The Drone Diaries: An Interactive Tracker Of America's "Remote Control" Casualties

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While previous US-offensive campaigns around the world traditionally had a face and pulse, and thus a narrative and an appropriate popular (and populist) reaction, recent years have seen most US military "intervention" devolve to the intangible world of video games: an operator in Nevada controlling predator drones half way around the world with a joystick, and launching bombs and missiles with the push of a button. In the process any aspects of the humanity (or complete lack thereof) of traditional warfare were completely lost, and the US has succeeded in engaging in countless offshore campaigns without a single peep from a population that would otherwise have long since succumbed to war fatigue. Alas, while technological superiority means little risk while imposing Pax Americana (if only in the most underdeveloped defensively nations), it certainly does not mean fewer casualties on the other side. So just to make sure that what is out of sight, is not out of mind, below we present an interactive tracker of all casualties in Pakistani drone strikes since 2004.

In brief, of the 3105 total casualties, only 47, or 1.5% have been of high profile targets. The rest, including some 175 children, is what can be classified as "collateral damage." But who cares: the classic liberal revulsion is never an issue because the only American involvement is that by a 19 year old with a rapid response and a trigger finger. And at the end of the day, who really cares what goes on on the other side...

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1.5 out of 100  aint bad.

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Indeed, and much better than the bird flu stats.

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notwithstanding 100x leverage

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No, it's NOT "a 19 year old with a rapid response and a trigger finger".

It is a middle-aged field officer with a promotion in mind. Looking at the frequency of drone attacks now, that says a lot about the current administration.

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Its amazing how the CT libs and Obama use the Sandy Hook parents to push for gun control in the US Senate today while Obama on choom patrol manages to murder 11 children across the pond with his drones.

I have to wonder if any of the Sandy Hook parents in D.C. today took the President to task on more children being slaughtered by his war mongering policies.

I guess if Adam Lanza had used a drone with an attached Hellfire missile to kill all the kids at Sandy Hook Elementary all of this would have been a mute point.

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Gave you a green, but moot, moot, MOOT.

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"Its amazing how the CT libs and Obama use the Sandy Hook parents to push for gun control in the US Senate today while Obama on choom patrol manages to murder 11 children across the pond with his drones."

On that point, we wonder what the "normal" everyday cop thinks...not the brass, not politicized police chiefs, not the mayors...but the guys & gals down in the trenches as it were...

Why am I not surprised at the results?

15,595 is a pretty good representative cross section ;-)

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Thanks for the link Nmewn. It somewhat restores my faith in LEOs.

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I did like the responses to questions 19 & 22.

But, and maybe I missed it, I would have like them to ask about their feelings to being forced by their department to participate in any type of gun confiscation schemes.

That's the real tell. I think most would go along if ordered to do so.

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"I think most would go along if ordered to do so."

 I bet 99.9% would. What's the alternative - the cop gives up his job and his own gun if he refuses.


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See my question below...

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Question #15 in the survey.

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Another question that should have been asked:  "Do you feel Obamatron's proposals will just paint a large target on yer ass?"

Because there is definitely some yahoos out there that are just looking for a better excuse...

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Reread question #4, and look at the breakdown of responses again

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It stands to reason that most LEO have a distinct aversion to catching lead.

With that said, only overwhelming, Rby Rdge style force would be acceptable.

Try repeating that several hundred million times.


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I had some interaction with a sharp young lady working the marketing side of this web site a few years ago. She was hot!

What survey?

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#28 is the most important question. As the family goes so goes the country.

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Correct...good catch ;-)

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If Adam Lanza had used a Hellfire missile to kill the kids at Sandy Hook, those children would 

have been labeled "combatants". 

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More to the point, if a Pakistani with a legitimate beef with Barry used a drone and a  Hellfire missile on some event he was attending at Sidwell, would the Press be willing to write off 80 or so causalities, including the first bitches, as legitimate "collateral damage" in the name of a "high value target"...

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whoever gets the designation "terrorist" loses the "legitimate beef" handle - ergo can't produce "legitimate collateral damage"


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It has been reported that an American military airstrike in eastern Afghanistan on Saturday, April 6 that targeted a senior Taliban commander finally ended up in killing 18 people including women and children.

DEAR LEADER JUST WAXED SOME KIDDIES, NOT EVEN A FUCKIN OOPS.  NO TEARS.  SHIT, THE MEDIA TRIED TO BLAME NATO. Now you tell me, if someone kills your family while you are out herding goats, who are you going to hate? Perpetual terrorism means perpetual police state at home.


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Oh right another article from the guy who has tried to suggest that General Electric owned NBC & MSNBC have a disincentive to report on drone warfare simply because GE manufactures many of the critical components of the Drones & is a major supplier of US military technology.

Talk about a crazy conspiracy theory! 

And that's just the tip of the iceberg, he's also claimed many of the other major news sources have similar conflicts of interest... some folks are just NUTS!


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You are joking, right?

I hate the sarc tag but sometimes I guess it's necessary... either that or the sarcasm was understood but there are a lot of closet MSNBC lovers on here. 

HD's picture

"closet MSNBC lovers on here."

Krugman is in the hot tub with Ben and a bottle of French wine tonight so I don't know who it could be...

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Mr Toaster? Or Mr Hair-Dryer?

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These numbers are bullshit. I have e very close relative who flys a B-1B and on a recent "report" about civilian kills from US media - he told me they reviewed the films and all the combatants were armed and shooting our troops.

If anything we are doing a police action - not what these guys are trained. In World War Two civilians got rewarded according to their votes.

Fuck the civilian dead!

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brain dead, or paid by the post?

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(so both I guess)

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Zionist! And paid by the post. They have a whole organization to flood posts onto blogs whenever their superiority is questioned.

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Yeah, Apache was under heavy fire there! Damn Reuters journalists and their cameras equipped with invisible super death rays! 

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Instructive vid. Foretaste of what the ZOG has in store for us. See/hear any helicopters around, stay under heavy cover. And thank you B. Manning and J. Assange. 

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Fuck the civilian dead!


Coming soon to a US city near you.

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"The Roving Eye -- The South also Rises" by Pepe Escobar [The Asian Times __ 4/5/13]

`" The Poorer Nations:  A Possible History of a Global South"` by Vijay Prashad  (War Bonds/ Brady Bonds et.el.?)

Note: short-lined article with a whole lot of anachronistic compression... esp., for those who love the surreal world of pax-americana historicity jingoism wedded to a 'cfr/trilateralist' n[g]eo-ideologue's!?

*Note: Cross-collateralization of a plaining planet with but a mere hegemonic pollination [always... in the designated right time and, assuredly... always in the designated right location?] can destroy many a life without firing one fucking shot?!



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It's only politics...

Quid pro drone

A secret deal on drones, sealed in blood

"Nek Muhammad knew he was being followed.

On a hot day in June 2004, the Pashtun tribesman was lounging inside a mud compound in South Waziristan, speaking by satellite phone to one of the many reporters who regularly interviewed him on how he had fought and humbled Pakistan’s army in the country’s western mountains. He asked one of his followers about the strange, metallic bird hovering above him.

Less than 24 hours later, a missile tore through the compound, severing Muhammad’s left leg and killing him and several others, including two boys, ages 10 and 16. A Pakistani military spokesman was quick to claim responsibility for the attack, saying that Pakistani forces had fired at the compound.

That was a lie.

Muhammad and his followers had been killed by the CIA, the first time it had deployed a Predator drone in Pakistan to carry out a “targeted killing.” The target was not a top operative of Al Qaeda, but a Pakistani ally of the Taliban who led a tribal rebellion and was marked by Pakistan as an enemy of the state.

In a secret deal, the CIA had agreed to kill him in exchange for access to airspace it had long sought so it could use drones to hunt down its own enemies.

 That back-room bargain, described in detail for the first time in interviews with more than a dozen officials in Pakistan and the United States, is critical to understanding the origins of a covert drone war that began under the Bush administration, was embraced and expanded by President Barack Obama..."

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Obomba kills the equivalent of one My Lai every two weeks, continuously. The one real My Lai was in the news constantly for months and helped bring an end to a useless hateful expensive and unpopular war. So what's different today? You and I, my friend. We don't give a crap. Now THAT is the lowest moral scum of the world.

(yes I give a crap and I know you do too but this is aimed at those who DONT call Congressmen and rave to friends and rant online and attend rallies and vote correctly and try and do what little we can)

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As above, so below. As within, so without. The lies are different at every level.

And, I agree with the comment that "Perpetual terrorism means perpetual police state at home" was "not a bug, but a deliberate feature" of the system of toroidal vortices that we were born within!

The standing situation that civilizations are controlled by the people who are the best at being dishonest has resulted in infinite tunnels of deceits becoming more and more remote controlled and automated. Since the vast majority of people act like Zombie Sheeple inside these social systems, we are witnessing the worse science fiction nightmare scenarios becoming more and more real. ...

Of course, I like to imagine better political science fiction ... BUT, I have no reasonable grounds to believe that anything will happen than that we will continue to go down and down the path of least morality ... DARPA is dropping depth charges upon ITSELF, through its own infinite tunnels of deceits!

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A Nobel Peace Prize winner condoning the drone bombing of innocent children, highlights the hypocrisy of our democracy.

CompassionateFascist's picture

Precisely what it is: electoral majorities bought by debt-financed handouts. Embrace Democracy, or get droned. 

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Nobel, isn't that the guy who invented dynamite?

I wonder what Nobel's definition of "Peace" is.

In any case, Obama is no Martin Luther King Jr, is he?

john39's picture

the orwellien version of dr. king.

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n.  a species of poetry in which contemporary vice and folly are held up to ridicule;  sarcasm.

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but....but... He won the Nobel Peace Prize!

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Is that how the planes on 9/11 were piloted?