Japan's Debt Crisis Visualized

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In just a few short minutes, inspired by Kyle Bass, Addogram presents a short visual explanation of Japan's debt problem. In the time it takes Ben Bernanke to print $13.7 million you'll have a deep understanding of Aso, Abe, and Kuroda's impending debt crisis.


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97% of all currency is digital. Have fun.

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don't worry, they'll print the money

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"In the time it takes Ben Bernanke to print $13.7 million"

Awesome perspective. Perfect description. Thank you TD.

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Japan is getting worse and worse. This desperation is the final attempts to regain control before they realize that they never had control

Kyle Bass discusses Japan's imploding economy:


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Anyone know how they calculate Japanese debt?  Does it include unfunded liabilites?

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Very very big calculator* with many many zero.

* Made in China

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Good question. My guess is no.

Fwiw, if you add the U.S.'s unfunded liabilities like Medicare, Social Security and the Prescription Drug program for Medicare our total debt comes to more than $1.2 million per taxpayer and climbing rapidly. (U.S. Debt Clock)

Of course, the mantra is that all is well because "we owe it to ourselves" as if it's ok to default on promises to fellow citizens. Grandma & grandpa won't mind surviving on dog food until Kevorkian's proteges come along to put them out of their misery I'm sure.

Let's get going... we need to spend more government money to get our economy going and healthy again. Just ask Krugman our Nobel Laureate economist and Ben Bernanke, "Man of the Year", and protege of "The Maestro".


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Yeah, that is what I was driving at.  Bass says that when debt is 24X revenues, you're finished.  Well, if you factor unfunded liabilites, the US is well beyond 24x revenues..

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Come to Russia, pay debt in worthless Ruble!

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Central Banks are combined with the enforcement arms of all gov'ts.  They can devalue, inflate, deflate, confiscate, kill, murder, declare uncitizens.  They don't really worry about blowback.  They know there is no recourse to their tyranny.  The silly Amerigo experiment which gave the illusion of escape from the house of Coburg-Saxe, Windsor, Hanover, etc. was just a ruse.  Write whatever you want upon the sacred documents, what reality is, is diKtat.  Maybe since the old world was ruled with the Great-greats of Victoria, the new world was left as the playground of purse pretenders.  Red Field had no crown, so why not in a federal field.

Those emblems of social contracts, rights of men, economic self-determinism, liberty, inviolable personal property, bills of rights, and constitutions which check the large ugly powers were but means to spur economic new world men to provide for the extracting powers.  Serfs under illusion of liberty perform so much better.

In this New economic world, no individual can impose the smallest check upon the imperious will of the fiat controllers.  The complete powers of darkness are arrayed against.  Ultimately all live by daily dispensation of a whimsical sovereign.  This sovereign will strip you of all property, happiness, and liberty with caprice aforethought.  That you exist whatsoever is but to maintain the morale of the other Rubes.  When (and it will certainly come to pass) they decide that your every particle, including privilege of life, no longer serve their interests and the expansion of their state--You will be erased. So much fertilizer.

In this new world, easy, serene platititudes of divine right to life, liberty, pursuits of individual happiness are deeply subordinate to those dark riders who live upon your exertions.  Indeed, every token of economic life is daily manipulated to the advantage of evildoers and the disadvantage of the honorable laborers.  Bonds, forex, currency, stocks, commodities, wage rates, product prices--all moved to satisfy the whim of central planners whose repression and impositions are daily small deaths.  Greater death, misery, and woe follow when the surplus of good men are exhausted.

And yet we persist in the hope of kingdom come.

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High Priest of Mammon, trafficker in soul of men. Where is Boris' vodka!?

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Any country whose leader is an Aso is probably in trouble, and that is most

Western nations.

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Debt is a problem.  First of all, it doesn't exist except the Rockefuckers and Rothschildren got a gun to your head... what's the point of even discussing this crap once you realize this basic truth?  Economists and all the crap they write... a freaking joke, talk about a hologram.

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Don't worry, Dr. Krugman will rewrite math.

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Hell no, he's in debt nirvana right now, he woudnt change a thing

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Einstein, on the greatest invention of the 20th century:  Compound Interest!

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"Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal."

-- Albert Einstein

Read more: http://www.quoteworld.org/quotes/4195#ixzz2PaOtjWqj
"He who joyfully marches in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would suffice."
-- Albert Einstein

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Ain't no debt in Japan now.....

nikkei up 459 points........

everyone witch now.......

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Eggs in japan are up 459 points too. 

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Bah, they'll just print more yen and it'll all be fine.

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I remember a time when the U.S. debt figure was $9 trillion and the 10 Year was at 5.25%. The common belief?  Borrowering rates would only go higher due to the increase risk of the U.S. not being able to service its debt. Now the U.S. Debt figure is $14 Trillion and the 10 year is 1.75%. Don't fight the feds, bitches.

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I remember a time when treasury paper had a positive real rate of return and the economy wasn't always in a life or death struggle to blow the next bubble in order to stay alive. Now I have the TV to tell me that these things don't matter and everything is just fine. I just need to buy the right stocks like LNKD and FB so I can afford to buy my next happy meal at McDonalds.

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Forget about Japan, North Korea etc. Something else is stinking right now and that is the middle east. I smells a war comin!

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Yes, ANY distraction or action (Magician's trick) or 'sacrificial offering' will do, to save the dollar from collapsing.

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Something very special about the area called the middle east, the so called 'birth place of civilization.'


Their is some old school, old time, ancient occult stuff of importance going on there for a long long time...whether one believes it or not - 'they' sure do.


This goes way beyond probably anything we can comprehend.

We would shit our pants if we really knew the truth...

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Love the companies that do those graphic explanations.  I use one called Brainshark personally, but they're all pretty handy when you're trying to bridge a wide gulf of understanding quickly.

So the most highly indebted country in the developed world (as a percent of GDP) is closest to the precipice..... who couldanodeit?


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Japan will simply change the system before this scenario plays out. If they go to a full MMT system, new Yen are created by the act of the government spending them into existence. No debt is needed.  Or they just mint trillion yen coins - same idea.  The debt is extinguished / inflated away.

Japan's real problem is energy. If they go to full-on MMT, they have to become energy self-sufficient to avoid ruinous hyperinflation. This means they need to restart all nuclear reactors, and build 3x more.

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I have been wondering for sometime why they haven't developed more geothermal power plants.  The country is basically sitting on top of a volcanic belt.

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in japan they wonder the same thing.

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japan is owned by the usa since 1945.

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Japan's Bebt Crisis Vocalized.

Fly me to the moon...

Chairman of the Board, Frank Sinatra


Or, maybe, it's Japanese My Way.

And now, the end is here

And so I face the final curtain



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isnt it funny to read people make statements like 'if japan did this or japan did that they could fix this mess...'....as if there is any other ending to this story..one ending...death war collapse pain pain pain.....!

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I applaud  for trying, but I still think Kyle Bass does a better job of explaining Japan's debt problem.

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Excellent, well done.

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Fix the bloody videos so the damn adds don't cover up half the videos on iPads!

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Here is a medical analogy

Debt is a disease.

It is cumulative in its affect and effects.


Let's call it a cancer.

A little cancer hurts nothing.

But as the cancer grows, it consumes the host, by interfering with vital functions.

It overwhelms the host and kills it.


Debt is cancer.  Properly managed debt can be eliminated .  Ooops I mean cancer.

They are organically the same.

Bernanke is a tumor that needs irradiation.

Send him to Fukishima!

Is there a word in our language that Bernanke equates to?

How about FUCKED.

Great leadership skills Benny

Now the whole world is morphing down your pie hole.



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Tyler's link stopped working for me around the 3:38 mark.  I had to copy the embedded URL link and watch the entirety on youtube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Njp8bKpi-vg

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Everyone jumping in front of steamrollers for dimes will hang in there until 3.97%.

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Kyle says: "Japan is about to implode"

Soros says: "Stimulous may trigger Yen avalanche"

Gross says: "BOJ has gone all in"


Something tells me that the proverbial manure is about to hit the fan ...

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If South Korea is eliminated Japan could push things out a number of years. But then we would have no more Korean soaps. Life in my particular household would not be good.

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this analogy applies to FED printing and BOE printing; both those CB print/ZIRP interest rate economies are in the same conundrum. Along with Club Med Euro zone. 

Too much debt everywhere; Japan is joining the debt print and Zirp money stimulus bigtime five years behind BEN, the Arch villain in this game.

This is a Pax Americana construct and the surrogates will now fall like nine pins until it reaches the core reserve currency.

Where will Kyle and Soros run to then? 

PS : I wonder what our good Dr Krug, who sometimes post here at ZH, has to say about the Keynesian End point concept and its application to different countries. Kudos to Aftab Singh for this presentation. 

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Just a dumb question: Isn't the US having a similar problem?

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The Assault On Gold — Paul Craig Roberts
and control is lost.