Russia Sending Permanent Warship Fleet To Mediterranean: Is A Russian Naval Base In Cyprus Coming Next?

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That Russia has previously threatened, and followed through with, sending ships to the Mediterranean is nothing new. In the past, every such episode was related to the protection of what Putin considered vital geopolitical interests in the region: whether defending the Syrian port of Tartus, various crude and natural gas pipelines in the region threatened by NATO expansion in Turkey, or offsetting heightened US presence around Gaza and Israel (and of course Iran). Which is why with the legacy conflicts in the region dormant, and the only news of any relevance being the European intervention in Cyprus against Russian oligarch interests, it is surprising we learn today that the Russian Navy will dispatch a permanent fleet of five or six combat ships to the Mediterranean Sea, with frigates and cruisers making up the core of the fleet.

How far into the Mediterranean one wonders? It wouldn't be too difficult to put two and two together and assume that with Cyprus just a few hundreds kilometers away from Syria, Lebanon, Gaza and Israel, Russia may have not only a new geopolitical target, namely the now pseudo-insolvent Russian protectorate of Cyprus, but a perfect alibi to be in the region as well, and more importantly, have a Plan B to the Syrian port of Tartus which is Russia's only naval base in the region.

How soon until we read that Russia is willing to invest even more unguaranteed loans into the Cypriot financial system.... in exchange for one tiny little naval and/or military base?

From RT:

"Up to five or six ships must be on a permanent basis in the Mediterranean Sea. They should be controlled through the command of the Black Sea Fleet," Russian TV channel Zvezda quoted Admiral Chirkov as saying.


Supply vessels will also be included in the permanent deployment to the Mediterranean.


The decision to send Russian ships to the Mediterranean's waters was first announced on March 11 by Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu.


"I think that we have everything to create and maintain such a grouping. Certainly, this shows the positive dynamics of development of the Navy," Shoigu told top officers of the Russian Armed Forces. By 2020, the Russian Navy will include eight missile submarines, 16 multipurpose subs and 54 combat ships, he added.


Chirkov said that top Navy officers are currently in the process of strategizing the deployment of a combat group to the Mediterranean. He also said that Russia is prepared to send combat ships to the Pacific and Indian Oceans.


"There was an experience in the history of the Navy when we had squadrons in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Of course, if needed, we will [advise] the Defense Ministry's top officials, the government and the President [on the deployment of] task forces on a permanent basis there," Chirkov explained.

And an example of the kind of ship that will soon be floating in Cyprus' back yard:

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NoWayJose's picture

Easy to see this happening. US does the same thing with foreign bases and foreign aid

SafelyGraze's picture

you want to bring your big boats here?


let's talk about what's fair.

leaving 90% of funds in accounts rewards persons (by which is meant corporations) that have a lot of wealth. that's not fair.

what's fair is this. leaving 50 thousand euros in every account.

that's fair.

now take your boats home.

did we say 50 thousand euros? shall we make it a mere 50?


Looney's picture

There’s some strange chatter of “…possible casualties of 220 souls, including 29 officers…” in the Russian oh-not-so-encrypted-communications in regard to the possible Cyprus aftermath.


It looks like Putin has already written off an Udaloy-class destroyer I ain't got no clue what that means... ;-) Looney
Spirit Of Truth's picture

Yes they are....and the giddy ignorance and stupidity of the West has brought our coming catastrophic demise upon itself.  Russia is not the friend of Western Civilization and never has been.  We've been duped into collective suicide and those who "minus" me here are useful stooges cooperating gladly in their own collective subjugation and potential annihilation out of arrogance and pure Nickelodeon niavete.




JOYFUL's picture

While I enjoy your engaging enthusiasm for geopolitical speculations, it's hard to get a true picture of what's going on when you insist upon looking through the spyglass wrong way round!

The friendliness of Rus towards the putative "western civilization* of this moment is is not wise to show  too much friendliness to a dangling tarantula, or poised python....wariness is the preferential mode.

Quoting Bolshevik hirelings from better than half a century ago is also not the preferred way of getting you point to hit home...the toing and froing of power balances in the former USSR has long since obligated the observer to replace the style of spectacles used to examine Russain realities.

Although Golitsyns' warnings to the "west" were not inaccurate of themselves, his perpective was that of an ant in a room of elephants...the "Soviet" experiment was a design and operation of the same banking\munitions cartel which runs the phony capitalist cartel you falsely call 'western civilization' today. All roads lead back to Canaris, Gelhen, and DVD...the Dachau based nexus through which the rabbit hole further follows to the spiders' nest...Ashkenazi 'cold warriors' with a genetic hatred for all of our peoples, and a master plan for their induced destruction...

don't worry about your vote count padre tio, your real problem is those of us who know just how thin is the ice upon which your idea of the real enemy skates...

Archduke's picture

1) Cyprus has been an offshore haven and laundering nexus for years.

2) enormous reserves of oil & gas were discovered there last year.

These two factors, plus Russian Turkish interests and the potential
for geopolitical leverage make it a great target for resource grab.

Europe is clutching to reclaim all the offshored assets looted in the last decades and delinquant but asset-rich Cyprus makes good repo sense.

True to form the IMF's preferred method is through debt, while the Ruskies
stick to proven gunboat diplomacy.

Imho, Turkey, strangely absent so far, stands the most to lose its claim.
A negotiated settlement seems less and less likely with Syrian support no longer on the table.

Continental European interests, ie Total, also stand to lose a geat deal, so expect some kind of agreement, to the benefit of core euro states in majority, russian turkish oil and gas minority, all to the detriment of profligate greece and meddling anglo-saxons.

malta, gibraltar, next?

Edward Fiatski's picture

"I follow the Moskva
Down to Gorky Park
Listening to the wind of change...
An August summer night,
Soldiers passing by,
Listening to the wind of change...

The world is closing in
Did you ever think,
That we could be so close, like brothers...
The future's in the air
I can feel it everywhere,
Blowing with the wind of change..."


Take me to the magic of the moment on a gloorrrrrrrry niiight, where the children of tomorrow share their dreams - With you and me. Take me to the magic of the moment on a glorrrrrry niiiiight, where the children of tomorrow dream away... In the wind of change...

JOYFUL's picture

Ability of Ruskie sailors to splash in ZATO's southern lake  hinges upon the co-operation of the neo-Ottomans in Ankara.The Turks, of course, would like nothing so much as to see the crash n burn of the Greek side of their disputed toehold into Europe - the implacable oppenents to their accession into Eurodom.

Failure of that Coalition of the Killing to proffer the promised rewards for Erodogan's imbelicic insistence on importing phony jihadists into Syria has left the field upon which the chess pieces drift open for new moves from the East. Now that Iran increasingly props up Turkish balance of payments with it's golden trade, the lure of oil n gas alliances grows ever stronger...

but it's still the mandate of the tiny terrorist statelet in the ME sandbox to call the shots on what happen in Cyprus and the rest of it's European satrapies...their nuclear blackmail and bribery of politicians have the juice stilll...untll the demise of their Merikan satrapy.

At which point, the Bosphorus becomes the gateway of neo-Byzantium back into the field of Empire.

lotusblue's picture

No Way Jose Never going to happen-A Russian base on Cyprus! Russian have extended lease agreement for Tartus base in Syria.

This just another article to try and get adrenelin into your gold loving veins.

Take your shorts profits while they last before Ben sends in the clowns.

Mactheknife's picture

Maybe they're just  going to get their money back... don't Russian mobsters run the government?




Chupacabra-322's picture


but that doesn't change the fact of the Russian Mafia not being liked stolen from much less following any NWO Banksters for that matter.

I might add on the Western Front the Global Criminal Cabal (Intelligence/Bankster) Crime Syndicate are about to John Corzine the whole world. Cornzine was just the warm up just to see how much the Criminals could get away with.   

Could this be the future as to why FBI and other alphabet agencies want access to every ones bank account here in Amerika?

A case, forget which one has already been ruled in US Courts about raiding Customer's Segregated Accounts under the guise of wide spread durress.

Mactheknife's picture

Fat finger...e-mini down 20.




JustObserving's picture

That would discourage a 40% levy on Cypriot deposits, the figure that Merkel wanted.

Besides, Cyprus has all those gas deposits:

Cyprus's energy chief, Solon Kassinis, declared this month that there are indications of natural gas deposits in the island's waters of some 10 trillion cubic feet near Israel's giant Tamar and Leviathan gas fields

The deposits are worth $80 billion or about $70,000 per Cypriot citizen.

Element's picture

Seems to me the Russians can see several opportunities here. It also gives Cyprus options and leverage against the EU-IMF-Bankster gun to the head routine. Perhaps the locals will standup to the EU with a little more gusto. The Greeks as well, as they have a lot of advanced Russian Arms (and Greeks generally much prefer Russians to the PAX-USA alternative).

Having the SE Eurozone strategically unzipper would be something of a strategic black-swan for Europe, and they would avoid it. i.e. they could be induced to negotiate defaults to maintain strategic cohesian.

Result: European power gets attrited.

JustObserving's picture

Europe cannot affords wars.  It has unpayable debt.  When you have such large debts and an aging population, you cannot afford expensive military confrontations.  Without unlimited printed enables by fiat money, US could never have afforded the Iraq war which cost lot more than the Vietnam war which forced the US off the gold standard.

Many are the evils that are enabled by fiat currency - bubbles (stock and real estate, for example) and expensive wars and unpayable debt being the prime evils. And 30,000 drones to spy on your own people which will cost a trillion over 20 years.

Lore's picture

Every scenario sees an end to the Euro.  The sooner, the less complicated.

Taint Boil's picture



Yeah, it’s hard to keep up with the headlines these days. You better get that old “Deer In The Headlight” picture dusted off because you’re going to need it soon it looks like….. 

I just hope that I’m vaporized in a million degree nuclear fireball instantaneously and never have known what hit me …. Better yet, break out the popcorn, I want to enjoy this.

lewy14's picture

Well... if the Western Roman Empire is going to reassemble... then why not the Eastern?

Argos's picture

Yeah, and when was the last time a citizen saw a profit from their countries natural resources?

Son of Loki's picture

Their on a "peace seeking mission."

radwon's picture

Did you mean to say "piece seeking mission."?

Element's picture

I doubt Greece would object much.

otto skorzeny's picture

what about all of those fancy new U-boats that the Germans keep selling the Greeks on credit?

thisandthat's picture

The ones they tried to turn back on technical grounds, but were forced to take (plus some french frigates) as part of the bailout deal?

Element's picture

The Germans know their strategic calculus must override finance and debts of Greece. Selling them subs and making them captive to parts and servicing contracts is a method used to secure their part in that calculus. Have a look at their order-of-battle and you'll see the Russians have also been busy selling advanced weapons to Greece. Greece is one of those few countries that has both very advanced western and eastern hardware, and in surprising abundance. The strategic calculus is why they were ever permitted into the Euro (in my view), and their outrageous spending habits and corruption were winked-at for so long.

Greece knows it's own stabeeleetee is vital to the interests of Central European power's security, in any major military confrontation situation so they use that to good effect to extract loans and concessions. It almost looks like blackmail sometimes. But Greece is a fact of life for Germany, so they sells them their subs on credit. Credit which they obvously can't afford to repay. Germany knows that.

It's a strategic inducement to keep playing within the NATO-Eurozone's ... umm ... Axis-Powers arrangement. It's not as if Germany has much choice but to hold their noses and give them the subs.

ziggy59's picture

One of those now many 'things that make you go hmmmmm' sunday evening events

wee-weed up's picture

Pooti-Poot is no fool!

Can't say the same for the Euroweenies!

Racer's picture

Ooops, the banksters greed got that bit tooooo much

NoClueSneaker's picture

Small island, nuke impact ...

Hope and change, indeed ....


beaker's picture


If these banks ever had a time to keep a disaster under control, this is it. “Everyone execute Plan X.  Suppress your sovereign markets – NOW”


EclecticParrot's picture

In keeping with a uniquely Russian sense of humor and brusque, post-adolescent whimsy, he's merely building a scale model of the game "Battleship."

Dr. Engali's picture

The board is being set and another pawn is set in place.

NoDebt's picture

Hey, Doc, where you been all day?  It's been a non-stop around here since 6am!  Busy day.  Welcome to the party.

Yeah, this one's got legs (the Cyprus thing).  Pieces are moving all over the board compared to a normally a sleepy Sunday.  Gotta love the Russians- they KNOW HOW TO PLAY CHESS!  They like bold moves and this one definitely qualifies.

fudge's picture

makes one wonder about the 'exercises' involving recent missile movements.


smacker's picture

"Is A Russian Naval Base In Cyprus Coming Next?"


IMHO: Yes. From a Russian pov it would make sense and Cyprus needs the money. Not sure how they'll get along with the British bases already on the island.....

Element's picture

If the US can be in Cuba, Russia can be in Cyprus, the Brits would just have to suck it up.