Where 'Channel-Stuffed' German Cars Go To Die

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With the collapse of Europe's auto market, and the channel-stuffing that is rife in every car manufacturer in the world, it is no surprise that at the end of their brief lease periods, European cars (Audi in this case) are being led to this 'graveyard' in Germany (70 miles north of Munich). This car park of chaos is full of nearly-new cars meant for destruction so as never to enter the car market as a cheap alternative and to maintain a high-priced spare parts market. It seems the Keynesian profligacy or digging a hole to fill it in has progressed in the 21st century to building a car and crushing that car as the engine of growth for our economies.

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(h/t H.M.H.)

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In Soviet Russia, car park you.

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Max Fischer would say that's just a Park-N-Ride.

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This is a perfect and precise example of the ULTIMATE & INCREDIBLE HYPOCRISY OF ENVIRONMENTALISTS for all the world to see.

The amount of environmental waste, byproducts and emissions, not to mention the usage of commodities and raw materials needed to produce a modern passenger vehicle are HUGE.

Yet there is absolute silence from environmentalists, the european so-called "green parties," and as far I'm aware of, nearly every other person or entity to wrap itself in the sanctimonious cloth of "protector of the environment."

These vehicles can be used for another decade, if not longer, yet they are crushed and scrapped at the end of short term leases, environmental consequences and adverse effects on human health be damned, without so much as a peep from team green.

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so true it hurts right in the junk. I would argue that 90% of all media is controlled by the oligarchs so it's hard to get the message out BUT there is NO FUCKING message what so ever. Not to say that there has been no attempt

but for fuck sake DAVID SUSUKI  http://www.davidsuzuki.org/



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Max Fischer would say that's just a Park-N-Ride.

Max was one of the best, when shown evidence point blank, at denying reality exists.  RIP MF.


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ten thousand cars

even if they are nice cars, each is worth only 30,000 dollars

grand total less than a billion dollars

even detroit would have no use for an asset like that

unless maybe it is used as collateral to borrow 3 billion dollars for a new sewage treatment system. 

and pensions


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Ah, when will we learn that GREEN is just one more ideology dependent upon filthy lucre and part of the globalist brainwashing propaganda machine.

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Do they leave the keys inside?

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As long as the location of the factories that build these vehicles and the suppliers of the parts used in their assembly are NIMBY (or NITBY; not in their back yard) compliant, this shall meet the true environmentalist litmus test.

And in other news, in my best Jeremy Clarkson voice:

"Some say that he won a Nobel Laureate in Economics for his redundant, recycled spewing of theories regarding global trade patterns, and that he was the chief engineer for Lucas Industries who purposely sabotaged the design & fabrication of all electrical wiring used in the production of British passenger cars to stimulate economic activity (now a dead industry as even Jaguar/Land Rover/Aston Martin/Bentley/Rolls-Royce/Mini/etc are all now non-British owned companies due in no small part to the very powerful & destructive London Financial & Banking Racketeering Outfit destroying the British real economy); all we know is he's called The Krugman."

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it's just a holding lot for a logistics company.


destroying newly built cars is more complicated than mr durden makes it out to be:


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It looks like the car park for the food stamps queue...

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rule 2: Short people dig small holes

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That's right. The number of cars there is about a weeks production from the factory in Ingolstadt alone. Most of these cars are brand new, as you can see from the white protection foil that is only used on new cars. This is just a normal distribution center for new cars that looked like this for years.

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This is not 10,000 cars.   I doubt it is 5,000.  There are probably dozens of these lots for Chryslers and GMs all around America.  Only O voters by Chryslers because they are shitboxes.

Also 70 miles north of Munich is Ingolstadt - aka the main Audi factory.   I think the Tylers may be blowing this one out of proportion.

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I counted them. It's about 30,000 cars, give or take.

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Follow the money.  When I hear who eats the buy-out value, then I may believe.

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" I think the Tylers may be blowing this one out of proportion."

You're spot on Freddie: anyone (at least in Europe) who knows anything about Audi will know that Audi = Ingolstatt.

As soon as I saw the location on the Google map I knew that ZH got that one horribly wrong, yet it hasn't stopped you being junked and many people commenting (wrongly) on it.

Come on boys & girls, we can do better than that:  if the wonderful entity that ZH is, has taught you anything over the last 4-5 years, then it's to "think for yourself" and not to accept anything at face value, and that includes threads/posts/ideas/arguments...on this website.

The Tylers will not always get everything right as they're only human; it's to be expected anyway and it doesn't take anything away from the continuous brilliance that they have shown over the years.

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Thank you. As if there aren't people who would pay something for an Audi ..

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Drove past Ingolstadt a few times going to Munich.  It always seems bloody cold there.  I would take a BMW over a Mercedes any day but I doubt this is what the Tylers think it is.  The European economy is slowing rapidly especially France.  The EUSSR needs to be blown up along with the Euro.

However, Audi, BMW, Merc and Porsche are not Chrysler/UAW/Obam/Fiat or GM/UAW/Obama.  If Audi was really stuck - they could unloadf these carts in Asia and Russa.

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$3 billion???  Those cars are worth a hell of a lot of money on the books of the right WS entity.....they could be quickly valued at upwards of $4billion, and then used to borrow sig. more than $3 billion - of course then that money could be leveraged on the prop desks, if they still existed of course....this is why Europe is in such a mess, they lack appropriate creativity and fundamental understanding of how the markets truly work.

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Max is a gem in the echo chamber. 

In Soviet USSA, this is picture of Gubbmint lease full of BMW, Hyundai, and Kia. Not a Volt in sight.

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No.  Fucking.  Way.

This has got to be bullshit. 

At least cash for clunkers we all knew what we were doing to perfectly good used cars- it was out in the open.  Are you saying this is happening in a "clandestine" way?   Sorry, brain overload.  Gotta be more to this story than what's been reported.

If not, please refer to my original comment:  No.  Fucking.  Way.


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Suzuki is an embarrasment.

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the environmentalists were bought by this powerful parties. they are allowed to adress issues as long as it doesn't endanger the money making capacities of the parties in power. in germany the car industry is one of the most powerful forces in the countries. if they say there won't be a speed limit, then there won't be a speed limit on the german highways.

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Good reminder UP? What ever happened to that statist wanker?... 'Max Fisher'?

Mind you it must be so busy working for the EU Troika - no time to post?

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I was going to count how many cars in that lot, but I will wait for CNBC to report the seasonally adjusted figures...

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I have never cheated on my wife (seasonally adjusted).  

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I'm ballparking it at just about 20,000 cars after counting one row and multipling by the number of rows and length of rows...   This infuriates me ... just the stinking electronic ignition key is $500 for one of these.. if the cars average $50,000 each USED and it easily can with S4's , A7's , Q7's , A8's R8's and such this lot contains $1Billion in rolling stock ... I'm driving a 2003 Mercedes and would LOVE to have a soon to be crushed R8/V10 and a Diesel Q7 for the wife ... I'll give Audi the same $400 the local crushers give for a junk car...

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Without wages, executive salaries, R&D, and benefits calculated in, those cars are probably worth close to 5000 dollars at most, not including parts recycling. Plastic interiors, aluminum engines, and minimal amount of steel.

The rest is just Madison Ave. marketing to the ignorant masses.

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If you go to the google maps site and actually zoom all the way in, there is a large percentage of those 'cars' (~25%[?]) that are actually empty spots in the parking lot.

Maybe someone else is better at photo analysis but that lot has a LOT of room to fill up before it is completely full. 



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Are you sure this is not just a swap meet?? LoFL

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Neo-Keynesian Komrade Ka$h for Kirschen.

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Governments are going to have to start going 'Hollywood' on people to hide this...



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This is just your local Rodehouse Grill.

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Fix It Again Troika

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Crushed for clunkers. Insane in the membrane!

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Oh, the inhumanity...

Just think how many poor Greeks & Cypriots would like to trade their skinny donkey in for a nice shiny Audi.

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The Green party had a meeting last month with the representatives and lawyers from the Scherm corporation (yes, that's them in the picture above) who are looking for permission to build an additional parking lot for 3000 additional cars. Hassan....or maybe better yet...Heinrich chop!


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Max. 15K cars, not counting the empty lots. their web site
Nothing will get crushed, simply redistribution!

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They'd probably rather trade in their fat wifes.

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"Just think how many poor Greeks & Cypriots would like to trade their skinny donkey in for a nice shiny Audi."

How much hay per mile does an Audi get?


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Can I take one, or three? No? Ah, I got it - they don't want potential demand removed from the system. Well, fuck you, buddy - wasn't planning on driving an AUDI anyway.

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Anything to keep peasants as poor and reliant on government as possible.

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Another Un-Drivable Import.

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How much you wanna bet AUDI screwed many of these leasees by claiming "extraordinary wear" or failing to get the car in for a scheduled maintenance and hitting them for an extra $1000 or so in BS charges when it was time to turn them in...


Now we know why they chose AUDI for the opening of "SKYFALL" ,, AUDI didn't care .. they were going to be crushed anyway .. whats 20 like new A5's in all the same color (Black) mean to them... they're waiting to be crushed anyway.


I am SERIOUSLY PISSED ,, the only thing making this worthwhile is the ThaiLoveLinks advert on the page ...

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They're not selling cuz they got those little mercury filled curly bulbs for the dome lights...if you break one or one goes out, you have to call hazmat and a SWAT team out to your house or pay a fine...it says so in the owners manual...which will appear as residue in the hub caps of later models in the future.