Chinese H7N9 Bird Flu Strain Found In Chickens, Poultry Markets Closed, Culled As Epidemic Concerns Spread

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When we updated last on the most recent happenings in Shanghai (and now various adjoining provinces) as a result of the spread of the H7N9 bird flu, which has so far taken 6 lives, we warned that it is "starting to have major spillover effects on the broader economy, such as mass slaughter of poultry at local markets - a move which will have certain inflationary effects to an economy already on the cusp of losing the war with the G-7's hot money."

Indeed, while the human casualties may be promptly contained, it will be the downstream effects on the economy that will have long-term reverberations. As SCMP reports, following yesterday's spot checks at various closed Shanghai poultry markets, the H7N9 strain has been found to have infected local chickens. "The ministry said last night that 10 chicken samples from two markets in the Minhang district of Shanghai and at the Huhuai Farm Products Market in the adjacent Songjiang district had tested positive for H7N9. The virus was also found in two pigeon samples and seven environmental samples collected from these markets, out of a total 738 samples tested."

The result has been widespread culling of chickens both in Shanghai and elsewhere, and while the government has been "generous", promising to pay vendors "compensation equal to at least 50% of the market price of the poultry slaughtered", the result is a complete collapse in all chicken-related sales.

From SCMP:

Li Wenqi, a poultry farmer in the city's Xuhui district, said his business had fallen from 100 chickens a day to zero since the H7N9 outbreak, but he was still very willing to comply with the government.

"Our business is suffering but people are dying," he said. "We can only be co-operative. This is not the time to bargain with the government."

As we reported yesterday, poultry markets are now closed indefinitely and chickens across the region are being widely exterminated. Reuters catches up:

State-run Xinhua news agency said authorities planned to cull birds at two live poultry markets in Shanghai and another in Hangzhou after samples of the H7N9 virus were detected in birds at the three sites.


More than 20,000 birds have been culled at another Shanghai market where traces of the virus were found this week.


Officials in Shanghai, China's financial hub, ordered all live poultry markets in the city closed on Saturday, leaving food stalls empty.


Authorities also banned all poultry trading in Nanjing, another eastern city, although officials said they had not found any trace of the bird flu virus and chicken on the retail market was safe to eat, official media reported.

As a result of the anti-chicken revulsion, consumption will be redirected to that other staple, pork, prices are set to spike once more in a repeat of early 2011, forcing the PBOC to engage rising food prices even more aggressively (now that both Bernanke and Kuroda are flooding the market with boiling hot money) at least for as long as the psychological shock of eating potentially toxic meat dissipates, which may take months and months.

The good news, for now, is that there is no widespread panic. However, as more of the population recalls the SARS panic of 2003, this may change:

The new strain of bird flu has infected 16 people in China, all in the east of the country. Six people have died and the outbreak has spread concern overseas and sparked a sell-off in airline shares in Europe and Hong Kong.


There were no signs of panic in Shanghai, where four of the six deaths have taken place, and people said they were not worried. But the culling, which has been widely publicised, did underline for some how close to home the issue had become.


"Now it's just downstairs," said Liu Leting, a user of Weibo, China's version of Twitter which has more than 500 million users.


"Suddenly I discover that I'm living in an epidemic zone!"


In one city restaurant, a waitress said they planned to stop serving chicken because of the outbreak.


"After we sell out the chicken in stock, we will not buy new chicken and will stop serving chicken dishes for the time being," said the waitress, who declined to be identified.

Still, the flashbacks have yet to begin:

The 2002-2003 epidemic of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) started in China and killed about one-tenth of the 8,000 it infected.


Still, there were few signs of panic in Shanghai with shops remaining open and not many people wearing face masks in public.

Yet while the market already responded to the threat of inflation, with the Hang Seng selling off 2.7% on Friday and sending airline stocks broadly lower, it is the human element that will be the key focus:

Secretary for Food and Health Dr Ko Wing-man said: "I think we ought to be prepared, mainly because of the fact that H7N9 up to this moment has created a relatively high mortality rate in infected patients.

"Secondly, the outbreak has been extending or worsening in the last two to three days in eastern China."

An updated list of the birdflu infections can be found on the map below:

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Zola's picture

Dealing swiftly and decisively with an outbreak is the sign of an advanced country.. The world will be watching to see if China is at that level.

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US citizenisms say: "One bird in hand better than two in bush!"

akak's picture

Chinese citizenisms say:
"One turd in the toilet less better than two in the roadside bushes".

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man, i know very soon mickey d's will be having the 100 piece mcnuggets for 2 for 2....

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No worries, the McNuggets are made from silicon anyway...

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i am long china pork

sweet and sour pork

pork fried rice

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Confucius say Boy who play with Girl in wrong period get caught red handed.

akak's picture

Confucious say: Boy who play with boy will feast on sum yung gai.

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this is how the animals fight back, by getting diseased.

and american jokes on the subject... watch out folks, you have the sickest meat supply anywhere.

folks say the increasing dis-ease inamerica is due to massively supressed cjd numbers in the beef supply.

go vegitarian... the animals are saying ENOUGH!!!



akak's picture

Save a lentil, eat a cow!

There was a good reason why Gandhi had to chose the path of non-violence --- because his girly vegetarian-eating ways did not give him the energy to fight!

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Yes I'm sure it does wonders for chickens to be diseased, something it has no way of even beginning to comprehend, let alone rationalize.

This is all a plot by the soon-to-be-resurgent Russian communists isn't it, operating out of their secret Vozhdbunker at ... THE 38TH PARALLEL!

Oh regional Indian's picture

It just so happens that the 33rd parallel runs through China. And clearly, thinking is not your strong suit. perhaps you loves your meat too much.

And Akak, was MLK a vegetarian too? or was he just chicken-shit?

anywyas, hope you meat-chomping zhers stay well, it's not good/healthy food out there, in the US, generally speaking.


akak's picture

Just having a little pseudo-bigoted fun on your behalf, ORI!

Now, get back to the call center, "Brian" --- all those Dell and AT&T customers are waiting for you!

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Did you know life is not what it seemed to be?  The god you though of as a creator actually havests soles of the dead, well you know everyone has to have their cut or what would be the point in this simulation anyhow?  Hello little birds sorry your dead, I'm veggie you know but not that, that changes anything. x x x

espirit's picture

Feet? Soles?

Oh, I get the humor.

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Say..., just where exactly are the nuggets on a chicken?

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So many people are enthusiastic about the Chinese citizenism citizenry as a successful thinking powerhouse. One could wonder. Cheap tactics, avoidance of facts, propaganda, self infatuation...

By the starting criteria set in the Orient many centuries ago, that should yield failure but ...

Millenia later, a smart guy from Shanghai Confusioan Institute is able to coin in in a streak existence of indoor plumbing and non existence of flush toiletry. People can grow indoor plumbing but can not excrete to flush toiletry, probably because flush toiletry does not exist. Not because they prefer refrain from it as the requirement is to keep crapping in public on roadsides. How nice.

That is where we got: 3000 years ago, Chineses people lived in reality. Now, all what Chinese citizenism citizens can do is produce denial. And roadside crappery. And again denial.

What an advancement. What a progress. What an achievement.

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Your conflatuation of historical reality of fabled Middle Kingdom past with sordid hypocritizenistic denialism and algebraic coconut crackedpottery and scrapegoatery of Chinese citizenism present tense is very much something, a matter for ponderous pondering of the latter's duplicitous and symmetry-seeking eternal nature.

But what would Chinese citizenism trollfoolery be without its automatic blameplacing and casting off of responsibility onto mythical others?

Alas, alas, the dishwashing knee will always jerk when the failures of Long March Insanitation come to the fore.

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+10 for creative use of words i had to look up, lol !

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Evidences that the phenonemum of plentifully vocabularities gives extremelly benefitial.

akak's picture

There is very much something in that.

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akak, didn't you mean to say conflatulation?


CONFLATULATION: [n. kon-flach-oo-ley-shuh-n].  

1.) A convergence of flatulance.

2.) Any gathering where prevarication is the purpose or bi-product of said gathering.


akak's picture

Indeedingly, conflatulation is inherenting in all comments touching on citizenisms, regardless, when throating the mind over the US 'american' variety or the Chinese sort.  Its stink is the inevitable by-product of roadside crapmongery, whether literal or metaphorical.

Neverthemore, how generous it is of AnAnonymous to cover both definitions of the word in every one of his posts.

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Might not be such an intelligent idea to openly mock those who will be your future rulers. The Chinese are very smart, and they have very long memories.

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Who the fuck cares about China's advanced level, we just don't want this shit spreading to our shores for God sake...

akak's picture

That's what you get for breeding rike labbits and cramming one billion people into an area twice the size of Texas.

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Reports from China say human cases being under reported-thousands now infected:

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


Reports from China say human cases being under reported-thousands now infected

Under reporting a bad newses? How very US federal governmentish of them, with strong the vigour.

akak's picture

Farming the weak poultry, underreporting the poor news which casts the Chinese Communaughty Party in bad lighting is very much evidence of eternal conflatulatory nature of Chinese Citizenism parangongs and their inability to self-indict.

Alas, alas, 1.3 billion times alas, just have to (eat fried) bear (penis) with it.

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Alas, alas, 1.3 billion times alas, just have to (eat fried) bear (penis) with it.

Not to give the worriment. Food costingness inflatings can have resolvement in due coarseness simply by giving epidemies of female infanted birth extrusions.

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Yes, yes, and oh the tastiness!

My lips are being licked even in now.  Such heavenly culinaryisms in delight!

Consumptionizing of discarded and otherwise worthless female infantile tissues having much value in making strong the dimunitive and atrophied Chinaman pee-pee --- much vigourness forthcoming, indulgement inducing of traditional Chinese citizenism rabbitbreeding suchlike of fabled Middle Kingdom past!

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CIA planted flu strain for plan'B' diversion and allows for armoured personel carriers in a town near you if SHTF




remember!!!  just like last time the wheels almost came off and we were headed for SHTF, oops "bird flu epidemic" 


rinse, repeat

wee-weed up's picture

Hey, why do you think Janet Nappy bought all those armored personnel carriers...

and the bazillion rounds of ammo?

Pseudo Anonym's picture

pure conspiracy but it makes sense to me

CIA planted flu strain for plan'B' diversion

does anybody know if all these bird, pig, sars, etc flu viruses are lab (man made) manufactured or this all natural occurance?

prains's picture



care to respond?

prains's picture

pure conspiracy but it makes sense to me


that's how it works, the more tin foil it sounds the less the sheep lift their heads from watching "dancing with the SARS"


remember SARS was brought to us the first time by the same group that "invented" the Iraqi War



smlbizman's picture

we did just lose that virus from that weapons  lab in texas, i beleive......and how fucked up are you to work were your sole purpose is come up with new and improved ways to torture and kill people...

Pseudo Anonym's picture

not clear where "to us" is and what the culpability of the goup that invented the iraqi war was wrt sars but sars was brought to toronto from hong kong:

prains's picture

"dancing with the SARS" part deux



GLOBAL POWER ELITE = MIC/Global Finance = call all GLOBAL macro economic and military decisions. IE. we need oil = invade Iraqi under false pretense. NOT everyone wants to play ball = Crash GLOBAL economic system = pool empties;

NOW MUST CONTROL ALL possible OUTCOMES = control variables <only important variables>

HOPE THAT FINAL OUTCOME IS NOT USED = SCORCHED EARTH ring fenced plutocratic enclave defended by merc's

SET IN MOTION VARIABLES = geopolitical variables <controlable>; biochemical <controlable> ; financial <bernank says controlable??>

Parrotile's picture

Well seeing as most human pathogens have co-evolved with us, "natural evolution" does seem pretty likely, doesn't it.

We've known a lot about genetic recombinaton and reassortment in Influenza A for many, many decades. This is how the balance between successful pathogen and enduring host is maintained - and Influenza A is a very old, and very successful, pathogen (as is our species historically Number One killers - Tuberculosis and Malaria)

sgt_doom's picture

Looks like David Rockefeller's wet dream (and the Rockefeller Foundation's) may soon to be realized.

(see p. 18 in the above Rockefeller Foundation publication)

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I've just finally got round to reading World War Z this had a familier ring to it.  To cover this all up all the Chinese will need is a shooting war to distract everyone....

Off topic, has the E6 Mercury 'Doomsday' plane and the B1B's arrived in Guam yet?

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Pigs in the river, flu in the birds.

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All we need now is Morality in Bankers.

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Those fotos above are the NEXT 'free chicken' giveaway at Popeyes... Either that ~ or they'll grind them up with corexit shrimp & feed it to the soldiers as 'fancy gumbo'...

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They tried to implant morality into TBTFbankers before, but the recipient's immune system rejects and destroys the tissue. The morality tissue is imcompatible with banker host.

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bankers floating in rivers

option #2

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Blood in the streets, it's up to my ankles...

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Bleeding ghosts crowd the young childs fragile eggshell mind....

+1 for Mr Mojo Risin"

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So kentucky fried beef? yum.