Meanwhile In Global Logistics...

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FedEx started the day down around 4% (on the disaster that we noted earlier) and has not looked back. Now at the lows of the day, down 7% (and 8.5% from its highs yesterday) this is the biggest drop and biggest volume (with 30 minutes left in the day) in 18 months.


So much for global trade volumes...

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Sorry to stay stuck on Cyprus . . . please forgive me.



Choosing between the EU and Russia, expecting one to be clean, is like choosing between the Bloods and the Crips . . .


It's only a matter of what colors you want to wear.


So if Russia floats your banks, and the EU doesn't, then screw the EU.


Forcing those people to keep their banks shut down when Bro. Ben is doling out $85-billion a month shows just how insane the Banking Cartel has become. In one week of flushing money into the world banking system, the FED could float the entire package and never miss it. It's chump change that these fools at the Trioka are risking their entire power upon.


The damage the EU is doing is uncomprehensible to 99.9% of the Western world. The hate they are creating will never go away - you are talking about cultures that are still fighting wars fought thousands of years ago. This will seal forever the loathing the Cypriots will hold against anything having to do with Western Europe.


It also shows the complete disconnect between the Banking Cartel and the political/military class. This is a disaster for both of those cultures. Allowing Russia a naval base in the warm Med waters, is insane for their interests. Yet nobody in either of those two classes has the power to pull the plug on the cartel's insanity.


Watch how long it takes the islanders to toss every relic of NATO into the sea, and line up at the port with flowers and Russian flags waving to welcome their "liberators."


Before you question that, answer this in your own life: Would you still suport the EU after they shut you down economically, made commerce impossible, deprived you of food, medicine, housing, a paycheck, and every other aspect of your life that banking allows to occur in a modern society?


Unless you are spineless beyond comprehension, you would forever want revenge agaisnt the EU and its Banking Cartel.


As I said, it's the Bloods or the Crips . . . you'll side with whichever group feeds you.


And do all you can to kill those who took your life away from you. 


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The more I think about what's being done to the people of Cyprus, the more it depresses the hell out of me.

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When real goods and services stop crossing boarders, troops will.  Same as it ever was.

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In Europe they have that border agreement. No need for stopping at the borders.

It all good. No worries.

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The world has many "agreements", unfortunately when fraud becomes the status quo, "agreements" mean very little and possession rapidly becomes the law.  The world has been here before.

No worries (well, if you have physical in your possession that is).

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France's recent failure to uphold its tobacco import limits per person from neighbouring countries made me think of how little "agreements" mean.

It was no-news, but France was openly challenging the entire concept of open borders in the EU...

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That'll teach FedEx for harshing the market optimism.  No fucking tolerance for that.  Off with their heads!!!!

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currency wars
trade wars
real wars

BTW: would have loved to see those Cyprus bets on

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I dont know but Waldo is in the upper left corner behind the stripper pole with Soliel Moonbeam performing.

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All the more reasons to load "all in" to transports.

When fundimentals do not matter the only button you press is "BUY"

LawsofPhysics's picture

Many acts in this circus.  That's what makes things entertaining.

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Mean while. grandma is back at the ranch beating off the indians


everytime.....kills me

hannah's picture

...good god...the visual of grandma giving the indians a handy is just tooooo much. NEVER saw that in a john wayne movie....

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I would like to make clear some points. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong on any of these.

1. The money in those Cypriot bank accounts has already been taxed once.

2. The idea that banks/government entities would make whole any bondholders, who knew there was risk going in, while penalizing bystanders by socializing the risk runs counter to the rule of law we have known for over 250 years, recent events like TARP notwithstanding.

3. While I understand that Germans don't want to work until they are 80 in order to pay taxes to fund the pensions of southern Euro public union workers who retire at 50, they should be targeting the union workers and spendthrift government, not the general population.

4. As far as I can tell, the Cypriot public sector union members are currently to retain 100% of their benefits, which means that any bailout is just buying more time before the same situation repeats, with a larger debt burden in the next round.

Until someone actually presents a real austerity plan, in which tax rates are nearly irrelevant, but actual cuts (not cuts in growth) are made to spending, government pensions, and welfare payments, Cyprus and every other country on this debt spiral will continue downwards, and the only question is when every Western nation with a too-generous safety net collapses.

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You can NOT go after the unions.  They hide behind the union label.

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"cuts in spending (not cuts in growth)" - well now, that's the real trick isn't?  Before you try to address that you might want to carefully define things like, value, compensation, wealth, and growth.  You might be suprised to discover that they mean very different things to different people, such as a farmer or a banker for example.

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I liken it to complex numbers. To the farmer, the Real component has a large value, and to the banker the Imaginary component has a large value. But only the banker is allowed to use Imaginary components.

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I can't claim to know all about the current Cyprus issue.  But it seems to me that you are mixing cyprus bank bailouts with public debts.  As I understood it, the cash grab was to make the banks solvent... sort of like our TARP program.  what's the connection?  Do the banks hold bad government debt?  To me, the EU is one big clusterfuck.  Their banks are bankrupt.  Their people are bankrupt.  Their governments are bankrupt.  Why not just default?  Go Icelandic?

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Iceland was a lone domino, the E.U. is not.

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The Cyprus banks held a boatload of Greek bond debt, that's why they're insolvent and that's why the EU wanted them to 'bail-in' their own bail-out. That, and the EU thought they could steal the vast majority of the money needed for the 'bail-in bail-out' from the Russian mafia.

LawsofPhysics's picture

nothing scarier than a bunch of criminals getting organized.  Oh wait...

Pure Evil's picture

Sadly, the Russian mafia doesn't have the military hardware to take on NATO,.......yet.

Though, I can only imagine the price of illegal drugs will be going up in Europe to make up the losses, along with the costs of other criminal activities.

hannah's picture

the russian mob doesnt have the power to take on NATO but SPECTRE sure as hell does....

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Hey... but... but... I just placed 11 orders on

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They should ship the Euros to Cyprus using Fed Ex!


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I added exports and imports in US and did a percent change from year ago.. hoovering around 0% for last 4 months now.. and trend is definitely down per prior rates of change.

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CAT is also suffering

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Right now two guests are correctly pointing out the wealth effect and how the fed is causing a gigantic difference between the market and the economy and Santelli is claiming time has helped heal the economy.

Santelli is a fraud, and the worst kind of fraud. I will prob get junked for it, but it's the truth.

Ineverslice's picture


He's been used as a ratings whore for the past 3 years, and he probably knows it.


astoriajoe's picture

He has upgraded his wardrobe markedly in that time.

Element's picture

@ fonzi -

Yes, but a mass-audience hears him, and they do not hear zh, nor you, so he's on-message doing his bit, and the message is the one that needs to be heard. When that changes, then it's the time that he needs to be challenged.  But have you heard him get it wrong since the days of Lehman's, was he not the guy back then that really went off the deep-end about what Hank Paulson was trying to do, and what it meant for everyone if they did it? Wasn't he trying to apply the brakes when so few were?

If he's in a position to do something like that, and he is doing it, then we should take note, and let him get on with it.


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Most of the talking heads (Santelli included) don't live in the world the rest of us inhabit. Their circles of friends are doing just fine, especially if they have any sort of connection to Washington, D.C., or Wall Street. They could be frauds, or they could simply be unable to see outside their little bubble. It's hard to tell which is the case, but I don't much care for these people either way.

Meanwhile, out here in Bernankistan, we see unemployment, foreclosure, and people living paycheck to paycheck. When it all finally comes crashing down, that little bubble around people like Santelli won't do much to protect them from the angry masses.

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I disagree.  I know of two Venture capital guys withh private plantations on islands in fairly remote locations with their own live-in staff producing food year round.  They also have their own former Delta team members who accompany them whenever they visit.  Now you tell me, where's the threat?  Let's say all hell does break loose.  Go ahead, approach these properties, you will not even see the infared beam seconds before the round that drops you. Don't know if Santelli is so lucky, but there's wealth, then there's wealth and power.

hannah's picture

who would be stupid enough to 'approach' theircompounds. just take out the supply route and they will come to you eventually......the super rich will NOT be able to hide forever.

LawsofPhysics's picture

These plantations do not require any supplies moron.  They are quite self-sufficient.  Until you get a glimpse of what actually goes on in these circles, I would caution you on any predictions as to precisely what these folks are capable of doing.

hannah's picture

you stupid fuck. they cant produce everything needed to live forever. that is just stupid. what game are you playing because no one is this stupid....

Element's picture

Santelli was one of the loudest voices, internationally, not just in the USA, in late 2008 on the trading-floor who said all of what you just said would occur if Hank Paulson got his way, and the TBTF moral-hazard was allowed to stand.

And he was spot-on.

Rustysilver's picture

How can he be junked for it if those are the facts.

Awakened Sheeple's picture

I think he was specifically talking about deleveraging over time and the conversation drifted into a general statement about the economy.

"Do not argue with idiots, they drag you down to your level and beat you with experience." ~ Mark Twain

I'll listen to Santelli over any of the stock pumpers on blowhorn.

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FDX and CAT two of the best tells on the global economy.....And our markets are up. I want no part of it.

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Shirley FedEx is just losing business to the US postal service, thereby proving that government does everything better.

moonman's picture

Stop calling me Shirley

SmallerGovNow2's picture

Actually the "if it fits it ships" is taking a lot of business from both FedEx and UPS as it is a great deal cheaper.

CH1's picture

Shirley FedEx is just...

FYI - and this is not a snipe - it is spelled "surely", as in 'I am sure.'

DutchR's picture

Everytime I want to buy something, via ebay, from the US (and it does not matter how small it is) the shipping cost are a multiple of the ordred product.

The offfer is good but the schipping not so good...


*typing withoud glasses is a  B + dyslectic

adr's picture

You mean like ordering a $.50 cable that has $4.75 five day ground shipping.

But somehow ordering a 50" TV from Amazon bought for $1000 under MSRP is free to ship.

DutchR's picture

Huh what?


The Chinese mostly chip for free (i know its all in the price)

But if i buy a small peace of plastic, motorcycle cruize control, that cost me like $7,  the shiping is $16.95


I mailed around and someone (go figure) send it with $2.70  shipping


If US like to trade, fine, but it seems U dont like to , or there are to many in betweens (parasites).