only thing that restored order was the arrival of outside troops and LE from unaffected areas outside the hurricane impact area. Guys who knew their own families were safe back home.

But if it hits on a national scale, there will be no Calvary riding over the hill.

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That's why we have the DHS... they are growing this agency into a standing army.

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You think 100 million citizens won't fire back? They can't even handle Iraq, but they can handle the entire US? How long will the military last without logistical support? They require food, fuel and ammo from the citizens.

g speed's picture

bingo--and a new supply of troops---

Hulk's picture

No camps necessary when you have 22,000 tons of hollow points...

OutLookingIn's picture

'four dead in Ohio...'

'there's a man with a gun over there...'

francis_sawyer's picture

I figure a country only has about one 'Executive Order 6102' in its arsenal [which only has limited success anyway]... After that ~ it becomes 'Molon Labe'...


6102, in a society that had no internet, & whereby the citizens, more or less, actually still trusted the government, was a 'low hanging fruit' picking expedition... It wouldn't work a second time around, &/or would net little or nothing...

Nope ~ the only way of getting phyzz back in the vaults now is to counterfeit as much joobux as possible & buy what's left off the open market [while playing a little gymnastics with 'price fixing' on other commodities for as long as you can extend the game]...

Sudden Debt's picture

free hotdogs... and there will be 100 million trying to get in... people will hire coyotes to get in...

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

+ another one, top form today SD!

Rustysilver's picture

See New Olreans Super Dome after Katrina. It will make sense.

toady's picture

Katrina really changed my thinking. How could those heathens do that to the superdome?

But seriously, who really thinks there are/will be FEMA camps? FEMA will just set up in a arena in the cities and that will keep the poor as close to the free food as they can get. The farther they are from the distribution point, the more likely they will be forced to deal with a warlord of some sort.

FEMA camps way out in the boondocks? The people scrambling to get into and out of 'superdome' FEMA distribution points without getting killed will be praying for relocation to camp sunshine.

toady's picture

Yeah, that stuff is bullshit.

Some of it maybe real, but that stuff will mostly be military housing when TSHTF. The old military bases are a dead giveaway, and everything else is just conjecture or outright lies.

Trim out everything that isn't a EX-AFB and rename it 'halliberton, raytheon & blackrock housing'

sun tzu's picture

How do they fit 3 million people in an arena made for 18,000 people? 

toady's picture

They don't.

They simply distribute food to the 3m people from there while the city burns around them.

Fewer and fewer people show up until, amazingly, the problem solves itself!

These 'FEMA camps' will house paramilitary personnel and defense contractors who are valuable to the MIC.

Setting up something for ordinary consumers? Why do that when eliminating consumers cuts back on consumption?

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Um...yeah. They won't have to worry about "stuffing" 47 million in the camps, they'll be lining up to GET IN. "3 hots and a cot" is gonna look GREAT to the Foodstamp Nation when the EBTs stop working. Just check your guns and your rights at the gate, and come on in!

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When no longer useful or needed as a voting block, there will be a war to thin them out to an manageable number.

WTFx10's picture

Or protecting the banksters from Gun Owners?  Think of the children !

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I would stress the positive attributes that come along with physically holding PMs- No counter party risk, reliable and well tested store of value, llimited supply, well known etc etc.

However, Irelevent is right, there are unknown risks to owning PMs in a future chaos situation. Anything can happen. Chew on it this way, thinking of additional risks causes you to think of additional precautions.

Take Care

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You mean like in NYC right now.