Meanwhile In Global Logistics...

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FedEx started the day down around 4% (on the disaster that we noted earlier) and has not looked back. Now at the lows of the day, down 7% (and 8.5% from its highs yesterday) this is the biggest drop and biggest volume (with 30 minutes left in the day) in 18 months.


So much for global trade volumes...

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Fedex dropping 4% in the morning, Trannies hold on to -0.4% loss only.  Fedex loss accelerates to 7-8%, Trannies hold on to -0.4% loss. 


Way to go, manipulators, way to go.

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It looks like Liesman is prepping us for a month this year when they slightly reduce bond purchases. 

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there's gotta be a "trannies" joke in all this but damned if I can think of one at the moment

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Trannie was sittin' in the bar with a duck....

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the bartender says 'what'll ya have' and the duck says i'll have an 'asshurts'. the bartender says whats that../ the duck says its a drink that ben bernanke gives him and it puts him to sleep and when he wakes up his ass hurts.

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Perhaps investors today, who wouldn't know the first thing about any actual business, think that investing in the trannies is putting money into the production of Brazilian gay porn.

In fact it even allows them to play the emerging market sector.

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Part of it could be that just like myself other small business owners quit using them when he,(Chief Asshat) said higher taxes wouldn't hurt small business owners. FUCK HIM. I now have to use union organizations but still; FUCK HIM and his company. BTW his drivers are ALL small business owners who work for themselves so he fucked them too!

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The S&P will break all time highs the week they tried to confiscate bank assets. It's just surreal.

dontgoforit's picture

That's the part that is inexplicable.  WTF?

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I have explained it several times.

Primary dealers have bought all S&P with QE money and are selling the same batch of stocks to each other over and over.

Theoretically DOW can go 20k, 30k. It's been happening since DOW at 11k or so.

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Who cares about "real economy"? Quarter end ahead, be simple as I am. EU is excercising in Cyprus, who the hell in the US knows where it is, whether banks can be kept close for more than......7 working days.....without any AR15 used or a 9mm rond shot.

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FedEx is unimportant in today's economy, they only transport the goods that industry manufactures. They don't provide valuable services such as barista-ing, retailing to teens, or mani/pedi services. These are the foundation jobs of the new economy. These are the jobs that are going to support the $3000+ per month rents that Blackrock will be getting from all the mcmansions they are buying up.

Seriously now, I'm auditioning for a spot on CNBS. How'd I do?

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I just demanded a raise from Starbux to support my social media/gadget addiction.... they told me to fuck myself... so i quit, off to Dunkin Donutz with my demands

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village smithy - fedex also delivers my welfare check and food stamps and obamaphone so they do cater to the new economy...

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The only shipping I'm using (but not paying for) is to return a crappy american made product by a company called AVID.

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Noone wants to buy/ship overpriced cheaply made foreign goods?  Mkt just tanked AH>>

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restaurants, homies, airlines and social media (ex facebook) are leading the rally, very healthy!

DutchR's picture

Still no answer on the shipping costs,

Why is the shipping from the us is so high commepred to other (ebay) countrys?


man i'm losing it

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The BDI remains near bottom - 5 YR chart. You will have to display only the most recent weeks on the chart to see a 'recovery' sorts of.

Fedex's volume is going down too. I wonder how is UPS doing? USPS?

Heavy Truck volumes are heading down (NSA) long term unless you apply the 'magic' of SA (see FRED). Even with SA 'magic' it is still depressed.

The only flat transportation data was from US railways. I wonder how they collect this data? It must be a 'transparent' statistical sample. All of it collected from Warren Buffet I suppose... 

The M2 velocity is at the lows never seen before. So much for the business activity.

So where this miraculous recovery is? Where they see it? Must be from Nancy Pelosi/Warren Buffet/Obama Department of Truth.

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The WRONG FED is down!

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$99 a share w/ a 0.57% dividend yield on a blue chip stock.  I say buy.  That's about a thousand times better than a 7-yr CD at the bank, and the Fed can't confiscate it for a bank bailout.

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Apologies for asking what is probably an silly question on these boards but I can't think of a way to research this other than to just straight up ask the people here:

What does FedEx as an indicator have to do with the economy as a whole? Is shipping intrinsically tied to economic slowdown/startup?

If anyone wants to just send along a link, I'm content to go research this myself. Any help is appreciated!

Thanks, all!

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"Is shipping intrinsically tied to economic slowdown/startup?"  - short answer:  Yes,  yes it is


Businesses and manufacturer are much better indicator of economic activity than statistics made up whole cloth by the government.  Both manufactoring and retail rely heavily on transportation companies for supply chain shipments.  If Jim's widgets experiences good sales - he will order more inventory.  Simplistic - but true.


Shipping is a great leading indicator of economic activity, hence the fact that many people rely on FDX, UPS, the Baltic Dry Index, AAR Railtime indicators


hannah's picture

van - back in the old days (horse and cart days), the economy drove the stock market...LOL. i know it sounds fucking stupid compared to today when the fed prints electrons and that drives the market.

way way back when joe biden owned obama's pappy.


Van Halen's picture

Many thanks for the explanations and links!

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Is New Zealand Really Considering a Cyprus-Style Levy on Depositors?

Show goes on.

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"and the Fed can't confiscate it for a bank bailout."


Haha on you.  What do you call currency debasement and market manipulation, sucka ?  Look around...if you can't identify the mark, then it must be...

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If April doesn't see a significant correction, you may officially end up seeing my surprise face.

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Tyler, this is a good follow-up to an article you did some months ago, showing the shipping volumes through the Suez canal.

I always say, if you want to see what's Really going on in an economy, just check the stats for the Supply Chain and Logistics: Canaries in a coalmine.