Guest Post: Your Kids Don't Belong To You

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Submitted by Michael Krieger of Liberty Blizkrieg blog,

This is such an incredibly creepy video it’s actually hard for me to believe it’s real. Professor of political science at Tulane University and MSNBC host, Melissa Harris-Perry states the following:

We have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families and recognize that kids belong to whole communities.  Once it’s everyone’s responsibility, and not just the household’s, then we start making better investments.

This clip is very important because it really demonstrates the mentality of a statist. They want to run your lives in every way you can possibly imagine, including the upbringing of your children.  Outrageous.


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You didn't procreate that.

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Neither does your money. All your base are belong to us.

Jim Rogers on how governments are stealing from us:


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Obama youth, Hitlery Jeugen, what's the difference between friends?

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It takes a village idiot...

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Hillary '16

The moron villager choice.

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That was one of the more evil things I've ever seen.

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Send that link to any liberal who claims you are exaggerating when you say the democratic party is run by commies

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The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.  Investment with this attitude.. yeah sure.. but unfortunetly it would be used as a step towards an Orwellian society instead.  Count on it..

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You have to get over the notion that you belong to yourself.

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So if one of my kids goes and destorys somebody else's property or steals something I can send the bill to "the community"?  Oh, no no no, only when they do what other people tell them do they belong to the community.  The minute they do something bad it's MY problem because I'm a bad parent and I'm responsible for them.

Tell you what, bitch, send your kids over my place for a few days, since I'm a member of the "community" too.  I'll teach them conservative values, the concept of delayed gratification and why winning is OK.  Then I'll give 'em back to you and you can have them discuss it with you and wreck your happy little home life.  Fair's fair if I'm really a member of "the community."

The fact that I entrust my children to others from time to time (teachers, for instance) should not be confused with my giving you ownership rights.  I assure you, when they chips are down, they're MY kids.  Always were, always will be.  If you're not their parent you're just a PART TIME CUSTODIAN.  In short, you're "the help."  Don't start thinking you own the place just because you work there.

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Because you're about to get "yippie-kay-yay'd" motherfucker!

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Go to the doctor or the hospital any day and try to convince yourself that they don’t really own you.

Oh, and after you sign that HIPPA deception, ask the doctor how many codes he has to report to the government on your condition, or else he becomes a criminal.

Things are way worse than you likely realize.

Every kid alive in this country has already been totally digitized and is a part of the model that will determine who lives and who dies.

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That's why I don't go to the DOK-TOR. I can count on one hand the number of times in my life that I've been there. If I die young, then so be it, but I ain't gonna get Obama (or Lloyd, or Jamie's) dick up my ass. 

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Pol Pot.

He made better investments didn't he.

Time to stop wasting money on educating women like this.

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This is stright out of "WE", the precursor to Brave new world & 1984.

"We passed through a room where we' found a few small children's beds (children in those days were also private property)."


And yes, the author was criticizing Totalitarian USSR.

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if i get to have a say in raising your kids, we are going to start practicing eugenics


autism,downs etc etc etc will quickly become soylent green


no more misallocation of capital attempting to educate effectively retarded individuals

and thats just for a start

or you can take care of your own damn urchins

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She's just verbalizing her hunter-gatherer mindset (i.e. morality) because to her, it's the way everyone should behave to ensure their survival. Unfortunately, that only works in a hunter-gatherer familial society of 100 or so people, a large extended family, not in societies of millions.

That's not to say that say that the pharonic-conservative mindset is any better, except in the area of property rights, where they are until they're not.

The only mindset that works in a modern technological world is the one that developed in that world: that of the freedom that is inherent in anarchists and minarchists.

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@Flacon,  Sir, I totally agree.  I am 59, I am a smoker for 41 years,  and a drinker for 38.  I stopped going to the doctor for a physical 5 years ago.  I no longer want to know.  What I really count on is my ability to prepare 3 healthy(simple) meals a day for subsistence.  I have witnessed the ever-increasing amount of frozen food(Pre-prepared meals) offerings at the local grocery store.  I'm shocked at the number of people who subsist on frozen meals and all the other processed garbage.       

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One day the government may act as the surrogate parent...have a baby and they take over asap.


Think Hunger Games meets THX-1138 style

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Why wait till they're 18 and lose years of interest?
Young debt slaves are every bankster's dream.

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Children will only be sent to Obama approved re-education camps

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do you have a permit for those kids?

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My kids would destroy the village

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Lean Forward (until you're bent over)

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Holdren's Ecoscience; it's all in there.

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She's not even speaking propper english... 

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Children don't belong to anyone, parents or community. Children are free human beings, not property.

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You are correct. The parents are the caretaker and are in charge of bringing those young people to adulthood to the best of their abilities. The parents are naturally the ones who should take care of them, since their children is their flesh and blood and the fruit of the love of their parents, and the only thing which will remain of the parents when they die is their children. That is a very powerful incentive for the parents to do their best. As a result it is not surprising to see many parents sacrifice themselves rather than see their children perish. Do you expect this lady and hte state to do that? Hell no, they think they ~own~ children. Despicable.


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It gives me the fuckin chills.

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Here's what I see in this:  she's talking about the "underpriviledged."  We owe it to them.  It follows naturally from the fact the we have subsidized and incentivized over-breeding of the economically dysfunctional beginning with the Great Society--mulitple generations--we've instiutionalized economic dysfunction.   Reap the fucking whirlwind--and this bitch is the whirlwind.

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Taking Children Seriously (TCS) is a parenting movement and educational philosophy whose central idea is that it is possible and desirable to raise and educate children without either doing anything to them against their will, or making them do anything against their will.

It was founded in 1994 as an email mailing-list by the libertarians Sarah Fitz-Claridge and David Deutsch. Deutsch is also a theoretical physicist at Oxford University.[1]

TCS begins with the observation that most traditional interactions between adults and youth are based on coercion. The TCS model of parenting and education rejects this coercion as infringing on the will of the child, and also rejects parental or educator "self-sacrifice" as infringing on the will of the adult. TCS advocates that parents and children work to find a common preference, a solution all parties genuinely prefer to all other candidate solutions they can think of.[2]

The TCS philosophy was inspired by the epistemology of Karl Popper. Popper was a professional educator himself before he started to do philosophy. In fact, philosophy was only a second option for him at that time, to be able to emigrate to escape the imminent Anschluss. He was active in the Wiener Schulreform (Vienna school reform) movement,[3][4] and there are connections between the psychology of learning, on which he did his doctoral thesis,[5] and his philosophy.[6] However, as a philosopher, he did not advocate any concrete pedagogy, although he had some general views on the issue.[7] TCS views Popper's epistemology, as Popper himself, as a universal theory of how knowledge grows, and tries to work out its profound implications for educational theory.

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As it should be.

One point is correct. Your children do not belong to you. They belong to themselves, as we all do. Not to some theoretical 'community'. Our children are under our supervision and we are responsible for their behavior. Not exactly ownership.

That said...

Fuck this bitches notion of community. She is another loudmouthed usurper looking for power via state coercion.

I don't normally condone remarks like we see in this thread, but maybe just this once.

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She got no idea what she is talking about.

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Yeah, she does, which is exactly why she is evil and dangerous.  This was a scripted spot, and likely shot many times to get it perfect.  It was carefully worded and planned.  She and everyone who shares her ideology hate freedom, hate you, and know exactly what they're doing.

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That crafted spot was done on a green screen.

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These assholes have no good intentions, and need to be addressed that way.


They need to be destroyed.

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We all know what they are looking for is unlimited funds to educate America's youth. If you live anywhere, but NJ you can look at NJ as the ultimate extension of their plans. Some of our districts do offer a very good education, others not so much.. If you look at the more urban school districts you can see throwing more money at them is like flushing money down the toilet. That's where she is trying to go. She is saying you need to pay for the kid who doesn't want to learn. Just throw more money at the problem, it will solve the problem. I do find it troubling that the liberals don't seem to understand private property.

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Yes, Melissa Cunt Hyphen Harris is a poster child.

Perhaps the Contras had a point.

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Unfortunately, too many people - both 'right' and 'left' have No idea of what a Commie is. (Just ask some of the people you know this question.)  That 'investment' in 'education' that the evil woman in the video talks about has done as it was intended over the last 100+ years. 

" A nation of ignorant morons can never be Free" - paraphrasing Thomas Jefferson very loosely.

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One of the good things about the upcoming collapse of society is that we'll be presented with the opportunity to kill people who think like her.

Just kidding.*





(No I'm not.)

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I think your response is repugnant and offensive.


( no, not really )

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Hold your fire until you see the yellow of their eyes.

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Deleted,  to disturbing to post.

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I've had to delete a few of those lately too. It's sad when we have to delete our own comments either out of fear of being watched too closely (some of us are resepectable people in our real lives :-) or out of shock of what just rolled off the tip of our brains.

I up arrowed you anyways.

Have a great night.

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Well as a prof she's likely spent too much of her life in school where she's been brainwashed. No one is beyond hope.

In any case, she will be as relevant as 'Marxist scholars' in the USSR immediately after it fell.

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Does this mean black people officially endorse salvery?