Meanwhile, At Cyprus Airport...

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A quick glance at the Larnaca runways, also known as the Russian (and perhaps even other, but that would impair the media narrative that "only Russian tax-evading oligarchs are evil") private jet parking lot, shows that things are as heated as ever, although maybe just a tad less heated. Channel 4's Faisal Islam observes that while there are 12 private jets on the tarmac, this is one less then ten days ago. When this number drop to zero, the Cypriot depression has officially begun.

But what is funniest is that the the sign advising departing passengers to please limit their cash outflows to just €1000 per passenger is quite noticeably in Russian in the lower version. Fear not: all the Russian money has long since left the now broke country.

h/t @faisalislam

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How many days before this is seen in amerika?


3 years tops?

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Glad to hear someone is optimistic.

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next thing you know, there will be a movie about someone stealing paintings

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Looks like the tarmac of the Augusta, GA airport during Masters week...

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1000 euros per person, huh?

I guess we can finally say that it pays to have an entourage!

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Funny how the English portion of the sign references "movement" of money while the Russain sign references "departures."

SafelyGraze's picture

what? a movie about art theft? 

so soon?

thanks, hollywood!

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amounts in excess of 1000 euros...please use the private jet or yacht.  The 1% scores again.  The 99% have to go through the customs chute. 

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I'll bet all those jets are fully fueled and have anti-missile systems aboard.


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I don't know about the rest of you but my 1 card bearing account has a $200/day limit on it already. To get more I have to go in and sign a form with the bank.

Capital controls already exist for some Americans.

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Try getting pulled over with a couple thousand in cash by a cop in Amerika.  You'll have no capital left to control.

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Only criminals use cash.

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You think like a cop. Well; I'm not sure think is the right word for cops.

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What gets me is; how do the c opps find out there is cash in the car?

[Ha! Rhetorical question, sheepys]

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A aquaintance of mine sell radar gun to the cops. A 10 year old model could be pointed a any car and if the operator of the vehicle had more than $2,000 in that vehicle the radar gun would tell the cop about it. I guess the magnetic strips in the bills are what give it away to the new gun. This is 10 year old technology!!! It has helped finace the Springfield Joplin Missouri well. It is used also in Mississippi well in the cinfiscation of cash frompeople traveling to Florida!

A lot of cash can get you really screwed if you get caught with it!

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I doubt the radar gun is this sophisticated yet. But, I think large amounts of cash can be detected by the magnetic strip contained in the bills larger than the one dollar bill, thru other means, especially at airports.

You can extract the magnetic strip in theory, though I believe this would be illegal, so I, of course, do not recommend it.  Incidentally, almost all of my large bills have been lost in an unfortunate boating accident, involving hookers and cocaine.


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I wonder what effect a microwave would have on this strip?

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Wrapping it in metal is easier to do and it won't smell like pizza either.

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How many days before this is seen in amerika?

The equivalent would be cash limits when leaving Rhode Isalnd to New York. 


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Meanwhile at the Easthampton airport....

 (Reuters) - Steven A. Cohen, the hedge find titan who runs SAC Capital Advisors, agreed last week to buy an oceanfront home in East Hampton, New York for $60 million, the New York Times said, citing a person with direct knowledge of the sale.


At the same time, Cohen put his duplex apartment in a midtown Manhattan tower on the market for $115 million, the newspaper said, citing the person.


News of the real estate activity surfaced one day after reports that Cohen bought Pablo Picasso's "Le Reve" from casino owner Stephen Wynn for $155 million.



Lets_Eat_Ben's picture

and I just bought a half-ounce of some killer bud for about 155$.


The big boys are moving out of paper and into real things that have perceived value.

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And out of concentrated population areas ....

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i guess my true friend adolf forgot to take out his mom and dad ,,,, this piece of shit running with our money but we know his address now and yes drones are goooood, even in the hands of angry investors who know how to make bombs and fly drones

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The fiat money flows from Bernanke to Cohen without even the IRS getting a cut.  Amazing.

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how many grams of gold on a chain or how many bitcoins per passenger?

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That'd be about 3/5 of an ounce of gold and just over 10 bitcoins.

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Unlimited, if you know what you're doing.

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Impound those jets, Cypriot bitchez.

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Whose side are you on anyway?

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hardly any checking at customs when travelling on a private jet. Separate terminal at any larger airport.

gold-is-not-dead's picture

true man, they should bring larger planes...

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Again, their stock market went from 5500 in fall of 2007 to  now just 102.  

I wonder if Cyprus has "preppers" like we have in the U.S.

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A.) They do now.

B.) Not anymore.



~"I wonder if Cyprus has "preppers" like we have in the U.S."~

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2015 is the date when economic reality starts to hit the US and the UK. 

If you look at the history of bubbles, they generally usually occur during the end of presidential terms, and it usually something new. 

The next crisis will be spurred by sovereign bonds.  This will be dangerous because it will probably lead to higher interest rates, which means governments can't just borrow endlessly to meet the needs of the many people that rely on it (and bankers won't be able to get free money towards speculation.....which is fueling the bubble now). 

Add to the fact that you have the neutron bomb that is ObamaCare (which will decimate employement, dragging on tax reciepts), as well as the natural uncertainty resulting from the end of a presidential term, there will be market uncertainty going into 2016 (due to unknown tax rates and policy changes)....all of which will lead to a market sell off.

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Obama will remain president and elections will be cancelled. Forward to Dow 36,000.

Shizzmoney's picture

TBH it will mostly likely be Christie/Rubio who wins in 2016, and we head to war with Iran by the end of the decade.

SokPOTUS's picture

Pfft.  Like Hillary will be any better.  Just keep watching the clown show while the oligarchs steal you blind.

Shizzmoney's picture

Thankfully for me, I'm broke so the oligarch have nothing they can steal from me.

Hillary will start the war too.....I just think the GOP wins POTUS in 2016.  There is NO way this country will ever vote for a woman especially afte having 8 years of a black president.

They could put Holy Mary on the damn ticket and the American people would still vote against her.

SokPOTUS's picture

Never count out the GOP for being too stupid to win an election.  Didn't work out so well for them last year, eh?

howenlink's picture

It could just be Christie/Christie, size-wise.  Although Bloomberg would oppose it.

Bicycle Repairman's picture

Economic reality hits whenever J6P finally figures out what Obamacare means for his wallet and his coverage.  Sometime between now and 1/1/14.  That will also be the date when Obama's term as a lame duck President begins.

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Kudos to you Tyler!

Your ingenuity and resourcefulness knows no bounds my friend(s).


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Looks like there is still room for a couple of Russian MIGs.

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Larnaca airport will be soon as busy as Nicosia International Airport.

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I did not know birds used airports like that.

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Your headline premise of this story is the worst you have ever printed.  A plane is missing.  Oh, head to the bomb shelter!  Must be a slow news day.

You should have led with the currency limit sign.  Now that is interesting.

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One less than ten days ago... But how many of those private jets ten days ago were flown in by the IMF and ECB managing the looting of a nation? Their job is almost done, of course they're going to fly out of there before the real SHTF scenario starts. The fact that one millionaire has left just tells me the one who was responsible for hitting the self destruct button knows when to get out. The rest will follow over the next few days.