Hagel Deploys Missile Defense System Amid "Real, Clear Danger" From North Korea

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It appears the Korean 'rhetoric' is being taken a little more seriously than the (always knows best) market - as we noted here with the last inter-Korea cooperation breaking down. Chuck Hagel just announced that the US will be moving missile defense batteries to US bases in Guam (an American territory southeast of Korea). Bloomberg adds:


The market dipped on the news of the mobilization and Hagel's comments that North Korea "poses a 'real, clear danger' to US Allies."


Via The WSJ,

The U.S. is preparing to deploy an advanced missile-defense system to Asia to defend American military bases in the Pacific, a signal that the Pentagon doesn't believe the threat of a possible North Korean attack is likely to fade quickly.


A senior administration official said the U.S. will deploy the system, known as a Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense battery, or THAAD, to Guam to protect against short- and medium-range missiles from North Korea.




A senior administration official said that when the THAAD system is deployed in Guam, its protection won't reach South Korea. The deployment is aimed at protecting American interests in the region.


With a major U.S. airfield and an incoming contingent of U.S. Marines, Guam has become the most important U.S. military base in Asia.




The decision also signals that the Pentagon views North Korea as the larger immediate—and potentially more long-lasting—threat to the U.S. and its allies.




"It can defend salvos, multiple launches coming at them, more than any other system," Mr. Ellison said. "It is the best system we've got."

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*copyright 2013, someone else.

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Send in Team America

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Send in Rodman my ass.   Drop Shaq from 40,000 ft on their asses.   Level the place.

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"Send in Rodman my ass.  Just have Shaq drop ass.   Level the place."



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Send Madonna!  Better yet, send the Kardashians!!!

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The decision also signals that the Pentagon views North Korea as the larger immediate—and potentially more long-lasting—threat to the U.S. and its allies.


Thank God Americans still have their assault weapons to defend our frightened leaders and indeed our own homeland from the yellow North Korean menace.

Only a terrorist would seek to disarm us in dangerous times like these...

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Speaking of which, anybody else notice the recent remake of "Red Dawn" involved a North Korean invasion (seriously?).

Makes you wonder if this is following a certain script. . .

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Same with the movie Olympus Has Fallen.

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And to top it all off the Council on Foreign Relations says they are working to help Iran create a nuclear bomb to use against Israel and the U.S.


Hmmmm.... does the road to Tehran run through Pyongyang?

Dare we wait until a mushroom cloud rises over Detroit?

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Israel has 150+ nukes.

Expect an international taskforce to sweep through Israel to secure these dangerous WMDs.

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Wow.  I hadn't realized that.

How many dots do we need to connect, eh?

"Lets see, it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck. . .  "

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Two new movies coming to a theatre near you..."Wag the Hog" and "Shag the Dog"

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Let's see... the last time I recall the US and China working together to secure the region resulted in...

Pearl Harbor!

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Who said the US & China were working together?

It's not like those damn mutual defense treaties have ever actually turned a local war into a World War before...

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Brilliant! Send all the Kardassians. Then send Kim Jong 'micropenis' an anonymous tip that they're actually undercover spies for the USA. Hopefully they'll put them out of their misery so I can go back to living a beautiful life where they didn't exist.

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Import the faggot JB from Canada and send him too.

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China also started to mobilize its army.

It is very easy to miscalculate and ending with Korea and USA looking like a Moon landscape.

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How many ounces of silver in various missiles that blow up and vaporize it?

Silver bouncing now: http://www.pmbull.com/silver-price/

Get your physical now, before dealers decide to stop selling based on BS spot prices.

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 How is the US going to end up like a moon landscape?  Are you saying WWIII here, involving the Russians, or what? 

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China and North Korea are part of the same "Sinosphere" consortium of power. The Chinese military controls the North Korean military, and provides them with military technology (that means missiles, nuclear weaponry, and informational technology for "cyber-war"). I would be willing to bet that the "launch codes" needed to deploy North Korean missiles are held by the high command of the PRC's army, not by anyone in North Korea (and certainly not by Kim Jong-Un). Even within the North Korean hierarchy, Kim Jong-Un is merely a figurehead who works on behalf of the junta of army generals that actually controls the nation. North Korea is used as a proxy by China when direct Chinese provocations against the US and US-allies carries too much risk.

North Korea's actions seem like bluster/posturing, or just plain crazy, when looked at out of context.

If you'll recall, however, their last missile test riled Japan due to the trajectory of the missile. This came about amidst a Chinese-Japanese diplomatic dispute over the Senkaku/Diaoyu islands. Why does China care about these islands, which are essentially barren rocks jutting out of the water? Remember, both the People's Republic of China (Red China) and the Republic of China (Taiwan) recognize these islands as part of Taiwan (although they disagree on whether and how Taiwan and mainland China will ever be unified). This is a point of commonality between Red China and Taiwan. The North Korean missile test was a message (threat) to Japan, and a kind of overture to Taiwan. The broader geopolitical goal is to isolate Japan, the primary Western ally in the region. South Korea will not risk all-out war and potential missile strikes on Seoul in order to assist Japan. There is still bad-blood between South Korea and Japan over World War II. The fact that Japan presently faces an acute financial crisis also accounts for the otherwise unexplained timing.

My belief is that this will not end in war but rather it will culminate in a series of missile tests on the part of North Korea. These tests will make it clear to the US that China is transferring increased amounts of sophisticated military technology to North Korea, and thus the DPRK's abilities are greater than previously imagined. This is intended to shake-up the geopolitical situation in Northeast Asia, in the PRC's favor. 

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If  this is true then the answer is to nuke China now while you can still win.

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or...North Korea is controlled by a tall midget operating on a perpetual twinkie high. 

(Will US' missle defense trump NK's twinkie defense?)

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I agree with pretty much everything you say. But don't forget that NKorea gets over 80% of their food, fuel and electricity from China. The bottom line is that NKorea would cease to exist in about 1 month if China cut off all the aid they send them. So you are correct to assume that this is all bluster and just a chess piece move on a larger strategic game.

I have said for years, the real prize for China is Taiwan. The China economy grew exponentially when they took over Hong Kong from the British because they were able to nationalize all that business experience and world contact. The same is true with Taiwan. NKorea is just a pawn to use as a trade for Taiwan. Expect NKorea to continue to approach and even cross the red lines, so the USA will be desperate to do anything to avoid another Korean War. Hagel is already discussing this with China, and you can bet China will say they will control NKorea in exchange for the USA abandoning Taiwan. That is the prize and the second domino to fall after Hong Kong. China can then concentrate on both Japan and SKorea. They will be the 3rd & 4th dominos. With those 4 dominos gone, all the USA will have left as allies will be the Phillipines and Australia. But they will be too far away to prevent China from becoming the dominant Pacific power.

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The Falling Dominos are back!

Quick!  Get General LeMay on the phone!  We gotta drop some bombs!

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We're going to send in 'THAAD'??? Sounds like a gay yuppy from New Yawk...how about Muffy and the twins?  The only clear and present danger here is from our own government...

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Well, other than the loons who insist on the idea of "our" government that is...

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I feel sorry for Dumb Fuck Chuck, who apparently hasn't had time to read the chapter in DoD for Dummies where they explain that Star Wars is only slightly less BS today then when Ray-Gun was claiming to soon possess the magical ability to stop Soviet ICBMs in mid-air...

Perhaps they could bribe one of the legion of corrupt Chinese generals for copy of the Korean guidance software so they could rig a North Korean launch like they do US missile interceptor tests.  It would certainly be both cheaper and more effective than what the traditional US MIC solution.   

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We need to spread some more democracy. In fact they can take ours, we don't use it anymore

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Perhaps if we write inspirational messages on our tomahawk missiles they won't hate us for our freedoms.

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Man...so many people around the world hate us for our freedom and wealth.  Maybe we should get rid of some of our freedom and wealth.  Oh, wait...

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Kim Jong Un- the boy who cried wolf.  What?  He doesn't like to be called "boy"?  Ooooooh, sorry.  No, really.   Um Rodman, a little help here....

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Kim Jong Un: the boy who cried "Worf!".

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Careful, don't insult the Klingons.

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will be moving missile defense batteries to US bases in Guam


Hagel:  Do not put them all on one side of the island, spread them out so it doesn't tip over and everyone drowns..

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Rep. Peter King has said we could take "pre-emptive action" against North Korea because they're making scary noises. Distract! Distract! Distract!

I hate all these fucking armchair generals sprouting their little war chubbies, just itching to send someone else to bleed and die for their supposedly righteous cause. They've got a special place in hell reserved for them. Fuck 'em all.

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Exactly.  Need. Distraction.  Anything else is BS.

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Could you explain to me, "What is it good for?"

Inquiring minds want to know.

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It's good for bankers and the defense industry. Also killing off "unfunded liabilities."

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It took me a couple of months of reading that last part before I got my arms completely around the topic. My, "people can't be that completely focked up" bias made it difficult to comprehend.

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ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!   (sorry 70's tune came to mind)

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War is business and business is GOOD.