Nigel Farage Message To Europeans: "Get Your Money Out While You Can"

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In Nigel Farage's first TV appearance since the Cypriot wealth tax was announced, the Englishman pulls no punches. In all his years and all his experience of the desperation of the European Union's leadership "never did [he] think they would resort to stealing money from people's savings accounts." The simple fact is that they know they cannot let any country leave, no matter how small, for "once one country goes, the whole deck of cards will come tumbling down." There is now "clear irreconcilable differences" between the North and the South of Europe and now that they have done this in one country, "they are quite capable of doing it in Italy, Spain and anywhere." The message that sends to people is "get your money out while you can." As far as his British constituents, he strongly recommends George Osborne (UK Chancellor) urge ex-pats to remove all their money and do monthly transfers from home. "Do Not Invest In The Euro-Zone," he concludes, "you have to be mad to do so - as it is now run by people who do not respect democracy, the rule of law, or the basic principles upon which Western civilization is based."

"They are propping up a Eurozone that, in the end, will collapse in disastrous failure and they are prepared to do anything to do so."

5 minutes of reality from a European MP - must watch...


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And by the way if you are reading this it might already be too late.

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This is the kind of shit I wish Santelli would say on CNBC.

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Yes, get your money out.  Buy gold, as savings now even have counterparty risk.



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‘now run by people who don’t respect democracy, who don’t respect the rule of law, who don’t respect the basic principles upon which western civilization is supposed to be based”

When did Nigel visit Illinois to record this?

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There has got to be a shitload of people wanting to 'make plans' for Nigel Farage right about now.

Nigel's whole future (or what precious little is left of it) is as good as sealed

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Nigel just needs this helping hand. . .

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Nigel's whole future is as good as sealed

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<Trumpets blare>

Here comes Hilsenrath, Here comes Hilsenrath, right down Fed Dove "Jawbone" Lane (or is it Maiden Lane?)...

03-19 17:42: Fed watcher Hilsenrath says I think Fed will be waving the green flag to markets at FOMC Meeting tomorrow

News Headline Summary Fed watcher Hilsenrath says I think Fed will be waving the green flag to markets at FOMC meeting tomorrow, Fed wont try to tamp things down, havn't seen enough positive data yet


Buy Zynga, Buy LULU, Buy Facebook & Groupon...

But did you know, the most famous Bernank'd stock of all?

CRM the v2.0 "stawk" had a very high P/E

And if you ever saw it, you'd note the irrationality

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Kevin must have snorted down two 8-balls instead of one today.  Somehow managed to at least get the Dow green by day's end.  What a joke.

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Bernank will give the orders soon to regroup, and focus Fed efforts on propping up the Dow.

It's easier to deploy all the King's fiat to attempt to ensure that such a 30 company index that is a shining beacon & symbol of prosperity & justice for all is either reported on as being "green," or in worst case scenarios, only modestly "red," by sheeple-vision anchors that are Brian Williams, Ali Velshi, Rachel Maddow & Shep Smith, et al.

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Massive ammounts of make-believe ethereal wealth sloshing around in a make-believe ethereal system trying to find a safe place to land................this can only end one way. When the music stops, there wont be enough chairs............Hold something physical...............Even pirates need someone to trade with, and we dont care much for paper or electronic digits. :)

P.S. get a gun...........We tend to trade more honestly if you are armed. :)

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Thus the age old saying, when one has been asked if something is credible, stable, wise or valuable, throughout history:

"It's as good as GRPN."

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All my Apple stock is dehydrated in #10 cans. 

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Time for some serious rebranding.

Henceforth, the EU will be called the Euranargentinian Union.

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OK Spuds... I gave u enuf time... But now u gotta figur it out... [4 yourselves]...


"When you smell the smoke

You don't need to be told

What u gotta do...


Yet there's a certain breed

so very IN BETWEEN

they'd rather take a vote...


Runnin short on time

Still they can't decide...

What we already KNOW"




When it grows too long

 The tail wags the dog  

The hand that bites gets fed


Troubles multiply  

The crowd begins to cry  

For some common sense


Let them all dig in  

When the odds are no win  

Head for the nearest door

’Cause we are here to go...



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Talk about "All Time Highs"

The Krug-Man has just set an All-Time Record for the most DOWN points.

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Thank You!

And the Go Mix version!  Perfect.

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Don't be surprised if there's one last blow off top before reality strikes. They may need more bagholders.

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I implore all to read the following, which was posted at The Economic Populist, and written by Numerian; it's one of "those essays" that is highly accurate in its analysis, and illustrates perfectly how the Ben Bernankes of the central banks around the globe are now on the cusp of destroying the current economic & monetary system (assign your own reasons to their actions or motives):

The War on Savers Heats Up
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You mean that you actually have to have some sort of plan to blow up a system that is predicated on perpetual growth on a finite planet and operates with pieces of paper? that isn't enough to blow things up?

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Looks like a good chunk of that cash they took out went into Bitcoin today!


Amazing what a real, floating currency can do without the regular open smackdown hey?

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I noticed.  But please..... try to act like you hate it around here, OK.

<secret handshake> <secret handshake>  We're cool, right?

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Only terrorists and child molesters would use such an unpatriotic tool.

Also speculation is evil.

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Nigel Farage is a modern day Patrick Henry: "Give me liberty, or give me death."

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They already tried to kill him once. Didn't succeed. Next time? Hope not.

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I wonder if they'll make him do the "Dr. Kelly forest death run" or the "Vince Foster double shot to the head 'suicide'?!"                    hujel

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Nigel Farage is a provocateur working for the same Zionist Banking Mafia. There is a need to offer to people an appearance for having diversity and choices.


Like Bush and Obama. They spoke very differently but their policies are the same. They are employed by the same masters.


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Just keeping a finger on the pulse of the herd lest they stampede unexpectedly.

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Ya, but he is not compromised. At least his soul has a chance.

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Everybody's future is sealed . . . . unless those brave voices like Nigel Farage and others like him keep getting the word out so that just maybe the stupid public (especially in America) might finally get a clue.

They have been robbed all their lives. Do they want that to continue or not ?

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Why do I get the feeling they were droned at night and not mortared???

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It is not serious to speak about free market system and bailouts.

May be it is a good time to ask a very simple question: how could a poor country as Cyprus have more than $60B in local citizen deposits? May be Cyprus government shall stop offering its citizenship to mafia & gangster members from all around world? Cyprus and its government were/are involved in criminal enterprise and its citizens must pay price for it.

So, it is the time to stop feeling sorry for thieves and gangsters losing some of their ill-gained money and “poor” citizens who happily benefited from these hot money.



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Theft is theft, regardless of the background noise you're making. It sets a precedent. It also reveals some insight as to what they're thinking.

Also, I'm pretty sure the citizens didn't benefit nearly as much as the bankers, and it certainly doesn't justify theft by the state for the good of the bankers.

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two wrongs don't make a right... you get -1

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The return to fundamentals.  The 3 "C"s of lending money: Collateral, Credit, Capacity.  Did Cyprus ever have these?  With the acceptance of ill gotten gains they extended that philosophy to the lending practices.  Easy come easy go.  The prostitution and drug Tzars want a good return on their investment so we have to take the high risk.  then the Tzars came back for their capital and the gains.  The banks of Cyprus could not fork it over.  The rest you can figure out for your self.

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Lots of countries are benefiting from "hot" money. 

The UK comes especially to mind.  Lots of money laundering, dirty money from Russia and the Middle East, etc., whatever it takes to keep things rolling in the face of a deficit that is reputed to be 900% of GDP. 

But, to say that average, prudent savers should be penalized is crazy and sets a terrible precedence. 

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

You can’t be serious. The only people interfering are bigger thieves with the biggest military forces.

I can’t give credibility to that.

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I'm hoping you got down votied in a shoot the messenger type way, Because 7 guys getting killed in training is significant in my book. Conflicting stories about what happend. Either way - 7 guys are dead and that aint good.

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Just WHO is that in your avatar?



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WARNING: If you have not already made the preparations as has been outlined here and on other sites, I'm sorry to say, you have not much time to finish now. The clock is ticking.... whispers of 3/25 as the "peace deal" offering... Best to all my fellow Hedgers!!

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I am sorry, but if you haven't figured out what's going on by now it is too late... The storm is here.

Esso's picture

It's not too late until it's over, but y'all better get started NOW.

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No, this isn't the big one.

"They" aren't ready yet.

The process has some time to go from here. What we're seeing is a slower conditioning of the population to accept their impotence - think Gitmo-style torture, the objective of which is to induce "learned helplessness" in the captives.

The elites are tired of having to deal with the whole "confidence and trust of the population" issue. They are in no hurry to deal with full scale revolt or civil disorder.

They still have time to get everyone used to the fact that they have no where to run, no place to put their savings, and, after the destruction of faith, nations, communities, and youth, nothing that they much care about any more anyway.

There will be no Reset, no great Preference Cascade, no ripping off of the Mask. 

Only incremental destruction of the ability of ordinary people to accumulate wealth - an area denial of any kind of store of value. With this destruction comes the destruction of freedom.

No need to build walls or errect fences if the only function of "money" is as a very temporary unit of exchange; without the ability to store value and accrue wealth, all actions become dependent on the position one holds in the New Order. Nothing else will matter. And for the vast majority of people, nothing will matter at all.

The dystopians among us don't have nearly cynical enough imaginations.

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This is one of those times I regret having but one greenie fer ya. +1

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Fuck you, Lewy. I just threw up in my mouth at the truthiness of your post. Truly, fuck you for an even more sleepless future.


BTW: +1

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It ain't over until the fat cleaning lady vacuuming the bank branch lobby at 2:30 in the afternoon yells "we're closed" on a Wednesday through the plate glass door.

akak's picture

You are completely wrong, TIS.


What she will actually be saying is: "El banco es cerrado ahorita --- vuelvese manana (o nunca)".