30,000 Greek Households Lose Electricity Each Month

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Since the Greek government enacted the remarkable law that property taxes will be enforced via the electricity providers in the beleaguered country, an incredible 30,000 households per month have seen their power supply cut off. Ekathimerini reports that some 700,000 customers have now had their debts restructured (with payment plans) as part of the billing process; but what is perhaps incredible is that while the State has specifically banned 'disconnection' for not paying the property charges, the utility's computer system is unable to distinguish if payment is for electricity or property tax. There are apparently workarounds involving deposits for tax debts but the situation is set to deteriorate further this year due to the increase in electricity rates and expected further reductions in household incomes.


Via ekathimerini,

About 1,000 electricity connections are cut every day in Greece as Public Power Corporation customers are increasingly unable to pay their power bills on time, while accumulated debts to the country’s electricity giant stood at more than 1.3 billion euros at the end of 2012. This is not only due to the economic crisis that has eaten into household incomes, but also to the special property tax paid via power bills.


PPC data show that some 700,000 customers had had their debts rearranged with new payment plans by the end of last year, up from 400,000 at the end of 2011. The situation is set to deteriorate this year due to the increase in PPC rates and expected further reductions in household incomes.




There is, however, a particular problem with the special property tax. While the Council of State has banned the disconnection of houses for not paying the property charge through the PPC bill, if customers do pay for their electricity, PPC’s software cannot distinguish between payment for the property tax and that for electricity. As a result, the corporation cannot tell whether consumers have paid toward their power bill or just a part of their property tax unless they have paid the full amount.




PPC says that this problem can be overcome by the taxpayers visiting the tax offices, where they can apply to have their property levy paid separately to the tax authority, which involves the payment of a 50-euro deposit. Afterward, any payment delay will only concern the customer and the tax office, and not PPC.



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prains's picture

that's simple use the switch that says cntrl P to turn them back on......oh wait

zorba THE GREEK's picture

at least we are headed into the warm seasons so they won't freeze.

The Amish don't have electricity and they don't seem to miss it.

Must be tough watching TV by candle light. Duh.

CrazyCooter's picture

They should pay in bitcoin!



ShortTheUS's picture

Greece is Hell(enic) on Earth!

Stackers's picture

Wonder what they will do when everyone has John Bedini generators powering their homes ?


kliguy38's picture

Ya don't need much electricity for Ramen noodles

spdrdr's picture

The black background, multi-coloured fonts, flashing rotating things and random CAPITALISATION are a dead-set give-away that the blog author is truly insane.

Didn't read, sorry.


Stackers's picture

It is an awful website. The guy is not insane though.

Google and Youtube: John Bedini Generator. It does work. It's not "free energy". It's an expansion of Tesla's work on capturing "energy states" from the vacuum.

It does work. The system is powered by one battery and will "charge" a 2nd battery faster than it draws down the 1st battery for a net gain.

ultimate warrior's picture

Greedy capitalists wanting electricity. Krugman said the sun produces plenty of light & heat for all. Just another example of people not being content with their fair share of resources.

ChanceIs's picture

Oh do tell me.  Just how did Socrates, Euripides, Plato and 500 Spartans cope so well so long ago?  And they didn't even have global warming to take the edge off of things at night.

You want to know where it does get cold??? How about Iceland?  What did Iceland do?  They told their creditors (well actually it was their miscreant TBTF creditors) to shove it.  They didn't freeze.  (Well they do have all of that nice volcanic activity to keep warm and smelt aluminum.)

So what should the Greeks do???  I think they should "drop trou" and tell Fraus LaGarde and Merkel to suck on thie big, fat Greek wienerschnitzel.

prains's picture

the irony of those that can print their way to wealth and those that can't is becoming comical

H E D G E H O G's picture



If I was a Greek, this is what I'd want for Christmas, or when the lights go out. (remember, Greek law ONLY allows it's peasants to own "SHOTGUNS".) well, the Ruskies have done it again!  here's AA-12............yippee kiiiiiiiiiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

css1971's picture

No, that's an American made fully automatic shotgun.


This is the Russian fully automatic shotgun:


RafterManFMJ's picture

But if they don't have electricity, how will they watch, and be sedated by, their propaganda? How will they imbibe their circuses? Idle minds are the Devil's plaything...careful here, PTB!

The Big Ching-aso's picture

I love the smell of spoiled Greek yogurt in the morning.   

Ignatius's picture

Revolution in 3...2...1....

El Oregonian's picture

Hmm, that's a lightbulb momen.. oh wait, never mind...

cherry picker's picture

To the Greeks, French, Cypriots, Italians, Irish and more.  Is belonging to the Euro and its masters worth it?

IMF's boss praised Japan for printing coin but they won't let you do it.

In the USA they print coin all the time and people still have electricity.

I hate to tell you, but I think you had reconsider your options.  Bankruptcy is not such a bad thing.  People will buy your stuff if they see change and have confidence.

Try walking on your own like free men.  You may like it.

MilleniumJane's picture

Problem is, TPTB are rearranging the bankruptcy laws in the good ol' US to benefit themselves.  They are out to grab every penny they can, screw your family into going hungry, no electricity, no nothin'.  I know people who should declare bankruptcy, but are unable to afford even the filing fees.  They know that the bankruptcy law will force them into more of a "restructure" contract rather than wiping debts clean, so they continue to field calls from the collections agencies rather than go through with it.  It's walking on the edge of a knife to pay just enough to satisfy the collection agencies to avoid debtors' prison, trying to keep the lights and heat on so the kids don't get CPS'ed, and going to the food bank to fill the gap for lack of grocery money.  The scary part is that these people have jobs.

I realize that these people have made bad decisions, but forced into being a debt slave for mindless corporations who have reaped bailouts from all of us is not the solution.  These are not bad people.  They were conned into buying stupid shit to live at what they thought should have been a middle class lifestyle.  The last I heard, stupidity is not a crime.

I don't know what the answers are.  All I know is that these people are waking up, so hold on tight!

zorba THE GREEK's picture

Time for the Greeks to follow in the footsteps of Iceland.

agent default's picture

The European Union. Bask at its glory.

q99x2's picture

I wondered why they weren't taking my advice from the ZH posts I make.

cherry picker's picture

Funny, isn't it?  After a natural disaster one of the first priorities is to get electricity back up.  Refrigeration, elevators, gas pumps, POS systems, heating all depend on electrons floating over copper or aluminum wire.

But when there is money involved, none of the above is important anymore is it?

Poor Grogman's picture

Cyber currency lives or dies with the grid, just like electricity, but the currency depends on the electricity, which in turn depends on the real world, outside the grid.


cherry picker's picture

So much for bitcoin in Greece if you don't pay your property taxes in Euros, provided along with great burdens by the unelected masters in Belgium.

What a sad state of affairs.


Poor Grogman's picture

How many versions of ".gov" are the Greeks up to now?

They must be right up there with the Chinese.

How many versions do we all have to go through before we just scrap the whole idea...

YHC-FTSE's picture

Seems every time I come here I have a "WTF!" moment, followed by, "You can't make that up" incredulity and shaking of the head. We seem to have a lot of these daily lately. Something's brewing up and I'm a bit scared.

cherry picker's picture

I've been around over six decades.  I've never bought into this NWO or the way .gov is working.

I have friends who played the game all their lives, some older than myself.  For the first time some of them are agreeing with me.

They are scared too.

I'm not.  It is only change we are facing.  It may be ugly, but a better day will eventually come.  That is how we learn, as individuals or societies.

SgtSchultz's picture

So many puzzle pieces coming together make it difficult to accept that some big unknown isn't looming.

flacorps's picture

The people's workarounds will be awesome to watch. Long extension cords, outright theft, maybe a little solar and wind on an improvised basis. Then they have to try cutting off water & sewer.

disabledvet's picture

i think it will be fascinating to watch actually. "society can't fail" especially when the means to pay for it all has. this reminds of Hollywood going after people who copy their movies. "targeting your customers" can become a dangerous game because you end up losing those customers for good. "goodbye utility." cutting off water and sewer? those are easy workarounds in Greece. "what the system can't abide is a sign that says 10 cents. for everything." that's when the problem arises. then suddenly someone wants to make that dime "out of real silver" and all sorts of bad mojo starts going down. but in a zero bound world...why pay for anything?

eddiebe's picture

Maybe the old saying: Watch out for Greeks bearing gifts applies still.

Jendrzejczyk's picture


Turning the power back on is easy, Turning it back on without being caught (for a while anyway) is slightly more difficult but not impossible.

Business opportunities abound in the new world order.

Peter Pan's picture

More bureaucracy. It would have been easier to say that any payments received will first be applied to the payment of electricity and anything more will be applied to the payment of taxes.



Debugas's picture

the purpose of the government was the reverse order: any payments received will first be applied to the payment of taxes and anything more will be applied to the payment of electricity.

Apparently that does not go well with the power supply companies and they sabotage the payments system

Downtoolong's picture

Whatever you do, don't pay more than your power bill and property tax. The system will probably send 30,000 volts through your house and blow up your toaster.


RafterManFMJ's picture

On third thought this is revenue and economically positive. Now the Greeks can sell all appliances, strip the copper and sell that, and become occupied by hand-washing clothes, carrying water on their heads from miles away, and dying of the Bloody Flux.  This really is genius!

22winmag's picture

People have been freezing to death in *America* for decades when they become unable to pay their fuel bills... nothing new here.

lolmao500's picture

That's a recovery!

pine_marten's picture

I sold some guns, mags and ammo.  So I got plenty O jack in the jeans.  I'd like to go greasy slummin there......

Parisnights's picture

A small solar panel, an inverter, and a  battery takes the edge off of black/brown outs.

Debugas's picture

much easier solution - take an axe and go to the nearest forest.


The Abstraction of Justice's picture

What are the forests like in Greece?

css1971's picture

That might have worked 2000 years ago when they had huge forrests.

thewayitis's picture


  Have to buy candles while their CHEAP .....

Golden_Rule's picture

Sounds like you have it under control, Greeks.

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Debugas's picture

it is sad but one has to conclude that fascism has come to Greece