Angela "It's What's Right" Merkel Parody Paraded In Greece

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Following Angela Merkel's address to her people this evening, explaining, "anyone having their money in Cypriot banks must contribute in the Cypriot bailout. That way those responsible will contribute in it, not only the taxpayers of other countries, and that's what is right," we thought it ironic that the people of Greece envisioned her in a slightly different light today during a parade in Patras. 'Union'? No tension here at all...


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or this from Cyprus

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Hopium Dealer's picture

It's like they're trying to make a full-blown crisis or something.

Croesus's picture

HAHA........they fucked up bad, and they know it!


Bring this motherfucker down!

Happiness returns to the world, when bankers jump off the fucking rooftops.

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If you haven't started to be your own Central Bank long ago, then you are screwed. 

Croesus's picture

I am my own Central Bank, but the goddamned Fed wouldn't accept my request for a bailout package, the cheap bastards. I was only asking for a couple of million.

Of course, what else would I expect, trying to pry money out of a banker's hands?

And now, my reserve assets have been lost in a boating accident.

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Who would have guessed after two failed attempts in the 20th Century involving World Wars, that Germany would manage to take over Europe in the 21st Century without firing a single shot?



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its called hard work BMW, VW, Audi and MB style. 

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"In 2010, Germany produced more than 5.5 million automobiles; the U.S produced 2.7 million. At the same time, the average auto worker in Germany made $67.14 per hour in salary in benefits; the average one in the U.S. made $33.77 per hour. Yet Germany’s big three car companies—BMW, Daimler (Mercedes-Benz), and Volkswagen—are very profitable." 

It's because they actually reward hard work rather than shit on it.



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But without the strength of the Euro, the periphery would never have been able to afford to buy those cars.

Now Frau Merkel is trying to collect the bad debts of those countries for cars that should never have been sold in the first place.

It's like lending money to your deadbeat cousin (who you know can't possibly pay you back) so he can buy your car, and then trying to collect from him after he drives your car into a ditch.

Good luck with that...


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i dont speak german but did merkel say that the rape victim must pay for some of the attackers expenses?

falak pema's picture

that gets more expensive in gang bang mode. Maybe those Indian rapists will take out a class action against that poor swiss woman.

"Cyprus doctrine! All those naked femen got our goat!"

knukles's picture

Kinda on the subject, I was reading the other day of the glories of the old Caliphate Empire.  Didja all realize that way back when they were excellent mathematicians, builders, scholars, engineers, had large comprehensive libraries and had excellent medical facilities.  In fact, somewhere during the 17the century the Arabs discovered that in using a sheep's intestine, it was an excellent birth control method.
Then in the mid 1800's the English discovered that it worked even better when the intestine had been removed from the sheep.

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"And that, my liege, is how we know the world to be banana-shaped."

Greyhat's picture

Yes, she did.

In her oppinion its justice if small cypriot savers have to pay for cypriot bankers and polititians bs.

Ok, its better they pay then the rest of the european tax payers, but first they should have held the banksters liable.

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Yeh, but they only work 3 hours a wait, that's the French . Sorry Germany!
Got Silver???

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Germany now produces alot of cars here in US-the German autoworker looks upon his US counterpart as a UAW member looks upon a Mexican autoworker

SoCalBusted's picture

Here is Cali, the staff and admin parking lots of public schools are filled with all the cool EU cars: MBZ, BMW, etc.  It's for the children.

e m m's picture

Though it happened before that after so much sweat, doubling down and flying high on expectation (and a bit of cheating too), they fold just before the finish. Like it's destiny that a Balotelli comes along.

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The assets are not lost, just write up some derivatives contracts for the salvage value of the sunken assets and sell them.


It would be wise to "estimate" what the value of your derivitized sunken treasure would be in say...100 years of inflation and value the contracts at that, thats how most banks are valuing their current sunken treasure (home loans that are underwater ) ;p



The world is so bad, that you cant even make jokes anymore without the joke actually being a plausible scenario......

azzhatter's picture

Start your week out right, Hang a banker!

q99x2's picture

The sooner the FEDs are forced to implement the physical takeover of the US the better. Don't wait until the DHS is fully armed and into position.

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Frau Merkel deserves a tungsten medal for shitting the bed.

lolmao500's picture

Frau Merkel deserves a hot tungsten rod up her arsch. But again, it might excite her, she's German after all... and Germans are into kinky stuff... not judging.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Cripes, at first glance, I thought the small picture (Merkel with horns) on the ZH main page was a picture of Davros.

knukles's picture

Now that is an interesting take on the whole thing.  The PTB in the EU are actually Daleks....
It makes as much sense as any other explanation.

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The fact is Germany has been subsidizing and bailing out the PIIGS & friends. They are trying to draw a line in the sand. If they just bail out without limit, then  the PIIGS will just spend without limit (into corrupt kleptocracies). Either via taxes upon German producers, or indirectly via debasement of the Euro via ECB monetization of bad debts. The moral hazard problem cannot be ignored. As willing as they have been to go along with the idea of preserving the status quo, they have too much decency to do the totally irrational thing and just print to pay any and all debts brought on by rank looting of the public treasury.

This Cyprus episode looks to me like the very first instance of what the deflationists always said would happen: bad debts entail the shrinking of the money supply. Up till now (since Lehman), all the bad debts have pretty much been transferred to the central banks who "expand their balance sheets" to receive them e. g. Maiden Lane and the worthless MBS. For the first time, the bad debts are recognized for what they are. You deposited your money in a bank that was insolvent, and now that bank is not able to make good on its liabilities (your deposits). The Germans come in, and make up the bulk of the difference. And what do they get for their generosity? Villanized as "deserving a tungsten rod up the arsch". Inflationistas like Schiff said the system would never have the integrity to let bad debts go bad, and let the people who regarded those bad debts as assets suffer their losses. Instead we would print endlessly so they were all nomimally made good, in the end bringing on the hyperinflation. And here is the first merest, slightest hint of not just printing to pay everything to everyone that might have been promised something by someone, and there's this waspish malignancy to paint the people imposing some rational constraint as perverse somehow.

I suspect the Germans want this resolution as a shot across the bow of those like Beppe Grillo and the Italians who don't want any austerity. Economics has been the defined as the science of allocating scarce goods to unlimited human wants and needs. And the moment some constraint is attempted to be imposed on states that want to grant everything to everyone, we see a great hue and cry that the person imposing the constraint is a Nazi. Thank Goodness for the Germans and Teutonic Virtue. It doesn't seem to be found anywhere else.


King_Julian's picture

I'm guessing many have a problem with the word "generosity". It doesn't seem to fit here. Are you really arguing this is some sort of charitable act? This allows a perverse status quo to continue. True, many Europeans may want the party to continue so they keep their social welfare state with all the bennies. The Euro is a tool for Germany to dominate at the least cost possible. It is indeed "generous" to let this illusion to continue a bit longer.

void_ptr's picture

The Germans (or those in the EZ that are capable of paying, as opposed to taking, anything) are _giving_ 10B euro to spare the Cypriot depositors losses they would otherwise suffer. That's not generosity?

I think the highest road would have been to refuse to print anything for anyone and refuse to subsidize the corruption in the kleptocracies. They no doubt felt pressure to help, and to prevent the falling apart of the eurozone for light and transient causes. I'm hoping that they are finally at the point of not just caving in to everyone for everything, and finally demanding that the corrupt kleptocracies pay _some_ price for their looting.

BTW thanks for actually reading my post. You homed in on what I suspected people would object to, if they understood what I was saying.

machineh's picture


Just call her the Merkelsatan (die Merkelteufel).

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

...oder Merkel, die Geistig behindert Trüffelschwein.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Ihr Kommentar ist gemein und grammatisch inkorrekt.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Leider ist dein Kopf sehr krank, nach US 'amerikanischer' Staatsbürgerismus.

Wile-E-Coyote's picture

Fucking fat bitch is talking out of her big fat arse.

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It's like they're trying to make a full-blown crisis or something.

That is what I was thinking. You must be fucking insane, drunk and high on meth to come up with a plan as the one set forth in Cyprus. It`s nuts. I don`t know what they are cooking but its something big, this Cyprus deal smells like a huge false flag, mainly because all the MSM is all over it. How many outlets reported the NDAA? Also, this will feed Grillo in Italy, other extremists in Greece, Hungary is the craper big time. Romania, that is another country down the drains. Austrian banks, with all those flats in the Ukraine, Poland, Romania and Hungary, now there is a good business model.

Having the situation so volatile I`m amazed they came up with the Cyprus story. $17B is peanuts for the ECB/IMF, they could just have had given them the loan, another blip in a news feed, DOW to new highs! But confiscation of property, in the European Union?! WTF! We have the Charter for Fundamental Rights within the EU, property is sacred ...until it isn`t. Its fascinating, I have no clue what they are preparing for the sheep, but it will be big, and it will go something like due to the escalating situation, derived from the Cyrpus debacle (blame Cyprus) we will now close the borders, close the banks, have you arrested, have your metal confiscated and so on. For the good of the state and the many of course, you gold and food hoarding bitchez!

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+1 could not upvote you

BandGap's picture

Dude, on the scale that Cypriot banks do business, this is a significant amount.

This is about revenge, or teaching someone a lesson. But the amount Cyprus is expecting is not small. Think scale.

Rustysilver's picture


+1 I could not +1 you because your post started with italics (i think).

Anyway +1.

falak pema's picture

William, calling William the menace, to best this brilliant parody of Gretel lost in dark forest of debt frenzy remedial pain.

They Tried to Steal My Gold's picture

Frankly this is worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize....

FleaMarketPete's picture

Does this mean a fiscal union solution is off the table?

magpie's picture

This is the fiscal union...they will loot accounts one by one.

machineh's picture

EURidiots ... alla youse ...

debtor of last resort's picture

Money as an exchange. Between hate and anger. Do i see a head on a stick?

squid virtuous's picture

History will look back on this as the Arch-Duke Ferdinand moment of the Euro collapse, and perhaps even WW3

s2man's picture


Will this start the banking dominoes tumbling?  Regardless of the final "levy" in Cyprus, if bank runs start in European Disunion (love that, Tyler) then bank failures will follow. Ignore Cyprus, Spain, Italy... When the banks fail in Germany or UK it will extend to the U.S. banks. Bank holiday, coming to a bank near you.

lolmao500's picture

Merkel, another biatch who should be hanged, drawn and quartered.

TheGardener's picture

Merkel can claim to take this bitching to perfection.

She would have been ready to tell her people all their savings are gone but the good news is they are given the chance to make the state whole with a 50% real estate levy
5 years ago. Now she will say anything like with a straight face, announcing the next best dictator thing "without alternative" while having breakfast .

She might take the EURO to his well deserved grave and get
all the praise for it but her Endsieg- talk without alternatives is sickening, to say the least.

El Oregonian's picture

Merkel the Erkel "Did I do that!?!" (upon finding that she destroyed the Euro)