Two North Korean Submarines "Disappeared"

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Chosun TV is reporting that South Korean military have lost contact with two North Korean submarines that left their naval base in Hwanghae Province a few days ago.

There has obviously been a lot of changes between last week and now and South Korean military officials suggested that while maneuvers in February were nothing meaningful, now it is provocation.

The two 'torpedo' subs are small 130-ton, 30-meter, 10-man machines that can stay submerged for three-to-four days.


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Simon's picture

Don't worry they are "parked" on the floor of the ocean.

Motley Fool's picture

Two questions, range and nuclear capbility?

kliguy38's picture

50 miles and marshmellows.........enough to do a lot of damage according to Michael Bloomberg......also rumored to have capability to deliver 32oz soft drinks to our own shore

xtop23's picture


Is that anything like Corzined?


krispkritter's picture

Not buying it! I don't think they can hold their breath or bladders that long...

IndicaTive's picture

It's probably not even a 30-meter sub. 27 tops. Eat Fresh!

MsCreant's picture

Men do seem to exaggerate length.

nmewn's picture

I wouldn't touch that comment with MDB's pole ;-)

The Alarmist's picture


So they take out LA ... will we really miss it?

nmewn's picture

I know I wouldn't, of course MoonBeam is doin a pretty good job of nuking the entire state right

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

I figured it wouldn't be long before reincarnated jesus showed up to pimp his site some more.

smlbizman's picture

time for the world police....fuck ya........

markmotive's picture

Yup. That's what submarines do.

putaipan's picture

for those of you who've never heard ben fulfords' take on the the situation....


mjcOH1's picture

"The two 'torpedo' subs are small 130-ton, 30-meter, 10-man machines that can stay submerged for three-to-four days."

Come on now....they can stay submerged a lot longer than that.

swmnguy's picture

Right.  It's the coming back up that gets tougher as time goes on.

kaiserhoff's picture

Works for both sexes:

Everything over a cubic mouthful is wasted;)

nmewn's picture

I've got a good story about that...but everyone would think I'm exaggerating ;-)

thewhitelion's picture

"Aye lass.  I know me organ's a bit small. but I didn't know I playin' in a cathedral."

twh99's picture

Maybe they are sleeping with the fishes?

ihedgemyhedges's picture

Of course not.  Don't be ridiculous.  They just got sequestered......

eatthebanksters's picture

Would someone get that Jong kid a popsicle so he'll stop crying?  Then let's park a smart bomb with a fire cracker in it on his front porch (like Ray-gun did to Quaddafi)...he'll prolly get the message and go eat some more comfort food like Kentucky Fired Chicken.

e-recep's picture

""Disappeared." Is that anything like Corzined?"

Similar but better. There's a chance they might surface again.

The Shootist's picture

Quit playing with your dinghy!

ExpendableOne's picture

I doubt a 10 man sub would have the ability to launch anything other than a torpedo or diver.  But, if the crew don't mind, they could probably stowe one onboard, park it on the bottom of a nearby harbour and set it off.  

hoos bin pharteen's picture

The subs were dispatched to Lake Travis - Austin, Texas!

prains's picture

Koreans are hobbit small so a ten man sub is actually a 20 man sub for them, if they chill on the garlic

BigJim's picture

How much range do you need to park alongside Fukushima and lob a few shells at the steaming remains of the crippled fuel ponds? Or any other nuke plant in the west?

Argos's picture

Now that is a very scary idea.

jerry_theking_lawler's picture

Holy crap....they did vow 'merciless nuclear war' on amerika. this would definitely fit the bill....

Quantum Nucleonics's picture

In answer to your question generally, I'd rather be in a German Type XXI, circa 1945.

Less flippantly, (1) fairly limited, and (2) none.  They are diesel powered, with batteries for operating underwater.  The moment they need to recharge their batteries, in a couple days, they'll be quite easy to find.  They are armed with vintage Russian/Chinese active-homing and/or wake homing torpedos with conventional warheads.

Some will recall a couple years ago that a South Korean frigate sank in mysterious circumstances.  It was raised and found to have been torpedoed, likely by a sub of the same class mentioned in the article.  The SK ship didn't have its sonar systems turned on at the time.

King_Julian's picture

Diesel electrics are much more difficult to find than nuclear powered boats in shallow waters. They need only rise to snorkel depth and could easily mask the sound with shipping traffic. These boats tend to stay in shallow waters and that serves to keep them hidden from other subs, of which there are several off the coast of NK right now, no doubt. They could be found by air and magnetic anomaly, but no doubt they are inside of a surface to air missile envelope for the moment. The snorkel mast is detectable but I'm guessing the NorKs know this and could obscure it from radar.

kaiserhoff's picture

You lost another submarine, Yuri?


From the Hunt for Red October

bankonzhongguo's picture

I would not be too surprised if this ever really escalates (again) its because China plans on securing most of North Korea a la UN humanitarian issues.  However, I can see the PLA-N really looking to base some Chinese subs out of "captured" Korean territory.  It has to be the most frustrating blue balled feelings to want to build a blue water navy and still be 10 miles from the Sea of Japan.  Being bottled up in the east china sea sucks.

If I put my non-green China hat on, I would induce Kim Dum-il whoever to spark something and then while the US and the South exhaust themselves in 30 days of hell, China "invades" the north to stop the war - securing new bases on the Sea of Japan AND looking like an international "savior."

That is a game changer.  DPRK and its insiders do not take a dump without China's approval.

deKevelioc's picture

Nah, both will pop up in NY harbor to grab a burger.

McMolotov's picture

They're defecting to come live in Montana like in The Hunt for Red October.

Wonder if they have caterpirrar drives?

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

No, I think they are searching for all of the lost gold and silver that seems to get lost during all of these boating accidents.  They must read ZH!!

Wile-E-Coyote's picture

Suicide mission.

Little Kim: Now you guys don't worry (he actually talks like that, watched too much US tv) what's in the box just drive up to San Francisco, park get out and wave at the Americans, don't forgot the message we taught you " Goodbye you mother fuckers" then press that liitle red button. Don't worry it will be all over in a flash.

BigJim's picture

 ...Don't worry they are "parked" on the floor of the ocean.

Yes... perhaps all these threats to nuke us is because they know who sank them.

OutLookingIn's picture

'Roanree. I'm so roanree...

"Ah so Birre Crinton. Did you bring the pictues?"

Another-Ex-RPI-Man's picture

Yeah. They are Advanced PADI certified. They are wreck diving.

Cui Bono's picture


insert Bitcoin joke here....

rp1's picture

They dumped all the bitcoins at the bottom of the ocean.  It's their scheme to get rich.

swmnguy's picture

Looks like they've been using the same template since, oh, 1993.  Why mess with a classic?

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