Mario Draghi Press Conference - Live Webcast

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The earlier ECB rate announcement came and went just as expected, and without granularity. Much more interesting will be the latest press conference. And if the last one was any indication, sparks will fly: recall that it was in March that "The ECB's Press Corps Realize They Have No Idea What OMT Is: "The Rules Are What They Are" Explains Draghi" - we look forward to FT's Michael Steen posting the same question to the former Goldmanite as it has been a month and... no term sheet, no details, nothing. Other expected questions: the "non-recurring yet blueprint template" nature of Cyprus, what the slowdown in LTRO repayments means, how the ECB will deal with the decelerating economy, and perhaps most importantly: what happens to deposits in other European banks? While we don't expect an actual answer to any of these, if indeed it is the globalist prerogative to accelerate the velocity of money by "spooking" it out of deposits and into circulation by spending or buying stocks, Draghi may have a stunner or two up his sleeve.

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Put some big ears on that dude and he'd look just a rat wearing glasses.

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KEYSENIANS Are In Extreme Desperation ...


Former Assistant Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts tells King World News today that the Federal Reserve is taking "desperate" action against gold to support the dollar and keep interest rates down and government bond prices up. "The last couple of days there has been an amazing amount of selling on the part of the Fed," Roberts says. "It's paper shorts, not actual people selling bullion. But they are trying to bust up the momentum in gold so they can hold on to their low interest rates, high bond prices, and continue printing money." An excerpt from the interview is posted at the King World News blog here:

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Oh man, Draghi's so full of shit. I can't stand listening to this charade, but I can understand how he got the job.

Thank God for tweeter, I'll get my headlines there.

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Netherlands-based ABN AMRO expropriates Gold customers


(Google translated link below).




The Dutch bank ABN AMRO has to be first April decide to change their own terms and conditions.These relate in particular investors, who have stored physical gold or other precious metals at the Bank.Like a letter of the bank shows to their customers, will henceforth have the precious metals no longer physically issued to their owners.Instead, get the bank customers the monetary value of their precious metals.The gold and the other precious metals but are still in good hands with the bank.ABN Amro is the largest Dutch bank.



The customer himself but had the face of these changes in the business conditions "do nothing," said the bank. "We make sure that we handled your investments in precious metals to the new way and managed." Given the fact that ABN AMRO now thanks to the fine print has the right to take the precious metals output only their monetary value to the customer, other banks could come to similar thoughts.




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HOLY MOTHER FUCKING SHIT! Who was that asking questions to Draghi on behalf of ZH????


edit: also, Dr.  You should change your avatar.  I beat you to it. Sorry

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"I Love Lucy" reruns are on TBS. Really unfortunate scheduling there.

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Yeah, Mario is a gripping orator but "Wipeout" is on.

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"What happens to deposits in other European banks?" , now after Cyprus (10%, 20%, 30%, 60%, 80%...) , I think they are studying a 10% annual levy on all deposits.

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Better than a soap. "The levy on insured deposits was not smart. That was quickly corrected. That's PAST". PAST? Like the drop 2.5Bn in market cap in PT banks during this week is past due to the contagious. Aahahaha.

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Draghi, do not allow the clown (Constâncio) to your right speak.  The ex-President BoP single handed allowed 2 banks exploded (recap alrady costed more than 6B). Now it's role in ECB is supervision. Ahahahaha

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Heads up for any readers with UK Santander accounts: In summary Santander suspended the account on 22nd March 2013 at the height of the Cypriot banking crisis to cling on to funds that were being transferred out with a misleading page that the bank is undergoing maintenance. Subsequently telephone banking has failed to have online access restored. A branch visit with passport ID has failed to get access restored despite the branch staff ms-informing me at the time that full access had been restored. And to date there has been no written correspondence from Santander with regards the status of the account. If you bank with Santander than it is likely you will continue to have access right up until the point you attempt to transfer a large sum of money out.


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"Gradual recovery", ahahahaha

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the title for this press conference: "Disclaimer"

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i'll have the cord on blue, s'il vous plait and a bottle of the goats du rhome

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Issue of the Day: Slow Economic ActeeVeeTeeee-eee.


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Ficies sustainability and ahh ahh global ahh governance ahh. Shutup'a your face'a....

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Well....glad to see all of yesterdays 'problems' are now forgotten and we can get back to what's really important....pumping stawks!

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Goldman Sucks B/S frontman... Get a rope...

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long guillotines

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Am disgusted already ....

Please drink when he says:

Recovery, On the right track, Price Stability, Bullish, easing, OMT, good conditions, By any means necessary ...

am out! this guys is so fucking obnoxious

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You Failed. Would you like someone else to give it a try? Strange puzzlement of criminal activities?'s a toughy...perhaps we should call Inspector Clouseau?

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Keep those plates spinning, Mario.

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Would like to see someone just go up and beat this fucker to a pulp

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Draghi has no clue.  Respond to the latest crisis.  Someone needs to ask why no action is taken to PREVENT the crisises.

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Who does Mario bank with?

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Just to help the press out.

Draghi Redux:


Draghi Sept: States can use OMT "when they will be regaining bond market access." March: "OMTs cannot be used to enhance return to market"


Draghi: OMT access is only for states able to issue bonds across curve to wide range of investors. OMT is only for those who don't need it.


Clear? Didn't think so. Who cares, Draghi will do all it takes. OMT does what it does not say on the tin.


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OK, really, if gold ain't up on all of today's headlines when the fvck will it be?

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When the Fed buys back all of Germany's gold in the open market. About 6.999 years.

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Patience grasshopper... Patience....

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WOOT they mentioned Zero hedge

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YEAH just one minute ago. The tentacle seems embarassed.


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Draghi now replies to Us that "We (ZH) vastly underestimate what the EU means for the Europeans."

Meaning that it won't just collapse, or so he hopes.


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I guess we won't see his face for the next press conferences. Respect for his balls!

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if the female reporters were topless, i could take this press conference seriously

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you jest!

Dr. PK

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Draghi laying into ZH lol !

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" NO PLAN B"  says it all.


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Zero Hedge Q1: "Is there a plan when a country decides to leave?" . Q1: "no answer, partial answer" but better answer yet: "NO PLAN B"

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Congrats Tyler's, and to all!

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No plan B! Way to get international recognition ZH!

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The polarised world now no longer hides itself :

- On the one hand the Oligarchs and their Caymanista banks stashed with tax free money; 32T and growing faster than Bitcoin! Fed on Banksta/CB hegemony and print to QE-infinity and Zirp that feeds the oligarchy cum banksta trough. 

- On the other hand the disenfranchised 'we the people' 99.9% majority, drowning in unemployment, economic ruin and debt burden's implacable and increasingly persistent shadow now threatening like chilling frostbite the future of their children and grandchildren in their iglooised urban hideouts.

This O-draghi Mordorista conference nothing more than a complaisant exercise of status quo mayhem garbed in sugary "economese" that hides dire thievery on a scale unimagined.

He does wear with affected assurance that ring of golden scumbagia, as servitor to the elite Sauron breed ostensibly doing God's work if you believe his monday morning quarterbacking wise words; AKA NO PLAN "B" TO THE QUESTIONS OF ZH ON CYPRUS LEAVING THE EZ!...Cyprus is no template, no turning point in EZ. 

Oh the happy few, who always have professed to the entitlement-less : little knowledge be a dangerous thing and hasty acts be counterproductive. Let us be the masters of your destiny, of things beyond your comprehension. Youpeee...pass me my takings of the day in my WS plays, there where no tax vigilante has his say!

Will the people get their own back? All they can do is to expose the ongoing scam via the Internet Tribunal of International exposure that should lead on to the International Tribunal of economic crimes against humanity, if the people get their will and political power back.

In the meantime play on the Wiki initiated leaks thread of media exposure, now burning up the Caymanista cover of these oligarchs and their cabal  in the current 260 gigabyte exposure.

Brave plays, but will there be resolution before Justice for Crimes committed and will reparatory punishment and corrective actions to right wrong then ensue?

As the spike of WS assets rises so will the panic that will ensue when the fall from contrived utopia comes brutally and all these thieves fall out as levitation becomes gravitational hard fall...the harder the fall the greater the demise of oligarchy genteelness, like on that hard hit ship of past hubris.

Machivellian Masks and civilization's unwinding blood baths. Its Nemesis that seems to have the last word not Justice in the way history plays out! 

What's new in this old, bold and non ethical world?

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You da man Tyler(s)!

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Gz Tylerz and Bitchezz ... The Mission Statment is now fucking clear: NO PLAN B!

so "On a long enuff ......

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here's another question from one of the unwashed at zero hedge.....this one is not so hypothetcal


"mario, what's does that new popes ass taste like??????????"

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In response to ZH there is no plan B