Daily Disconnect (Or Did Cyprus Matter?)

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With the 10Y Treasury yield trading with a 1.75% handle - its lowest of the year - it would appear that the fallout from Cyprus (storm-in-a-teacup or not) has had a significant impact on cross-asset class correlations. With safe-haven sectors the only bid holding up a fragile US equity market and EURJPY having been discarded by the algos for any pump-and-dump, it appears stocks are on their own now.


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This doesn't surprise me the slightest, to be honest.

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surprised ? stop analysing charts you geeks, markets are irationals, everyone is running around with the dick on fire trying to fuck around a little more, no logic either economicaly or politicaly (if the latests ever existed)

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Too much time on the hedge, too much disconnect, too mush booze...

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Or, too little time spent and booze drank...depending on how you look at it.

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I thought benny had the reigns on this one.

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He was right first time in this occasion.

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Just glad he didn't spell it 'Cypress'. 

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Should have stated Lord Benny. It would have been clearer.  Pun intended.

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its ALL good.  until its ALL BAD.  stairs up, elevator down.  dont forget jobs tomorrow will be under 150K.  big bro sequester cut tens of thousands of jobs.

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Actually that does strike me as bullish not bearish. And no...I'm not disappointed with my Treasury call from a few months back either. Of course it had everything to do with that Cypress thingy. Who knew trees..and other various coniferous plants...could move markets in such a favorable manner...

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It's almost as if the media blitz about the "great rotation" from bonds to equities was perfectly coordinated with the "great confiscation" of Cyprus' depositors.  What a bunch of dicks...

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after yet another billions dollars naked short broad daylight robbery of your PM investments courtesy of captured US regulators, JPM and bullion bank buddies it appears Au/Ag have bottomed. 

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Well, while Chinese are on vacations until Monday, those sneaky cocks*ckers will probably lunch another attack at around 7:30PM-8PM Today (Globex NY Session) That's what they did yesterday cutting off easy $15/oz in couple of hours while volume is low (hope not). I'll be watching this closely.
Check those 2 last couple of days, you'll see what I mean


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Japan has gotta buy something with their freshly printed money. 

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It looks like we are going to have an all Goldman Sachs MMA cage match between Mark “Brutal Reckoning”Carney and Mairo “Whatever it Takes” Draghi.Learn more about the Bashup in Brussels. http://tinyurl.com/c4dlrdt

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What's to worry about? Little 80% haircut at any second?

Bunch of crybabies. BUY STAWKS!

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".... it appears stocks are on their own now."

It appears everyone is on their own now if this short article is accurate.


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Um, if someone else holds your gold, you don't hold your gold. It's there, not here and it may not even be there.


Reality is such a problem sometimes.

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NFP tomorrow but no POMO, could be an interesting one.


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Matters not much.


40% of trading in on dark pools. Primary dealers can sell the same batch of stocks over and over and voer to each other in there.

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so japan has gone to ludicrous speed with their printing, we're to follow (especially since UE likely goes up tomorrow), and gold is down 40 cents?  after getting reamed 2 days in a row?  makes sense.  

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This is like Bizarro World -- up is down, down is up, good is bad.  When it ends, it will not be pretty.

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PPT only has a "BUY" button and unlimited cash - anything else just doesn't matter

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It matters only in the sense that capital will leave the Euro zone. Now that confiscation is a possibility all large despositors and corporates will be looking very carefully at their banks and withdrawing from any where they see weakness. Hence, the prospect of further bank failures and problems in the Euro zone are greatly increased.

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It will only be perfectly clear how much Cyprus mattered in the future. For now though, I assure you the tempest is most certainly exploding out of the teapot. The traffic has been absolutely insane on my blog. 9k viewers today.



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Next time you hear "Zero Hedge" as the preface to a question for Mario Draghi, go long a boatload of EUR.

And gee, EURJPY was only up 4% today ... 40x Leverage = 160% ... compound THAT.

Meanwhile in other news, Mr. Corzine says, "Huh?"

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After the dismal US employment figs tomorrow, Bernankle will open his komono toward Abe in Japan and say "You say flied lice and I say fluck you !" And then announce a $110B / mth QE.

No one is going to out kamikaze BernankleSan

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Can we get an SP chart adjusted for dividend payouts?

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I've been reading ZH for quite some time and this is my first post here!  yay for me...I do appreciate the candor and find the ZH banter to be quite entertaining and insightful for the most part, sans Paul Krudman's idiocy.  

I've been prepping for the worst and hoping for the best for five years now.  I lost my job last February and have been looking ever since (yeah I must be a loser, who knew?).  Due to my age of 50+ years (I do have a BS Info Systems), but alas was in a job that did not require me to update certifications...yeah I should have known better!  Anyway, long and short of it, I am either too old or underqualified to get a job doing the type of thing I was doing, or overqualified to do the clerical/stock boy jobs, and I am grinding closer to oblivion each day. Come july my family will be on the street (homeless) and in a world of hurt and no where to store my preps (and they are considerable)!  I am in a vice, it aint pretty!

What I want to know is when are Americans going to grow a set and get together to go up to DC and demand an end to the Fed and kick the crooked pols out of office???  When do we grow the same set of manhood our Forefathers had???  I shed a tear for America, we have lost our way and now have the 5th column occupying the WH and Congress.  It's a sad day indeed.  Ben is printing US into oblivion and Barack, et al are spending us into bankruptcy and we just sit on our duffs blogging and moaning about the sad state of affairs!  I sure hope we can start to organize and get together to make a change up there in unicorn land...fairy dust my azz!

Melin's picture

I'm sorry for your situation but I find a large amount of hope...

You and others say, "we just sit on our duffs blogging and moaning about the sad state of affairs!"

I say, your comment alone will be read by more individuals than ever had access to our founding pamphleteers' writings in their day. 

Liberty is gaining, not losing ground.

Abi Normal's picture

Maybe you are correct and I am in left field, but I do get a sense of things spiraling out of control.  I guess TPTB can do a lot moar monkey works to keep this thing afloat but for how long?  It could be days or years, nobody knows for sure, if they did, they would be a gazillionaire!!!  I hope you are right and LIBERTY is GAINING, but I just don't see it happening right now.  Voting is moot, as corruption is rampant.  One day IMHO it will not be the ballot box that will do our talking, not that I endorse that outcome, but I feel the threat of it will have to be our mantra.  Who in their right minds thinks that DHS buying billions of rounds or JHP and bunches of MRAPS and "personal defense weapons", but are trying to take our "assault rifles". The handwriting is on the wall folks, yet I see nothing on the horizon to cause REAL changes. We are letting TPTB rape and pillage our next generations, and they will be the ones to suffer the most...THAT is a legacy that I for one, do not want to leave them with.

I guess I'd rather die a free man standing, than a slave on my knees, if it comes to all that rot!

Melin's picture

I didn't mean to suggest you're in left field.  Just that it's not insignificant for you to stand up and speak.

Also, some days I'm more hopeful than others.

Abi Normal's picture

I appreciate your sentiment, TY!

StychoKiller's picture

Check out "ZIRP (0%) is Not Stimulus, Rather a Death Knell."

should you ever come back to this comment thread.

Abi Normal's picture

dang a triple play post, in the park home run!!!