EUR Fades As Portugal Admits Cyprus Deal "Sets Precedent" - (UPDATE - Denied)

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UPDATE: Well that didn't take long - The Portuguese Finance minister just denied his earlier comments and added that the Cyprus deal is NOT a template for future actions (EURUSD doesn't believe him).


The shambles continues in Europe. This morning we saw a plethora of EU officials explaining how the Cyprus 'deal' is a unique, one-of-a-kind debacle helping to talk back #DieselBoom's mis-words, only to have their credibility destroyed by the actual transcript and his actual words. Then we get the fact that a new EU-wide bill on deposit bail-ins is introduced... and now the Portuguese finance minister has added to the dysphoria by explaining that, "the Cyprus deal sets Euro precedent on deposit protection," and we therefore assume on deposit impairment. It seems EURUSD also sees this...



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The Eurocrats' handling of this is an Omnishambles.

notbot's picture

Can't we band together, buy the NYT, and fire Krugman?

Or better yet, buy a European newspaper, pay PK a gazillion dollars to come live/write for them where he'll be given a hero's welcome?




The Juggernaut's picture

When you control the value of money you control industry.  When you control the savings accounts you control the people.

The power of the People via savings:

SpiceMustFlow's picture

Why the hell do these Europeans lie so poorly? Don't they pay attention to US politics?

pods's picture

They really need some retraining in STFU.

Tap dancing in a minefield.


Super Broccoli's picture

they should ask bernake the adress of the bullshit school he went to !

SpiceMustFlow's picture

Why the hell do these Europeans keep telling the truth?! Don't they pay attention to US politics? Leave it to Eurocrats to fuck up the only god given skill politicians have.

Temporalist's picture

Good idea notbot but I think PK should be in the deepest darkest foulest dungeon somewhere writing his column on the walls of his cell in his own feces.  It would leave the world in a better place.

NoClueSneaker's picture

 Two german newspapers where PK sold his E.T. - fiction already down . Three major ones more to go.....

McMolotov's picture

We need WB7 to throw together a picture of Diesel-BOOM saying "Release the Kraken."

HelluvaEngineer's picture

It's the new model for everything.  Next they will steal your money, then tell you it never happened.  Yes, people really are that stupid.

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The thing that cracks me up is that the "reason" they took the money in Cyprus is because there is a lot of money in the banks in Cyprus compared to the GDP of Cyprus.

Reading between the lines that Cyprus is a unique situation leads me to the following conclusion:

In countries where there is a lot of money in the banks, we are going to rape the depositors and in countries without a lot of money in the banks, we are going to rape the tax payers.


The sheeple happily graze.

Temporalist's picture

Too simple.  Cyprus is a disjointed country with divided populace and secluded from mainland with no military might to fear.  If that population was on mainland Europe and had a stronger military they'd be in much better shape.


Urban Redneck's picture

The Troika is nothing but a really expensive (and fascist) Three Stooges parody.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Tell me something I don't know.

<"They" seem to be following the orderly Ponzi resolution script to the letter. I can't wait to see what disorderly looks like.>

pods's picture

With this many idiots all trying to assuage the collective's fear it is going to be getting mighty dicey.

Too much talking and too many HFT algos.

Need a phat pfinger or two to really get things going.


pods's picture

This is the start of one gigantic CF.

Money is going to be flying around different banks until it can find a way out.

Do Oligarchs like gold?


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Indeed, and the resulting inflation will be "all the people's fault".  Turns out the only bubble really was in the earth's fiat.  The death of fractional reserve banking as everyone simultaneously makes that margin call and demands to see the underlying collateral.  I guess they should have let that bad debt clear and those bad business models fail after all, oh well, put the motherfucking moneychangers to death already.

Edward Fiatski's picture

See ya at 1.2675.

Don't want to be ya.

Stoploss's picture

Decision time now.

Do you pull it all out and risk an unknown haircut on your old fiat?

Or, do you leave it in hoping for a one to one conv to the new fiat after the initial haircut?

Mae Kadoodie's picture

"pull it out or leave it in?"...heh...heh

Acet's picture

I promise I'll pull out babe, trust me!

ejmoosa's picture

And once they knock the Euro down far enough, TPTB can say it is having a negative impact on US exports, and so they will feel that there's only one thing they can do....

Edward Fiatski's picture


Ben is waiting on BoE, ECB to come full circle... so he can *cough*cum*cough* again.

P.S. What U.S. exports? LOL

Cdad's picture

...but hearing that in Spain...folks aren't worried at all because the ladies are insane there.

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I have to admit, there was a teeny-weeny, itty-bitty, little area in the back of my mind that asked "What if we're wrong about all of this doomsday stuff?"  Operative word is WAS.

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These people are clearly insane. They are just rtying to end it all now.

NoDebt's picture

C'mon, Doc.  You know better than that.  There is a plan to this.  I've typed it into replies in at least 3 threads now, including again here, below.

I'm fairly convinced I've seen through this to the truth.  If I'm wrong I'll admit it and let my fellow ZH'ers smack me around for it.  But I don't think I'm wrong.

Actually, I wouldn't mind hearing your thoughts on it, if you want to reply to my post, below.


NoDebt's picture

It slices, it dices, it shreds your nest egg like a tubocharged weasel!

I think it's fair to say we're well past the point that this genie is able to be put back in it's bottle.

This is Germany telling everyone "only German banks are safe in Europe because we're in charge here."  They will eat southern Europe and what's left of their banking system with some fava beans and a nice chianti.  They always did want to take over the joint.  They may have just pulled it off.

ziggy59's picture

"Can it core a apple?" Ed Norton, The Honeymooners

OldE_Ant's picture

I suggest we start with the legislators accounts with a nice 99.9% deposit haircut ahem (tax) and then move on to the central banker family accounts.

How does that sound to you fuckers?


BlueStreet's picture

Twinkies will be back on the shelves by summer, everything is okay.   

Bicycle Repairman's picture

It's a good way to drive down the Euro.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

Only if they print to cover losses.  The point here is NOT to print. The point is write down (deflate?) existing accounts and have the central banking mechanism reabsorb euros.

IMO The point is to vaporize Euros by forcing Euro owners to convert them to dollars (which Ben will surely print to satisfy the new demand, only after the fact), or end up in hoards which creates scarcity. 

We're on a big big rollercoaster.  Dollar up, Euro down, Euro up, dollar down ... and it's going to happen REALLY REALLY FAST.


Fix-ItSilly's picture

Everyone knows depositor funds are at risk.  But is Europe re-defining that risk vis a vis bondholders and equity holders?

Bank of Cyprus still exists, with Lakia folded in, and depositors are getting a haircut without equity, junior and senior bondholders likewise whacked.  The Wizard of Oz still reigns.

Cursive's picture

These central bankers should consider following each other on twitter or something.  They have a problem with not following scripts.  Maybe they really do need those Matrix implants....

Elijah Craig 18's picture

Now more than ever depositor's will be required to figure out which banks are good bets and which are bad.


I suppose our due diligence can begin with the stress test results. /sarc


Bam_Man's picture

Or just say "to hell with bank deposits" and put it all in "safe" government bonds.

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"Portugal Admits Cyprus Deal "Sets Precedent" "

I won't believe it 'til DieselBoom un-says it.

[Edit: Er...I mean, again, or something... I think...maybe.]

[Edit(2): This shit's giving me a migraine]

NoDebt's picture

I just watched what you did almost in real time (as fast as I could hit refresh after the Update/denial).  That was funny as shit.  Well done.  Well done.

Quinvarius's picture

Stop looking at Schrodingers bank account and you won't have to find out if it is there or not. 

billybobtx's picture


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How quickly we forget the news from last week...

"If this is successful [levy on Cypriot depositors] then it will be used in the future," said the dejected official, predicting Spanish and Italian banks could face similar levies."

 ...while "Jeroen Dijsselbloem, president of the group of euro-area ministers, on Saturday declined to rule out taxes on depositors in countries beyond Cyprus,...."

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The only question I have is do these mouthpieces have sufficient trading knowledge to go short before they make a statement and then turn it all over for the return trip back up on their denial, or do they simply speak, wait for the dump, then buy, then deny. Hey, I just coined a new market manipulation strategy, the "Buy then Deny".

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that's kinda of a friday talk ... why the hell on a tuesday ?

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This whole fiasco is Abbott and Costello meets the 3 Stooges..
Yes its a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World

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Did the same person that coaches those to state "they didnt say that" coin the term, "You didnt make that", too?