French Minister Tasked With Fighting Tax Fraud Resigns For Having A Secret Swiss Account

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While everyone awaits in stunned silence to see what Citadel, GETCO and of course the NY Fed will do with stocks in the aftermath of the shocking Cypriot decision, which nobody has any idea how to respond to because as Europe made it very clear ahead of the vote, there is no "Plan B", here is some comic interlude. The name Jerome Cahuzac should be familiar to our readers: he is the French Budget minister who had been tasked with battling tax fraud. Well, technically it is not is but was: moments ago Monsieur Cahuzac resigned, for the same reason he had been investigated several months ago. Namely, having an "undisclosed" Swiss bank account. Minister in charge of battling tax fraud... resigns for having a secret Swiss account. We'll let that sink in for a bit before we go back to that other farce in the eastern Mediterranean.

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Fuck you Bernanke!

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No no... that's Jerome Cahuzac. Although he does the same finger thing as Bernanke...

I wonder how his undercover investigations of Swiss bank accounts are going...

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Much like a Masonic handshake, Monsieur Cahuzac demonstrates the symbolic gesture that international bankobureaucrats use in order to identify each other. It translates roughly as:

"Fuck you, I'm a rich, corrupt asshole, and that's why I grin like an idiot."

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“what  (they).. will do with stocks in the aftermath”

Looks like it’s pedal to the metal on an bullish inverse head and shoulders.

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I meant no secret bank accounts for you, not for me.

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Well, no better or worse than having a tax cheat as a Treasury Secretary.


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If the equity markets in the U.S. crash, it's light out-night night. They will expend every last round of ammo to prop this bitch up, at least trying to keep it from caving in.

Ben "Modern Money Mechanics Economic Foundation" Bernanke holds the fate of the current Pyramid Scheme in his pimp hand.

I've been claiming, with not a single refutation from any source, that the lone, symbolic force that is propping up whatever consumption is taking place (even if the majority of it is in the form of taking on more debt, or "re-leveraging") is Ben S. Bernanke's magical "Virtuous Circle," where the pump is quite selectively exhilarating & seemingly for free (money fer nuthin', chicks for free), but the hangover will prove it was anything but free, will be a real killer, and absolutely pound the majority (whether they temporarily felt wealthier from any transitory "stock portfolio ownership" balance sheet ramp or not).

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Plz to b not doing this, as some people look at ZH at work....

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This place is like a bar and a locker room and a trading pit rolled into one. What do you expect?

I work from home. Plz to b posting more titty pics, HH.

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I wouldn't kick her out of bed, unless she wanted to do it on the floor;)

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The boss just walked by and wanted to know if I accidently thumped my knee underneath my desk.  Yes I did boss and it sure hurts.

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Fuck "work," no one cares. Commence photobomb run.

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I also work from home, if you can call reading ZH while watching the markets react to this shit 'working' - so bravo the pix. (Dow up almost 4 points at the moment! We Are Saved!)

Gawd, Friday night humor has arrived early this week. What a day for this news to come out as Cyprus implodes.

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If you can read ZH at work, you should be fine with nekkid pics, too - the shocking content is in the text...

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I'd give this cookie an hour before we were doing the no pants dance.

Time to musk up...

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I'll take 2...
but with 2 gallons of silicone...
and a gillete rasor...

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Cahuzac had less luck with his wife; they had an ugly divorce and her lawyer apparently was involved in getting the incriminating telephone conversation that was taped to the media who then published it.

Hell hath no fury like...and she took her time to extract her revenge!

Now coming back to Carla she is more poetic and that pic shows it! 

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Pretty much a go to line these days.  On topic though....obvious the Swiss can't keep secrets anymore.

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Flash...PPT buys market on Cyprus announcement...duh

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Yet another hypocritical, sociopathic politician.

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Status quo.

They make the rules.

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The ball is rolling and it's starting to avalanche the mountain.

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Damn those appearances of conflicts of interest.

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Great.  He can go into business with Timmy and Simon Black running a tax advantaged investment firm.

Forward Soviet.

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Do as I say not as I do.

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The French politicians are concerned with the French after they take care of themselves.

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I swear these mofos are the scourge of the planet. Everywhere I look corruption. Everything is a lie and everything is corrupt. The devil is running amuck.

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The Cyprus central bank chief name is Panicos Demetriades. All you needed to know.

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translation: Dimitri Panick

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Socialism for the poor, facism for the rich!

His brother is quite an interesting fellow, too:

"Il est le frère d'Antoine Cahuzac, directeur général d'EDF Énergies nouvelles29 et ancien président du directoire d'HSBC Private Bank France"

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He picked a good time to bury bad news.

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Sad state of affairs when the France Finance Minister will only keep his Money in a Swiss Bank.

He must know that your Money is not safe in any Bank anywhere else.

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There is another Baby Ruth in the pool.


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Classic!  And the picture is a beauty.

Frozen IcQb's picture

Now that's funny and the picture also!


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Not read between the lines.  Just read the lines.  A picture is worth two words... 

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Or in this case four words: "Fuck you, still smiling"

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If you cross match most of those EU politicans with "secret" Swiss bank accounts you would probably find Trillions stashed away. Throw in African dictators' accounts and you might be able to pay the entire EU Debt!