George Soros Warns "Central Banks Are Creating Financial Instability"

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While the crisis in Europe is first in Goerge Soros' mind because it is the "hottest" risk flare currently, his biggest concern in what he calls the "disarray in global cooperation," or what we would call 'dueling central banks'. "The almost universal adaptation of quantitative easing," worries him and he notes that "Europe is the last bastion of orthodoxy," in this regard as the aging hedgie warns, "Europe is entering a situation that Japan is desperate to escape from," as "Japan has just abandoned - after 25 years of stagnation - a process that Germany is just in the process of imposing on Europe." But perhaps his clearest concern in this brief clip is that no matter what we are told, the central banks' actions are 'creating' increasing financial instability because, "let's face it, quantitative easing is really and directly competitive devaluation." But it is his comments on the actions of the BoJ that should be most concerning as he stated to CNBC, "What Japan is doing is actually quite dangerous because they are doing it after 25 years of just simply accumulating deficits and not getting the economy going," as he fears should they actually get something [inflation] started, "they may not be able to stop it." If the yen starts to fall, which it has done, and people in Japan realize that it is liable to continue, and want to put their money abroad, then "the fall may become like an avalanche."


From INET (brief):


From CNBC (more depth):

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Fuck Soros. Sociopath monster.

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perhaps, nevertheless he does know a bit how CBs function

""Europe is entering a situation that Japan is desperate to escape from," as "Japan has just abandoned - after 25 years of stagnation - a process that Germany is just in the process of imposing on Europe.""

is he saying that europe has 25 years of calm, tranquility and slow stagnation ahead? compared to other scenarios in other countries this does not even sound that bad

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When I read between the lines of what he is actually saying, I get the usual "we need more NWO".

I'd trust Soros to have our better interests at heart about as far as I could throw a mile-high stack of FRNs.

The Big Ching-aso's picture

By the size of those eye bags I bet he has money stored inside them too.

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Ghordius, Europe is going down the shitter in real time.   Hopefully it will lead to the split up of the EU mafia.

Ghordius's picture

perhaps, perhaps. one question out of curiosity, though: is this "EU mafia" - by which I presume you mean the EU Council and the sub-groups like the EuroGroup - more congenial to you if splitted? and if yes, why?

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So, not a nice man like Warren Buffet?  Or do they hate him because "he didn't build that" (wealth)?  ;-)

Bearwagon's picture

Since when is Warren Buffoon a nice man?!

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Was the ;-) wink too subtle for you and your up-arrow pals?  Sheesh!

Bearwagon's picture

Okay, now I up-arrowed you. Was there anything else, I can do? Come on, man, it's friday, you know what that means, don't you? And, just in case you don't:  :)

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Uncle Warren likes ice cream cones. Doesn't that prove he's a nice man?

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Good morning, George! When you discover you're part of it, let us know again.

Or, are you already preparing us for the final takeover?

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You won't get our Arms scumbag, you are all going to Jail

ATM's picture

he wont make it to jail.

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This ass has said nothing about cb intervention and now he is a concerned citizen.



Soros is the AntiChrist.  Years from now when they write the epitaph for America, they will find out how extensive he directed the destruction of this nation. Obama is his picked right hand man demon child

eigenvalue's picture

If Soros is an Anti-Christ, then I must be a devil in your opinion because I'm a Mammonist. Money is my shepherd!

Ghordius's picture

do Mammonists believe in an afterlife? if yes, how does it look like?

eigenvalue's picture

No. Après moi, le déluge

Ghordius's picture

does this mean that with advancing age your shepherd's value to you decreases? funnily for many seriously rich people this means that they need moar of it ;-)

Schmuck Raker's picture

Actually, Michael J. Fox is the anti-christ.

The Big Ching-aso's picture

I think you're on shaky ground with that opinion.

LFMayor's picture

And Elvis is in Joan Rivers, but he's trying to get out!
He's trying to get out man!!!

highrise's picture

"I think you're on shaky ground with that opinion."

I felt bad for laughing at that

mayhem_korner's picture



That's because he wants to scare the sheep into filing into the paper investments he's already holding.  That's all he ever does.

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just talking his book.   what else is new.     i'd feel more at ease hiring Jerry Sandusky to run my daycare center than i would entrusting cs Soros to manage a dollar of my money

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George Soros Warns "George Soros Is Creating Global Instability"

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Why do evil people live so long? Is it all the baby blood they drink?

TeamDepends's picture

Possibly.  Also, the nightly spankings in dark robes is good for blood circulation.

Bearwagon's picture

That's because they know very well, they would be killed with bare hands instantly, if they ever showed up at any place where normal people (like ZHers) could get a hold of 'em. So they don't.

TeamDepends's picture

Ah yes, bare hands (tears up with nostalgia) the good old fashioned way.

JimBowie1958's picture

A hammer-hand to the side of the neck can work wonders.

Super Broccoli's picture

is Soros creating financial stability ???

CheapBastard's picture

Does he still hold his 600,000 shares of GLD?

markettime's picture

Has anyone noticed how the media all of a sudden has changed its tune about the markets. Its as if they are trying to scare a correction in the markets. ????

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they need a new crisis (the big financial one) to take advantage of.  dark days ahead.

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Georgi Soros, Hero of the Little Guy, Nazi Collaborator, killer of innocents.  His minions have done his bidding, now he's saying: "Look at them, what they did" as if he had no idea. He must have his positions on and its time to stampede the idiocracy.



H E D G E H O G's picture

Welcome to the party George! You fucking dipshit!

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My sentiments exactly, hedgehog. Is this guy a genius or what? Idiots that actually listen to some stupid fuck like Soros must be total morons. We really are in seriously deeper shit than I even thought. 

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And George Soros' financial machinations create -- ?

buzzsaw99's picture

It warms my heart that he cares so much about his fellow human beings. [/sarc.]

G-R-U-N-T's picture

FYI....Marxism is alive and well and on their way to global destruction...

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he will skim the cream from the CB milk; he is a true condottierre. No prisoners. 

Great swordsman of finance when : the "disarray in global cooperation," or what we would call 'dueling central banks' leads to "when thieves fall out" as Rome's mansions burn, amongst the top oligarchy CB papal circles; then the condottiere jackals can walk in.

The sack of Rome like in 1527. A Colonna...!  

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He is one of TPTB. 

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Go die already asshole.

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Maybe we should offer some help with that?