No, The Fed Is Obviously Not Responsible For Stock Levitation

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Oh wait... Nevermind

Source: Doubleline Capital

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I thought this rally was real?!?!?



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hahaha, i spot a half life pattern. Would not be suprised is QE is extended to 120 billion a month soon

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 Gold Price is Dead Flat since 2011, don't trust graphs from gold website.

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The entire financial systemis probably levered to the gills......maybe 50 to 1 now...thus we dont see any 2% or more down days in the stock markets anymore because if that happened...all hells gonna break lose.

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Drives me crazy that this prick stands up there and says there's no inflation as he deliberately inflates an asset bubble.

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His lies are inflating even faster than prices.

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Remember, for politicians, there are no penalties for lying. The math is the only real truth. The math always catches up with these cocksuckers.

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Reality sucks as a guide to investing.

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Gold Price is Dead Flat since 2011, don't trust graphs from gold website.

So, one could argue, was silver between March of 2008 and August of 2010.

Good luck finding any $18/oz. silver today.


PS: Remind us all again how stocks are not only flat but actually DOWN, in REAL terms, over the last 13 years, while gold has risen multiple times over the same period, again in REAL terms.

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Correct. Now look at the chart. Dow has rallied.. duh!

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++++++++++++++ 1776

And if you booked those gains, paid taxes, and bought gold?

You would have a lot less gold than the person who just bought gold.

Of course the .gov doesn't make anything on your s&p that you didnt buy.

I'm just tired of buying boats only to watch them sink all the way to the bottom of the lake every time I return from the coin shop.......

Maybe I should just buy s&p..... Stubborn and penniless?

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Look for my new, critically acclaimed non-fiction novel, Dow 360,000, at a Border's...I mean Barnes & will be available on Amazon, soon.

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Why is it everytime LongBalls posts I have this uncontrollable itch ...? 

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Stop talking and buy the S&P.

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Between these half-lives and inflation, yeah $120 Billion should do the trick.

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Loading up on Facebook shares.  Great value!  Or maybe it was silver I was buying...can't quite remember

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Both are highly manipulated by the GOVT, so who cares which you bought? 

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Bubbles bernanke will get that inflation damn it.

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Because we all know the monetary base is marked to market and not fraudulent accounting these days.

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so 10% in the dow is approximately equal to $200 billion of q/e...good to know...well until it isnt anyway

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Hey you, standing in the aisles with itching feet and fading smiles....can you BTFD?

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The primary cause of the stock rally has long been known to bulls and bears alike.  Bernanke has always maintained that his policies are to aid asset prices.  So why does ZH keep denying the rally?  Why not get on board?  Even those of us who hate the ZIRP and bailout policies of the FED and Treasury should at least try to profit from the current situation.

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"So why does ZH keep denying the rally?  Why not get on board?  Even those of us who hate the ZIRP and bailout policies of the FED and Treasury should at least try to profit from the current situation."

Personally, I give a shit about more than money.  Like, sleeping well at night, knowing I'm not participating in satanism.  

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So why do the wary passengers of the Titanic keep denying the opulence and luxury of the ship?  Why not get on board?  Even those of us who can see the recklessness of the captain, and the iceberg looming ahead, and the lack of sufficient lifeboats, should at least try to have fun during the voyage.

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Waiting for ascending triangle to break down.  It's a coming, but man they are good magicians.

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Well, they also can afford the very best props, which helps a lot.

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Doyle Lonnegan: "Your boss is quite a card player, Mr. Kelly; how does he do it?"

"He cheats"

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No sense being a thief if it's the same as being a citizen.

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These are the colors I learned in kindergarten.

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I've been looking for a new desk top background.  I think I found it!

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It's not even a mystery.  Blownanke himself has repeatedly said that QE "pushes" (his word) capital into stocks.

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But the coxxukker would never concede that it does the same into gold.  Neither would the paper PM markets, for that matter.

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More like it's "pushed" into the wallets of his jew bankster friends.

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Buzz Bernanke - "To infinity and beyond."...

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Ben is Easerhead. Ben, how about you get on reducing the halflife of Plutonium next...There is a Nobel Price in it for you, i know you want one.

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You mean to tell me the stock market is all phony?  But Buffett is telling me to buy.

Tyler, how dare you.

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Because the cause of a phenomenon is well know, it doesn't mean that the phenomenon is phony.  If you would have taken Buffet's advice, you would have made some dough over the last 4 years.

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Buffet can do this because has no reason to fear a downside.  If the market turns, he will again benefit from taxpayer bailouts as he did in 2008. 

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I just saw the same black cat 5 times.


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Its only time to panic when you see the same black swan 5 times.

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No, the same black swan repeatedly means they have changed the rulez in the Matrix. Again.

Everyone knows that's BULLISH (until it's not.)

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Those are swans!

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Ben: "What's your analysis of our ongoing liquidity program, everyone?"

Dallas Dick: "Looks like we're getting less and less bang for the Bennybuck---oh. sorry Ben."

Narayana: "I think it's clear we need to expand the program drastically--"

Janet: "--and EXTEND IT THROUGH 2017!"

Jeffrey: "I vote NO."

Ben: "Well, since we're all agreed, It's FULL STEAM AHEAD!"