How The Only Market That Is Open Reacted To Today's News & Rumors

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There are no regulated financial markets open today; no BIS-buffered FX market, no Fed-spoon-fed US equity market, no BoJ-jawboned Nikkei 225, and no ECB-sponsored Spanish bond market to judge today's news and rumors. But there is one 'market' open - a market that prices in the belief (or lack thereof) in the status quo to a lesser or greater extent. Illiquid as it may be, today's Bitcoin prices (and volume) says a lot about the headlines of the day...

The fiat-currency-based price of a Bitcoin today has
risen (less confident in the status quo) and fallen (more confident) as
the day's headlines hit...



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Kinda funny that Intrade was taken down just prior to all this.

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And bets of bitcoin rose to fill the need -

There are some cyprus bets available.

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Aren't the bitcoins made in 1964 and before still 90% silver?

dick cheneys ghost's picture

Is it ok to 'clean' ones Bitcoins?

fockewulf190's picture

If I turn my computer on and off a bunch of times, can I slap together a proof bitcoin? I need 220 volt bitcoins as well....none of that 120 volt junk bitcoin stuff, although they probably still can be used for end of the world, Mad Max scenarios.

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Electronic Fiat to the rescue!!!

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Electronic Fiat to the rescue!!!

I'm still amazed by how many people don't understand what the term "fiat" means.

Diogenes's picture

It means your money is depreciating like a rusty Italian car.

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The good American story. God bless America.

Texas Sheriff: Homeowner’s Gun Key to Saving His and Wife’s Lives from Home Invaders

By Bryan Preston

March 20, 2013


Two men invaded the home of a Maypearl, TX family today. Maypearl is in Ellis County, south of Dallas. Only the wife was home. She spotted the men trying to break in, called her husband, who came home, retrieved the family gun, and confronted the two invaders. A shootout ensued, the man wounded one of the invaders, and then the invaders apparently killed themselves.


The Ellis County sheriff’s department spokesman, Lt. James Saulter, said “It’s another reason that we’re good with our homeowners being armed. I believe there would’ve been a different outcome if they hadn’t been armed. Our suspects were heavily armed.”


The homeowners will face no charges.


HD's picture

He had time to come home? Were these elderly home invaders?

macholatte's picture


....and then the invaders apparently killed themselves.



Sheeet! Texas..... nuf said.

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

Fuck ya'll I'm going to Texas. Oh wait, I already live here bitches!!!

Monedas's picture

The wounded invader probably said to his partner .... you're goin' down too, Motherfucka ! Bang ! Oh yeah, take that ! Bang ! ..... Silence .... Distant siren approaching !  Cut !

Magnum's picture

The two who killed themselves were teens who arrived at the house with guns one of them had taken from his dad.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Good Q, fair Q. My advice is that whatever your position, that you be adult/man enough to admit you were 'wrong' if the outcome is contrary to your position. Just saying. "Discuss!"

StarTedStackin''s picture

Did a Jewish man once turn down your homosexual advances?

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I don't know what it is, but I have a question.  Who started Bitcoin?

labestiol's picture

Answer is... nobody knows. The one who wrote the first software to implement this protocol was known as Satoshi Nakamoto, but it's a pseudonym.

He left the developpers team more than two years ago, and was careful enough not to leave any trail behind him.

And if you think it's a problem, know that it's not. Software is open source, we know what it does, nothing is hidden. Hell, even if the Bernanke wrote it, I'm ok with it.

Matt's picture

That site looks awesome. If you make a statement, and people bet on it, you get 5% of the loses.

bank guy in Brussels's picture

New US rule

All Bitcoin transactions to be a felony without government filing of
IRS Form 1099-BTC (Form Buttcoin)

nmewn's picture

Wouldn't surprise me. They came up with a law that forced everyone to buy something whether they wanted or needed it or not.

Forward Comrades!

kaiserhoff's picture

That sort of terrorist talk just might get you into the officer's quarters at the FEMA re-education camp.

Working Title for my post-war memoirs:  When 1.6 Billion Rounds Weren't Nearly Enough.

magpie's picture

If US patriots are lucky, they will be corzined like any other asset class around

toys for tits's picture

You guys often joke (I think) about internment, but does everyone realize that since Korematsu v. United States* hasn't been overturned it allows internment of a race for "a good reason"?  

I'm sure that case law could be stretched to other classes of people as well.


* 1944 supreme court case about the legality of the Japanese-American internment camps.

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You've got a vintage there, mine are all 16 and 32 bit.

stacking12321's picture

first they ignored it

then they mocked it

then they fought it

then we won

LongBallsShortBrains's picture

Then you hypothecated.

Then you rehypotheticated

Then our ass got sore.




stacking12321's picture

nice try, balls, but the above shows you dont quite understand what bitcoins are, or else you don't understand what rehypothecation is.


GMadScientist's picture

Capital controls won't stop you!

CH1's picture


And the naysayers still wouldn't be able to find it!

Jake88's picture

Oh yeah. Like I needed a reminder that I am on ZH.

kliguy38's picture

It seems the rabbits are getting harder and harder to find........maybe its because the hole is getting deeper and deeper.........

Atomizer's picture

Sit back and wait to see the reaction of BRICS Summit.


Yen Cross's picture

    I like the 'Featured Events' category Atomizer.  3-24-13 BRICS Beach Festival. LMAO/   There's going to be some festivious alright...

uranian's picture

From 53 bucks to 69 bucks/30% move in 4 hours, that level of volatility leaves even silver in the dust.

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As long as there's sheep, there'll be sweaters.

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Dust is more tangible than bit coin .

10044's picture

Coming to a silver "market" near you soon

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As Mr. Sinclair states, "orgasmic."

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As soon as bitcoins are convertible on demand to PM, fiat will be a secondary currency. It could happen. Private PM depositories could be established nationwide so people could get physical delivery and store it in a home safe so it could not be loaned out, sold, or otherwise hypothicated. An banking system outside of govt. control is easily possible with modern communications and transportation.

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I'm sure this is meant more in jest than anything - it is easy to fit "news" after the fact. After all, the brain-dead analysts on CNBC do it every day.

Also, there is a lag when people try to move funds to exchanges, unless they're arranging local trades. I think the true influence will be felt next week or so.

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Why is dead in quotes?  I don't think anyone's disputing that Berezovsky's pulse stopped, just who ended it.