Shorting Stocks On These April POMO Days May Be Hazardous To Your Health

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It's that time of the month again when, with little fanfare, the NY Fed discreetly discloses on which days of the upcoming month shorting is unadvisable, because on the other end of every sale or short will be none other than Kevin Henry & Co., and some $45 billion in buying power-cum-short stop loss triggers (not to mention every possible Citadel HFT algo operating at a less than arm's length from the Liberty 33 trading desk). In short: we get the advance monthly schedule of POMO days. And as everyone knows, one should never fight the Fed (unless, of course, one is the European Central Bank, the People's Bank of China, the Bank of Japan, the Bank of England, the Swiss National Bank, and pretty much every other central bank now that the entire world has devolved to outright currency warfare, but let's ignore that particular weak link in the media's propaganda narrative for the time being). So how does April look? In short: for anyone seeking to short the market in order to take advantage of the inevitable end of the Fed's despotic central-Ponzi planning regime (for reference, please see Bernie Madoff): not good.

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Turkey shoots are the only trades for me.   Currently, I wait for near 52 week lows on the vix and political turmoil.  Apart from that, fuck shorting ben and his helicopter.


There will come a day though...

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We will not monetize the debt - Ben "Mugabe" Bernanke.

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The ads with the pop-up windows are getting really annoying.

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won't work because these are not new windows - they are embedded HTML.  You can thank HTML V-X for that

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I installed yesterday and have not seen an ad since

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If youre not using it alraedy, Try Firefox with Adblocker.

But every time you see an add, you can smile becasue they pay ZH for the hits.


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Sometimes I turn off Adblock when I'm on ZH and just click on random ads.

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Well at least they're being consistent ?

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Installed AdBlocker and it works.

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Rocking BFilter with NoScript.

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Looks like all the volume today is from the POMO...holy fuck!

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It was Zero Hedge, a few years ago, where I first learned what a POMO was!


Thank you ZH for that and much more.

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Thanks Chairman MaoNanke...u really know how to "control" the markets

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So basically, don't short at all in the month of April.

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When you least expect it, expect it.

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Nope. Just smack on some weekly 3x index eft calls.

DavidC's picture

Much like March...or February...or January...

Although, funnily enough, I don't think there was one today and the US indices...went up.


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The only battle Bernanke & Crew are waging in practical terms is the one to keep the equity markets from cratering.

Bernanke has added 11 trillion in balance sheet, notional wealth (the type that history proves is highly transitory, and subject to rapid vaporization) to the "system," via his "Virtuous Circle" All-Out Monetary Policy Warfare Program, and it's literally the ONE thing he  or his cult of fans point to when asked about his accomplishments as Fed Head.

In other words, there is about 11 trillion USD of balance sheet wealth (most of which is unrealized, by the way) that "Virtuously Circular QE Mechanics" has created since March of 2009, transitory in nature as it is, and which has had the ancillary "benefit" of keeping a huge % of de facto insolvent banks on a ventilator.

If equity markets crater in any significant manner, Ben goes from "hero" (at least in some circles) to "zero" instantly, and the economic & financial follow on consequences will be uglier than what happened in 2008 (since this new house of cards has a far weaker foundation than even that prior house of cards).

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Yes...and I believe that the market will crater right through the safety net of QE4eva...but since I just got a home equity loan on my house of cards, and Ben Bernanke is buying dead mortgages as if they were gold mines...or unicorns in a world starving for unicorn potroast...I don't care...and really resent you hasslin' my buzz here, brother Truth.

Oh yeah...and to hell with all of you unborn generations, too...and all living generations below me for that matter, including my sons' generation!  Screw 'em all! 

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If Voltaire was alive today he would probably say it sucks to be right.

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Well as there are only 4 days with no POMO wouldn't it be simpler just to show those?

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This thing's deader than disco. The Fed is basically a doctor trying to keep a dead patient "alive" with shots of adrenaline.

At some point it will become so divorced from reality (if it hasn't already) that Americans will pay as much attention to it as they do to soccer*.

* or "football" for the non-Americanos.

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Basically, it's weekend at Bernie's.

Bear's picture

How long does it take from FED to Market?

viahj's picture

about the same as ass to mouth?

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Any impact on currencies?

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Shorting stocks when the EU decides to confiscate the cash of foriegn multi-nationals might work out though.  I can them drooling and wringing their hands already.

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     That chart should be renamed [European Lending Facility]   *ELF.

         *Not to be confused with the little guy that makes your Christmas presents...

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I think that instead of a donation page, ZH should have a pal pal account where anyone (and there are several) who either shorts a stock, buys a short etf, or buys the vix should have to own up and throw $50 into the pay pal account that goes to the donation page.

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The market will be following the Robert Mugabe principal of 'ctrl-p' market manipulation into the foreseeable future.

Dow 1,000,000,000,000, and bread priced at $500 per slice.


fonzannoon's picture

If that is the case you better go long some stocks. I don't see how cash or shorting this market will keep up with food/energy prices rising.

I recommend being long stocks and drinking heavily while complaining on here every night and waiting for the collapse. I call that "sharting" the market.

TruthInSunshine's picture

The main problem, among many, with that thesis, is that (I'll take a silly ass guess here) approximately 90% of equities traded on public exchanges produce and/or sell goods or services that are extremely discretionary, in markets in developed nations (and especially the U.S., U.K., Japan, France, etc.).

In other words, inflation creates demand destruction, especially for "flexible goods & services."

Of course, people have to eat & consume energy, and these prices can rise given the right conditions even while the masses reduce their consumption of food and energy, but assuming that foodstuff commodities and energy will push high enough to offet reduction to allow profitability is a big assumption, as history has often demonstrated.

In short, no one knows what is yet to come, and there is no sure thing now, nor has there ever been one.

These are strange times, we're living in a particularly odd period associated with the Bernank'd Markets, distorted and mangled all to hell, so good luck to anyone and all in what is truly an era of pure, unadulterated gambling (sponsored by central fiat fractional reserve banks).

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So basically all days in April as well.  At the rate the market is going we will be up 35% for the year if it continues.

Out of 20 trading days, 18 are POMO days. 

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If we can only be sure. The whole thing is a CONfidence game. Once they have enough investors (muppets) in the market, they will pull liquidity on them.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

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So what stocks are in the Fed shopping cart? 

Number 156's picture

Start with GM, then GS, JPM, BofA.. on and on...

Then indirectly, you have things like big Pharma and othert healthcare realated stuff, who will be richly rewarded for their lobbying efforts... 

SKY85hawk's picture

MBS's that are full of CDO garbage.

They're buying bonds that would destroy the Bank's balance sheet if they were marked to market.

I doubt the Banks will tell us where they're putting their fresh new cash until they have to report their holding at the end of next quarter.


Doomer's picture

All of them.

Of course, it is the primary dealers who do the buying, after they trade their Treasuries for freshly printed cash from the Fed.

China Reporter's picture

BTFD again

Wait, there should be no dip in April. Everthing is fixed. This time is different. 

fonzannoon's picture

the most amazing thing is these assholefaces that keep trying to discuss the feds exit strategy. Imagine the market if that calendar was blank.

lotusblue's picture

April is Special-Bernake Put will double as uplifter extrordiaire for mini "pullback" bounce.

Grand Kazoo now moving the levers.

eclectic syncretist's picture

Sonofabitch Bernanke, you stupid motherfucker!  How are you ever going to ensure that none of that shit doesn't wind up in the general circulation and go Zimbabwe on us?????  It's not like you're ever going to be able to buy it back in you dumbass bootlicking drag queen whore.  You know that would be an insta-crash-o-matic scenario don't you, you dickhead fuckface scumbag asshole?

Bear's picture

BB loves it when you call him that ... kinda like a male version ... "Fifty Shades of Black"

Doomer's picture

Ha ha!  The dirty, unwashed masses getting paid to do actual work, buying stuff made in the USA... what an archaic concept.

Ain't .... gonna ... happen.