Live Streaming Of Cyprus Mega TV

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It's all Greek to us, but with the FX market set to open in an hour, and with the recently-elected Cyprus president Nicos Anastasiades set to speak at 7 pm local, we are confident quite a few may be interested in what they see in a live webcast from what has become Ground Zero in the latest European risk-flaring episode (especially with at least one protest already scheduled outside of the Cypriot parliament at 3:30 pm tomorrow).

Live webcast of Cyprus Mega TV after the jump:

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Monday and Tuesday are going to be a lot of fun!  Don't miss the action!  Get some money out of the bank when you get out of the house though...

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Hunker down with something heavy, so it won't get blown away in the wind...

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Currently Cyprus is 6 hours ahead of New York time. It's usually 7 hours ahead but they haven't changed to daylight savings time yet:


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I thought you were reporting the ECB was haicutting Cyprus' daylight saving time 6.9 to 9.9 %. 

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lets see if they live up to their name.....cyp-riot.....

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The vote on monday is already getting wheels off.. one of DIKO (ruling party) has resigned. So, they have only 28 left. Quite unlikely they can pass that law - unless some big money suitcases are being passed over?

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Elected Cypriot: ..umm, ah, you see, I have.. responsibilities..  my brother in law...

EU bastard: He needs to build a bredge somewhere? No problem. we'll set him up.

EC: Oh, that's great! What a relief, where will you write that in?

EB: Later

EC: ..but..

EB: What? You don't trust me?

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If you have to get to the bank you are not prepared enough DCRB

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Yes, anxious birdlovers and twitchers... the report... now confirmed...

A very rare and extremely endangered bird has been sighted in, of all places - Cyprus!

It's a Cygnus atratus

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If it's true that 62% still want to stay in the euro, they never will pull an Iceland.

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if u dont hold it you dont own it

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If you hold it but can't defend it you don't own it........

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If you can hold it but can't stick it in something then you're screwed....

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I don't know Greek, but the Zero Hedge logo is getting plenty of airtime on that channel.

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Protest scheduled tomorrow?

What the hell are they waiting for?

Is petrol not sold on Sundays? ;-)

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Long bulldozers! and popcorn!

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wait for it, wait for it...





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Are we expecting some silver and hold hammering! Let's see

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I get the redhead as a simple, base distraction, but wtf indeed with the flaming man/fire-breathing lizard? And is that a debt bomb on the ledge?

No wonder they're imploding.

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Hand held dragon mask,

Burning; Man faces Debt Bomb,

That is a nice ass.

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So I understand you've run through the agent training, uh, you know...I wrote that program.

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Looks like my 3x Bullish Futures ETF on tear gas, gasmasks, motor oil, gasoline, rags and bottles is about to really pay off!

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Tyler, you knew a hitler losing money in Cyprus and EU failure parody was coming. This one is funny esp the sobbing woman who is comforted with at least we can still eat horse meat.


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Hey there! I have not seen you post in a long time! When the old timers come out of the wood work, something is brewing.

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graham summers and jim willie have been vindicated in spades and those butt stupid fucktarded naysayers have been proven fools of the highest caliber, but it won't shut them up.....cyprus is mrs o'leary's cow....

"...but the crisis is behind us...", "the crisis is contained", "there is no risk of contagion", "we have tools to handle any exigency", "the stress tests prove the soundness of the banking system"

fuck you banksters....the banksters revealed their hatchet wielding hands....

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Probably hammer down Gold & Silver as a precaution. But a run on the bullion dealers could tell the real story.

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yeah you'd think they pull the usual bullshit to counter what would be otherwise logical given unfolding events...but, i think for some reason this time will be just a bit different...

all the illusions courtesy of the sociopathic bankers r being layed bare and i think we r about to witness the rush for the only 2 forms of real money in earnest...

either way im buying Silver until it runs out....................

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nothing like a bank run to start the week off right! comming to a country near you!

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This has contagion written all over it. Time to get into prepper mode. I'm taking what little cash I have in the bank and buying supplies this week. To those of you in the U.S. that think you are safe from this, there are just too many moving parts to know what the outcome is. I'm voting with my feet. Fuck the banks.

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this will never happen to us ... this country is resilient!

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What happens to the 13.9 tonnes of gold in the Cyprus reserves?

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Most of it will be used to make light bulb filaments...

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can't understand a word he is saying



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Whats langusge is that ? Klingon?


Can't these people speak the Queens English?

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Stupid Cypriot pols... they should have been buying hollow points and tanks - luckily for our banksters, they have big sis'