The Great 'Global' Un-Recovery

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For a while there, one might have been forgiven for believing that all was going to be well; that the recovery was V-shaped and the new-normal was nothing but the old-normal and Goldilocks would reappear. It appears, however, that the central bank lipstick slapped on the deflationary pig of the over-levered global economy is starting to wear off. As the following 4 charts show, things are not as 'recovering' as many hoped (and still hope).



Chart: Reuters

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Extract (MUST READ)

Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and several other investment banks also have ownership stakes in Markit Group. The investment banks received their stakes in exchange for providing trading data to Markit Group. It would be worth knowing whether these investment banks engaged in short selling ahead of Markit Group’s published indexes and price quotations.


The reality is way worse than what Markit says.

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Who are you people kidding? It's a great time to buy stocks! Just dump the gold, buy the dip, relax, and have a cigar!



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The FED is trying to force the Benner Cycle into fruition out of thin air.

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What you quoted is both inaccurate but still on target:  JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and Bank of America created and originally financed Markit Group, then supposedly or ostensibly, sold it off, while keeping connected to it.


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Thx for the update.

Much appreciated

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You're welcome.

Plus, the important thought to understand and keep in mind is how their relationship to Markit Group corresponds to the banksters creation of ELX Futures (treasuries exchange).

To understand that the bank/oil cartel (really the bankster cartel which owns the oil companies, etc.) owns all the clearinghouses and exchanges (Climate Exchange, PLC, registered on the Isle of Man, the holding company for all the other climate exchanges, the InterContinental Exchange, DTCC and various subs, etc.).

Once that is understood --- how fully it is a monopoly, or global monopoly, then the macro or big picture becomes much clearer.

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Tell me more.

Do you have some links?

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They're past the lipstick trick. Now they'll hitch up the skirt on that little porker and promise even more.

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Looks Bullish to me.

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When I pick my but,my finger smells!

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EZ will lead the way ! We're in for a whole lot of hurt comensurate with quantity of QE.

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Only option left now is outright theft of publics money. They don't care if they kill a few billion people, as long as the elite figure out a way to survive 'that's what really matters'.

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tyler said deflationary - nice

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Deflation is like the boogeyman...Ask Japan.

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He never likes to say Biflationary, but if you scrutinize those Markit reports you'll see that input costs are still rising within the deflationary spiral. A lovely brew we can thank central bankers and economists for

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That euro zone is looking strong!  I can only imagine how high it will go when they fix cyprus, italy, greece, spain, ireland, and france. 

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You forgot Portugal - which is probably the next spoke that flies off of the broken wheel that is the Euro.

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Debt-money is the root of all EVIL

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It is deflationary because of failed left wing, neo Keynesian policies. The response to the failure has been to print and destroy the USD which provides some inflationary stimulus...short term.

If the Fed destroys the USD then PMs must go to 2k, 3k, whatever. In the meanwhile....Cyprus is the 1st one...Iceland would have been the 1st one...but they told them to get fecked !

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Deflationary?  It would have been deflationary if the FED had stayed out of it.  But, them damn FED punks have been lighting up the inflationary fireworks for the last 3 years.  The only deflation we may have is when they stop buying and let the interest rates return to normal.  until then, go long green ink and ramen noodles.

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Earnings don't matter, until they do.

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LRC Consideration, Salt of the Earth

It’s a twisted pair, LC, separated by a virtual mirror, with series segments circled into virtual resistors, to create the multiplexer, giving you channels for production. Adjust torque to time.

Anytime you want to implode the majority, uncover the mirrors surrounding it, move along, and don’t look back. It cannot understand because it seeks only to control, finding only control, computing itself. When others say they want to understand you, what they are really saying is that they want to control you.

Why would you expect a normal distribution anywhere but in the vertical zone of the pendulum, unless you can pivot into another dimension? What is wind? Other than time, what is the difference between the chicken and the egg; an atom, a solar system, or a galaxy?

Given a battery, what is a man, a woman, a child? All things being equal, what is homosexuality? A species is a short, extended with relativity. When does space cease to be an insulator? What happens? (what is China?)

In war, the argument in favor of free money evaporates rather quickly, and the argument for free money can only lead to war. If you enter into an agreement with others capable of consideration, a contract is not necessary. If you enter into an agreement with others incapable of consideration, no contract with suffice. If you build out your battery within the empire, why wouldn’t you expect the majority to steal your capacity with the rule of law, based on a foundation of free money?

An empire has no exit other than free money, which tells you everything you need to know about the majority, to enter and exit at will. Always build your battery to blow up when a terminal is disconnected.


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A more salient question... what the hell are you talking about...

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Battery equals life.

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In the end, what common ground that will always be found, is the children.

It's all about the children.  Our little miracles.

Like a pack of elephants, the majority will huddle around the children, and fight with the lives to ensure their children get fed and a roof over their heads.  Take that away from the majority, and you will see a rage that escapes from deep within the recesses of the mind of living matter, preserving it's ability to survive and willing to die in order to do so. 

 Breaking the spirit of the entire global population through indebtedness/wage slavery will never happen.  They will have to kill us all and no one has the stomach for that, regardless of what they say; this is a flawed plan.. 

We know this is not about spendthrifts (nations) and miscalculations.  We know this maneuver is about unsaddling a soverign nation.  Transferring wealth.  Outsourcing jobs.  Predatory lending practices.  Manipulated numbers.  Inside trading.

New World Bank (order) think they will be looked at as our god and savior when they save us after bringing us to the brink of extinction.  and bought the media to spread their message stating so, But,

it's a fine day for the truth.  Just remember how this started.  Who started it.  Let it be clear that history tell the truth. 

Thank you ZH for giving us the ability to access the truth.

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The lid has been kept on this pressure cooker far too long. The question is not if it will blow, or even when (imminent I suspect) but how. The two primary candidates have been economic collapse and world war... with epidemic disease running a distant third. My money has always been on war, but now I am not so certain. In any event, we can celebrate the fact that we live in interesting times...