The Cyprus Cartoon Catalog

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(h/t Pater Tenebrarum of Acting Man blog)

Sometimes a picture paints a thousand words and with markets treading water ahead of any news out of Cyprus, Russia, or Brussels, we thought some brief levity (if not irony) was in order. Here are a number of excellent cartoons on the Cyprus situation from how we got here to where we are going...


How It All Started:

Greece drag

Cyprus: dragged down by the Greek ship

(Cartoon by etci)


Where it is going:

air cyprus-

A new exit ramp for Air Cyprus

(Cartoon by Aleksandr Zudin)


The Automated Barber Machine:

Kipper Williams on Cyprus

The new EU-style haircut points.

(Cartoon by Kipper Williams)


European Problem Solving:


Just push …

(Cartoon by KS)


Cyprus – Plan C:

Kipper Williams on Cyprus

An opportunity to implement Plan C suddenly opens up …

(Cartoon by Kipper Williams)


Laundry Problems:

washing machine

A broken washing machine is encountered …

(Cartoon by Patrick Chappatte)


Unarmed Robbery:

no need for guns

You can put those guns away lads

(Cartoon by mac)


Unexpected Cash Grab 1:


Reverse Bank Robbery

(Cartoon by Patrick Chappatte)

Unexpected Cash Grab 2:


You never know what lurks on the other side of the ATM …


And The Moscow (Times) Angle

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Zgangsta's picture

Silver is getting powerslammed, now that the Cyprus issue has been fixed once and for all.

TeamDepends's picture

Beat us to it.  Fear not though, as there are many hours left to rally a staggering comeback.

willwork4food's picture

I am directing my stockbroker to purchase a dozen EuroZone bonds to celebrate, first thing Monday.

TeamDepends's picture

Do they accept paper silver?  We can "mine" a few hundred million ounces of that in a hurry....

Big Slick's picture

"Reverse Bank Robbery"  Thank you for explaining that one.


French Frog's picture

From $29 to $28.55, not more than a 45 pips drop (less than 2%) & you call that a "powerslam"?

I'd love to know what word(s) you used in April/May '11 when it dropped a few $


PS: great selection of cartoons though

Strider52's picture

I belive that options expiry for the metals is on Monday the 25th, so the regularly-scheduled MonkeyHammer is in full swing. If it goes much lower, it will be time for a boat trip in my leaky canoe.

smlbizman's picture

the difference on these few down legs has been according to the netdania charts , no volume they are going down without volume....

Big Slick's picture

Altenative exit ramp is a good one!  When Russia anexes Cyprus, a key question will be how to arrange the added star on Russia's flag (similar to Hawaii and Alaska).  The new star will probably be to the lower left of the hammer and sickle...

Ghordius's picture

In the first cartoon I miss the lower part where you see the Holy Giant Vampire Squid dragging the Greek Ship of State under the water with huge leaden weights made of derivatives and off balance sheet scams hiding debt, and of course the ghost of Enron cackling in the dark abyssal water

dick cheneys ghost's picture

Are you suggesting that this is an epic battle/war btw the Euro and The Dollar? The Wall St/City of London vs Brussels?

Ghordius's picture

no, it would make a great cartoon, but it's too simple - indeed currency zones fight, and banking centers fight, yes - but a lot of it is not planned, or at least not coordinated

but let me be clear on one thing: europe, as ally of Uncle Sam, supported the mighty dollar for a looong time - we still have the FX reserves to prove that. this load shifted to China - and they have the FX reserves to prove that

meanwhile we all suffer from financial gangrene, or cancer, and the biggest clumps of the disease are indeed in NY and in London

I just remember how Emperor Bush II pushed hard to get as many eastern european countries into the EU and I remember how strongly we tried to push back. His goal was NATO enlargement, and our supranational setups were just tools to use, for him and his government

Uncle Sam offered carrots: "get in our NATO, we'll throw an EU membership for free, and if you qualify you may join the EUR" - only when he offered the "package" to Turkey some european leaders had the guts of saying: "Hey, we call our stuff european, they aren't in the same continent" and stick to it (even though the Turks would have been a positive addition, imho)

and yet Cyprus could make a cartoon as a British Trojan Horse in the eurozone and not be that far from reality - beginning with the British-Cypriot Finance Minister that allegedly stormed out of the meeting and could not be called back until the "under-100k" would share the load of the "over-100k" accounts - and still had the brazen face to propose this indecency to the Cypriot lawgivers

I honestly don't know if the Squid was just being greedy in Greece or if it really had a plan - the simpler answer would be naked greed

Big Slick's picture

My guess is that the demise of the EU and its fiat might be of short term benefit to the USD and sustain the Fed's lies for a while longer

dick cheneys ghost's picture

''I honestly don't know if the Squid was just being greedy in Greece or if it really had a plan - the simpler answer would be naked greed''


My very simple mind thinks that this is all planned, as the Euro is too much a threat to the hegemonic dollar..........

TeamDepends's picture

Let's do lunch.  How does calamari sound?

otto skorzeny's picture

so do you guys buy silver  in order to sell it at a higher price for fiat or hold it as a store of wealth and price in fiat be damned?

BeerBrewer09's picture

PMs are scarce. They are insurance. They should only be sold/traded for food, water, medicine or anything that will otherwise keep you alive and well. They could also be traded for even scarcer items or land.

Otherwise, spend your fiat first. Hide your precious away.

Big Slick's picture

Answer to otto's question: Yes.

Big Slick's picture

I mean you'll have to convert PM to Fed chits when you pay your bills... Wells Fargo will not take a Gold Eagle as your mortgage payment (for now)

12ToothAssassin's picture

By the time gold is accepted for mortgage payments you probably wont need to worry about mortgage payment.

Monedas's picture

Personally, my line is .... I hoard to spend for doughnuts and sexual favours .... not to sell for fiat !

Big Slick's picture

For some, its the same thing.  Don't you watch Biggest Loser?

Al Huxley's picture

I'd say many people still see gold and silver as trading vehicles for increasing their amount of paper money, rather than a way to store wealth and insure against the eventual collapse of the financial system.

Jungle Jim's picture

Well, Al, many people don't have decades to wait for the eventual collapse of the financial system.

SubjectivObject's picture

That's true, but the paper trade works until it doesn't, and who can predict when that transition occurs?

Long before the paper trade obviously no longer works, physical will be unavailable.


kaa1016's picture

European problem solving, that's great...

Ghordius's picture

actually, now that you mention, yes: by saying that it's our problem (10bn offered) but it's not only our problem (someone willing to chip in the rest? 7bn?)

TeMpTeK's picture

If I had a silver eagle for every "Cyprus" headline on ZH this week I'd be friggin rich.

SheepDog-One's picture

Meanwhile they'll just throw some lime on Cyprus and bulldoze a pile of dirt over it...'Nothing to see here, resume contributions to your 401K' Mariner Eccles gets back to normal business of pumping stawk indexes. Sometimes, you just wish for a merciful brain aneurism.

Jungle Jim's picture

I have -- or rather, I know where to dig for -- a lot of silver eagles. But I often think the same quantity of stainless steel plumbing washers would have been a better investment. So far all they've done is lose purchasing power. I don't have until the Twelfth of Never to wait.

SubjectivObject's picture

How much you got?  What's your ask? ... and general location?


Stainless steel plumbing washers?  Whatever happened to neoprene or polypropylene?  Delrin even.

eigenvalue's picture

Yesterday I said that silver was enjoying a deadcat rebound and it was a perfect chance to short silver. Nobody believed me and tens of silverbugs mocked me. Unfortunately, I turned out to be correct. 

francis_sawyer's picture

I just happened to take a look at my stack & it doesn't appear that they've lost any value at all... Strange...

unwashedmass's picture

agree. knowing i have something outside the system that jamie dimon can't have, can't tax, can't steal, can't use to fund his bonus is very comforting. 

LawsofPhysics's picture

An ounce is an ounce is an ounce.  Still has relatively the same purchasing power it had 100 years ago.  I guess it simply depends on how long you expect to be around.  Does the commentor above consider 24 hours to be his long term plan?  LMFAO!  Moveover, he should recognize that when fraud is the status quo, possession is the law.

francis_sawyer's picture

If anybody took the time to read all the BITCOIN comments from last nights thread... IMO, the lions share of the comments portray the following two characteristics...


1. INDESTRUCTABILITY of bitcoin [which I'm not going to argue, because it's a technical issue that eventually leads NOWHERE, & really can't be argued AGAINST when comparing it to gold or silver, especially considering what the UNKNOWN aspects of a dystopian society will function like]

2. PRICE ~ Sweet Jesus Almighty, there were giggles & delerium aplenty about the bitcoin "hockey stick" like price rise... The only places I'm used to hearing those kinds of emotions are in things like NASDAQ bubbles, house flippers, &, I suppose, tulip bubbles...


Perhaps I wasn't reading the comments accurately...

jeebus's picture

Bitcoin allows you to be your own virtual bank with no restrictions.

People on ZeroHedge think the world is going to end and that they will be bartering for gold and silver before they know it.


I think they often forget where ZeroHEdge is: the internet. The internet is still new. Online banking is new. It's all new. The future is uncertain. The more the price of bitcoin goes up the more likely it is that bitcoin is a part of that future.


I just tried to wire money out of my bank and it's a huge hassle. With bitcoin, I could send a million dollars in seconds.

francis_sawyer's picture

Thanks for proving my point [by way of this inclusion in your comment]


"The more the price of bitcoin goes up..."

Dr. Engali's picture

Bitcoins are clearly becoming more speculative rather than an instrument of transaction.

francis_sawyer's picture

'speculative' [that's the distinction I was after]


It just makes me laugh...

OK ~ here's best case scenario [for BITCOINERS]... Since there is a so-called 'limited' supply... The price rises up until the point that people who have ZERO [& want to jump on board], come in & bid up the price [just like with any penny stock or commodity]... BUY NOW OR GET PRICED OUT FOREVER ~ lol... Meanwhile ~ those who held on from the early stages, withhold their bitcoins [due to the constant increases in value]... At some point, people who 'never' got in just say FUCK IT [& interest in acquiring them finally meets the reality of market demand]... Hello DEFLATION...

When it finally tips over into deflation, there is a rush to dump them while they still appear to be worth something [but which also exacerbates the price decline]... Naturally ~ this downside momentum overshoots [but of course, bitcoin holders will that you that they're IMMUNE to that because bitcoins are so, well, 'cool'... You know, like WAY 'cooler' than tulips]... At that point, a great deal of FAITH is lost because...

1. Some never got involved in the first place & could care less

2. Some got in too late and LOST


Wait... Didn't I just describe a PONZI SCHEME?

Carmagnole's picture

not exactly, you just described a bubble

francis_sawyer's picture

Perhaps... Notwithstanding ~ people REACT behaviorally to the end of bubbles & ponzi's in the same way...


So your rebuttal, while perhaps having some technical validity, is yet another of the distinctions that I attempted to describe above:

That is:

The 'PRO-BITCOIN' crowd, in the end, always uses the 'BUT THIS TIME IT'S DIFFERENT' escape key...

I've got news for you... IT'S NEVER DIFFERENT... But hey, Don't let me be a wet rag... Go for it!... Get richie quickie with bitcoins and in a few years you too can point at everyone from your private yacht & say "I told you so"... Send us all a postcard from the [other side]...

TraderTimm's picture


Your lack of understanding regarding bitcoin is only matched by your random text formatting and bolding. Its like watching an automated email spammer trying to 'spin' the email subject line to slip past the spam filters.

You've really painted yourself into a corner with your repeated rantings. Please continue, it will be a great example to others how not to "lose it" on a public forum.

Thanks for the laughs, really.

francis_sawyer's picture

So ~ you count yourself as an expert on the subject of formatting & bolding as well as BITCOIN-OLOGY... [It also appears that you're a quasi-amateur 'Pinturicchio']...


All the homos must be salivating to get into your pants...

Alas: Once again we've come to the end game of all BITCOIN ARGUMENTS... "But... But... But... You don't know what you're talking about, I don't like your choice of fonts, & my daddy could beat your daddy up"...


TraderTimm's picture

Thanks for making my point for me - great example of off-the-rails right there.

toys for tits's picture

Not trying to restart the BTC thread, but the third thing that I kept reading is that bitcoins can't be destroyed by govts because they are like bittorrents.

If that's true, count me out because the US is able to trace bittorrents, which negates any reason for them to shut it down, since they don't need pesky things like warrants to jail people.

Mad Mohel's picture

Bit coin? If you can't hold it in your hand and put in someone else's hand, then it will eventually be stuck up your ass. Ya feel meh?!

And your last sentence is the key. Once it becomes regulated and is integrated into the system, then the manipulation begins and that million bitcoin transfer is no longer going to take seconds. It is all shenanigans man.

If I can hold it in my fist, then it is protected by my other fist. Ya feel meh?!

Monedas's picture

I went to a Cypriot bank riot .... and a Bitcoin discussion broke out !

Totentänzerlied's picture

"I think they often forget where ZeroHEdge is: the internet."

And when the internet goes out, we lose ZH and bitcoins become mostly useless. And when we learn power, they become entirely useless. I will ZH infinitely more than this admirable but quite foolish attempt at a universal alternative currency. We already have one, it's called gold. And it doesn't need electricity or computers or printing presses or anything else to "work".