Cyprus Finance Minister Resigns, President Refuses To Accept Resignation

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Update: President Anastasiades rejects FinMin Sarris' resignation. Unclear what happens next.

Things just took a turn for the much worse following this news from Market News:


Unclear if German FinMin Schauble will promptly step in to fill this latest sovereign vacancy.

Desperation time for the NY Fed to preserve the market green and give the impression that all is under control, when the rats are now actively leaving the Titanic.

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Goldman Sachs crony to be appointed in 3...2...1.....

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Yep now they'll just stick in whomever they want.  DOW/S&P to end green for sure.

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whats calamari in greek?

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Cyprions don't even understand what's going on. They're not "losing" their deposits. The money is temporarily underwriting the equity of some if the world's most reputable banks. When the equity appreciates, depositors will be paid back in full.

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Ok, that makes TOTAL sense.  Unlawfully seize my money now, cuz you'll pay me later.  lol.


MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

It's the same concept as social security moron. Do you disagree with that too? Even though its running a surplus if IOUs?

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Rock him like a hurricane MDB! Besides, I don't see what everyone's so excited about. These are the days we've all been waiting so long for. BURN BABY BURN!

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Rumor has it, that Jon Corzine is on a plane right now headed to Cyprus.  Looks like a replacement with the proper experience for the Finance Minister position has been found.  

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In fact, yesterday I built a small shrine in my living room, where I'm actively making offerings and sacrifices to the god of contagion. 20 straight hours of chanting can tire a fella out.

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Heard a crowd chanting this outside of Cyprus' parliament...............

"Tails we'll win, heads you'll lose."


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sounds like a giant ponzi scheme moron, do you disagree with that too?

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so far indeed!

He not only rocks, he's on a roll!  So much drollery, so little time!


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MDS - and maybe little bolts of sunshine will shoot out your ass!

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one for you

one for me

two for you

one two for me


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How is the Herbalife business going?

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What if also the "most" reputable banks COLLAPSE....????


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What if also the "most" reputable banks COLLAPSE....????


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Of course, if this equity had equivalent future value to the cash being taken, why does not the EU just take that equity as collateral for the money they are promising to send, rather than the cash of citizens, over whom they have no tax authority.

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Horsemeat in the burgers... Horseshit from the EU... HorseHeads in the beds...


Getting things done ahead of schedule... The YEAR OF THE HORSE comes 'after' the YEAR OF THE SNAKE

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Telegraph reported he was on his way to Moscow to 'renegotiate' Russia's loan while Merkel has told Arastaniades to only 'negotiate' with the Troika. These Cypriot pols are caught in a battle between Moscow and Berlin and I don't envy them.

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Negotiations must be getting interesting.

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EU bureaucrats want to destroy Cyprus offshore banking and low tax system (in order to force people like Gérard Depardieu to pay 75% taxes).

The only feasible option for Cyprus to survive is to exit the EU.

Schmuck Raker's picture

You're suggesting Depardieu is one of the Russians that banks in Cyprus?

Wow, that was fast. He must be a quick study.

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Happiness returns to the world when bankers jump (or are pushed) off the fucking rooftops.

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MoD also offering British service personnel in Cyprus the option to have their salaries paid into UK accounts from next month.

MoD confirm a plane has taken off for Cyprus with 1 million euros for British forces to use in an emergency whilst banks are closed.


Element's picture

They needed something with more .. umm ... payload ... so they put it in a C-17A Globe Master (pronounced "Global Master").

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It's funny to see the division of labor between JP Morgan and Goldman. JPM runs the US while Goldman runs Europe.

fourchan's picture

and their owners run the fed and the imf.

francis_sawyer's picture

Chosen ones doing "God's Work"...


That's why I never understood religion... Effectively ~ GOD HATES YOU!

Element's picture

"But it's the wrong God!" - Starship Troopers III

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Did you forget BIS, ECU, ELA, etc.?

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Vince Foster is going to have some company pretty soon....sadly.

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funny, and dimon is jewish greek?

good cop... bad cop?

... and, as tyler has written numerous times about the frb shoring-up the foreign banks in the ussa!?

now, what's-up with that red-herring?

Banksters's picture

Exactly.   The fuckin snakes at the eu office in brussels will pop some technocrat in and call it a necessary action.  



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Where is that loyal Cypriot Timmy Geithner?

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I hope he has some retirement money saved in Bank of America stock. Meredith Whitney thinks it will go to 15 and maybe 20 next year. She sounds very bullish.