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... Comes from Goldman's soon to be ex-tentacle in Italy, who took over, unelected, for Berlusconi when the ECB made it clear it was the Bunga way or the no SMP way.


So, one's enthusiasm for one's job wanes when one actually has to be voted in and can only muster at best about 10% of the popular vote? Unpossible.

That said, we are confident Italy feels the same way as the soon to be defunct half of Europe's Goldman Super Mario Brothers.

Elsewhere, the man who won the Italian election, comedian Beppe Grillo, called Bersani and Berlusconi, "whoremongering fathers." And scene

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Fuck YEAH!

Shit to get ugly in the EU once the weather turns (hot...er).

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"Just a few more days of this shit, and I'll be sunbathing on one of Lord Blankfein's islands. It's going to be sweeeet.

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This little fucker is utterly irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, no island for him. Maybe, just maybe, a one room flat in some friendly jurisdiction.

Who knew they were going to come for the bankers first?! I guess the social powder keg in the EU is ready for take off. Heads will roll. The sheep will still be fleeced in the end, as the gold/assets are long gone.

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Yeah like a fat guy stuck on a deserted island is "looking forward" to going on a diet. Go fuck yourself Monti, fascist prick.

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Stick a fork in me, I'm calamari!

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I figure he probably can't wait to leave Italy as well. Bags already packed I'll bet.

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Mission Accomplised!

Either it's an act to flush Italy, and consequently the EuroZ down the toilette, or the Agent is truly, truly tired & horrified. :)

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Isn't ZeroHedge aware that Beppe Grillo runs his blog in English too? And that the translation is WAAAYYY better than that Google auto-translate?

Here it is, check it out: http://www.beppegrillo.it/en/

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Do not underestimate this SNAKE.

For my money Monti knew exactly what he was doing all along, his objective was to SPLIT the vote and is the real winner.

The longer this stalemate carries on the more the EU will get CONTROL. The last ECB press conference Draghi gave, he was asked if he was worried about the Italian vote . His short answer was that the OMT will take care of it. 

Do not forget that Monti sees himself as a european first and Italian second. Another of his gems is that "we need a crisis to further the european project"

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He better do more than leave office. I'd say he will be safer off the continent when the shit starts really getting deep.

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maybe head to Paraguay where gold purchases are up 1000%  maybe chillax with the Bush's until this whole fiat thing blows over.

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i can't wait til he sleeps with the fishes.....

FUCK YOU MONTI..........

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Perhaps he and Silvio can get a stand-up routine going.

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It's like the Rat Pack.  Obama can be Sammy Davis Jr., man.

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Yes!  He could sing "Candyman" but not very well.

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Dateline March 27- Rome AP
EU announces Monti replacement, Dr. Paul Krugman, clueless self centered, egomaniacal, immature, sensitive and likely asexual pseudo economist who constantly reminds everybody that he won a Nobel Prize which does not exist, has been appointed by Goldman Sachs to assume the position of the worn out Mr. Monti, subsequent to his Goldmanite training hand cleaning Lloyd Blank-fien's solid gold commode previously owned by whatever his name was who got fired from Merrill Lynch, originally sent to the City of London for rehypothecation which was later released to the custody of Goldman Sachs for safekeeping.
Further confusion and a more rapid descent into the Seventh Circle of Hell is expected.
When reached for comment he was quoted as saying; "that's what Ben Bernanke just said.", with a dodgy look and shifty eye movement whilst rapidly rubbing his crotch and drooling.

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Hey knuks and everybody else, is the Krugman who visits this site the real McCoy?  It sure looks like him....

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I dunno. Not sure it makes much difference... Who could tell?

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A clone perhaps?  We heard they are issued three clones each to do the dirty work.

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If we could smell him over the interwebs, we'd know for sure. It's a formidable scent. It stings the nostrils.

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I could give you the answer to that question, but then I would have to kill you.

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Looking for a nice McMansion on Cyprus after a face transplant mr. Monti?

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He is responsible, so says the pontiff.

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The feeling is mutual, I'm sure.

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Hey fella's having viewed this horrific video a while back am not sure if any of you have seen this before so i'd like to share this which btw i initially was reluctant to post due to its content/nature as well as Zerohedge's policy of monitoring/moderating all posted contents.

The reason im posting this link is that many of us despise all the elite running the system,i.e. ,Bernanke,Dimon,Corzine,Blankfiend Wallstreet crime syndicate as well as the crooks sat in D.C. and around the globe.

I know many in the Zerohedge community frequently make comments such as...."bring out the guillotine"..."off with their heads"...."pitchforks time"....etc or sometimes just choosing coarse language to vent our anger.

So,i was just thinking to myself do we really want to see justice served in this manner? or would we just rather be happy that these criminals go down and get locked up for life behind bars  because below is a truly barbaric example of justice being served.

Tyler i'd be greatful if ya did not remove this link which is btw is NOT the actual video that has a seperate viewing option if you decide to follow the link.


Two unfortunate individuals are captured by the mexican drug cartel,first interrogated then executed by beheading,one with a chainsaw the other with knife.

*Warning(Graphic video contains an over 18 viewer decleration)*


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What the Elites have done will eventually lead to extreme suffering and/or death of BILLIONS of people.   Let the punishment fit the crime.

Paper CRUSHer's picture

Bro,have you watched the video clip?

SMG's picture

Yes it is brutal, and I would hope we never have to go there.  There is a difference too, the two guys captured did not deserve what they got. 

The Elites have already enslaved and impoverished billions.  How many people have died in Iraq and Afganastan and for what?  The Elite drug trade and weapon sales.   How many more are going to die in if there's a WWIII as the Elite are planning?

Provided we get the people truly responsible, what has been done is so EVIL there is no punishment too severe.  

Paper CRUSHer's picture

Yeah of course i agree an i understand where your coming from. What i'm trying to say is if the public ever got hold of these evil fuckers the above is what we TRULY would witness thats all.

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....and what would be wrong with that if i may ask?

if the public ever got hold of these evil fuckers the above is what we TRULY would witness

it's not that the hofjuden financed bolsheviks did not do the same in russia.  or that the execution of the romanov (nicholas 2nd) family in 1918 by bolsheviks was any different.  or that the hofjuden were not at the root of the opium wars which led to millions of wasted lives while hofjuden were building their empire

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Wrong, the people responsible are not Jewish.

JimBowie1958's picture

Some are but the vast majority are not. The key characteristic is not religion or ethnicity but ideology and a cliquish conspiracy of amoral financiers who are mostly from the Main Stream Protestant denominations, not Jewish synagogues.

If you want to find these MFers quickly and efficiently, first hit the Universities and Wall Street, not the Jewish temples.

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i suggest we first focus on the hofjuden that own the fed and wall street (scroll to section 'hofjuden'):  http://tinyurl.com/dfztye 

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oh,...i see.  the jesuits made the lucifer worshipping hofjuden do it.  and the hofjuden just couldnt refuse the offer because it was so sweet.

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I doubt those guys will ever receive a Nobel Peace Prize.

Drone strikes are much more humane. 

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pfft, go back to sleep and enjoy your dreams

Let the punishment fit the crime

why do you think the homeland security just bought 2 billion hollow point bullets?  for target practice?  or to protect the banksters should the people get the right idea?


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I object only because the chainsaw uses fossil fuels.

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Yea but in fairness to them they shut it down for the second guy.  They clearly have some eco-conscience.

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Hopefully mankind doesn't devolve into savagery. But who can say for sure. The poor will get more desperate as time goes on. God, I hope it doesn't get this bad.


Leave this up, Tyler. Some people here need a reality check.

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Has mankind ever evolved from savagery (except for few creatures)?

I think we're the old savage people with new toys.

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The only difference now from five thousand years ago is fashion, toilets and deodorant.

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And ipods.... don't forget our gadgets.

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Where I am, if I watch the crime of pedophilia on the net, or even looked at online photos of the same, I get thrown in jail, yet I can freely watch a video of a murder and there is no penalty. Something is truly fucked in this world! BTW, I choose to look at neither.  

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He should be leaving on the end of a scud missile.  Another humble public servant concerned with nothing more than leaving the world in a better condition than he found it...........ha!

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thats a confidence builder

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His absence over the past week suggests his former colleague Mario Draghi has already left his

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An igloo in Alaska might be safe for Mario, or... might not. Ben's will be right next door, as will Tim's and Hank's and Janet's.

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Weather report.

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Now, can we get more quotes from that comedian dude? He's hilarious!