Kim Jong-Un Launches Morale-Boosting "Mine's Bigger Than Yours" Weapons Display On State TV

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North Korean State TV provides 127 seconds of sheer unadulterated weapons-brandishing propaganda as Kim Jong-Un visits the test firing of various anti-Western civilization policy tools - from rocket-launchers, drones, and automatic weapons, the omnipotent leader himself even gets in on the action brandishing an admittedly small weapon... ironic really when all that really matters is the big red button 'threat'.


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me likes chubbbbbbbbieeeeeeeee chicken

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So do you think Kim Jong Un has a little chubbie going on...inquiring government officials want to know.


Pure Evil's picture

I wonder if we could have a cultural exchange program and exchange our idiot for their idiot.

Kim Jong-un would make a better teleprompter reading pompous ass than the one we got.

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What's going on in the world of finance that they need this as a distraction? hmm?

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I always wondered what 1950 was like...

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did he buy those guns from eric holder?

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North Korea - The original Fast and Furious

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Looks like he took shooting lessons from McLovin... [BREAK YOURSELF FOOL!]...


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My thought is that N Korea will get itself shot up, and then rebuilt into the new and improved Korea.

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If an actual fight erupts, then it's clearly Russia and China's doing.  North Korea is utterly dependent on China to survive, so this could all be ended with one phone call from Beijing to Pyongyang.  If war erupts, then why was North Korea so blatant in announcing it ahead of time thereby eliminating any element of surprise which would be vital to any North Korean military success?  If war does come, what will be telltale is if China backs Pyongyang militarily, then be certain this was all part of a grander strategy targetting America and the Western allies for total defeat.

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You are exactly right.  If the Debt Money tyrants, the supra-national Biggest Globalist Finance Capital Cartel was worried, they'd simply make that call to Beijing and say that their industrial slave labor camps will be moved.

They aren't worried.  That's not to say something won't go "boom," but if it does, it is because the oligarchs worked it out in advance.

This may be orchestrated to hide the looting of the Cyprus people and the precedent that the central state will confiscate bank accounts to pay the debts of the criminal Biggest Globalist Finance Capital Cartel.

Galbraith on "a new set of suckers" and "wonderful self delusion"

Move to 48:14 if it doesn't start there automatically.

The whole video is worth watching.  Last I checked, it is on Netflix as well.


Camp 14 Total Control Zone is on Netflix and is worth viewing.

When Alex Jones is saying the tyrants will throw you into a camp and rape your wife, that'sw because that's what they do in North Korea.  One former guard interviewed noted that the women tended to look good because they often came from wealthy families.  They'd split the family up and the guards would split up the women and have their way with them. The former guard commented that the women would tend to go along expecting favors from the guards if they ever got pregnant.  He commented that this didn't happen often, but if it did it wasn't unusual of rthe guards to tie the woman up in the tree, bulging belly and all, and then beat her to death like a pinata.

The power of money that Eisenhower said was 'gravely to be regarded, "props up" regimes like this.  They are Eugenicists that beleive Darwin when he said that mankind's evolution would collapse if the favored races intermingled with the lower races - read Darwin's Descent of Man.  Read The Impact of Science on Society by Bertrand Russell.  Just as Hitler denied resources and financed a police state to control the people in his ghettos, the globailist financiers do the same in third world countries.  They don't need to erect walls, and more than 30x as many people die due to globalist nation state ghettos compared to Hitler's ghettos, otherwise, the methodologies are very similar.

Watch "A Film Unfinished" and then "Empire in Africa" on Netflix, back to back.

The globalist financial cartel supports slavery, which is why they employ dictator controlled slaves turnkey.

Debt Money Tyrants (the people who prop up and protect the demons running China and North Korea)

“Whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution [60-80 million dead!], it has obviously succeeded [creating slaves for his assets to leverage], not only in producing more efficient and dedicated administration, but also in fostering a high morale and cummunity propose [they don't talk back while slaving for me- HOT D*MN!!!]. The social experiment [mass murder of 10s of millions, moving people off their property, having parents bury their children alive, etc...] in China under Chairman Mao's leadership [#1 mass murderer in human history] is one of the most important and successful in human history.” (David Rockefeller, New York Times, 1973.)





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I love his range discipline.

Next report is that he shoots off one of his General's balls.

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"the revanchist dolphin traitors and their running dog shellfish henchmen must be taught a lesson!"

I especially liked the festive Liberace music during the martial arts sequence

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Yeah did you see the nervous general on Kim's left, take one step back. Classic, you can almost hear him say phucking helll

Kim is putting weight on, comfort eating?

The music is like the unmade film "Carry on Dictator" all we need is Sid James and Babs Windsor to appear.

All Risk No Reward's picture

The guy spent 15 years living the millionaires life in a Switzerland boarding school playing basketball.

I bet he's just a puppet at this point.  He might eventually turn into more.

That whole set up is evil, though.  Wicked evil  The power monopoly of the state, in all its demonic glory.

Watch Camp 14 Total Control Zone on Netflix. 


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i like how they worked in monty pythons twit olmypics....those krazy koreans....

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I wonder how far back in US history you would have to go to where 2013 North Korea would be considered a serious military adversary.  I'm thinking the US of 1930 would feel intimidated because of the nuke, but by 1950, forget it.

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they are the 5th largest army on earth with a million man standing army. the terain is theirs and America doesn't have combat training in their climate. Again, it need to be done in the summer to make a chance.

And even if the rates are 50 to 1 in kills, that would mean 20.000 American soldiers that would die.

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What's a measly 20,000 American dead? (And maybe hundred of thousands of dead North Koreans?)

If you want to make a neocon omelette, you have to break some eggs.

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"they are the 5th largest army on earth with a million man standing army. the terain is theirs and America doesn't have combat training in their climate. Again, it need to be done in the summer to make a chance.  And even if the rates are 50 to 1 in kills, that would mean 20.000 American soldiers that would die."

There's usually an unconditional surrender long before 100% casualties on either side, so the premise of 1M Nork casualties, 20k US casualties, and a 50:1 kill ratio doesn't make much sense.  

By way of comparison -
Gulf War I had an Iraqi force of 650k vs a coalition force of just under 1M.   Iraq withdraw after 30k casualties, vs 190 coalition troops killed in enemy action.... call it a 150:1 kill ratio and 5% losses to the Iraqi forces.

Yes,  N Korea does have nukes and might even be able to use a couple in combat.   If they did, I think the senior N Korean offering terms 24 hours later would probably be an ambassador, with not much left in N Korea of either senior leadership or cities to host them.   If they're planning on playing with nukes they're about 1000 warheads and a credible delivery system short of surviving the attempt.

Bananamerican's picture

yeah, and china shrugs and says "oh well"...

just like the last time

Wile-E-Coyote's picture

Don't worry China is behind this, one phone call and chubby would back down, So what is China up to?

Anglo Hondo's picture

That's the problem, their whole army is standing, just not moving very far.

As a further thouht, perhaps China can send them them lots of chickens, seeing as how China don't wnt them any more, with H7N9 or whatever.


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North Korea is a proxy for China and, to a lesser degree, is in league with Russia. Was the Cuban army of the 1960s a threat to the US? No, but when Soviet ships moved nukes onto the island it became a threat. It would be very easy for China to transport a Russian-designed, Chinese-manufactured ICBM armed with a surplus Soviet nuke into the DPRK. 

The conventional army is a threat as well. They could have hundreds of thousands of soldiers in the Seoul metro area within hours of declaring war. The financial chaos and global supply-stream disruption that would result would definitely harm the US economy and probably shatter the Eurozone economy at this point. 

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Have you ever seen a MLRS area denial mine laying system in action, or MOAB?  The North Koreans are not going anywhere.  If we truly felt threatened, we will inveil our latest, not our 20 year old F-22 raptor technology to the Chinese.

That will end the games.  The F-35 is a distraction, the next fighter/bomber is hyper sonic and pilotless.  We have built our last Aircraft carrier.

Maxter's picture

The north Coreans have dug tunnels all around the boarder.  The mines would be useless.

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"the terain is theirs" explain to me again why the fuck Americans are still there or ever went in the first place? We can't even solve our own fucking problems.

Searching abroad for monsters to destroy(again) to distract the mob @ home from the rot within?

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"Again, it need to be done in the summer to make a chance."


Not accurate. I was stationed in Korea. Mountain ranges generally run E-W with N-S road cuts through them, and all the passes are laced with explosives to deny passage in event of invasion. That leaves overland passage through rice paddies, which tracked and wheeled vehicles will bog down and get stuck in unless they're frozen. We would spend all winter there on heightened alert (well, relatively heightened - we were always on alert) because if an invasion came, that was most likely when it would come. 

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It's called a distraction.  While everyone is focused on the "enemy provocation" the bankers pick your pocket.


greyghost's picture state bad again

poor....... red state bad again

inquiring minds want to know? why?

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Meanwhile in the middle east...

Troll Magnet's picture


Poor Grogman's picture

Hilarious clip

i love the pro wrestling at the end.


nutter from the north vs the crazy from Korea


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Looks like he has the diab-eat-us.'s picture

That video is so bad/hokey I almost expected to see the Power Rangers fly in and fight

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

2 thoughts:

They should have had an english voice over--that never matched up with the moving mouths, especially Kim Jong Uns.... and

They forgot to edit in Godzilla when they were firing all of those missles into the ocean.

Skateboarder's picture

Don't need to edit. I'm sure Fuku radiation is working on an awesome Godzilla as we speak.

ClumsyBoatman's picture

Godzilla heehee

Also working on a Mecha Streisand in the underground command centre

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Looks like an easy job for Team America World Police!

TheLooza's picture

in the last five seconds of the clip, you see the true power of the north korean army. It appears they have mastered Mr. Perfect's Perfectplex.  We're fucked.

Sylvia Plath's picture

Could we just squash them and get this over with?

css1971's picture

Recommend you let China squash them.

I am more equal than others's picture

It matters not who but that it is completed with extreme prejudice ---- hey, how about Zimbabwe?

Poor Grogman's picture

Shower them with Zim dollars, to destroy them with hyerinflation, saves money on ammo too, great idea LOL.

Tim Knight from Slope of Hope's picture

Judging from the coordination and limberness of the troops featured in the latter portion of the video, I'd say we're screwed in case the U.S. and DPRK go head-to-head in a revival of West Side Story. ("When you're a Kim, you're a Kim all the way, from your first cigarette to your last dyin' day......")

Matt's picture

We may be big, but we have lots of ammo, and bodyarmor. Do they make make armor in XXXL?

DutchR's picture

Dictator gangnam sty;e....