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As is painfully clear to even the most naive observer, the biggest threat for Europe from this point on, now that Cyprus is officially "unfixed" is what happens when... if the Cyprus banks reopen - will the deluge of bank withdrawals drain 10% of the savings as the country's central banker warned earlier today, 20%, 50% or all of it? It is certain that any and all foreign "oligarch" accounts will be promptly pulled never to be heard of again, and after being treated like third grade European citizens, we doubt the locals will care much for having their cash in a banking system that Europe has shown is equal to all the other "united" banking systems, which however also happen to be just that much more equal. And once foreign TV crews show lines of people scrambling to pull money in Cyprus to the local viewers in Greece, Italy and Spain, will those countries also get comparable ideas? That is precisely the Pandora's box that Europe has now opened, and which it is scrambling to close. How? With the dreaded "contingency plans", among which are such last ditch efforts as capital controls, including "imposing limits on daily withdrawals from bank accounts; capping the amount of money that can be electronically taken out of the country and making these transactions slower to clear; and introducing border checks to cap the amount of cash leaving in the country," most recently utilized in the banana-est of republics such as Argentina.

From WSJ:

The contingency measures, described by three European officials, may not need to be implemented if the deposit outflow looks containable. But the plan includes imposing limits on daily withdrawals from bank accounts; capping the amount of money that can be electronically taken out of the country and making these transactions slower to clear; and introducing border checks to cap the amount of cash leaving in the country.


One official also said the IMF had been tasked with developing a plan to merge the country's two biggest banks—Laiki Bank and Bank of Cyprus—putting their healthy assets into a smaller entity and the nonperforming assets into a "bad bank," which wouldn't do any new business.


A spokeswoman for the IMF had no immediate comment. European officials have repeated that the goal is to shrink the island's banking sector over time.


After the Saturday morning meeting where finance ministers presented the bank-deposit tax plan, Jörg Asmussen, the German member of the ECB's executive board, said the Cypriot central bank and treasury have "prepared a contingency action plan, they are monitoring deposit flows, even on an intra-daily basis and will take the necessary actions if appropriate."


The officials said neighboring countries had been instructed to be on the ready to fly euro bank notes into Cyprus should the need arise, but one official said this hadn't yet happened.

In a sign that even worse is to come, is the use of the most dreaded comparison in modernity: Cyprus is now Greece:

He said the ministry was "proactively approaching personnel to ask if they want their March and future months' salaries paid into U.K. bank accounts, rather than Cypriot accounts."


The officials said such planning shouldn't be a surprise.


"This is exactly what is to be expected and exactly what was in place for Greece last summer," one official said, referring to the critical Greek elections in June 2012, during which depositors were removing large sums of cash out of Greek banks, spooked by the prospect of a euro exit.


Spokesmen for the European Commission and the ECB declined to comment on the contingency plans. ECB officials have said it is a matter for the Cyprus government. A spokeswoman for the Central Bank of Cyprus didn't respond to calls for comment.

All that said, please don't worry: Cyprus is small and thus meaningless, the benign despots of the Europas say it is a "very special case", Europe is solvent, its banks are overflowing with cash and Spiderman towels, all people in Europe are equal but those who share bank vaults with Russian billionaires in places like Cyprus, or Switzerland, are less equal than others, and general there is nothing to be afraid of: because if bank runs haven't started by now, they certainly never will. Ever. Promise.

Remember - Europe is fixed: every European politician has already said so. Twice.

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Cypriot Govt MP Mario Mavrides tells BBC Newsnight if a deal with the Troika can't be found or Cyprus can't raise 6bn, they'll leave the Euro.

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keisers site is looks down , not troubled...anyone else?

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and can somebody tell me how to get the hedge if they take it down...will i need special skills beyond click click? will i need to be a computer geek?

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in theory it could be accessed directly at its ip address ( but it currently redirects that to "" so it would still break if someone did the usual DNS tricks like DHS does. I'd imagine if they were formally blocked that Sacrelidge would reconfigure the IP to work or come up with another domain name outside of US jurisdiction. (The servers were relocated outside the US years ago, so DNS is the only real vulnerability short of an internet kill switch.)

It'd be great if ZH had a presence of Tor.


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[aka: the JOOBUX endgame]...

Enjoy your 'politically correct' life [& all it earned you, or what it will be worth to you going forward]...

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EU general principles of capital movement within the EU Treaty Provisions - let's just say there are lots of loopholes (exceptions) and so many things that could be considered "prudential measures"  or "defense"  or public security or myriad other things.

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this francis sawyer dude would make it good in Nazi germany

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-1000...... Actually his views are quite correct. He doesn't play the "politically correct" game either.

We need more just like him.

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I'm not a jew hater...


I'm a fiat ponzi paper [FRANCHISE] hater...

All candidates [who DON'T overwhelmingly represent a 'tribe' at large]... may APPLY for status at will...

I've only received one application thus far... That was from the EVIL EPISCOPALIAN cult... [It's under consideration by the JUDICIARY COMMITTEE as we speak]...


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"I watched a snail crawl along the edge of a straight razor. ... That's my dream; ... that's my nightmare. ... Crawling, ... slithering, ... along the edge of a straight razor... and surviving."

Capital controls

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Apocalypse NOW,,,,man!

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Capital controls? well if the Pope is a Catholic, a fishes ass is watertight, wild bears shit in forests and one legged ducks swim in circles, thenThat little island is going to get them. Talk about stating the bleeding obvious. Banks that levitate on levergage can do no more. Malakas

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You misassign the blame. HORUSBUX (Lucifer) would be more accurate.

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What a clusterfuck.  I suppose we all knew something would trigger the next wave.

At this point a quick exit from the Euro by Cypress might be the LEAST damaging thing they could do to themselves.  It'll be bad for a while but 3 years later Greece will be looking at them with envy.

Still, making nicey-nice with the Russians..... oofah!  No matter what they do they're gonna have a tough time with that.  Maybe offer the gas fields to Gazprom and hope that's enough to appease them.

Could be worse, I suppose.  Could be me.  (Will be sometime in the future, I know, but thankfully not today)

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Francis Sawyer, you deserve to have your head placed in a vice and pulled tight until your eyes pop out you ignorant bastard!

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Accessing articles via feed worked while the main page was "blank" today:

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Thanks for the link. Good to know.

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If ZH is mirrored in one or more other jurisdictions (currently it's hosted in Switz).

Mirroring is not uncommon with sites which the criminal elites dislike...

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Shouldn't people already be lining up? Here in the states we line up at least 3 days prior to a retail discount

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I think the site is down becasue Max compared Jamie Dimon to a tapeworm once too often.  Or perhaps he made too convincing a case that Jamie is a tapeworm.

Probably it was because he had Josh Rosner on.  I have met Josh on several occasions.  Incredibly likeable, thoughtful, sincere human being.  His mere presence on the show gives Max a lot of credibility.  (Constrast that to what would happen to Max's credibility if Jamie actually accepted one of Max's invitations to be on the show.)  Rosner bashed the living s*&t out of JPM/Jamie.

As someone pointed out, the lastest Keiser report is available on YouTube.  I got it from my feed.  I am sure that if you did a search on "Keiser tapeworm" you would find the show.

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Dimon has an "off switch" of his own ...

Someone accidentally installed the Cypriot patch on their production servers instead of the development servers... lol

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Paraphrasing The Breakfast Club: "If Cyprus leaves the Euro, they'll all leave the Euro! It'll be anarchy!!!"

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Save Feris! (in this case Cyprus)

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They all get euros with a little C Next to it. Not good out out country. Checkmate

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Individual Registered Accounts will be taxed. Registration precedes confiscation.

Demographics are destiny and the demos spell FSA voting majority.

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On the positive note, Cyprian unemployment % should go down due to hiring of part time bank tellers for the busy season thats coming, right?

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Once again, the PTB demonstrate that power.  They can make or change about any rule that they wish, and leave the populace dazed, confused and compliant, like vicitims of the "Stockholm Syndrome".  That's the reality with which we must deal, not the fantasy of a day of reckoning, where we stackers become the new exulted Wise and Wealthy Men.

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But on a brighter note " its banks are overflowing with cash and Spiderman towels."

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We already have many capital controls in the US: 401Ks, IRAs, the 10,000 limit on cash movement, bank covenants, taxes, etc. Who is kidding whom?

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Any body remember the name of the european model who refused to be paid in dollars?

I think this was in 08 or 09.

Wondering how that's working out so far.  LOL!!

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Asset forfeiture will come to those who merely try to preserve post-tax savings, but run afoul of new reporting/levy/taxation requirements.

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By keeping interest rates artificially low the US Gov steals the money of savers every day, and has been doing so for years. They are just more clever about it.

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Speaking of demographics...

The Free Shit Army thanks you for your work and your delayed gratification. It shall be their pleasure to gratify themselves at your expense.

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If it was on the border to Canada, then yes.....

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Damn right.As of Jan 1st there iss a new Treasury report for any

overseas transfer in any ammount from a bank.Money seems to take two

days instead of two hours to arrive.

Long smugglers.

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FX netting if you find a trade partner.

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You can move any amount of cash you want. It just gets reported. If your answer to the question is that you don't trust the banks and you want your's not illegal.

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And the folks were told the TSA were looking for ....

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4th Turning..........BITCHEZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111

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I'm not so sure. If the banks get recapped it may be the safest place in the world for your money. The politicians have made it clear that the rule of law still exists in Cyprus.Would you trust the US congress to vote such a measure down?

Just playing devil's advocate here. I would guess about 30%.

Tijuana Donkey Show's picture

CON-gress would never get to vote on it. Cue the Fed mandate................

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Doesn't matter what Congress does or doesn't do since Obomber has made it abundantly clear that he'll just do an end run and write one of those executive orders.  Sort of like executive order 6102.

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Capital Controls: Coming soon to a Chase bank near you.

Need more Synthetic CDOs.

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Pardon my ignorance, but what's the diff between Iceland and Cyprus?

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The euro. There is no danger of any sort of currency crisis or capital controls if you have the euro. That only happens in countries with their own currencies, like Iceland.


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And the US,Japan etc  /sarc