Guest Post: Economy In Pictures: Have We Seen The Peak?

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Submitted by Lance Roberts of Street Talk Live,

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That Treasury rates versus S&P levels tells it all; Trillions of FED liquidity has done nothing but disconnect the markets from reality.

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I agree that rates are signalling a correction for equities.

But the Fed has done a great job to move the economy towards growth; now it is time to move faster and add additional stimulus.

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Growth is a Jewish word for debt...............

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Equating Jews to success is flattering, but anti-semitic.

Finance is largely a WASP game.  You are a fool if you comment on this and haven't studied the history of Wall Street.

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One would need to have a Ph Dee in economics to NOT see the lie that there IS NO RECOVERY nor has there ever been. 

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I have a PhD and I can see that.

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Theft of my stored labor is THE problem.  How do you justify printing more money and destroying the dollar, which amounts to storing one's labor in a loaf of bread, a.k.a   Money, to be recognized as money MUST have STABILITY!

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Gold is money, everything else is credit.

sic J,P. Morgan, circa 1906

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Who ever you are, "You Are A Douche Bag"!

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Don't worry, we're always watching. Always.

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Not buying it..please retread history

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Vanderbilt, Purdue, Morgan, Rockefeller, Whitney, Bush, Pierce, Forbes, Carnegie, Ford, Astor, Weyerhauser, Gould, and others; none of them jewish, all of them WASPs.

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Henry Ford??.......Didn't he start 'Bank of Jewmerica'?

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Bank of America was founded by an Italian, and Ford was a Nazi sympathiser.

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  Dr. Krugman you need some serious(un-doctrinated) history lessons.  Your distortion of facts is epic!  By the way, BAC can go fuck themselves!

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this is very old, but true, news.  the operative reality is the last, say, three decades or so, say since 1982.  the ethnic makeup of the masters of the universe is a bit different, especially at the government/finance interface.  without the existence of israel it wouldn't be so pernicious but then what would?

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Yeah, I've got to agree with Doc Krugman (Jesus, I never thought that would happen)on the Ford thing. He, like a very, very large group of Americans at that timme was anti-semetic. There were Jewish banks on Wall street at that time but only a few. If you were Jewish there was no way you would have been hired at a major bank that wasn't started by Jewish Americans.

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Hitler's personal pilot and driver drove a Ford. "Used to piss Hitler off" actually. Flew a trimotor as well! Whatever one thinks of Ford you presuppose he didn't want to win. The record speaks clearly otherwise in this matter. hmmm. there's an idea "build a car for a couple hundred bucks." try doing that with the military industrial complex today. "and here's the Agent of Victory": "my God he was a racist!" well, no one will ever call him a loser. this guy SAVED America...and is STILL doing so. as a buddy of mine who's family was from Ulm once said "sometimes you need a little Nazi in ya."

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According to a few books that I have read, Rockefeller, and some other American banksters, were initially financed by Roth-schild.

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+ 1 FED has done a terrible job!  But i know u already know that because the additional stimulus remark doesn't make any sense and has instead the greater effect of freaking people out and going "what!" "crazy Krugman is back." and "kill krugman."  I look forward to reading the mass infusion of insults likely to follow. he hee.

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"now it is time to move faster and add additional stimulus."

Yes, moar stimuli pie makes my eyes light up.

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What you refer to as stimulus is in fact anything but - it is more drugs for the addict. While it suceeds in delaying the pain of recovery it also prevents recovery. It has propped up corrupt, incompetent and inefficient use of resources which undermines and deincentivises the hardwork required for constructive destruction and inovation. It will itself be remembered as a momental work of incompence and cronyism - though I am sure that you would argue that the fault is in the implementation of this masterwork of genius which common people simply cannot understand.

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Lower rates are signalling a correction? how so? i can understand why HIGHER rates could signal a correction but i'm struggling with lower rates signalling that. perhaps you mean lower rates are signalling lower GROWTH and therefore "will impact earnings and thus put pressure on stock prices"...but i know of no metric that states "low interest rates are back for equities." indeed isn't the value of said earnings rising provided you pay a dividend on said monies? and also isn't it the GOVERNMENT that provides stimulus not the Fed? or has the "law of scarcity" been repealed in your world too? in other words "the first priority is to establish priorities", yes, yes? As was famously observed by PJ O'Rourke "Democrats are Santa Claus and Republicans are God." And indeed his book "Parliament of Whores" ages well does it not? As in "where the phuck is my healthcare? And what happened to the last 400 billion we spent on infrastructure?" but i digress. you were saying?

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...economy is set to finally turn the corner.

Yeah, into a blind, dark alley.

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    It looks like all the CNBS-ers are working from the late 2010 template Tyler. I purposely saved this piece of trash, for this occasion.

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Buy Gold & Silver

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Tyler, I want to get your attention about something - this guy posted a video on youtube regarding cycle analysis of the Dow.

He prices the Dow in bitcoins, then notes a cycle that appears to be in the chart, correlated to bitcoin upmoves.

The chart at 15:14 in the video is what I'm talking about - apparently this infers that the next major Dow crash that everyone has been waiting for will occur in May of this year.

Classic "Sell in may and go away", but would be interesting if this actually hit this time.


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Bitcoin is a trade like anything else that trades on the markets.  It will rise and fall just like Apple stock, or tulip bulbs, or, gold.

Yen Cross's picture

 Bit krugmans. They're a dime a dozen.

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@fake Dr Paul Krugman

Missing the point, just like your namesake would. See you in May :)

Dr Paul Krugman's picture

You think you have found a holy grail, but like the gold bugs are finding out, there is no sure trade.

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     " there is no sure trade".  Spoken from the chosen one. Dr. Paul Krugman.


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Instead of looking for specific trades what needs to be done is getting the economy back on track.

You guys are running around, trying to fleece the system while the system loses what growth components people like Ben Bernanke are trying to put in place.

Eally Ucked's picture

And what are those "growth components"?

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My growth component smells like cheezey seaweed.

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Dr K, let me ask you TWO questions?  What is the VALUE of $1 American FIAT dollar?  How is printing FIAT dollars out of thin air in the TRILLIONS worldwide solving our economic problems, or, if you were in a deep hole and wanted to get out, would you dig it even deeper?

Ancillary:  We are in deep debt, yet you say we need to go deeper into debt to get out of debt?  I think you will have a serious problem answering either question with honesty.

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I believe the correct term is counterfeiting and NOT printing. They each carry a much different penalty for sure. One sounds innocuous while the other doesn't.

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Perfect CustomersMan . . . and exactly WHAT is being counterfeited?  Ans:  Your Labor.  The government is handing a fake dollar to people (one for which no labor has been assigned) and trading it to you for your labor, i.e. we're all getting nothing for something, which makes every producer a slave to the counterfeiter who will eventually buy the world with other people's labor.  Not only are the blacks not free, NO-ONE is free when there's a counterfeiter in the room.

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Hey Paul, what is the difference in Bitcoins created out of thin air and dollars printed with no monetary backing?  NONE.  Don't give me any "full faith and credit backing of the US government" blather, either.  Ask the Cypriots what that is worth.  Without any overt monetary backing, a thing has value - a dollar, a Bitcoin, a barter-unit in Barter Town because people ascribe a value to it.  What happens when enough people and other countries don't think that the value ascribed to it is correct?  

Currency markets for years have been a beauty contest for butt-ugly chicks and guys in drag.  Japan's new contestant doesn't even look human.  So everyone has been inflating their currency resolute in the understanding that - well, everyone else is doing it too so I can't get penalized for it.  We'll see.  Governments don't go bankrupt - that looks bad.  They inflate their way out of their fiscal problems.

Paul - your problem is that you aren't afraid to risk the livelihood, health and well-being of millions of people on your crackpot ideas that have consistently been proven wrong.  It's one thing to be content with destroying yourself......  So whats the best store of value now? - brass and lead, folks.  Brass and lead.

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Maybe that is why Homeland Security is buying so much brass and lead.

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Growth components?!

The Soviet Union couldn't price bread correctly.

Yet you and the Federal Reserve believe that you can price money, that is interest rates, correctly!!

JP Morgan stated, under oath to Congress, that only gold is money.

Yet you and Bernanke insist that pieces of paper signed by a couple of bureaucrats called Dollars are money.

When do you admit that you are wrong?


CustomersMan's picture

Most Interesting of Times:


And the original U.S. Constitution, I believe, said only Gold and Silver were money. Of course that was set aside (I believe) when the U.S. went from a "Republic" to a "Corporation" and certain "Amendments" like the 13th were struck out of the new structure. And then the new "Corporate" structure was bankrupted and we are permanently in debt to the banksters under a bankruptcy agreement.


Some backup info:


and what New Hampshire is doing to fectify the long-standing treachery:

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1913 Fed was the start of the downfall, with the Progressive Wilson signing American soveriegnty away with the stroke of a pen, and his re-progressive income tax. FDR via SSA made US citizens commodities, why do you think your name is in all caps on the SS Card.  Bought and paid for, we are, amazing chan.  So the year of 1933 was the final US bankruptcy (bait and hook). Then in 1970's being taken off the gold by the Trickster to fund the Vietnam War, officially creating the first US FIAT currency.  The spending didnt stop there.  Spending in excess of GNP is a crime, and is unsustainable, unless one inflates, causing currency deval, makes for a smaller debt, but one side affect is that nastly little thing call hyperinflation, or worse, stagflation (which is where I think we are now) long it all stays up, not counting possible EMP's, or radioactive fallout effects due to the nut job in Norkland.  Let's not forget Ack-My-Dinner-Jacket in does it go...Double, Double, boil and bubbles, tiny bubbles.

Just remember, one could spend 1 million per day, since Jesus Christ was born, till today, and still not spend 1 trillion.  Tell me how many trillion we are in debt?  tight labor mkt, inflation rising, risk-off slowdown can the equity mkt be where it is with all the foodstamp people, unemployed, zero int down, upside down, inside out indeed!

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No.   We understand that Bernanke is a fucking asshole - that Greenspan was a fucking asshole - that the entire system if fucking CORRUPT and NOT worth saving.

So Bernanke can get absolutely fucked if he expects us to play his little game any longer.

This truly is one of those moments when you have to destroy it to save it.  So fuck you Ben - I want the cocksuckers who run you to feel the pain that everyone else is feeling.  I want you to enjoy the taste of warm dog food.

In the meantime I will NOT put any cash in the bank - in fact I just got Q1 dividend from my group of companies and it will be in my account  only long enough to buy another bag of gold coins.

I say again - FUCK YOU BERNANKE - Fuck you Krugman, CNBC, FT, etc...  I am looking out for NUMBER ONE.

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While I don't disagree with you, I nonetheless demand that you stop yelling at us!

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Member for 2 weeks 2 days

8th RULE: If this is your first night at FIGHT CLUB, you HAVE to fight.

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Ben Bernake is a banker.  Those "growth components" Mr. Bernanke is "putting in place" are there for the benefit of banks and bankers.  Any benefits that trickle down to main street are purely incidental.

I'm guessing that "Dr Paul Krugman" doesn't get the causal relationship between wealth disparity and unemployment when the wealth at the top is used for speculation in financial instruments rather than productive enterprise.  Or maybe he does...