Visualizing The Cypriot Deposit Confiscation

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From 'why Cyprus could not bail out its banks' to its failed financing needs and the road to confiscation, Demonocracy provides the 'everything you wanted to know about Cyprus' infograph 'but were afraid to read'.

Via Demonocracy,

The big depositors will get hit harder than expected, because a lot of money left the banks right before the banks went into lock-down.

Cyprus' Banks are the first during the last 147 banking crises that will not get a single Euro from EU to bail out the banks. Greek branches of Cyprus banks had €15 Billion in deposits, they were sold last minute to another bank, by so they will not be included in sharing the losses- obviously suspicious. Some people are offering depositors to get their money out of Cyprus for a 20% fee. Cyprus officials are throwing around slogans such as "time for responsibility' (to pay up) just to turn around a week later and oppose it.

With the lack of backbone, the next political move is rather unpredictable. EU officials say Cyprus is a unique case, but EU has many countries with over-sized banking sectors.

The crash of Cyprus financial sector and government bailout sentences Cyprus to a long period of recession and debt. The list of demands by EU to Cyprus for accepting the €10 billion bailout includes things such as freeze on pensions, massive tax increase on just about everything and more taxes.

For America: Bernanke Fails to Answer Concerns about a Cyprus-Style Seizure of American Bank Deposits


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Where's the Monopoly banker fleeing with the bags of cash in his Rolls-Royce?

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Where's the electrified Eiffel Tower-sized spiked dildo that got rammed up the Cypriots' asses?

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I look around when I go out at night and ask myself, "why don't these kids get what's happening?"

Here's why:

And here:

At least the second clip is a more realistic future.

Bom Bom Bom....Nuff Said!

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The EU gives the Cypriot system 10,000 per citizen yet Tyler tells us that the EU is stealing from Cyprus.


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You have a bank account.

With your money in it.

You work hard for that money and your employer deposits it for you in your account.

Along comes the government and takes your account money away from you. Without asking.

Taking something that is not yours and not asking for permission to take it is... wait for it...

STEALING. Is it not?

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Don't feed the trollons (trolling morons).

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How can a bank go bancrupt if it has 70 billions in deposits?

Answer: quite easy, obviously...

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But, but, but... oh, never mind...

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You have a bank account.

With your money in it.

You work hard for that money and your employer deposits it for you in your account.

Along goes the B A N K S T E R, takes your account money and goes on a gambling spree.

The money is G O N E.

The Government is U N A B L E to R E I M B U R S E you in F U L L.

The EU partners are U N W I L L I N G to R E I M B U R S E you in F U L L.

No - this is NOT stealing. How can you steal something from an EMPTY vault???


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Ready for a reality check?


"On a morning like this Andreas Neocleous, a 73-year-old man and a behind-the-scenes mover and shaker in Cyprus, would normally drive out to the shore in Limassol shortly after sunrise. He would do his yoga exercises on the beach in the early morning light and then drive home again, shower and eat a light breakfast. At about 7:30, he would be sitting in his office, drinking green tea. He would stay there all day, working until late in the evening -- as always.

His office has its own elevator and occupies the top floor of the Neocleous Tower in downtown Limassol. It's where Neocleous employs scores of attorneys, notaries and experts on holding companies, who represent and advise companies from more than 100 countries.

"This company was my life's work," he says. "I started very small, at a time when Cyprus was completely backward. My father was a farmer. We had a rocky field and exactly 12 chickens. Today more than 100 attorneys work for me. Of course I was happy to have succeeded, but what happens tomorrow?" Today, at any rate, he is running back and forth in his office, cursing and saying that he is going to sue the bankers. They are all criminals, he says, and if he had his way he would lock himself in a room with them for 24 hours -- with a whip in his hand.


Neocleous's firm, for example, has accounts with the country's three largest commercial banks. It has about €15 million in accounts with Laiki Bank, and significantly more with the Bank of Cyprus. Neocleous estimates his total loss at about €30 million.

"Only recently, I proudly told a business associate in Japan that my company had enough cash reserves to last two years without a cent in revenues. That's the way you have to do it, I said, and I was proud of myself. I had no idea at the time that the banks were being run by criminals."


Now the $64000 question - WHOM is this obviously quite intelligent cypriot multimillion dollar lawyer angry at?

Germany? The Troika?


To me it sounds, as if HE knows all to well WHO is really to blame.


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"I look around when I go out at night and ask myself, "why don't these kids get what's happening?"

Here's why:"


Watch these kinds of videos in mute to really understand how stupid humans are.

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On the left, tops, the LearJet at the horizon

Cool graphics - I miss the part where 10bn bail money from the other eurozoners are compared to the total population of Cyprus (1 million)

that's a cool 10'000 per head "here, you broke your banks? fix it, this is our participation in it" followed by "we are too tight to give 17'000 per Cypriot, that would look like giving a bad example"

but hey, we eurozoners obviously live in a superstate/s

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It's not the same when we can't see his monocle.

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Ghordius: The EU gives the Cypriot system 10,000 per citizen yet Tyler tells us that the EU is stealing from Cyprus.

So what does Tyler mean when he implies/says the EU is stealing Cypriot money?

He means the Cypriot banks have stolen the money, right?

If a bank invests your money and loses it, then is that theft?


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Did the graphics come from the new Sim City IV: The Debt Bomb?



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Cool graphics down to the actual (old) Volvo FH trucks, although to be nit picking, they forgot standard european trailers have 3x2 wheelsets, not 2x4 as in the US.

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A picture is worth a thousand words...


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Welcome to LegoLand...

Where "little" people are controlled by "big" people.

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Don't forget now......"little people" deserve some cake to eat too.........just not too much.

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Sacrifice and Sufficiency


words we shall all live by

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A perfect illustration of "Back up the truck".  Oh, wait..., in reverse!

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Visual management...

I fucking hate it actually... it's so populat these days...

Same at work.. I need to tell stories in pictures so the people understand it.

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Why you hating on chimps domo-kun?

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It's very effective when the alternative button delivers an electric shock.

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Two words are equally worth the same amount..and scene.. 

Cyprus "template" just crossed the pond into Canada. 

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What you just missed was a Cypriot jumping off the very top of the last building...while engulfed in flames.

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There's one standing on top of Bank of Cyprus, ready to jump.

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cant sleep

mattress too lumpy

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I loved that story, The Princess and the Precious Metal, right?

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Well at least Laiki Bank had the foresight to build a heliport...

Seasmoke's picture

it is good to see they have their Heliport in the last picture.....

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much ado about nothing locally; much ado about something globally! 

The Rubicon, and its legacy...

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are the Cypriots reCypriocating - as in rebellion?  Would we?

don't see fires and appears the ships have sailed.

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If you really want to visualize this Cyprus mess, Google "rape porn"

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Egads, what a depressing day in The New Normal. Stawks up, gold down, print, print, print, loot, loot, loot.

I sure could use a WB7 thread about now.

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It is not "Deposit Confiscation

It is robbery pure and simple

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THEFT By any other name is still...

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A condo just sold in Miami the (Setai South Beach) for $3,045 per square foot a non-penthouse.  A penthouse that was 7,100 sq ft, in the same building, sold in January for $3,802 per sq ft...yes thats 27Million.  Prices are not up, they are full retard in some spots.  And then I read a story of a lady from China buying a condo in New York ($6M) for her daughter when she goes to college yet the kid is only 6 years old.  This is 2006 Cypress doesn't infiniti and beyond!!! <sarc>

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

> $3000 sq ft!  Yow!  2006 retarded indeed.'s picture

Not to mention all the condo fees, taxes, insurance, upkeep, utilities.......buyers are mostly Brazillian or Russian, all cash

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It's good to see the visualizations back.


It would be even nicer to see one for firearm and ammunition purchases since the made-for-tv Sandy Hook hoax. I saw more paid actors impersonating bereaved parents reading from teleprompters today.

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Who cares about Cyprus? Sunshine, gas stations and restaurants open, even banks, after a decent nice holiday, so what? I couldn't care lesser!

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I like trucks.

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The Royal Bank of Canada has the highest exposure to Derivatives in the Canada.There's another big problem.There is no National Securities Regulator.Numerous Provinces and Territories each have their own.The Federal Government in Canada has control over Derivatives.After the housing crisis in the States the Federal Government in Canada bailed the Banks out by removing hundreds of billions of toxic holdings off of the books at the Banks and transferred the toxic waste to CMHC(Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation).It is essentially an Insurance Company set up by Government that charges extra insurance fees that go into an account which is funded by people that don't have enough downpayment and/or income to qualify for a standard mortgage.They must struggle to pay the extra insurance premium.It's basically backstopped by an Insurance scam.The Government in Canada used this monied up entity to bail out their Banking buddies in Toronto.It was done by Stephen Harper the Canadian Prime Minister who is supposed to be a conservative.He's a conservative with a small "red" c. He also helped bail out GM and Chysler.Here in Canada the Government is now perceived as being a slave to a gang of foreign international entities that they continually attend,which are literally a National Security Threat.It is a corrupt system helped by a Goldmanite who is Mark Carney that has ballooned the deficit to several hundreds of billions of dollars and has also passed a special law to hide what was spent on Afganistan(most likely about 50 billion).

OutLookingIn's picture

Don't forget King Stephen the 1st and his new 2013 budget, on pages #144 & #145 calling for a bank "bail-in" in the event that that any "systemically important" financial entity is threatened with insolventcy.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

I have to laugh at all the wise guys on ZH who were quick to jump onto the "Let's blame the Russian oligarchs" game.  Few flagged the fact that this was a classic Magician's Trick (distraction & action), that allowed the Brits to withdraw tons more. 

People are so gullible and easy to manipulate.  Exactly why I'm getting my assets out of the US.

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Cyprus is leaving the Euro. This is how the Germans say goodbye.