Guest Post: Fed's Economic Projections - Myth Vs Reality

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Submitted by Lance Roberts of StreetTalkLive blog,

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Well done; the Keynesian fantasy is just that.

The ECB and IMF proposing the confiscation of savings, and the FED Chairman endorsing it, is for me the biggest tell that they have utterly failed at their stated goals, and have to resort to theft as a measure of desperation (or their intended goal all along).

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Outright theft, since 'inflation theft' isn't working.

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I don't see the US economy improving for years/decades.  No impetus for such and plenty of deflationary pressure.  Same across developed world. 

Central Banks will keep printing until something goes haywire.  Don't know what that will be but when it occurs, the bubbles will burst.

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Yes.  Stealing the savings of the middle class is deflationary as hell, as is inviting more fools into the real estate bubble, where they will swiftly go tits up.

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The US economy isn't going to "improve" ever.  The new "growth" will be the implementation of a contraction economy, or at best, zero-growth economy and the use of innovation try and maintain some kind of standard of living as globalization fractures back into localized economies.  At that point, the "US" will have become something quite different.


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The FED's zero rate is helping the gov., and a few conneted Corp's. like GE, take over the whole darn country. End the FED.

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Chicago closing 54 schools; union leader blasts ‘outrageous’ plan


Chicago officials finally announced what was widely rumored: They will close 54 under-enrolled schools this year in the country’s third largest district to help close a $1 billion budget deficit. It is the largest mass district closing of schools ever in the United States, and it is fiercely opposed by many teachers, parents and education activists.

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The students are all qualified to work at the CME.

I don't see a problem here.

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In not too many years, the sole purpose of local governments will be to funnel money from taxpayers to municipal retirees.

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Yada, yada.

The question of the day is:  Why hasn't Ben bailed Cyprus?

Answer:  Because a disorderly collapse of the Euro suits his purposes, i.e. it's the only thing that might make him look like less of a traitor and fool.

Or maybe not;)

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I agree, as Silver and Gold are threats to the DOLLAR, so is the EURO........

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Not only that, but... the Ponzi of all Ponzis (the Fed) needs the Euro to be the 'sacrificial lamb' (Passover is near) for its sins and the toxic MBS/CDS sludge GS was offloading to the EU. And thus save itself.

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Scared Euro investors will help him buy all those Obama Bonds.

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Years ago, when gold was 300 an oz, I would listen to the expert radio guy, Blinker, who absolutley said don't touch gold.  I was in and out of gold from then to 1150 when I got out thinking it just couldn't go on any higher.  That said, there is no other option to keeping your buying power wealth.  Bernak's answer to the possible raiding of bank accounts was telling the sheeple it's not safe there, put it in the market and make money on it.

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Now that the ECB has gone from printing to looting, this whole torrid mess of misplaced trust is going to spill out of the closet and into the streets.  The words have been spoken.  You cannot uncross the Rubicon. People know their money is one person's decision from becoming someone elses money.  There is no law.

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Agreed but....... did you just say RuBitCoin?

Sorry, somebody had to say BitCoin to wake up this sleepy thread.

BitCoin BitCoin BitCoin!

Now watch what happens.

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assuming that the fed brings unemployment down to their targetet goal of 6.5% (U3 rates not projected untill 2017?), keping in mind the continual asset purchases @ 85billion PER MONTH.  where does that place the following.......

REAL unemployment: in terms of U7 rates??

REAL inflation??

ACTUAL sovereign debt?



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Time for a little Gold inflation. I just typed in ebay 1/4 oz canadian maple leaf.

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Greatest fool theory?

Not surprising.  Look at the "gold clad" junk they sell on home shopping network.

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So... You're selling at 4*$950 per ounce? Ah, but at $3800/oz, the shipping is free. Good luck with that biz model.

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And still a better investment than ten year T bonds.  What a sick world we live in. 

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I can see how some are down-arrowing the trash & potty talk, but I don't see why the valid criticisms/critiques are also targeted. Strange.

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Post a line on the unemployment/smployment chart with the Fed Funds Rate and you will see just how little powder the Fed has left in their bag.

The last time we approached a recession the FFR was in the 5.24% range.  Today we are at 0-0.25%.

The number of jobs created the first two months of 2007?  324k.

The first two months of 2013? 355k.


THe rate of year over year profit growth is about the same today as it was in 2007---in the single digits.

The Fed has had their foot all the way down on the accelerator and we simply not improving.

Something's gonna give...and soon.






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MDB is on down voting everyone ha.

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One would think that they would slap down oil prices while they are slamming gold and silver prices.

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The Fed's predict everything badly???   WHAT??  Obamacare is going to cost 5X or more than expected WHAT??   They are jester's in our court and it's time to kick em out.

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Fuck you, Bernanke!

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A study was done about economic ``superstars/experts`` and their predictions. Guess what. The bigger the ``expert`` was, the more wrong he was compared to the average no-fame economist.

That explains Krugman and Bernanke being totally wrong all the time. They are too full of themselves.

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I know the following is a bit of an oversimplification, but nonetheless, it is true.  For practical purposes, the actions taken by the federal reserve help huge banks and corporations substantially, help large banks and corporations significantly, have little effect on medium size corporations, and royally SCREW small corporations and individuals.

Since the health of an economy is mostly due to a continuous churn of startups, small companies, and individuals planning and implementing small startups or businesses with their own savings, the Greenspasm, Bernanke, NWO, central-bankster perverto-Keynsian approach destroys the only source of long term economic health.

The kind of analysis in this article is useful enough, but the fundamental point is always that tyranny of the powerful and huge/large is unhealthy, and individualism is healthy.  End of story.

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LOL...Greenspasm was always one of my favorite ways to spell his name too!!! great minds think alike!

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Well now, if your in prison or, on disability; your not unemployed. Am I right ?