In Cyprus, Shock Turns To Anger

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For a few days, the rest of the world looked on awaiting the riots and social unrest in Cyprus that we have become accustomed to from their fellow unter-sufferers Greece and Spain; but it never came. However, as Reuters reports, the public shock (and numbness) over the tough terms of the so-called bailout is now turning to anger as million of Euros remain locked inside the country's banks. The people are "disappointed and angry," that the politicians are out of touch, and, "the big guys, who had the information, managed to take their money abroad." No one has answers for them, "I wrote to the central bank and they came back saying that it was not their competence, so whose competence is it?" as frustration boils over, "absolutely nothing adds up." But perhaps the saddest truth is that the Cypriots are resigned to years of hardship, "I am going to find myself on the street with no future, only debts. But we will fight to the end. We have nothing left to lose." It seems when a people has nothing to lose that anything is possible...

Via Reuters,

Public shock in Cyprus about the tough terms of an international bailout is turning into anger as millions of euros remain locked in the country's banks.




They are now demanding answers after allegations earlier this week that a company connected to the family of President Nicos Anastasiades shifted money out of one of the distressed lenders just before the banking system was effectively locked down on March 15.


Anger and impatience is rising as the results of an official inquiry into what caused the crisis, and exactly who knew what and when, is unlikely to be ready for weeks.


Banks reopened last week but Cypriots can withdraw only 300 euros ($390) a day under a range of controls imposed to prevent panicked residents from emptying their accounts or moving all their savings abroad. Anxiety is being deepened by confusion over how the hastily-imposed rules should operate.


Hundreds of bank workers protested outside parliament on Thursday, worried that they could lose much of their pension savings under the terms of the bailout deal. This stipulates that some depositors have to bear part of the rescue's cost if their accounts hold more than 100,000 euros ($128,500).


"I am disappointed and angry," said Iacovos Louca, 53, who works at Popular Bank, which is being wound down under the 10 billion deal with the EU and International Monetary Fund. "The politicians are out of touch with our problems and the big guys, who had the information, managed to take their money abroad."




Lack of clear answers on where their money may end up is fuelling public frustration.


Andrew Georgiou, a 55-year-old British consultant who moved to Cyprus a year ago with the earnings from the sale of his home in London, says all four accounts he holds with Popular - even a sterling account containing just 22 pence - are blocked.




"I wrote to the central bank and they came back saying that it was not their competence, so whose competence is it?," said Georgiou. "Nobody is explaining where anyone should go with a problem."




With an extensive remit ranging from the business sense of Cypriot banks hoarding a mass of Greek government bonds while others were selling them and the prudence of government fiscal policies, the judges will need a small army of consultants.


Cypriots are, in the meantime, resigned to years of hardship. Iraklis Paraskeva, 53, has three children to support, now studying in Greece. "I am going to find myself in the street with no future, only debts. But we will fight to the end. We have nothing left to lose."

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Gerald celente agrees.

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If the state ripped me off to this extent, I wouldn't be angry, I'd be plotting how to get it back.  All's  fair in love and war.

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A preview of what will happen to Japan?

Kyle Bass on the Japan Implosion:

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A mate of mine asked me what's going on in Cyprus and Europe as a whole....kind of a pointless question without the Big Picture.

Here is my response;

Yeah, the more I read the bigger this whole game is…and it really is a game of winner takes all.

You have many factions woven into several layers within the game. There are the countries around the world, there are the major financial infrastructures, there are the superrich entities, and there are the banking entities which stitch the layers together…which makes sense.

The best way to think of them and how they interact is by way of a Venn Diagram (below), then this will all make much more sense.

Take a simple Venn Diagram with 3 overlapping circles (A + B +C). Note that there are a total of 8 sectors including space outside the circles.

Let’s say that;
A = Are the countries of the world
B = Are the major financial infrastructures of the world
C = Are the banking entities of the world

The next layer is where just two of the major players overlap;
A/B = Military Industrial Complex and Major Corporations
B/C = Central Banks
C/A = Major Banks

You can now see how every entity is affected by every other entity, to varying degrees!

There is also another sector, right at the centre. This is the Superrich entities who own most of the real assets on the planet, such as a vast majority of Military Industrial Complex, the Major Corporations and the Major Banks, as well as most of the natural resources. Since the Major Banks own the Central Banks, then the Superrich own the Central Banks as well.

Now here is where it starts to get a little grey…..

Who is at the centre?

Well, there are at least three types of Superrich entities, they are;
1.       The ultra-wealthy families who have had money since at least the 1700s’. These families are well known historically but they are very well hidden today, so too is their money (Gold and something else).
2.       The Oil wealthy such as the Arab states. These are newcomers to the centre and their future is tied-up with the prosperity of their countries; if the country falls, so do they.
3.       The Oligarchical wealthy. More newcomers who have recently emerged from the end of the Cold War. These include most of the families which prospered from the Military Industrial Complex, like the [George] Bushs’, and Mafia type Oligarchs like Putin and his KGB mates.

Ok, so that paints a picture of how all the visible entities fit together…..but there’s another layer. This is a very, very well hidden layer.

Imagine that the Venn Diagram (the whole world) is drawn on a single piece of paper, well, who owns that piece of paper???

I believe that the next and final layer doesn’t really have a name…but I’ll call them the Custodians! The Custodians essentially won 80% of the world between the 1300’s and 1700’s. They comprise of many or most of the Ultra-Wealthy entities dating back as far as the Black Venetian Nobility, the Templars, the Teutonic Templars, the Vatican, and later entities such as the Rothschild family.

On the Venn Diagram these Custodians own most of the paper as well as the entire centre sector of the Venn Diagram.

These Custodians own vast, vast sums of wealth, accumulated over centuries. I believe the sums would be in excess of $700 Trillion. HOWEVER, this figure is not a Dollar figure, or a Yuan figure, or even a Euro figure and this is why…

When Rothschild created the Central Banking System he also created a layering of the system where, the Major Banks in each country owned the Central Banks from whom they borrowed the money. BUT, as with all systems it is built upon a network, and in the case of the Banking System and the entire Global Financial System it is built upon a framework (network) which is 100% owned by these Ultra-Wealthy elite families. It has been this way since the end of the Napoleonic War, where, Napoleon threatened the entire European Banking System as he believed in a Bank of France which lent money at 0% interest…he hated Banks, and Banks hated him!

So the real question is, what is the framework, what is the network???

The Custodial Framework
United Nations - Global Police
World Bank - Global Lender
International Monetary Fund - Global Debt Collector
Intelligence - Custodial Eyes & Ears (Mi6, Mi5, CIA, MSS, Mossad, FSB {KGB}, SIS, CSIS, ASIS, DCRI, BND etc)
Power & Control Centres - US Council on Foreign Relations, European Council on Foreign Relations, Club of Rome, Bilderberg Group, Royal Institute for International Affairs, Trilateral Commission etc.
Main Stream Media - Global Propaganda
Hollywood - Global Propaganda and epicentre for Alternative/Pagan/Kabbalic/Ancient Mystery Religious interests.

The Custodial Network
Bank for International Settlements - Global Banking Computer Network for the movement and transfer of Global Currencies (the Back Bone)
London Bullion Market Association - Physical distribution and controlling agency of Gold (real wealth)
Central banking Network - Physical distribution and controlling agency of Global Currencies (medium of exchange for services, goods and labour)
Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries – Global distributor and controlling agency of Global Oil (consumable real wealth)

What you must understand is that Currencies are merely a medium of exchange but Gold is real wealth and Oil is consumable real wealth. Oil is a type of hybrid between Currencies and Gold, this is why Oil States sell Oil in Currency (US Dollars) but there is always a payment in physical Gold as well. Oil has a usable function, Gold has a storable function, currency is merely a rate of exchange. You can think of Currency in terms of energy, Currency isn’t the fuel, Currency is merely the calorific value of the fuel being burned.


By the very nature of both the framework and the network, we can have a complete and total collapse of the Global Financial System and the Custodians don’t lose a single penny as they can simple create a brand new system at the click of a finger…new Currencies, new Bonds, new Banks, new Political systems….new everything….a brand new farm! This is because they own the machinery to make farms as well as the technology to do so.


People talk about a coming New World Order. If you believe what I have written you will see that it’s not coming at all, it’s already here, and has been here for perhaps 300 years. What they are talking about is merely the next cycle within the existing NWO…nothing more!


If you believe this, then for you the truth is revealed; that the threat of a coming NWO is a False Flag event. It is a deliberate misdirection to distract you from the truth hidden in plain view. If you believe that a NWO may be coming, then by definition, you believe that a NWO cannot currently exist. This is precisely what they want you to believe. They do not want you to realize that the NWO has already been implemented incrementally over the past 300 years and especially since the propagation of the Global Central Banking Cartel whose greatest achievements were the Bank of England, the United States Federal Reserve System, and the Eurozone (including European Central Bank).


There is of course one thing which they cannot create at the click of a finger…Gold!


When financial systems collapse the wealth transfer goes into Gold, which then becomes the store of wealth until a new system is put in place, then, the wealth transfer goes back into the new financial system. So, owning Gold is owning a piece of the next financial system, not the current financial system…get it? This is when Gold is most potent.


For this reason, every time the financial system becomes fragile, every entity always runs to Gold. Often they don’t really understand as to why, but they do nonetheless.


The real reason as to importance of Gold is very, very simple. Gold doesn’t sit within the Global Financial System itself, it sits outside the system (outside the Venn Circles), resting on the blank white paper which is mostly owned by the Ultra-Wealthy. In visible terms it is like the ‘Construct’ in the movie the Matrix, something which underpins the false reality which is created upon it.


To own Gold is to own both a commodity which is assigned a Currency value as well as a piece of the next framework, a piece of the next network. Everything else is which is going on is just noise and distractions to the masses….’Bread and Circuses’.


Currently, we are seeing suppression in Gold. I believe the reasoning behind this is to buy-time, enough time so that the framework and network have sufficient Gold reserves to restart the system and a long enough period of time so that the Gold buying is invisible to the general public, so as to avoid a panic or ‘run’. In any case, the next cycle is inevitable and it is coming whether we like it or not, or whether we are prepared or not.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Your piece will require a lot of thought by a not so bright Bearing.  Completely agree re gold though.

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Any dead bankers or politicians yet?

Fuck you sheep!

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The main problem for Cypriots is that there is nothing for them to physically attack. The "leaders" are phantoms who go to and come from meetings in secret places. There is no target. Even if they torch the Central Bank building it does nothing to the actual machinery of the financial system. They could possibly burn the Parliment building but the MPs did the right thing by not going along with the first assault wave regarding the "hair cuts", and they were bypassed by the Executive branch.

IMO the only thing they can do is passive resistance. A complete withdrawl of any activity which might support government funding. Essentially going Galt.

If they burned down town it would just be their own property they were burning. Makes no sense.

willwork4food's picture

+10 Spig

And may I add, TwoShortPlanks also hit a nice run with that piece.

Essentially, going Galt is the ONLY way we could possible have any power over these fuckers? Umm, got to look into ..wait, didn't Jesus, MLK and Ghandi say something about that?

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They are only phantoms to those who run around in tinfoil hats.

Debugas's picture

you mean stop paying taxes ?

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BULLSHIT! Burning down the bank(assuming they can't find bankers and politicians to lynch) sends a clear message. It inspires people around the world to do the same. The elite fear death just like anyone else. And justice will be served once the 99.9% of people are inspired by the actions of those who are most persecuted. Let the European Spring begin in Cypress. Or should they be weak, then when Ireland is raped again, let it begin there in earnest.

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what-no shitcoin mention?although I do believe we are headed towards one currency to rule them all.

TwoShortPlanks's picture

Bitcoins are a wonderful idea when society is operating properly. When things go off the rail, Bitcoins become vapourware.

I feel most Bitcoin investors will lose everything...someone is always smarter.

StandardDeviant's picture

If things go off the rails everywhere, all at once, then you may be right.

However, while it's probably not wise to hold your entire wealth in BTC, they should still be very useful if things go off the rails in your own country first.  Just look at the spike in EUR/BTC when the Cyprus deal first hit the news -- or all the questions about BTC posted by Argentinians affected by exchange controls.

Lore's picture

How many farmers or grocers accept BitCoins?

TwoShortPlanks's picture

Post WWII, but perhaps earlier, it was realised that Gold must be removed from the financial system. The excuse given was that it impaired the Banking Systems' ability to expand and therefore protection 'US' from future crises (Keynesianism). A lie which even the bankers bought into...why wouldn’t they?!

The real reason Gold was systematically removed from the financial system (Globally) was to place it even deeper into the financial system (LOL). A Gold Standard is akin to Gold acting like the mortar between the financial bricks of the Global Economic Building however, removing the Gold simply meant that Gold then flowed into private vaults of the same entities who owned the Gold within Central Bank vaults in the first place. They merely relocated the financial strength.

The Gold was replaced by 'Promise To Pay' and it flowed into the foundations on which the entire building is built (BIS etc). In this way, the building can be knocked down and rebuilt, using the foundations over and over again. The Gold never left the structure at all, it was merely reassigned.

So, instead of Gold being used as the mortar between the bricks of the Global Economic Building, we have 'Good Will', and good will can be expanded easily...but it can also erode just as quickly (faith). This is why we will either see a Global Financial Reboot, or, they will push Gold back up into the Mortar (Bond backing).

In essence, the removal of Gold meant that the nature of the system transformed from 'Fixed' to 'Recyclable', so long as the foundations are retained.

I don't envisage Gold as money, or currency, or even wealth, that's too rigid. It's like a Stem Cell; it can be grown into other things.

Just because Gold may re-enter the system doesn’t mean ownership changes.

Also, don’t think that Central Bank Gold Reserves being leased out is criminal, because the entities who own the Central Banks are the same people who are leasing the Gold, as well as all the intermediaries in-between.

So what’s happening in Cyprus? Well, Cyprus is the very first indicator of two things, they are;
1. That currency really isn’t owned by the depositor and is in fact owned by the representative Central Bank, and in turn, by the owning Banks, and in turn again, by the mob I discussed originally.
2. That the Global Central Banking cartel has blocked all the exits by taking over every other Central Bank in the world, or is very close to it.

“Give me the power to issue a nation's money; then I do not care who makes the law”

And that about all there is to it.

I wonder if a ‘Promise To pay’ includes food rations?

bsdetector's picture

What good can small amounts of gold be in individual hands if it is not used as a currency?

TwoShortPlanks's picture

Future. Land. Title. Transfer!!!!!!!

Think $134k/oz (in todays' currency terms, post collapse)

PS. anyone who thinks this is all criminal, think again, you are free to go out and purchase your own physical Gold, with currency belonging to another, at a very very low rate...TODAY! You are merely transfering your physical labour for the physical labor of another.

PPS. it's their currency which is dying, not yours. Protect your labour with PMs.

Nuff Said.

bsdetector's picture

TSP, gold has always struck me as a mortar of sorts, but as a medium of valuing sovereign currencies against each other. So if Japan inflates away the Yen, the number of Yen required to buy an ounce of gold should increase. But if at the same time the Dollar is not inflated the price of gold, in Dollars, should remain the same. Thus it should cost more Yen to buy a Dollar. I see Gold as having been the useful medium to value currencies, i.e. the value of one nation's currency against another nation's currency when one or even a few nations decide to inflate. A different situation arises, in my mind, when all nations inflate at the same time. If all inflate then the medium of gold would seem to be valuing all inflating currencies against gold, i.e., all currencies should lose value because the holders of the gold will not want to sell their gold to receive a currency that is worth less due to inflation. Do you have any thoughts on this matter?  

Lore's picture

What you describe accurately is the temporary foreign exchange model. It's about to reach 'teminal velocity,' hence the shocking divide between paper prices on the CRIMEX and real availability of product. PAPER PRICES DON'T MATTER IF YOU CAN'T GET THE STUFF.

This piece is about Ag, but the point remains.

rhinoblitzing's picture

You left out the:

D: Multi-National Corporations and

E: Insurance Companies

also, it seems as if you are coming from a Western perspective, leaving out other competing Ideologies and specifically the maniacal islamists that want their interpretation of how things should be.

It's not as clear cut as a Venn Diagram.

zorba THE GREEK's picture

TSP... If those in charge are selling off gold reserves in order to suppress  the price even though

the gold reserves will be the only thing left to back a new currency after those in charge destroy

the value of the present currency, wouldn't that be grounds for treason? I believe the logical

reaction would involve a length of sturdy rope or perhaps a firing squad.

TwoShortPlanks's picture

Would it be criminal to store grain to plant next years' crop while people starve outside the granary?

purplefrog's picture

Quite appropriate.  This is about a spiritual battle.  Trans-generational evil such as TSP is describing indicates/reveals the presence of a spiritual intent.  "That which has been hidden, will be revealed."  Things are really heating up now!

Joe A's picture

It is when that grain is Monsanto grain. And if it wasn't, they would find a way to make it criminal.

Pseudo Anonym's picture

conceptually no, it would not

Would it be criminal to store grain to plant next years' crop while people starve outside the granary?

however, the question is who is planting next year's crop.  is it the same criminals that mismanaged the food grain and are the cause of the starvation?

bsdetector's picture

But Zorba on whose behalf are the puppets acting?

zorba THE GREEK's picture

Both puppets and masters are guilty. One cannot prosper without the other.

mayhem_korner's picture

Currently, we are seeing suppression in Gold. I believe the reasoning behind this is to buy-time, enough time so that the framework and network have sufficient Gold reserves to restart the system


The suppression of gold prices works because people are stupid.  The sheep "invest" in things that are rising in price - for fear that they will miss out on what is already behind them - and "divest" of things falling in price - because of a wiring problem that makes them unable to recognize when a sale is on.

But if you believe the motive is to accumulate gold to "restart" the system, I believe you are mistaken.  The purpose of hoarding the true money foundation is to recalibrate the system.  It is ultimately about a forced transfer of sovereignty.  The people of Cyprus are guinea PIIGS.

TwoShortPlanks's picture

"It is ultimately about a forced transfer of sovereignty."

I think you need to see just how deep a significance a "forced transfer of sovereignty" would actually be. The outcome would be very similar to what I'm suggesting...ignoring the picture and color changes on meaningless pieces of paper.

The same people win everything, and the same people lose everything, in both your senario and mine.

String Theory and M-Theory....perspective!

mayhem_korner's picture



Oh I see the significance.  That is the broadest view of what is going on.  The currency issues are simply a conduit to what is a grand power play by self-loathing people who collaborate to subordinate the masses.  We may be saying the same thing, but your use of the phrase "restart the system" conveys a benign intent.  There is nothing benign about what is going on and the ambitions behind it.

TwoShortPlanks's picture

Yes, it's very broad and not accurate, only approximate.

Whether the solution be benign or otherwise, the owners of this system (assuming they exist) have two fundamental problems, they are;

1. A failing financial system, which they own, in which they derive wealth and status from (so, gotta keep it going or start a new one similar).
2. An overpopulating world which will kill itself if it continues.

They are damned if they do and dammed if they don't. In the end, both problems will be solved via a single solution...and it ain't pretty!

NOTE: If my thoughts on all this turn out to be even remotely close, then we must think of Agenda21 in its' corrects terms....A 'Tennancy Agreement', as scary as that sounds, AND, the possession of Gold to reduce ones' usufructuary exposure.
Usutruct (Ceasar owns all):

margaris's picture

A tennancy agreement between who??

They can't stay hidden in the dark when they have to come out and sign this contract, can they?

Damn, how I wish everyone would see how preferable anarcho-capitalism is, compared to being a slave ant in this world.

john39's picture

All about power... And one piece you don't mention. These "people" don't exactly attend the same religious services as your average human being. They sold out long ago.

TwoShortPlanks's picture

Agreed, they don't....*thinks about Kubrick*

Trampy's picture

Every "medicine" has side effects.  Gold price suppression causes silver to be artificially cheap.  Peeps/sheep blindly follow the leader.  Some buy while others sell, but almost EVERYBODY is doing what they see others doing.  Humans are very much herd animals.  Seems to me that only about five peeps out of a hundred are capable of original thought, irrespective of whatever cohort you're in, no mattter how high an ivory tower.

PMs are not the only manipulated market.  Look at last Thursday 3/28 when USDA issued a number for corn stocks with 400 million bushels coming out of nowhere at noon ET.  Less than 2 minutes later May corn was lock limit down 40 cents and today a new 2013 low, dragging down beans and diverging from wheat.  There's a pairs trade for ya!  ZCK3-ZWK3 went from -10 to +60 cents.  All 'cause of one number in a monthly release that could have been a mistake!  Just one number with no footnote, ~200 million bushels higher than the most "bearish" analyst with the consensus being the 3/28 USDA report would push prices higher.  Not.  Next Wednesday April 10 the full-enchilada big-time WASDE will have the breakdown, but till then the market acts as if USDA is like Moses talkin to God.  If there are any real traders here, don't miss the grains next week.  So we got that crazy disjointed ag market with two major reports in a week, fallout of cheap corn rallying meats, and on top of all that the grain trading hours are going back to more like it used to be before the 21-hr continuous trading we have now.  Beginning Sunday night April 7 Globex grain/oilseed trading opens 3 hours later than usual, coinciding exactly with the 9 AM opening of Chinese trading.  The only time that market has opens exact same as China were unusual post-holiday delayed US opens.  So my thinking is that the algos won't know what to do for quite a while because the clock is all out of whack.  Trading is easier in the evening when it's mostly humans and the new shortened hours should put more oomph into that new 9 PM EDT open.

xtop23's picture

That was a damn fine post. You have my respect sir.

q99x2's picture

Assumption, Custodian is not human. Otherwise he better get his ass into an AA meeting pronto.

essence's picture

Excellent analysis 2ShortPlanks for your post up above.

Something like this analysis usually either:
1) goes over peoples heads 'cause they can't 'handle the truth'
2) invokes cries of 'conspiracy buffs' and the derision that accompanies it

The only thing I might add is that I can't quite place the role of the BRICs (especially Russia and China) in the future scheme of things.  Possibly they might be beyond the reach of the "Custodians" ...although I suspect the Custodians are furiously trying to draw them in as semi-equals (disingenuously, to be sure).

TwoShortPlanks's picture

The BRICs have been troubling me also...all I can say is watch what they do.

China has been Cyber Attacking Australia's Reserve Bank. The RBA claims the Chinese are leaving bread crumbs but they are attempting to find out what RBA's Rates will be doing. Maybe so, but I personally believe that China is trying to find out what the RBA is thinking and doing about Australia's Gold Reserves.

If this assumption is correct, then it stands to reason that BRICS are perhaps trying to make sure they're are well ahead of the curve.

Remember, Australia is part of the Commonwealth. Australia’s' Intelligence Agencies are closely knitted to the United Kingdoms, as with Canada's (SIS {Mi6} = ASIS = CSIS). They have very similar structures and that's not a coincidence.

Although China and Australia's trading relationship and citizenry are quite close, China is very aware that the Commonwealth and the Peoples' Republic of China are chalk and cheese.

margaris's picture

You need a blog dude... you sure do.

Brit_Abroad's picture

Thank you TSP for a very interesting and thought provoking analysis.

I can well believe that this is the real set-up.

Nothing surprises me these days.


Go Tribe's picture

Where does pussy fit into all of this?

Melin's picture

She's the goddess over which none of the control freaks have power.