Larry Fink On Cyprus: "I Don't Really Care"

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Blackrocks's Larry Fink "doesn't really care" about Cyprus, "it's really not something of concern," he tells Bloomberg TV. While gesturing that he can't really discuss specifics as Blackrock is an adviser to Cyprus, he then goes to explain how European and US markets have it all wrong and that "It has some symbolism impact on Europe, but it’s not a really major economic issue." This dip is "just clients taking some chips off the table and reaping some gains from the huge rally," he goes on, dismissing the interviewer's question as nonsense, "this is temporary," and adding that he "is hyperbullish on the US economy," and that "global markets will be up 20% this year." However, what is most fun to watch is his arrogant dismissal of the interviewers question over US depositor fears, there are two reasons that is foolish, he notes "a) we have insurance, so that will not happen; [ZH: umm, so did Cyprus]; and b) we have always prioritized the liabilities [ZH: umm, except for GM]." So all good then, storm in a teacup. Carry On - though he has some stern words for the French and for the Russians.


Perhaps our favorite line:

"Many of the depositors in Cyprus are not EU members - maybe a little east and north of Cyprus - and therefore bearing the cost on depositors is an indication that "we're fine with bailing out EU members and EU depositors, but this is quite a bit different"



BBG: What did you make of the Cyprus situation?

"I really don't care."


"Cyprus is a $10bn problem. It is really not something of concern"


“It has some symbolism impact on Europe, but it’s not a really major economic issue,”


"It does remind us of the frailties of Europe; it does remind us that the European fix will be multiple years, but the essence of Cyprus is more symbolic...


Blackrock is representing the Cyprus government so I am not permitted to talk too much about the specifics


Many of the depositors in Cyprus are not EU members - maybe a little east and north of Cyprus - and therefore bearing the cost on depositors is an indication that "we're fine with bailing out EU members and EU depositors, but this is quite a bit different"

So you dont care about Cyprus but the market did...

This is just clients taking some chips off the table and reaping some gains from the huge rally.


This is temporary


Cyprus is just one of the elements that is being used as an excuse

Were u shocked at them trying to tax bank deposits?

Smugly (2:28) Fink initially ignores the question, smiles a wry smile, and doesn;t answer...

BBG: Well even people in America were questioning that...

A) we have insurance, so that will not happen; (SO DID CYPRUS)


B) we have always prioritized the liabilities (EXCEPT for GM)

Where are we in the European credit crisis? Are we close to the end?

We're in the third inning. This is a long process, the work done in Spain and Italy over the last year is very good (Spain now has a current account surplus). So there has been much improvement and yet there is a lot more to do...


you still have the instability of finances in France that we cannot underestimate how severe that could become


The OMT was designed to firewall Spain and maybe Italy but there's not enough money in Europe if France continues down the path of having huge deficits and huge imbalances of productivity


France is just not as competitive as Germany and that remains a big issue


We are going to have 6 more innings of evolving uncertainty

At 5:00, Are we in a correction?

FINK: We are definitely in a pause. Inflows have flattened and most of that money came in from cash - not a rotation from bonds. It was really people putting money to work and now some people are taking them money off


Depending the macro data, we could see a 5% correction or a prolonged 1-2 month pause


At 6:00, but by year end equity markets will be a lot higher with a potentiality for global markets to be up over 20% by year end.... markets are improving, economic conditions are improving, the changes in Japan is a net positive, China is not as weak as we feared, and the US is going from strength to strength to strength - and that is the dominant story in 2013


I am hyperbullish on the US economy

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Translation: These aren't the droids you are looking for.

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I'll leave a bad taste in that chick's mouth.

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Imagine all the people……….

  Or a lot of people participating in a new movement, a Movement In Liberty In Truth In America or MILTIA ©  for short, who’s motto is “this will not be a peaceful demonstration” and who’s prime directive is to detain individuals under citizens arrest that have Corzined the people and not stood trial. A group that welcomes planted agitators to its functions, and after identifying them arrests them and publishes their  identities  for who they are, example plain clothes  cop, secret service, military………..  And with anonymous donations, uses the funds to set up pirate cable, television, radio stations and internet sites. Also urges its participants to talk to relatives, friends, and neighbors on a one to one or in a group to spread the word and be prepared. And show loving respect for constructional oath keepers.

You can say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one…………

If you have any ideas please help

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Spoken like a true joo....they dont care for anyone except themselves. But what goes around comes around. His time hasnt come yet..

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I was part of the merger of MLIM (Merrill Lynch Investment Managers) and Blackrock back in 2007. I kid you not - when we went to Manhattan for merger meetings all they gave us for lunch was a bottle of water and a bowl of Blackrock mints. 

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Well, you sure don't sound very grateful.

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"They tried it.  It didn't work.  So, let's move on."

~ Larry "The Stink" Fink (on the EU initiative to tax Cyprus bank accounts)

Oh, how our overlords love us to just move on and not concern ourselves with their games.  Keep maxing out your 401Ks and Credit Cards.  All will be well.


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The bankster jew is what will tear this country down.

The shame of it is, they'll throw all of the other enabler jews who defend them under the bus, when this thing blows.

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It amazes me sometimes how often people live up to their name....Fink, Madoff, Dick, B.S. Bernanke, etc.

Divided States of America's picture

Fink (JEW- still free and raping everyone else legally but he dont really care),

Madoff (JEW in jail, thats what you get for fucking the tribe),

Dick (if you mean Fuld, JEW but used as scapegoat by the other JEWS, someones gotta take the hit),

B.S. (If you referring to Ben Stein - the JEW who thinks hes real funny, I just find him funny looking)

Bernanke (Biggest MoFo JEW of all time, well maybe tied with Greenspan and Larry Summers)

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... Shilling, Fastow, Barak Hussein Obama (BO), Gutfriend, Tiger Woods...

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I love how he speaks to "who will bare the responsibility" as if it is unknown to whom responsibility is owed.  Let's go after depositors who had abso-fucking-lutely NOTHING to do with the debts incured so as to free the burden from the derivatives, EU bonds, and interest being layed upon the money already borrowed.  Sounds like the EU has imported Amerikan decomcracy at its finest.

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Larry Fink isn't that bright.


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Fair enough, ZH. But counter-point; Larry Fink of Blackrock can & has shown remorse when clients have lost hundreds of millions (and dozens of billions) of dollars, including during (frequent past top ticking moments) when Larry Fink has been "hyper-super-so so so sooo-bullish" before, despite things not panning out so well (the joys of OPM; you just can't lose, no matter how epicly bad your calls nor idiotic your "advice").

Just one (of many) example:

Stuyvesant Town Hurt Larry Fink On Very Deep Level


Sad Larry Fink. Very melancholy; defensive due to horrendous abomination of "investment advice, but very, very Sad Fink:

At the mention of these blunders, Fink, who has been sprawled in his chair, suddenly stiffens. His voice takes on a harsh tone that is leavened only by his visible anxiety. “When you manage money, you are going to make mistakes. You are not going to be 100 percent perfect. Our job is to minimize those problems, to cauterize them,” Fink says, his voice rising. “We’re not perfect, and I’ve never said to anyone that we are going to be perfect. Our investors had all the information we did and they did their own due diligence.” He exhales deeply. “Our real-estate division is struggling because of bad performance, and we’re making changes. I don’t care if the whole industry blew up, our job is to do better than the industry, and we didn’t in real estate,” he says. “I am not making excuses. I lose sleep over these problems.” The Stuyvesant Town loss was “an embarrassment,” he says. Then his voice drops to a whisper. “I mean, my mother gets her pension from Calpers.”

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And the oscar goes to...

Larry is close to the free money spicket and manages the money for several very large institutional investors, he really doesn't give a shit.

TruthInSunshine's picture

Just because he's been far more frequently wrong than correct, and runs a too-big-to-fail with express U.S. taxpayer bailout guarantee status, and has nearly perfectly top-ticked many 'a markets with his raging bull El Bullience (see what I did there? Raging Bull?...El Buli?....ehhh..ahh ha...) doesn't mean he's not The Best Around.


Larry Fink Is a Real Human Being With Feelings and Emotions [NYM]

Yes, he runs a global multi-trillion-dollar firm with 8,500 employees and a market capitalization of around $40 billion. Yes, he is on the speed dial of everyone important in Washington and on Wall Street, has a regular table at San Pietro, raked in over $40 million last year, and is one of, if not the, most powerful people in finance today. But inside, Blackrock's Larry Fink is still the guy who was fired from his job at First Boston 22 years ago in what one of his peers recalls as a "public and really awful" way, and should you mention that, or any of Fink's other failures, it all comes rushing back and suddenly he's Fired Larry all over again, not to mention all of the other failure incarnations of himself: Fat Larry and Loser Larry and Smelly Ethnic Food for Lunch Larry. Vanity Fair's Susanna Andrews found this out recently, when she brought up Blackrock's recent, doomed acquisition of Stuyvesant Town, which lost huge amounts of money for Blackrock and several of its major clients, including the California Pension and Retirement System.

TruthInSunshine's picture

Larry Fink, I'm sorry if I offended you. I never called you "fat Larry," by the way. Not my style.

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i'd sooner leave a bad taste his mouth by shoveling the shit back into it.

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The only thing this phsycopath cares about is his bonus!

Banksters's picture

I  guarantee the guy is a sociopath.   

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You don't carry the name "Fink" and not become one...

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doesnt add up....

i'd think that the cyprus situation would be "huge" news to a "hyper" bullish would be a trigger for massive inflow of global wealth seeking safe haven in the would take someone from bullish to "hyperbullish" certainly isnt the disposable income story.....taxes going up, inflation going up, fewer taxpayers year over year, all time high food stamps and disability, health care costs skyrocketing, 3.8% obamacare tax on housing transactions, massive and snowballing pension liabilities....and massive new spending that WILL be paid for's not a "hyper bullish" story at all.  but if anything, cyprus could be seen as bullish for the USA (provided our boys dont get any ideas)

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...and for the bernank to cryptically say today that: "Cyprus does not matter, but QE will continue because of Cyprus"

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I've given up on watching news, these people can say whatever they want and never get  called out on a fucking thing. HL Menken is rolling over in his grave.

Thank you ZH for shining a light on all the BS.

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It isn't "News" anymore.  It's TMZ with a weatherman.

Go ahead.  Watch the morning "News".  They lead with some celebrity gossip, follow it with the latest uTube viral video, mix in the pillowfluffing weatherman, and close with a Presidential blowjob. 

hence, the majority of America has turned away from it, and look for their "real" news from internet sources.  Inconcievably, though, they've gone even more TMZ-ish in their attempts to lift the ratings.  It's a spectacular fireworks show, watching these douchebags (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC) go down in flames.  Suck it Katie Couric, George Stefanopulis and any View Host.  You're nothing more than tabloid TV with an overinflated opinion of yourselves.  Ha ha. Losers.

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Actually, his response seems rehearsed and his follow up seems nervous. Maybe the infobabe should have asked why he shit his pants?

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Translation: "I got mine; Fuck You."

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Or another way of saying "That is why I'm richer than you..."

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I'd say it must be Juncker-serious.

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Larry Fink "doesn't really care" about Cyprus, "it's really not something of concern," he tells Bloomberg TV. While gesturing that he can't really discuss specifics as Blackrock is an adviser to Cyprus

Orwellian overload....

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'What's really important' that STAWKS are up! Keep making those deposits, consumer lemmings!

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"The important thing is...stawks are off of their overnight lows.  Stawks are near all time highs.  Stawks are cheap.  Stawks are trending.  Stawks are emerging into a new bull market.  And everyone knows that it is in everyone's interest [stawks] to find a bailout solution for Cyprus."  B. Pisani

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The key phrase he forgot to use.......What difference does it make!!

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What an asshole this guy is.

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but that's why he's richer than you. smirk smirk

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This fucker is a major leaguer

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did you mean to have a question mark after that comment?

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His name, at least, fits him.   Tho Larry Prick or Larry Shithead would apply equally well. 

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Worlds largest money manager doesn't care....pfft.

If every country in the world is buried in debt where did all the money go Mr. Mcsnarkypants?

Right in your greasy pocket you crony fuck-head.

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Larry Fuckstick or Lawrence Painfulrectalitch

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why do you feel the need to insult assholes? ...

an asshole is an orifice were vile stinking ,useless shit comes out of.....oh, never mind i see ur point now...

chunga's picture

No offense intended for normal, regular assholes.

eclectic syncretist's picture

It's like saying that our paper dollars will never deteriorate in value against paper currency from other countries because ours have the all seeing Souronesque eye over a lucky pyramid on the back, and theirs don't. 

Larry Fink is hereby nominated as Larry Flynts jackass of the month.

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Fuck you, fink.

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hyperbullish on the US economy


Molly geez......that's just one step short of double dog bullish.

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What did you expect him to say? Blackrock is the sponsor of SLV. You know what it means.