Where Do The Rich And Poor Live?

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From counties with a 50%-plus poverty rate to counties with over 20% of household incomes over $200,000, the United States is increasingly becoming a divided union. But all the time American Idol is on, and the iPad is still running, Aldous Huxley's vision of a 'numb' society (as opposed to an Orwellian 1984 'imposed' utopia) seems more and more realistic.






Source: Visualizing Economics

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Say What Again's picture

Lets send some of the Chinese pork to the North East corridor.

Crisismode's picture

Well, Wyoming seems pretty well-off . . . Hmmmmmm.

Must be a lot of big money in ranching.

For a state with a pretty low profile, it's doing quite good.

keninla's picture

You will notice that it is clustered around Jackson Hole. and by the way Wyoming has no state income tax so I suspect many people made their money and moved to Jackson Hole

AssFire's picture

Just turn a blind eye to the Indian reservations, illegal immigrants in the Rio Grand Valley and those who have not worked since the inception Great Society inhabiting the Mississippi Valley.

Isn't that the politically correct thing to do?? I don't see any elephant do you???

toady's picture

Yep, that big red splotch on NE AZ is the rez, and I think those splotches in SD are rez too... big illegal / narco along the Mexican border... but what is up in ol' miss? It can't be civil war stuff still lingering, can it?

James_Cole's picture

Mississippi, Arkansas & Alabama, three of the most 'Conservative' states also the most impoverished, pure coincidence of course!

Fedaykinx's picture

couldn't possibly be because the people there who actually pay taxes and vote see the results of poor domestic policy firsthand?

nah.  you're right it's a coincidence.

EnslavethechildrenforBen's picture

You still believe that they count our votes?

I won't bother to tell you that there is no Easter bunny or Santa Claus...

Fedaykinx's picture

oh yes you're so wise i'm sure, enlighten me as to how many local elections you've worked yourself?

Say What Again's picture

My crew has worked MANY elections.  Why do you ask?

Pure Evil's picture

Well, Obama, Eric Holdr, and Acorn fixed all of that.

Fedaykinx's picture

in one of those red areas down south

and for the record i'm not saying vote fraud doesn't happen, it's just not done with the machines like alot of people think.

akarc's picture

So much for the hanging chad incident

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

Fed said: it's just not done with the machines like alot of people think.


Nice to think that but naive you are. Spend some time at bradblog.com and you'll get real infromation about real voting issues.

Fedaykinx's picture

you can shove that blog up your ass, i don't need rachel maddow explaining a damn thing to me.  i worked elections numbnuts.  as a poll watcher i've challenged and disqualified dozens of voters, virtually all of the fraud is done with registrations and proxy votes.  since the tinfoil hats are going to downvote this if they see it anyway i'll just go ahead and tell the whole truth, and that it it's always democratic candidates that try pull this shit. obviously republicans cheat too but i'm telling you how it is down here.

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

Yeah, that red stripe down your back doesn't influence what you see. The fact is that in-person voting fraud in US elections is NEGLIGIBLE. I'm shocked you haven't played the ACORN card yet, sham that that is.

Ever hear of Clint Curtis? Was hired by Republican Tom Feeney to write vote stealing software. This factoid came out in a congressional hearing after the 2000 election. Republicans have used everything in their bag of tricks to prevent people from voting in the name of voter fraud. You can stick your voter fraud up your ass.

The Alarmist's picture

Drive US 1 from the heart of DC to Boston and you will see plenty of shit-holes that make the rural south look like paradise and that only show up as blue on the maps above only because they are balanced out by near-by concentrations of super-wealth in the hands of the criminal elite.  

AssFire's picture

Agreed, But look at El Paso- rich and poor alike??

Naaah, this map is shit.

Imminent Crucible's picture

El Paso and El Paso County are at the westernmost tip of Texas. You must be looking at Hudspeth or Culberson County, which are basically empty of people.

I've driven through El Paso many times. The view from I-10 is a view of fancy malls, restaurants, hotels and pricey home decor shops. But come in from the east on dusty Rt. 62 and you'll see all the junkyards, dirt and squalor you could ask for.

rosiescenario's picture

.....just take D.C......pleez.

cpzimmon's picture

And don't forget Detroit, Chicago, NYC, Los Angeles, and you can have San Francisco too.

BooMushroom's picture

And yet they STILL vote against using the force of the State to steal money from you and give it to themselves.

Maybe they think freedom is worth more than EBT.

Fedaykinx's picture

nope wrong people.  the welfare recipients don't vote republican, trust me.

who are these serial junkers, show yourselves i say

Cathartes Aura's picture

didn't junk you, but here,

Most of the 10 poorest states in the country are Republican.

Mississippi is the poorest... followed by Arkansas, Tennessee, West Virginia, Louisiana, Montana, South Carolina, Kentucky, Alabama and North Carolina.

And the list doesn't even include Texas, where Rick Perry is governor and one in five people lives in poverty.

In a piece on CNN.com, Roland Martin writes Republicans expect to win all 10 of these states in 2012, although President Obama won North Carolina by a slim margin in 2008 and West Virginia is usually considered a Democratic state.

Martin points out that despite the red-leanings in these states, you don't hear so much from Republicans about poverty.

and, Why American's Poor Are Willing to Vote Republican

of course, there are many more articles, should you care to look 'em up. . .


Fedaykinx's picture

yes i've had articles such as this thrown in my face before.  poor blacks and the majority of really poor whites don't vote for conservative candidates, i'm telling you this is the truth.  now there are some people who would undoubtedly be better served in handouts by voting for democrats, but we still have a little of that thing called pride down here and i know it's infuriating for people to not want free stuff, truly i do.

sun tzu's picture

How dare those evil people not go on welfare and be dependent on the government! They do stupid and terroristic things like work hard and take responsibility for their own family. We can't have that in 0bama's America. 

Cathartes Aura's picture


The recession has pushed more lower-income Americans to rely on government assistance like food stamps, but “nearly 70 percent of all benefits of these programs go to white people.” Data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture found that the overwhelming majority “of counties with the fastest-growth in food-stamp aid during the last four years voted for the Republican presidential candidate in 2008.” These included Republican strongholds like King County, Texas, where 96 percent of voters supported Romney.

the article quotes some beloved radio-dudes like Hannity, O'Reilly, Limbaugh & Varney, so I get where you, and others here, are coming from. . .

Seventy percent of counties with the fastest-growth in food-stamp aid during the last four years voted for the Republican presidential candidate in 2008, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture data compiled by Bloomberg. They include Republican strongholds like King County, Texas, which in 2008 backed Republican John McCain by 92.6 percent, his largest share in the nation; and fast-growing Douglas County, Colorado

I heard pride goeth before a fall. . .

LongBallsShortBrains's picture

You don't think the tens of thousands of people who live in Mexico, but cross every week to receive food stamps and shop for things which are hard to get in Mexico voted last election, do you? I've seen hundreds They live in Juarez, Laredo, Matamoros, Tijuana, Reynosa and others. They receive food stamps. They don't vote. They just claim their four kids and 3 nieces and presto! Maza para la tortilla! Their sisters "borrow" their kids and apply as well.
If people only knew. The communists have quite a plan for us, and will end up taking the whole world out.

Cathartes Aura's picture

I don't know whether your story is true or not, most likely some parts of it are - nationstate borders are porous everywhere, because they're artificially, arbitrarily created, and like knobs on an old amp, sometimes the borders are set to say, 5, sometimes they ramp up the volume to eleventy for publicity - folks adjust accordingly.

my point in this exchange was to show that Republicans, and the states that refer to themselves as such, ARE on plenty of gov benefits, that "all welfare" is voted for by Democrats is nonsense at this stage.

actually, even drawing a pretend line between the two parties is nonsense.  I am continually amazed that people here even vote still, but, yeah, there ya go!

I must say, if your story is close to true, I can't help but admire their creativity. . . corporations took hella advantage of border towns during the early NAFTA maquilladora phase, why shouldn't peoples act similarly?

anyone whining about where their "taxes" go, at this stage, needs to wise up, sharpish.

James_Cole's picture


I must say, if your story is close to true, I can't help but admire their creativity. . . corporations took hella advantage of border towns during the early NAFTA maquilladora phase, why shouldn't peoples act similarly?

Early? You mean on-going. 

It's funny people rage against the evil Mexicans (who are in reality a godsend for the USA) while totally ignoring trade agreements like NAFTA. Trade agreements which have done incredible damage to the populations on both sides of the border. Look at Juarez / El Paso, practically financial terrorism. 


johnQpublic's picture

25 million people is no godsend

they suck up benefits, and jobs that would have to pay moar to attract an american to do them


pizza used to get delivered by highschool age kids, and now its 45 year old mexicans bringing it

earnulf's picture

What you don't seem to point out is that those poor, hardworking, unemployed and underemployed americans are "too good" to work for minimum wage and tips.

We've lost too many "good paying jobs with benefits" and created far too many part-time, no benefit, minimum wage or barely above it positions to replace them.     American workers want $20/hour and full benefits at no cost, but will only shop Wal-mart for their needs (where 95% of EVERYTHING is Chinese).

Let's face it, I can hire an American to produce 10 pairs of jeans an hour at $20/hour or hire a Chinese worker to produce twice the number for $2/day.    Even shipping it over the Pacific in bulk, I can put that pair of jeans on the shelf at a fraction of the one from an American.    Plus, I don't have to operate a factory (OSHA/Taxes/Unions) or pay my share of the FICA/SS taxes!

The FED has a 3 Trillion dollar portfolio.   Just where the heck did the FED come up with 3 Trillion dollars plus?    And you wonder why the dollar is getting worth less and less.

Fedaykinx's picture

every time i see this i marvel.  yes, let's leave the voting to an ever smaller number of increasingly stupid people.  that'll fix shit for sure.  why don't we just declare an emperor and call it good.


oh wait....

akarc's picture

Not communism. KLEPTOCRACY with a dash of facism 

akarc's picture

I live in one of those pink spots in Florida. Can't speak for the rest of the country but I can tell you the majority of poor whites in this area vote Republican and are so conservative they would make Rush look like a liberal.  Interstingly enough racism in this area remains politically correct.  Not saying cause and effect, just saying interesting.

sun tzu's picture

Yes, all those Hispanics in South Texas vote Republican, all those blacks in Jackson MS, Birmingham AL, Atlanta GA, Memphis TN all vote Republican. They all voted for Romney. 

LOL You liberals are dumber than I thought. You actually think an entire state votes 100% for a party?

bunnyswanson's picture

Pro choice vote democrat.  Pro life for republican.

Or the poor do not vote at all.  The media and politicians work on their emotions and romanticize and cruxify...it's a winning approach to getting the poor to vote for the rich.

venturen's picture

James, You you are suggesting that bankster and Washington stealing money from honest regular people is better than conservative? Maybe just being honest and hardworking is fatal in this country...you need to scam some farm subsidy, print money, game the poor out of their houses to get ahead. How many Wall Streets have ever created anything other than a fraud?

sun tzu's picture

Like Lord 0bama sayeth to his sheeple the night the MF Global scandal broke out, no crimes were committed. In fact, the SEC and FBI didn't even need to investigate. That is further proof that no crimes were committed by Lord 0bama's dear friend and political fundraiser Jon Corzine. 

GeezerGeek's picture

When Al Gore came up with the phrase "no controlling legal authority", he could not possibly have imagined how true that would become with Eric Holder in charge at AG. Holder may be the legal authority, but he certainly has done no controlling where illegal activities by Obama's cronies are concerned. 

James_Cole's picture

James, You you are suggesting that bankster and Washington stealing money from honest regular people is better than conservative?


Maybe just being honest and hardworking is fatal in this country...


It's just funny to point out that the states most pro 'right to work' 'deregulation' 'home-school-is-best' & whatever other nonsense the Republican party supports are also the poorest. 

NY & California according to the other recent map article on zh are supposed to be the 'least free' yet here they are as also being among the most rich. 

Anyway, this severely pisses off the red-staters so rage away. 

akak's picture

Those who wield power, and theives, and other assorted criminals and sociopaths do indeed often end up wealthier than their neighbors.

PS: Please drop the red team/blue team shtick already --- it is pathetically and laughably irrelevant.

James_Cole's picture

Those who wield power, and theives, and other assorted criminals and sociopaths do indeed often end up wealthier than their neighbors.

Sure, but you can't apply that to the entire populations of California or NY.

PS: Please drop the red team/blue team shtick already

It's a bit different when it comes to the states. The parties themselves are two sides of the same coin, but the populations who vote for them are very different. There's probably very little tangible difference between Obama & Romney, but the values they stand for - in theory only - are totally different. 

Probably one of the biggest differences between Birmingham Alabama and San Francisco California is the emphasis placed on education. If your population is still debating evolution vs. creationism they're likely not getting a very good education and without a good education they're going to have a tough time getting decent work..


akak's picture


If your population is still debating evolution vs. creationism they're likely not getting a very good education and without a good education they're going to have a tough time getting decent work..

I can't argue with you on that point, although I must also question the value of an education, even, or especially, a  post-secondary education, in which Keynesian "economics", woefully statist political "science", anti-liberty historical revisionism, and Marxist/collectivistic social studies are inculculated with as much ferver, and with just as much fundamental ignorance, as creationism is at the lower educational levels.

Prometheus418's picture

I was just speaking with my wife on this point a week or two ago.  We have two children in elementry school, and one in middle school (1st, 2nd, and 6th grades)

We live in a district that is ranked in the top 4% of the US educational system, in a town with 3,000 residents, and a teacher to student ratio of 1:20, give or take.

What we've observed over years of carefully following every aspect of the educational process here with each of our three children is that the elementary school system is where "No child left behind" is actually something meaningful.  The teachers go out of their way to ensure that the children know their basic colors, shapes, rudimentary mathematics, basic literacy and how to follow orders such as obeying authority and calmly standing in line.  

The flip side of this is that our oldest daughter (the sixth grader) was proverbally thrown to the wolves in 5th grade.  She was in special Ed leading up to that grade (ADHD and some early ear infections, for whatever that's worth- I think she could try a little harder, personally) but as soon as she entered the middle school, they put her in all regular classes and told her to take responsibility or ...

Normally, I'd be all for that, but every year for the last four years, we have been told about the "new math" for that year in parent/teacher conferences.  This past year, "new math" involved my second grader being expected to count by 13s, and my 6th grader doing first year algebra.  That would be awesome- if they could do it.  But they're regular kids, and even with several hours of help each night, they've been unable to catch on.  So now I have an eleven-year old girl that can't multipy or divide trying to graph parbolic functions so she doesn't fail.

Back on point, my observation here is that TPTB absolutely do not want the general population to understand mathematics, or use it as a tool in daily life.  If I wanted to cripple a child, I would certainly expose them to everything they could not handle, and then hold them responsible if they did not learn it, and punish them for failing to do what they were unable to.  There's no better way to force a kid into automatically fleeing from anything more than basic addition or subtraction, and making them docile towards the idea to leaving the "hard math" to the "experts."

But Social Studies?  Hell, they all have A++s across the board.  

I don't really know what to do, honestly- I see the Delphi method in practice here on a grand scale, but I am working overtime every week just to feed everyone and keep the lights on.  Private school isn't an option due to budgetary contraints, and home schooling will kill me early, with the added stress of being a science, math and language teacher in addition to my regular work.

And before any of you chastise me for having too many kids, all three are my wife's from her first marriage.  I didn't make any of my own- mainly because I can't justify creating more milk cows for the dipshits that evidently run things.  Sure, I could have stepped away and refused the responsibility, and that would have been easier on my bank account, but they're good kids who deserve a father.  And beyond that, every kid I support is one you don't have to pay for- so I'm not willing to take any shit on that score.

Creepy Lurker's picture

The schools have been doing that to kids for a long time. This is the tool that gave me numeracy as a child.


Miffed Microbiologist's picture

Prometheus, educationg kids to day is extremely hard, those without children have no clue. Unfortunately for us we had to go the private route because our local schools were terrible. It financially killed us though our kids got a very good education. You are luck to be in a good district. My I suggest you teach your daughter math through real life experiences? Our daughtes had checking accts at you eldest's age and learned to budget for their purchases using their allowances. We gave them ( I know some here will cringe at this) credit cards when they were very young and learned how to use them properly with out ever carrying a balance. When we went to the grocery store I would ask them to calc the price of something 35% off. We'd compare prices of 2 items, one more costly but the other cheaper cost per lb and I'd ask them to explain the better deal. When we were fixing our home theyd calculate how much tile would be needed for the new counter top. Then they helped dad cut the tile to properly fit the space. All the local plumbing, electrical stores knew my girls because their dad always included them when he did a project. Math is all around you in some form. I didn't work on parabolic equations until I was in physics in college so I think that is a bit inappropriate at that age. But what do I know I'm not a learned educator! I guess my tastes tend to run pragmatic I'm afraid. Thanks for being a great father. So many children today miss that and I hope you realize just your presence can make such a difference. Good luck!