Brevan Howard: "Faith In Endless Central Banker Put Is Serious Error"

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"Having faith in policymakers' ability to provide a perpetual put may yet prove to be a serious error; and, with interest rates stuck at zero, investors' ability to easily earn back losses remains severely impaired," is the not so subtle manner in which, Reuters reports, Brevan Howard, which manages $40 billion (and has never had a losing year) describes the current shambles of a market.

"Tail risks, which have haunted the markets for the last five years, appear to have receded for the time being, but have by no means disappeared," they go on to say, noting that while policymakers promise to do "whatever it takes," investors betting that actions by policymakers will prop up financial markets indefinitely will face problems as "policy hyperactivity coupled with investor apathy could lead to significant and persistent price moves in multiple capital markets."

But that's just an absolute return $40bn fund manager's view as opposed to a day-trading fast money trend masher or asset-gathering index-tracker.

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Trusting bankers is always a mistake.....just sayin'

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So just print our own money and cut out the middleman maybe?

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Your username provides the answer, my friend! Better off "Getting Zee Gold" and letting the Central Banks drown in their own filthy paper.

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My money's on Larry Motherfucking Fink and that Fast Money frontrunning guy Joey Testosterone

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ZIRP is price manipulation and confiscation of savers money, just as the proposed 9% "management fee" of Cypriot depositors is.  Savings are being confiscated, markets are medicated, and price discovery is false.  Everything built on top of these prices is a house of cards, set to tumble soon.

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This will never end until it explodes.  The precedent has been set; if something is going to drag down the market then the FED needs to QE.  There is always something going on that can be viewed as a drag on the market so there will always be QE.

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Wow, thanks for the tip, Captain Brevan Obvious.

Can I start my own "Writings of the Obvious"?

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Duh! You're on ZH. Not exactly a hang out for intellectual elites.

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Word is you have to be a self described critical thinker to hang around here.

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Not me,

My dry cleaner does that for me and gets out my ring around the collar too.

I tip well.

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QUIET!!!  I'm working on my new investment book, Dow 360,000.

Take your bickering elsewhere. Thanks.

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Next time he'll give you the whole shaft.

Answered your own question.

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Again, the specter of 1994 raises its ugly head.

Ask Brevan Howard how they are doing on their Argentinian debt.

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Bernanke and the Fed's Zimbabwe economic policy will fix everything.

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If they print enough money we'll all be rich!

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Faith in anyone outside of yourself on words alone is stupid.  But this would be applicable only in a society that empowers and protects the rights and property of the individual and not the state.  Not really sure that society exists anywhere on earth now.

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But that is not what Cramer says......

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What they gunna do -- stop printing? LOL

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They're gonna keep printing..., but they don't have to keep propping up the markets.

Then they will offer to help all the poor suffering IRA and 401K holders manage their money wiser.

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They'll never stop printing but they might stop ramping. How do you predict the whims of a sociopath?

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    German PPI sucked and us mortgage apps. were down again, yet the market is ramped. So Bernanke says he's going to keep POMO going for ever. Who cares? We all know that.



    Meanwhile the people of Cyprus have been locked out of their banks for almost a week. How the hell are they feeding themselves? This shit makes me sick. The level of corruption is so batshit crazy! It's beyond any level of rational thinking.

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Faith in gold and silver is a MUCH MORE SERIOUS error

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you gotta work on some new material, brah.

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What he's lacking in substance....he'll more than make up for in style.

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History indicates that you and your avatar are a serious error.

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Does this mean my average purchase cost of $8 and change is going red? Or that maybe I'll be able to lower it a bit, soon?

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I know...they're so sneaky. Sometimes they'll dip a tiny bit when I'm not looking, so I have to stay watchful.


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Yeah, 6,000 years of history,and mankind choosing gold and silver as money in a free non-coerced market.  Those things are irrelevant.  

Troll elsewhere.

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Fuckin Keynesians....

As an engineer in college I minored in business- after about two weeks of looking the their bogus equations I declared bullshit.

Anyone who has ever manufactured, mined or transported goods knows you can't just create wealth from thin air. With all the technology, no way would such a ridiculous theory prevail in coming years I thought.

Then as the years rolled by I watched hordes of overconfident stupid people obtain worthless degrees based on these lies. The power of false education has destroyed their brains and the world has become totally false and plastic- like a bowl of wax fruit. Good to look at but utterly tasteless.

Charles Nelson Reilly's picture

So what you're saying is that a technocrat like MDB is full of shit?  very interesting.

AssFire's picture

I am saying all the "products" these banking econo types offer are all fucking ponzies in one way or another- none of it is self sustaining or creates wealth on their own.  Fuckin obvious.

TLT's picture

Yes, Economics is the study of "nothing". Their equations have nothing to do with the real world. It is a product of imagination and dreams.

I can't understand people still studing Marx, Keynes, and others, at the 21st century, if not for history purposes.

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Because they don't offer couses on Phrenology anymore?

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That's why the teachers are teachers. They can't cut it in the real world.
There is no connection in their mind between the incrementing digits in their bank account, and the sweat, skills, and raw materials involved in adding real value to something tangible.

bluskyes's picture

That's why the teachers are teachers. They can't cut it in the real world.
There is no connection in their mind between the incrementing digits in their bank account, and the sweat, skills, and raw materials involved in adding real value to something tangible.

Professorlocknload's picture

And in the case of phenomena like Bennybucks, some folks are educated way beyond their intelligence.

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yeah, like saying that the VIX is low so it indicates that the market is safe and we should only "buy"

As WB7 quoting Benny B:

"Buy Stocks, Save ya self"

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"Faith In Endless Central Banker Put Is Serious Error"...


and only Communists, Fascists, Socialists, et. al believe in and follow such demonic actions that central bankers deceive with. If you're not a part of the solution, you are part of the problem. You know who you are...

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There is no need for the banks given the current state of technology.  The new fee free prepaid direct deposit cards are a step in the right direction, but the banks have so far successfully blocked the spread of similar products.


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Does your doctor take trilion dollar coins?

Or would you rather spend yours on a gallon of gas?



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Brevan Howard: "Faith In Endless Central Banker Put Is Serious Error"

...And the sky isn't blue, the moon is made of green cheese - And the Dow is at 14600....WTF?


Brevan, you're a MORON till proven otherwise!!! This can go on FOREVER and EVER because it already has!!


oldschool's picture

If "FOREVER and EVER" has already happened, doesn't that mean we're all dead?

Professorlocknload's picture

Yup, 90 miles an hour down this dead end street. Let's see if she'll do a hundred!

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What is this all about, we live in CandyLand, hasn't anyone told you?  All is free via the printing press.  Produce nothing, consumers of the world with unfunded liabilities so high no one can ever imagaine paying them so on good or bad news, CandyLand looks good to most Americans as the collapse is looming!

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Fund manager's/traders serve no purpose in society, they are a nuisance, remove all that Misallocation Of Capital and this country will thrive again.

haskelslocal's picture

Can someone briefly explain What the "Banker Put" is in this context?

Also, when you here about tail risk, what's the simplist way to describe it?


adr's picture

Is that a real question?

The "banker put" is Bernanke backing all losses. Like you have an Amex Black card to gamble with in Vegas. You get to keep all your winnings, and all the losses go on the card for someone else to pay.

In other words, if you're a big enough player you can't lose.

Tail risk is:

You blew out a tire, but you still have 100 miles to get to your daughter's surprise birthday party. The party starts a little over an hour from now. You can pull over and put on the spare, missing the start of the party, or you can risk it by driving 100 miles on the bare rim to make your daughter happy when she walks through the door. WHAT DO YOU CHOOSE?