Cyprus Hires 180 British Security Guards To 'Control' Bank Re-Opening

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The security firm that became infamous for its Olympics snafu is responsible for the 'safety' of Cypriot banks and their money as they prepare to open tomorrow. G4S is the world's largest security-provider, and has been helping banks in the last week by sending out teams (with police protection) to restock ATMs. However, an additional 180 staff have been hired to, "be based outside branches... to control queues," adding (rather optimistically), "if there are any queues." It seems the extra security is, "basically it is to make the banking people feel safe and the customers as well." As ekathimerini reports, while the banks have been closed, businesses have been calling on the security company to find places to keep their cash and asking for guards and alarms to protect their assets. They are also using G4S as an intermediary to bring money from overseas to pay wages and suppliers, and drawing on its systems for shipping cash to provide guarantees for payments abroad, effectively using it as a kind of bank. G4S local boss added, "people have had time to digest the agreement so maybe there won’t be that scenario whereby people run to the banks to withdraw." Oh we are sure...


Via ekathimerini,

A British security firm that transports cash for Cypriot banks is working round the clock, sending teams out with police protection to stock bank machines and readying guards for when banks reopen on Thursday.


The world’s largest security firm, G4S, moves cash and will provide guards for Cypriot lenders including Bank of Cyprus and Cyprus Popular Bank, the two biggest, which are to be combined and see large depositors’ accounts frozen under a bailout agreed at the weekend.




"Demand is greater than we can provide... We haven’t closed since the crisis started," he told Reuters. "I’ve never seen anything like it in terms of what is going on from a security perspective. I would say the workload has quadrupled because the whole system has changed."




"People have had time to digest the agreement so maybe there won’t be that scenario whereby people run to the banks to withdraw," he said.




They are also using G4S as an intermediary to bring money from overseas to pay wages and suppliers, and drawing on its systems for shipping cash to provide guarantees for payments abroad, effectively using it as a kind of bank.


The next big test will come on Thursday when 180 G4S guards will be deployed at bank branches to help handle an anticipated surge of customers demanding cash and answers.




"The staff will be based outside branches and are there to control queues, if there are any queues," he said. "We will be in contact with the police. Basically it is to make the banking people feel safe and the customers as well."




The firm achieved notoriety for admitting just weeks before the start of last year’s London Olympics that it could not provide a promised 10,400 venue guards, hitting its profit and reputation.

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How does one invest in the growing Militia business?

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180 is not enough, unless its PER bank branch..

secondly, those cops are stupid because Cyprus is broke, no?

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Divided - you beat me to it.  I was about to post the same comment...

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I don't know why but I kinda think these guys aren't gonna be carrying just night sticks like the Bobbies.

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Maybe the DHS was smart enough to realize since the US exports nothing we can now be the largest exporter of hollow points to foreign governments who need to provide security for "bank re openings".

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Shit's gettin' real.  DHS totally hoarding forward demand.  Internal, or external. 

My question is, why not make the buys through the Armed Forces, which would go largely unnoticed by the media?  Or, do the Regulars and the Feds not get along so much these days?

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call me an eternal optomist but I hope the armed forces will be the trigger mechanism that jams when they go to pull it.

By the way I have not been on here much today but did ZH show this with Santelli?

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wow, fonz, you sparked an idea for a movie............DHS vs. military....all out civil begins to break down...internal chaos ensues.........bruce willis will play the 5 star general leading the country to freedom from the orwellian and suppressive DHS, whose vicious leader will be played by herself janet napolitano.............................lets go 50/50 on the production costs............whaddya say????????

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I just blew my budget on a composter.

I am working on a documentary of a guy who used to be in finance then lost his mind and dedicated himself to growing the perfect squash.

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Doing an autobiography eh? Better be wife started looking at me differently when I put in a compost pile.

fonzannoon's picture

Your wife looks at you!

( i'm jealous)

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Next thing you know you crazy fuck will have backyard chickens! 

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Hey! I have compost, squash, chickents, silver, and guns! Whad'ya gonna do about it?

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I'll get a short wave radio later today.....


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A composter is a box. How could you blow your budget on one?

fonzannoon's picture

I'm from long Island we pay $100 for our boxes at home depot. what does everyone else do?

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I think Bruce is better suited portraying a reluctant leader. He doesn't quite fit the role of a stiff neck boot licking bureaucrat. Otherwise the idea seems good....count me in.

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Crowd sourcing bitchez!

BTW someone else thought of this so check it out... nice trailer "Grey State"

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Because then the NWO fascists at the UN would start getting worried that they might be on the wrong side of a hollow-point bullet traveling at supersonic velocity, and then they start dragging out things like the Geneva Conventions

RSBriggs's picture

Up arrow for "Geneva Conventions" versus hollow-points, but do have to note that handgun rounds don't generally travel at supersonic speeds.  Except maybe 22TCM...

sluggo's picture

Beg to differ on your "handgun rounds don't generally travel at supersonic speeds" comment.  You must not shoot much!  MOST handgun rounds DO exceed the speed of souond.  In fact, you have to purchase special "subsonic" 9mm rounds to make a suppressed handgun even a little less loud.  The suppressor can muffle the sound of the rapidly expanding gasses, but can do nothing about the sonic boom/"crack".

Speed of sound @ 68 degrees: 1,126ft/sec.

List of common handgun rounds and their muzzle velocities:


Note that the "JHP" are the hollow point rounds, and most have ADDED powder (+P) to give them more velocity and thus more force on impact.  Note also that there are some JHP rounds that are a few hundred ft/sec less than the speed of sound.  These are mostly meant to be used in suppressed handguns/carbines.  You sacrifice a few ft/lbs at impact for the lessened noise on firing.

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Nice post... don't forget a .22 rimfire will take down a fallow deer-sized mammal or at least disable /scare the shit out of it with careful shot placement (effective range limits).  High velocity .22 (stingers are good out to 100 yards. 1,640 fps and a 32 grain bullet. Skeptical? shoot yourself in the leg and see: a) how you feel; b) the extent to which your mobility is impaired;  c) Pat yourself on the back for the knowledge gained from a useful field experiment.

Back up, that's all, use what tools you have and know there limitations.

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One million up arrows for this one Fonz...

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Yes they're typical dumbasses that's for sure!

G4S-the same security company that ENTIRELY flubbed security for the Olympics! How quickly they forget how British military had to be brought in.



G4S = Political CRONIES of British Elites !

Let the burning and Pillaging commence.

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They're gonna highly object to their threats in a 'fierce British accent' while clutching their massive night sticks!


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STOP! or I will say STOP again!

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And we will say nee to you again if you do not apease us


And bring us a shrubbery!

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Bitcoins...LOL.  This pretty much seals it...CNBC totally onboard now.'s gone....'s picture

Bitcoin is such a joke...I rather have my crappy USD (yes I still have one)  then a shitty Bitcoin

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Come celebrate the Cypriotic post-banking holiday grand re-opening with us!

There will be food, fun & frivolity for all, with clowns (sponsored by GS4), sausages (shoved right up your asses), fun rides (in the back of armored vans), and even late afternoon fireworks (so please leave your own at home)!

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One of the funniest posts i've ever seen on ZH!!

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Find out the supplier for the FEMA coffins.

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"How does one invest in the growing Militia business?"

Your own mercenary group included:

WillyGroper's picture

Cerberus---Focus on point of execution------bwhaaaaaaaaa

Freudian slip?

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Time to do an IPO.  (initial police offering)

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We should outsource HMS to them

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""People have had time to digest the agreement so maybe there won’t be that scenario whereby people run to the banks to withdraw," he said."

He continued...."but I am a fucking idiot so you have to take that into consideration"

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I spit water all over my keyboard.

The same agreement which froze every bank account except for the ones that weren't frozen.

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Should have used a German Securit firm, to add alittle interest to the proceedings

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WTF? I thought they outlawed queues as part of their capital controls.

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What are they paying the guards with? And how many angry Cypriots does it require to take down 180 Rent-A-Cops?

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180 cops x 6 donuts = 1080 donuts at .50 cents = $540

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180 staff may have been hired but I wonder how many will actually turn up....

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Apple Store used to hire more security per square foot for their product launches.


Good ol' days.

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Quick - invest in Cypriot mattresses - it looks like there will be a lot of them worth 100,000 Euros soon...  As people pull out their money and the government restricts the subsequent movement of that money, people will try to hide it in their homes.  I see gangs of thugs raiding homes -- and yes, unprotected businesses -- in search of cash!