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Hagel Deploys Missile Defense System Amid "Real, Clear Danger" From North Korea

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It appears the Korean 'rhetoric' is being taken a little more seriously than the (always knows best) market - as we noted here with the last inter-Korea cooperation breaking down. Chuck Hagel just announced that the US will be moving missile defense batteries to US bases in Guam (an American territory southeast of Korea). Bloomberg adds:


The market dipped on the news of the mobilization and Hagel's comments that North Korea "poses a 'real, clear danger' to US Allies."


Via The WSJ,

The U.S. is preparing to deploy an advanced missile-defense system to Asia to defend American military bases in the Pacific, a signal that the Pentagon doesn't believe the threat of a possible North Korean attack is likely to fade quickly.


A senior administration official said the U.S. will deploy the system, known as a Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense battery, or THAAD, to Guam to protect against short- and medium-range missiles from North Korea.




A senior administration official said that when the THAAD system is deployed in Guam, its protection won't reach South Korea. The deployment is aimed at protecting American interests in the region.


With a major U.S. airfield and an incoming contingent of U.S. Marines, Guam has become the most important U.S. military base in Asia.




The decision also signals that the Pentagon views North Korea as the larger immediate—and potentially more long-lasting—threat to the U.S. and its allies.




"It can defend salvos, multiple launches coming at them, more than any other system," Mr. Ellison said. "It is the best system we've got."


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Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:20 | 3404404 redpill
redpill's picture



*copyright 2013, someone else.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:21 | 3404413 BaBaBouy
BaBaBouy's picture

Just Send RODMAN ...

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:22 | 3404424 gimli
gimli's picture

exactly ...... he's much taller and more tatooed then all of them put together

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:26 | 3404438 camaro68ss
camaro68ss's picture

Send in Team America

(Que Song) AMERICA, FUCK YA. doing whatever america can do. AMERICA, FUCK YA

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:31 | 3404483 The Big Ching-aso
The Big Ching-aso's picture

Send in Rodman my ass.   Drop Shaq from 40,000 ft on their asses.   Level the place.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:40 | 3404530 redpill
redpill's picture

"Send in Rodman my ass.  Just have Shaq drop ass.   Level the place."



Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:47 | 3404573 Troll Magnet
Troll Magnet's picture

Send Madonna!  Better yet, send the Kardashians!!!

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:58 | 3404578 ZerOhead
ZerOhead's picture


Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:59 | 3404637 ZerOhead
ZerOhead's picture

The decision also signals that the Pentagon views North Korea as the larger immediate—and potentially more long-lasting—threat to the U.S. and its allies.


Thank God Americans still have their assault weapons to defend our frightened leaders and indeed our own homeland from the yellow North Korean menace.

Only a terrorist would seek to disarm us in dangerous times like these...

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 15:12 | 3404706 Citxmech
Citxmech's picture

Speaking of which, anybody else notice the recent remake of "Red Dawn" involved a North Korean invasion (seriously?).

Makes you wonder if this is following a certain script. . .

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 15:17 | 3404729 Beam Me Up Scotty
Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

Same with the movie Olympus Has Fallen.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 15:46 | 3404844 ZerOhead
ZerOhead's picture

And to top it all off the Council on Foreign Relations says they are working to help Iran create a nuclear bomb to use against Israel and the U.S.

Hmmmm.... does the road to Tehran run through Pyongyang?

Dare we wait until a mushroom cloud rises over Detroit?

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 16:14 | 3405123 Pinto Currency
Pinto Currency's picture


Israel has 150+ nukes.

Expect an international taskforce to sweep through Israel to secure these dangerous WMDs.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 15:21 | 3404747 Arkadaba
Wed, 04/03/2013 - 15:33 | 3404802 Citxmech
Citxmech's picture

Wow.  I hadn't realized that.

How many dots do we need to connect, eh?

"Lets see, it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck. . .  "

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 16:48 | 3405358 tenpanhandle
tenpanhandle's picture

Two new movies coming to a theatre near you..."Wag the Hog" and "Shag the Dog"

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 15:13 | 3404716 NotApplicable
NotApplicable's picture

Let's see... the last time I recall the US and China working together to secure the region resulted in...

Pearl Harbor!

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 15:24 | 3404760 Urban Redneck
Urban Redneck's picture

Who said the US & China were working together?

It's not like those damn mutual defense treaties have ever actually turned a local war into a World War before...

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 15:07 | 3404690 nugjuice
nugjuice's picture

Brilliant! Send all the Kardassians. Then send Kim Jong 'micropenis' an anonymous tip that they're actually undercover spies for the USA. Hopefully they'll put them out of their misery so I can go back to living a beautiful life where they didn't exist.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 15:41 | 3404837 resurger
resurger's picture

Import the faggot JB from Canada and send him too.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:47 | 3404576 caconhma
caconhma's picture

China also started to mobilize its army.

It is very easy to miscalculate and ending with Korea and USA looking like a Moon landscape.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:57 | 3404636 AllThatGlitters
AllThatGlitters's picture

How many ounces of silver in various missiles that blow up and vaporize it?

Silver bouncing now:

Get your physical now, before dealers decide to stop selling based on BS spot prices.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:59 | 3404639 aerojet
aerojet's picture

 How is the US going to end up like a moon landscape?  Are you saying WWIII here, involving the Russians, or what? 

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 15:37 | 3404819 ChrisFromMorningside
ChrisFromMorningside's picture

China and North Korea are part of the same "Sinosphere" consortium of power. The Chinese military controls the North Korean military, and provides them with military technology (that means missiles, nuclear weaponry, and informational technology for "cyber-war"). I would be willing to bet that the "launch codes" needed to deploy North Korean missiles are held by the high command of the PRC's army, not by anyone in North Korea (and certainly not by Kim Jong-Un). Even within the North Korean hierarchy, Kim Jong-Un is merely a figurehead who works on behalf of the junta of army generals that actually controls the nation. North Korea is used as a proxy by China when direct Chinese provocations against the US and US-allies carries too much risk.

North Korea's actions seem like bluster/posturing, or just plain crazy, when looked at out of context.

If you'll recall, however, their last missile test riled Japan due to the trajectory of the missile. This came about amidst a Chinese-Japanese diplomatic dispute over the Senkaku/Diaoyu islands. Why does China care about these islands, which are essentially barren rocks jutting out of the water? Remember, both the People's Republic of China (Red China) and the Republic of China (Taiwan) recognize these islands as part of Taiwan (although they disagree on whether and how Taiwan and mainland China will ever be unified). This is a point of commonality between Red China and Taiwan. The North Korean missile test was a message (threat) to Japan, and a kind of overture to Taiwan. The broader geopolitical goal is to isolate Japan, the primary Western ally in the region. South Korea will not risk all-out war and potential missile strikes on Seoul in order to assist Japan. There is still bad-blood between South Korea and Japan over World War II. The fact that Japan presently faces an acute financial crisis also accounts for the otherwise unexplained timing.

My belief is that this will not end in war but rather it will culminate in a series of missile tests on the part of North Korea. These tests will make it clear to the US that China is transferring increased amounts of sophisticated military technology to North Korea, and thus the DPRK's abilities are greater than previously imagined. This is intended to shake-up the geopolitical situation in Northeast Asia, in the PRC's favor. 

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 15:45 | 3404870 robertocarlos
robertocarlos's picture

If  this is true then the answer is to nuke China now while you can still win.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 16:58 | 3405406 tenpanhandle
tenpanhandle's picture

or...North Korea is controlled by a tall midget operating on a perpetual twinkie high. 

(Will US' missle defense trump NK's twinkie defense?)

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 17:29 | 3405575 SDShack
SDShack's picture

I agree with pretty much everything you say. But don't forget that NKorea gets over 80% of their food, fuel and electricity from China. The bottom line is that NKorea would cease to exist in about 1 month if China cut off all the aid they send them. So you are correct to assume that this is all bluster and just a chess piece move on a larger strategic game.

I have said for years, the real prize for China is Taiwan. The China economy grew exponentially when they took over Hong Kong from the British because they were able to nationalize all that business experience and world contact. The same is true with Taiwan. NKorea is just a pawn to use as a trade for Taiwan. Expect NKorea to continue to approach and even cross the red lines, so the USA will be desperate to do anything to avoid another Korean War. Hagel is already discussing this with China, and you can bet China will say they will control NKorea in exchange for the USA abandoning Taiwan. That is the prize and the second domino to fall after Hong Kong. China can then concentrate on both Japan and SKorea. They will be the 3rd & 4th dominos. With those 4 dominos gone, all the USA will have left as allies will be the Phillipines and Australia. But they will be too far away to prevent China from becoming the dominant Pacific power.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 17:33 | 3405608 akak
akak's picture


The Falling Dominos are back!

Quick!  Get General LeMay on the phone!  We gotta drop some bombs!

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:41 | 3404537 krispkritter
krispkritter's picture

We're going to send in 'THAAD'??? Sounds like a gay yuppy from New about Muffy and the twins?  The only clear and present danger here is from our own government...

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 15:15 | 3404719 NotApplicable
NotApplicable's picture

Well, other than the loons who insist on the idea of "our" government that is...

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 16:20 | 3404792 Urban Redneck
Urban Redneck's picture

I feel sorry for Dumb Fuck Chuck, who apparently hasn't had time to read the chapter in DoD for Dummies where they explain that Star Wars is only slightly less BS today then when Ray-Gun was claiming to soon possess the magical ability to stop Soviet ICBMs in mid-air...

Perhaps they could bribe one of the legion of corrupt Chinese generals for copy of the Korean guidance software so they could rig a North Korean launch like they do US missile interceptor tests.  It would certainly be both cheaper and more effective than what the traditional US MIC solution.   

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 16:51 | 3405368 Panafrican Funk...
Panafrican Funktron Robot's picture

Reminds me of this classic Carlin bit:

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:34 | 3404490 azzhatter
azzhatter's picture

We need to spread some more democracy. In fact they can take ours, we don't use it anymore

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:42 | 3404542 redpill
redpill's picture

Perhaps if we write inspirational messages on our tomahawk missiles they won't hate us for our freedoms.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:49 | 3404587 Troll Magnet
Troll Magnet's picture many people around the world hate us for our freedom and wealth.  Maybe we should get rid of some of our freedom and wealth.  Oh, wait...

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:36 | 3404494 TeamDepends
TeamDepends's picture

Kim Jong Un- the boy who cried wolf.  What?  He doesn't like to be called "boy"?  Ooooooh, sorry.  No, really.   Um Rodman, a little help here....

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:40 | 3404528 akak
akak's picture

Kim Jong Un: the boy who cried "Worf!".

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:54 | 3404611 Big Corked Boots
Big Corked Boots's picture

Careful, don't insult the Klingons.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:55 | 3404624 akak
akak's picture

Nor the Lomurans.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:31 | 3404473 Stoploss
Stoploss's picture

will be moving missile defense batteries to US bases in Guam


Hagel:  Do not put them all on one side of the island, spread them out so it doesn't tip over and everyone drowns..

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:42 | 3404539 iDealMeat
iDealMeat's picture

I logged in to +1 you..


Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) on Guam Comments
Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:28 | 3404450 McMolotov
McMolotov's picture

Rep. Peter King has said we could take "pre-emptive action" against North Korea because they're making scary noises. Distract! Distract! Distract!

I hate all these fucking armchair generals sprouting their little war chubbies, just itching to send someone else to bleed and die for their supposedly righteous cause. They've got a special place in hell reserved for them. Fuck 'em all.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:39 | 3404496 valley chick
valley chick's picture

Exactly.  Need. Distraction.  Anything else is BS.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:27 | 3404456 Oldballplayer
Oldballplayer's picture

Could you explain to me, "What is it good for?"

Inquiring minds want to know.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:30 | 3404475 McMolotov
McMolotov's picture

It's good for bankers and the defense industry. Also killing off "unfunded liabilities."

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:41 | 3404536 The Gooch
The Gooch's picture




Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:44 | 3404561 kridkrid
kridkrid's picture

It took me a couple of months of reading that last part before I got my arms completely around the topic. My, "people can't be that completely focked up" bias made it difficult to comprehend.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:32 | 3404477 valley chick
valley chick's picture

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!   (sorry 70's tune came to mind)

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:37 | 3404506 Spastica Rex
Spastica Rex's picture

War is business and business is GOOD.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 15:54 | 3404948 Tim White
Tim White's picture

Absolutely NothinG!!

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:37 | 3404508 insanelysane
insanelysane's picture

Hopefully they don't look at the wrong charts and get it stuck on a reef or even worse, start shooting down commercial airliners headed out of NYC airports.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:54 | 3404612 azzhatter
azzhatter's picture

Wonder if this fucktard Hagel can even find NK on a map?

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 15:22 | 3404756 lolmao500
lolmao500's picture

It's the best system we've got... and what happens to US credibility when it fails in face of crappy NKorean missiles? LULZ?

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:21 | 3404407 SeverinSlade
SeverinSlade's picture

Apparently North Korean fireworks-er ICBM's pose a real threat now.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:21 | 3404414 gimli
gimli's picture






Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:26 | 3404448 SeverinSlade
SeverinSlade's picture


Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:31 | 3404478 wee-weed up
wee-weed up's picture

There is actually a weapons system concept known as "Rods From God"

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:43 | 3404558 krispkritter
krispkritter's picture

Can't we just ship them Madonna? At least Rodman is good for something, b-ball.  All Madonna is good for is a celebrity cum dumpster and she might just give their country an STD...

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:22 | 3404421 cornflakesdisease
cornflakesdisease's picture

If they go to war, it will be bad.  If they don't put a stop to little man, it will be bad.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:23 | 3404422 morning
morning's picture

And gold is down on this? Bullish.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:34 | 3404492 wee-weed up
wee-weed up's picture

It looks like all the money is going into BitCoin right now...

Don't worry... it will be back... once BitCoin gets shut down.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:41 | 3404540 little buddy bu...
little buddy buys the dips's picture

can one purchase choom with bitcoin?

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:55 | 3404626 wee-weed up
wee-weed up's picture

Not to worry...

it will soon be up in smoke.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:24 | 3404425 CrashisOptimistic
CrashisOptimistic's picture

Maybe Apple finally found a way to stop Samsung.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:49 | 3404588 kridkrid
kridkrid's picture

So.... not actually that absurd, when you stop and think about it.

As Smedley Butler stated:
“I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism. I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the International Banking House of Brown Brothers in 1902-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for the American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Honduras right for the American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested. Looking back on it, I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.”

How better to make the world safe for Apple... I mean democracy (same thing, no?).

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 15:23 | 3404753 Spastica Rex
Spastica Rex's picture

What's good for Apple is good for America.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 17:56 | 3405717 akak
akak's picture

By stating the obvious, you are clearly an unpatriotic, anti-government terrorist sympathizer for even implicitly suggesting that any other line of thought could be considered or even imagined.

I am Bob, and I approve this message.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:52 | 3404598 TPTB_r_TBTF
TPTB_r_TBTF's picture

I just hope the next season of the Simpsons doesnT get delayed!


"The Simpsons" have been brought to life for about 15 years at South Korea's AKOM Production Co.


Wed, 04/03/2013 - 15:20 | 3404744 aerojet
aerojet's picture

Nobody has watched the Simpsons in at least ten years.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 15:25 | 3404768 TPTB_r_TBTF
TPTB_r_TBTF's picture

Nobody has missed out then.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:24 | 3404426 spinone
spinone's picture

Rodman already infected N Korea with a Virus

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:24 | 3404428 gjp
gjp's picture

Market's right not to be too concerned with farcical bluster from North Korea.

But there is a clear and present danger closer to home that the market ignores (actually, welcomes with open arms).  It resides in the Mariner Eccles building and packs more destructive power than the nuclear arsenal of the entire world.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:24 | 3404432 gimli
gimli's picture

Can this imminent threat help PM's today?

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:47 | 3404581 tsx500
tsx500's picture

no but it should be enough to make the dow green in the next 75min

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:26 | 3404433 Benjamin Glutton
Benjamin Glutton's picture

China military buildup on NKorean border continues

China continued moving tanks and armored vehicles and flying flights near North Korea this week as part of a military buildup in the northeastern part of the country that U.S. officials say is related to the crisis with North Korea.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:25 | 3404444 freeasabee1
Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:29 | 3404461 Oldballplayer
Oldballplayer's picture

Wow...she is a looker.  And to think Fox News has not "discovered" her!

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:37 | 3404518 flacon
flacon's picture

It must be really cold in that TV studio. She's all bundled up. Usually us Canadians do that when it dips to -40C. I can't imagine why they would have it so cold in that studio though. It's kind of strange. 

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:43 | 3404546 Taterboy
Taterboy's picture

MSNBC should hire her. Then the Panty Boys on Morning Joe could give her fashion tips.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:29 | 3404467 Vashta Nerada
Vashta Nerada's picture

Just to be clear, China is moving materiel to the border as reserves for North Korea, not to fight them.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:46 | 3404567 WTF_247
WTF_247's picture

China does not want the US involved.  They need NK to be on their side - they cannot have the US pull an Iraq or Afghanistan and try to "liberate" the people.  China does not want the US to have access to its borders, nor build dozens of bases in NK. The military buildup is vs the US invasion imo, not vs what the NK might do.  If NK starts acting crazy China will go in and take over to preempt any US action.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 17:39 | 3405637 Crabshacker
Crabshacker's picture

Correct..My Father was a 24 yr. old gunnery Srgt. in the first Marine Div. in Chosin Res.  Where he and a few other good men were left to fight their way out. He told me of a night where they 5 machine gunners with a assitant to help feed the 50 cal. belts, he burt 4 barrels out over the course of the night firing on the "human wave" look here.... (Korean War)

By morning only he and his feeder were alive,and the 18 yr. old kids hair turned gray.


  Oh yeah, they were all Chinese..

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:25 | 3404434 Smuckers
Smuckers's picture

To comprehend this, I need to see an infographic....with trucks.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:30 | 3404459 McMolotov
McMolotov's picture

Picture miles and miles of dump trucks, all filled to the brim with bullshit, and you'll understand.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 15:10 | 3404697 TheGermanGuy
Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:24 | 3404435 Vashta Nerada
Vashta Nerada's picture

Sounds like Kim Jong Un is losing his grip on power, and looking for an excuse to get everyone's mind off of their problems. 

Or, maybe I am thinking of the wrong leader.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:29 | 3404439 Pseudo Anonym
Pseudo Anonym's picture

what's the chance that the dearest leader of n.korea is working his way to the 32nd mason degree by executing instructions received by his local m. lodge to instigate war and  credible distraction from the financial fiasco in the west?  dont forget:

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:39 | 3404519 RSBriggs
RSBriggs's picture

None.  There are no lodges in North Korea, and he doesn't meet the elgibility requirements to be a Mason in any case.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 15:01 | 3404661 TPTB_r_TBTF
TPTB_r_TBTF's picture

you would know...

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:26 | 3404441 Essential Intel...
Essential Intelligence's picture

The globalist banking elite seems to have exhausted its conventional firepower of QE and Bailouts, to the point of Bail-ins like in Cypress and like is now planned for Canada . The UK runs a Ponzi economy while the USA pretends to run one, thus are quickly approaching the political tipping point of turning in to an ostensible tyranny. A cold-war scenario may be intended to lead to a declaration of an NRBC (Nuclear, Radiological, Biological, Chemical) emergency state across the USA, thus admitting the DHS to overtake the sovereign constituent states and letting FEMA to deport the good and the brave to its civilian concentration camps, aka “prolonged detention” camps according to Obama recently . At present, perhaps the most convenient machination for instigating an instant nuclear Cold-War vs. the USA is by means of treading on North-Korea's youngster monarch Kin Jong Un. This produces a minimalistic enemy from across the relative safety of the Pacific ocean. Insofar an American play of gunboat diplomacy around North-Korea has been met with a rattling which exposes the maturity of the North-Korean nuclear ballistic weapons program, which is intertwined with the Iranian one. Details here:

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:26 | 3404442 IamtheREALmario
IamtheREALmario's picture

There was an article (I think in the Jeruselum Post) that said the hit rate on the missile defense system is about 5% and the cost is huge.

I think Obummer and Kim should naked Jello wrestle in the DMZ for control of the Peninsula.

... on second though Obummer would probably enjoy having Kim on top of him. 

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:37 | 3404507 azzhatter
azzhatter's picture

they don't call him bathhouse Barry for nothing

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:30 | 3404446 jjsilver
jjsilver's picture

North Korea takes it's marching orders from china, it's all staged just like cyprus, just like aurora, just like sandy hook, just like 911, just like bin laden being killed etc. etc. etc........................

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:56 | 3404622 Banksters
Banksters's picture

North Korea wants sanctions lifted.  What better way than to talk shit endlessly.   



Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:27 | 3404451 ParaZite
ParaZite's picture

Ok, I'll admit it. My mind is full of fuck right now. 

How can you avoid a war, that has been ongoing for fifty years? North Korea and South Korea never ended the Korean war. Granted there was a truce that lasted a while, but the war never ended. Therefore, North and South Korea have been in a state of war for fifty years. 

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:32 | 3404486 dick cheneys ghost
dick cheneys ghost's picture

Its all about the DOLLAR........

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:27 | 3404454 Lordflin
Lordflin's picture

Will China stand by and watch the West overwhelm their puppet... I am unclear here... and I have tried to understand... is it the US provoking the North Koreans, or the NK attempting to compensate for internal issues. Even if it is the latter seems the West has jumped on the opportunity to escalate events. I have long thought the West wants war with China and Russia... laundry list of reasons... from debt to competition for resources to the simple lust for world wide dominance... Impossible for the West to declare war... Western populations would never go for it. Better to get China and Russia to start the fight... then the serfs will rally to the flag... On the other hand, what choice will exist at that point.

War is unthinkable... until it becomes thinkable...

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 15:02 | 3404662 Banksters
Banksters's picture

US military wants the sequester cuts reversed.  Moar war, bitchezz.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 15:10 | 3404693 SMG
SMG's picture

I believe North Korea's government is doing this to quell dissent internally.   

China doesn't want a war yet, they aren't ready.  China controls North Korea, so I don't think anything major will come this at this time. 

From what I've read The Elite plan WWIII around 2016-2022.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 16:27 | 3405234 Lordflin
Lordflin's picture

I agree that China... or at least the Chinese government... does not want war yet... they do need more time to prepare. But if the West is planning on a war do they really have the luxury of waiting... ie, do they intend to provoke war, and is NK leader stable enough to sit idly on the sidelines. So far as China needing Americans to buy stuff at Walmart, that is very naive... There are far bigger fish to fry.

And don't mistake me here... from my perspective a major war is insanity...

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 17:39 | 3405628 SDShack
SDShack's picture


It's all a big strategic play by China to dominate Asia, and continue their economic growth. NKorea gets over 80% of their food, fuel and electricity from China, and probably 100% of their military knowledge. The bottom line is that NKorea would cease to exist in about 1 month if China cut off all the aid they send them. 

I have said for years, the real prize for China is Taiwan. The China economy grew exponentially when they took over Hong Kong from the British because they were able to nationalize all that business experience and world contact. The same is true with Taiwan. NKorea is just a pawn to use as a trade off for Taiwan. Expect NKorea to continue to approach and even cross the red lines, so the USA will be desperate to do anything to avoid another Korean War. Hagel is already discussing this with China, and you can bet China will say they will control NKorea in exchange for the USA abandoning Taiwan. That is the prize and the second domino to fall after Hong Kong. China can then concentrate on both Japan and SKorea. They will be the 3rd & 4th dominos. With those 4 dominos gone, the only allies the USA will have are the Phillipines and Australia. But they will be too far away to prevent China from becoming the dominant Pacific power, and therefore global economic power. For this reason, it will never come to war because China knows they can't win a war against the USA, and would destroy China economically, and that is completely counter to China's goals.


Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:29 | 3404458 Taterboy
Taterboy's picture

China will never let North Korea kill Americans. China needs live Americans to buy the crap they make at Walmart.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:31 | 3404471 freeasabee1
freeasabee1's picture

maybe there is a reason why Walmart has issues stocking shelfs lately.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:28 | 3404460 SmittyinLA
SmittyinLA's picture

Fag drama, move along nothing to see all scripted Kabuki, gotta keep up US defense spending, the Norks may attack with their milllion man army (that isn't allowed bullets) or the Chicoms with their carrier that has no planes.

How long are Americans gonna keep falling for this bullshit? 

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:31 | 3404468 Oldballplayer
Oldballplayer's picture

Bit coin is worth a million today.....

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:31 | 3404472 Stares straight...
Stares straight ahead's picture

Korean border live stream time, tyler(s)!

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:40 | 3404533 dick cheneys ghost
dick cheneys ghost's picture


China has its own RT.........might be as close as you can get........

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 19:46 | 3406144 Stares straight...
Stares straight ahead's picture

Imagine my surprise when they were speaking English better than my neighbors. Thanks.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:36 | 3404500 azzhatter
azzhatter's picture

The only terrorist I'm worried about resides at the FED

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:35 | 3404503 roadhazard
roadhazard's picture

That sequester has sure put a crimp in the MIC, huh. :handjob:

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:37 | 3404510 Dewey Cheatum Howe
Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

It has been awhile since we've had an article here about the nanny/police state, drones, survellience and all those we need to erode freedom and rights for safety kicks so here it is.

Suddenly, NYPD doesn’t love surveillance anymore Law enforcement agencies monitor our most basic acts. But try assigning them a watchdog and they resist with fury


I don’t personally agree that this logic is a convincing justification for the American Police State, and when I hear such arguments, I inevitably find myself confused by the contradiction of police-state proponents proposing to curtail freedom in order to protect it. But whether or not you subscribe to the police-state tautology, you have to admit there is more than a bit of hypocrisy at work when those who forward the Big Brother logic simultaneously insist such logic shouldn’t apply to them or the governmental agencies they oversee.

This contradiction is now taking center stage in New York City, as Mayor Michael Bloomberg and New York City police commissioner Raymond Kelly wage a scorched-earth campaign to prevent the public from being able to monitor its own police force. And in that crusade comes the frightening assumption about how the terms “safety” and “security” are now defined.

To appreciate the rank hypocrisy of Bloomberg and Kelly opposing the creation of an independent police monitor, remember that they are two of the faces of the modern American Police State — and two of the biggest proponents of 24/7 monitoring of citizens....


As a justification for all of this, Bloomberg and Kelly typically cite New York’s declining crime rates as ends-justifies-the-means proof that their methods work. In this, they are extrapolating William Bratton’s old “broken windows” theory of crime, insinuating that because New Yorkers know they are under such intense and brutal police scrutiny, they are more prone to avoid breaking the law.

Yet, in now opposing the creation of an independent monitor to surveil, analyze and assess lawbreaking by police and municipal agencies after a wave of complaints about alleged crimes, Bloomberg and Kelly are crying foul. Somehow, they argue that their own Big Brother theory about surveillance supposedly stopping current crime and deterring future crime should not apply to municipal officials themselves.

This is where an Orwellian definition of “safety” comes in, for that’s at the heart of the Bloomberg/Kelly argument about oversight. Bloomberg insists that following other cities that have successfully created independent monitors “would be disastrous for public safety” in New York City. Likewise, the New York Daily News reports that “Kelly blasted the plan as a threat to public safety,” alleging that “another layer of so-called supervision or monitoring can ultimately make this city less safe.”

If this pabulum sounds familiar, that’s because you’ve been hearing this tired cliché ad nauseam since the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Whether pushed by proponents of the Patriot Act, supporters of warrantless wiretapping, or backers of other laws that reduce governmental accountability, the idea is that any oversight of the state’s security apparatus undermines that apparatus’ ability to keep us safe because such oversight supposedly causes dangerous second-guessing. In “24? terms, the theory is that oversight will make Jack Bauer overthink or hesitate during a crisis that requires split-second decisions — and hence, security will be compromised.

This, indeed, was precisely the argument of the spokesman for the Fraternal Order of Police when in 2011 he articulated the Big Brother case against allowing citizens to even record police actions on their own property. Police officers, he said, “need to move quickly, in split seconds, without giving a lot of thought to what the adverse consequences for them might be.” He added that “anything that’s going to have a chilling effect on an officer moving — an apprehension that he’s being videotaped and may be made to look bad — could cost him or some citizen their life.”...

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:38 | 3404516 Hubbs
Hubbs's picture

Just in time to read my daughter her bedtime nursery story.

Tonight it will be the Aesop's Fable entitled: "The Boy Cried Wolf."

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:38 | 3404517 wharfdaddy
Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:40 | 3404523 rosiescenario
rosiescenario's picture

......and in other news, D. Rodman will be meeting later today with officials in the Offal Office....

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:39 | 3404527 F. Bastiat
F. Bastiat's picture

Clearly, the norks and the chi-coms recognize that Hussein Obama is more or less on their side.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:41 | 3404529 Clowns on Acid
Clowns on Acid's picture

Kim long Jong short Dong has already bought on the dip based on the news. All is ok now....ready yourself for the 3pm buy the feckin dip. Hell feckin' even Dennis Rodman knows this now.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:44 | 3404554 LetsGetPhysical
LetsGetPhysical's picture

Quick we need a distraction...

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 15:16 | 3404704 CaptainSpaulding
CaptainSpaulding's picture

Louie Anderson is back on tv.. How's that for a distraction?

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:45 | 3404570 FishHockers
FishHockers's picture

Send Rev's Al, Jessie,Leon and wright, then Nuke the joint.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:47 | 3404575 rosiescenario
rosiescenario's picture

....and the Chinese rulers are moving troops, aircraft, etc. into position on the Korean they are indicating that their support of the N. Korean nutcase shall continue. Just wondering how the average Chinese citizen views that....probably with as much support as the average U.S. citizen views our curent own current rulers in D.C.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:54 | 3404605 balz
balz's picture

The US declared war on North Korea with its unfair sanctions. Just OK for North Korea to fight back IMO. We might not like Kin Jung Un but if the whole world was putting pressure on Washington with trade sanctions, Washington would surely react. The US is clearly to blame for this (whatever our opinion about North Korea, its regime, how it works, how it treats its people).

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 15:12 | 3404707 Chaos_Theory
Chaos_Theory's picture

Bull f-cking sh!t...Nork's want more free stuff every few years so they break the previous agreement, do something specifically against it (nuke test, launch ICBM-capable "space" rocket, blow some shit up, etc) until Uncle Sam, Japan and S Korea fold and come to the talks with more free fuel, grain, beer, porn and Juicy Girls.  It's as close to a Mafia "protection" racket as exists at the nation-state level.  Just give "the great Young General" some new Nintendos, some gin, and a shit-ton of Twinkies.  He'll calm down and wait a few more years. Then rinse, repeat, eat mo Twinkies.

Or he's played WAY too much COD MW II and thinks he can go beyond the perfect shakedown scheme his Pops invented and go for the one ring. 

None of that endorses Goldman Suchs, Imperial U.S. policy, R or D domestic BS, EuroNazis or any other favorite TPTB target.  Some stuff in this world actually happen independently, and this is close to being one of them. Personally I'm hoping for WWZ.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:53 | 3404607 SheepDog-One
SheepDog-One's picture

That's OK I'm sure the U.S. stawks wouldn't dip red for much more than a half hour or so even if L.A. was hit by N Korean nukes.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 15:09 | 3404694 TPTB_r_TBTF
TPTB_r_TBTF's picture

gonna be a lotta broken windows.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:52 | 3404608 forrestdweller
forrestdweller's picture

if the military industries are one of the pillars of your economy, you need a littel war now and then.


Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:57 | 3404629 rubearish10
rubearish10's picture

The Korea thing seems more like a calendar item following Cypress, following Sequester, following Italy, following Fiscal Cliff.......Get the picture?

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:59 | 3404647 rubearish10
rubearish10's picture

....for those who have not yet figured this out, BTMFD!

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 14:57 | 3404638 Yen Cross
Yen Cross's picture

     Nighttime lights North Korea.     At least the fireworks show will be good.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 15:00 | 3404652 Bob Sacamano
Bob Sacamano's picture

Boy, I am so glad we have Chucky Hagel at the Defense helm. 

Pretty sure he is incompetent.  

And why hasn't Kerry diffused this situation already with his one-trick diplomacy pony?  Hillary left him a mess.


Wed, 04/03/2013 - 15:01 | 3404659 Joe A
Joe A's picture

A Stalinist dictator is not willing to sacrifice millions of his people for his own ambition....oh wait.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 15:12 | 3404710 mattdubz86
mattdubz86's picture


Wed, 04/03/2013 - 15:12 | 3404713 Benjamin Glutton
Benjamin Glutton's picture
China mobilizes military, on 'high alert' over N. Korea threats

China has started mobilizing military forces around the Korean peninsula in response to rising tensions that follow recent threats by North Korea to launch missile attacks against its southern neighbor and the United States.

According to US officials, Pyongyang’s declaration of a ‘state of war’ against South Korea has led to the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to increase its military presence on the border with the North. The officials say the process has been going on since mid-March, and includes troop movements and readying fighter jets. The PLA is now at ‘Level One’ readiness, its highest.

Chinese forces, including tanks and armored personnel carriers, have been spotted in the city of Ji’an and near the Yalu River, which splits China and North Korea. Other border regions were also reportedly being patrolled by planes.

China has also been conducting live-firing naval exercises in the Yellow Sea, scheduled to end on Monday. The move is widely viewed as open support for North Korea, which continues to show extreme opposition to the US-South Korean military drills that are to last until May.


Wed, 04/03/2013 - 15:15 | 3404718 Stinko da Munk
Stinko da Munk's picture

Hillary is going, "It's all about timing, bitchez."

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 15:21 | 3404745 lolmao500
lolmao500's picture

Funny. Nothing will be left to defend CONUS when an EMP missile fired from a container ship wipes out the grid.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 20:52 | 3406327 mjcOH1
mjcOH1's picture

Because we've fielded a strategic nuclear force for 50 years and never saw that coming.....

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 15:25 | 3404767 Westcoastliberal
Westcoastliberal's picture

With all the saber rattling from N. Korea, we might want to revisit this story, which far as I'm concerned, was never seriously explained:

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 15:28 | 3404778 shovelhead
shovelhead's picture

Nuke the Norks!


Save my Samsung warrantee.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 15:29 | 3404788 Skin666
Skin666's picture

There's war a-brewin...

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 15:32 | 3404796 chasman
chasman's picture


They talk about us citizens that have our little guns to protect our families while these POS politicians take 40 percent of our taxes to make the most lethal weapons on the earth to kill 1,000's of people. Then they sell these WMD's to all the countries of the world so they can kill other countries.

F'in Hippocrates

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 15:34 | 3404812 TomGa
TomGa's picture



N. Korea vows actual military actions

SEOUL, April 4 (Yonhap) -- North Korea's military announced Thursday that it would take a series of military actions against the United States.

In a statement, the North's supreme military command said it is formally notifying the White House and the Pentagon that "reckless operations" involving cutting-edge nuclear weapons have been finally approved.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 15:39 | 3404831 spacecadet
spacecadet's picture

Rodman showed him his penis and now he's trying to compensate

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 15:39 | 3404836 robertocarlos
robertocarlos's picture

That is an act of war. The NK guy could use that as an excuse to launch now.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 16:03 | 3405029 loveyajimbo
loveyajimbo's picture

I doubt that Hagel dropping a snickers into his knickers really means anything... he is a nervous bi-polar type... time for the NKs to have a nuclear accident... very unfortunate, but when they tried to launch, the entire capitol of NK went up in a atomic fireball... all that was left of Jong-Smegma was his bunghole.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 16:20 | 3405195 RichardENixon
RichardENixon's picture

I'd watch that. What time is it on?

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 16:07 | 3405077 SDRII
SDRII's picture

  • Western intelligence agencies haven’t found particle evidence of NK test
  • Urals meteor strike occurrs in wake of NK test (Feb-15)

  • A week later, Russian bombers circling Guam
  • A few days later ,Secret U.S.-North Korea diplomatic trips reported [Google visit NK back on Jan-7] 
  • US levered the NK dislocations to deploy a 2nd Xban radar to Japan
  • US announces deployment of missile defense to Guam
  • China, Korea and Japan start Free trade talks while the US puts full court press on japan to join the TPP
  • This morning Kerry recommits the US to defense of South Korea and Japan....

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 16:14 | 3405138 q99x2
q99x2's picture

Replace the UN with open source software.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 16:41 | 3405322 pashley1411
pashley1411's picture

No one mention that its springtime in North Korea, and perhaps those folks are just about out of grain before going into summer?

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 17:41 | 3405644 Dewey Cheatum Howe
Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

Good point starvation will make you do extreme things. Here is a general growing season guide for that region.

China (18 percent of world production)

Winter Wheat:
Planting: Winter wheat is planted from mid-September through October.
Harvest: Winter wheat is harvested from mid-May through June.

Spring Wheat:
Planting: Spring wheat is planted from mid-March through April.
Harvest: Spring wheat is harvested from mid-July to mid-August.


I'm sure they follow the same general growing season.

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 20:15 | 3406229 AynRandFan
AynRandFan's picture

Having Chuck Hagel as Sec. of Defense is the most dangerous threat to the U.S. today.  The guy is a moron.

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