The Definitive Cyprus Bailout Infographic

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Everything you wanted to know about the 'unique, exceptional, non-template, toolbox-of-blueprint-instruments' bailout of Cyprus but were afraid to read more than 100 words.


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Is that Panicos Demetriadis running away?

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Runningawaydos Tomeetthereli's (in Tahitit)?

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its all bush's and japans fault

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Holy fuck...Cyprus style ...thread jack........i'm sure someone has probably mentioned it already but on pg 155 of Canada's 2013 budget reads as follows:....(i'm scared BTW)

The Government proposes to implement a “bail-in” regime for systemically important banks. This regime will be designed to ensure that, in the unlikely event that a systemically important bank depletes its capital, the bank can be recapitalized and returned to viability through the very rapid conversion of certain bank liabilities (deposits) into regulatory capital.  This will reduce risks for taxpayers.  The Government will consult stakeholders on how best to implement a bail-in regime in Canada.  Implementation timelines will allow for a smooth transition for affected institutions, investors and other market participants. link to doc:
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I'm sorry, but I cannot find any such wording on p155 of the document you have linked.  Please respond as (1) this is an important matter, (2) your credibility is on the line, and (3) I will not be further bothered to read through a bunch of shit published by the retarded government of Canada.

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It is on page 144 of the document, not 155

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ok.. so now you know..

"they" need to preserve the system, no mattter how corrupt or whatever.

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Yes, pages 144-5.  Thank you very much for that.

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it is very pdf reader was reading page 155...but it is apologies. I did however quote the section directly from the document.

you should print the document for some light reading in the FEMA camp your government will eventually put you in, i do concur my gov't is retarded... but yours is completely fucked

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Yes, got it.  And not that we disagree about 'completely fucked'--far from it; that's why I GTFO back in '96.

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Just the fuckin table of content was 50 pages long. Just sickening.

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Everyone is whistling not even taking into account Canada and it's issues it's hiding along with the UK.

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What in the world in this sudden concern with taxpayers? Nobody, and I mean nobody, is concerned with taxpayers except as an excuse for stealing from depositors.

Trust if the government is coinciding with trust in the banks…it is S-I-N-k-i-n-g.

In a new survey of Americans, polling firm Pew Research has found that fewer than 3 out of 10 Americans trust what the government does.

However, there are disparities…

“More than twice as many Hispanics as whites (44 percent vs. 20 percent) trust the federal government, and more blacks (38 percent) than whites trust the government.”

…”and more liberals believe in the administration of President Barack Obama than either independents or Republicans.”

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i can walk on water and i have a loaf of your bread to feed 47 million people.

just doing gods work

looked in the tomb and nobody was there-where is thou great provider?

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He's been here all along.  It's just that many choose to worship at the altar of commerce First and then give hommage - if at all - to God.  You don't see the connection with the apparent corruption and the lack of that worship?  Honest people love God; honest people are much less likely to lack the moral courage to resist fleecing the sheeple. If we survive the coming tidal wave of fiscal disaster, it will be because there's still enough folks who love the Lord so that He will save us from what we truly deserve.  This is His universe; we just live in it.  Be good.  Be wise.  Put Him first and everything else will take care of itself.

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Taxpayers - I think the concern has more to do with governments realizing they can no longer bail out banks with printed money, so they will stick depositers who are essentially taxpayers anyway. Just another way to socialize bankster losses in the gambling pits.

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This is 200 year old news.

Note, before governments got involved with bank bankruptcies, this was normal practice.

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Thanks a lot for that!

One more information that our local sheeple medias will never talk about.

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It's ok; you're ok; keep your money in the banks, (you stupid fucking suckers!).

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is he hiding in the vault?

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Is that Panicos Demetriadis running away

To me it looks like Pinnochios Demetriadis, his cousin from ECB/IMF Mafia. I could be wrong.

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Nice dead link you have there.  That aside, are you asserting that the global public should worry about the ravings of a powerless, propagandizing dictator who says such things in order to hold on to his tenuous position?  

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Its interesting to note that on this New High day, the percentage of UP volume to TOT volume is less than 60%

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Keep an eye on the WSJ money flow at the end of the day.  For weeks now, it has been very negitive.  Quite distribution, IMO.



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Cue the dude at the last post FOMC laugh-a-minute presser who asked Ben Bernanke, "Is it too late for me to get in [stocks]?"

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WOW ~ 'paper asset' market fanatics making cool sentiment calls...


Alex ~ I'll buy that for a joobuck...

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Fuck me, look at the inflows for the "Financial" sector.  Remind me, exactly what service or product of real value do these fuckers provide again? Here's my contrarian prediction, they are selling the shit out of paper gold and accumulating the real physical.  Selling the shit out stawks to the world and institutional investors.  A one-world currency cannot be that far away now.  < sarc on > Do they sell an ETF for this? < sarc off >

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check out the monthly data, all sectors except telecomms have outflows - net c. $27 billion and the market is up 5%.

looks like someone was makring up bids all the way through the month and just getting slapped, but continually marking bids higher.

kind of makes you wonder why they didn't just hit the offer on day 1 at 5% cheaper for that chicken feed amount (in these days of debased currencies, you need to be at least a recognizable fraction of a trillion to be significant).


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So essentilly, in reality there is no fucking bid under this market right now.  Awesome.

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In a Pré 2007 market that would be a issue...
Obama CHANGED that...

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There is ALWAYS a bid. Ask Shalom.

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The bitch of it is .... so you make some grand sum of $ ..... BFD ... it is all Monopoly Paper anyways. The day you see the prick's face on the idiot box telling the nation The US Constitution has been declared Null n Void, and Marshall Law is the law of the land, is also the day they declare the $ worthless, and you will get your ration card while you get your "new n improved" Citizen/Comrade ID tabooed on your ass and a tracking chip in your arm. Oh .... and now all your assets belong to the gooberment of USSA.

The bids you see - if you are watching - are as fake as the recovery and the rest of the #s reported by the goober(ment).

We are sooooo fucked, I doubt it any of us know the full extent of it.

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I have been following this data for a few years.  Watch for negative money flow on up days; postivie money flow on neg days.  Careful on lookng at OPEX Fridays; numbers can be high (pos or neg), but may mean nothing.  But March OPEX was a HUGE neg money flow day!!  I have NEVER see a number that high.

Like I said. . . .  Quite distribution by those in the know.  Elephants can't move around without leaving foot prints. . . .



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I have been commenting on this for a long time.  Selling makes the market rise, buying makes it fall.  This is the new normal, brought to you by the fact that 80% of all trades are computerized wonders.  It's broken...and right now, the theives are pushing with all of their might before they are either regulated away...or they collapse the market.  Either or.  The new millionaires you see struting around on The BlowHorn are....criminals.  

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so nothing has changed in how many years? my lifetime at least...

what is it i read pension rotating out of stocks to bonds?

how fucked up is that...

door a or door b?

c=pm squared

theory of financial equilibrium...

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Unless stocks are about to get crushed.

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"Remind me, exactly what service or product of real value do these fuckers provide again?"

Money laundering.

Next question? :-)

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Volumes are at the lowest for the year today.


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The cap controls alone are sufficient to qualify this for game-changing status. If you can only deploy Cyprus EUR outside the country  in dribbles you might as well not have all of it.

I suspect those will get tighter before they get looser.

How fast can you now move your unimpaired 100,000 EUR account off-island? 100,000 DIV 5000/mo = 20 months?

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You will stay and you will like it.

We will lead you to water and you will drink.


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There’s a lot of effort and finagling going on right now within/out these new rules  to convert Cyprus Euros into sizable, seaworthy boats.

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good thing, cuz if everyone runs to one side of the island, it will sink. 

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~" You can lead a horse to water, but a pencil has to be lead." ~ Stan Laurel

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OMG Mercury used [double oo] looser correctly.

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I don't much cotton to no bank bailouts, soze I'm not gonna read the inforgraphic.  Just stopped in to sayze...looks kinda like a template.

Up next...Monti Paschi...

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Are they trying to compete with Banzai?

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Hey everybody!

I just found this RILLY old thing...a book actually, so you know it's old.  'N in it, they talked about sumpin' called a, get this, a "Free Market"...Yeah, I know, really...

So,  the idea iz that Buyers and Sellers are able to meet 'n exchange stuff BECAUSE THEY WANT TO!


There was this thingie called Say's Law that sez that  something produced (I'm confused on what THAT means...) has a value at the moment it's produced that is equal to...

Hello?...Is anybody out there?  I mean, this is interesting stuff...I'm talkin' here...





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Must be a first edition,pre 1913, that they forgot to burn.