Caption Contest: "Hope... Solid Value... Timeless"

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From the cover pages of The Bank of Cyprus 2011 Annual Report...

or is this the view pre-belly flop?

And then there is this... All the gleaming shining awards for The Bank Of Cyprus...


(h/t Alex Gloy @Gloeschi)

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it's as real as this silver eagle...ècesMonde&rt=nc&_trksid=p4340.l2562

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You can HOPE we have SOLID VALUE, but you'd be a TIMELESS idiot!

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Look Out Beloooooooooooooooow!!

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...because the EU took our watch.

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"Hope... Solid Value... Timeless"

all under water

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Hope.?  Solid Value.$  Timeless.*












?, $, *: What's a' mattah?  You no like joke?

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Hope soiled, value less over time...

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In Cyprus, no bankster can hear you scream.

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the picture should have a white shark

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"Are you ready to take a bath?"

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The Bank of Cyprus: Come for the Panic, Stay for the Piracy!

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We HOPE our bets on Greek debt have SOLID VALUE or we will have a TIMELESS stay in Siberian work camp.

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And some of those distigueshed bankers might be enjoying this timeless view -one last time- as they are flung off the cliff by two gentlemen from Russia.


Nothing personal, it's just business.

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Probably by now they are counting Cyprus' gold in London to take it over.

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Solid hope

Timeless value.... not so much.  Try gold.

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Everything past that rock..... that's our bad debt.

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It looks like a memorial marker for their soon-to-be deceased board of directors, doesn't it?

Below those words it further reads:

"It is on this rustic and desolate stretch of coastline where the dismembered remains of our board of directors and an unknown number of our politicians were disposed of by the Russian Mafia.  They will be missed.  (The Russian Mafia, we mean, not the other guys.)"


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Instead of forcing innocent depositors to pay, why don't they force the bankers to disgorge all those profits?

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We once had hope the Greek bonds that Goldman sold our bank would be of solid value,.... but it seems instead we bought a solid turd, and now our bank closing is ....timeless.

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Sounds like a line from the obama campaign


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The HMS Bounty (II) was here.

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Can I trade my Greek Bonds for Cyprus Bonds?

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Three things you believe, that we can't offer you.

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Anagram:  Used Sharpova Panties 

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Hope your account still has value for a timeless deposit

Your assignment is to write a mission statement with the words on the cover

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Appropriate that it's a cliff it too much to ask to add a couple hundred bankers/finance ministers leaping off it?

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More like


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Translated from Russian retroactively

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on the topic of Cyprus, anybody catch Bernanke's response to the question posed at 3:18pm as to whether Cyprus style bail-ins are possible if US worsens?
Bernanke stated they're possible if the Cyprus event or another event in Europe were to become contagious and the people lose confidence in the US dollar”!!

caimen garou's picture

I watched it Doc, his voice sounded like a kid telling a lie!

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“…if the people lose confidence in the US dollar”!! And who might have caused that?

The Fed is now buying consumers, taking the money and giving it to non-producers who generally do not use it for growth. The Fed is giving the economy the seed corn and the economy is eating it; it is not planting it. It is political architecture that gets the money; i.e., the $8 billion to Harry Reid for his high speed rail, and essentially the welfare classes on both ends of the spectrum ($78 billion in 2012 for food stamps; $85 billion a month that goes to “the Mayfair economy of the well-to-do people and boosts asset prices of Warhols …”).

As Marc Faber said in 2012: “The monetary policies of the U.S. will destroy the world.”

In short, the money is not reaching the middle class, the producers on Main and Elm.

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BTW, you've named the The Bank of Cyprus 2011 Annual Report:


Cyprus Style!

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The Bank of Cyprus has had a boating accident.

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Thank god for those rocks at the bottom of the photo, I was beginning to think my Cyprus cess pool was growing over with algae.

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"the public sucks,, fuck hope"

George Carlin

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Love it fonz!

Reminds me of Bunny in Platoon:

"Let's do em man, let's do the whole fuckin village."