Guest Post: Survivor Of Communist Cuba Defends 2nd Amendment

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Submitted by Brandon Smith of Alt-Market,

In the past, I have corresponded with a few survivors of communist despotism, and what I have found is that most if not all immigrants that actually lived in a collectivized state with a disarmed population fight harder to defend the U.S. Constitution than half of the people who were actually born here.  There are a lot of overgrown children in this country today who have NO understanding of the consequences of the path our society has been set on.  They look to big government to take care of them because they are too lazy or apathetic to do it for themselves.  They look to big government to protect them because they are cowardly and have no concept of self-defense.  They look to big government as an attack dog that they can hide behind when they seek to impose their ideology and zealotry on the rest of us.  They bow down to big government because they are afraid of becoming the "nail that sticks out".  They submit to authoritarianism because they have no honor, and, no sense of appreciation when it comes to the concept of true liberty.

These sad but useful idiots within our population love to argue in the name of the state, constantly claiming that the ongoing restrictions of our individual freedoms and constitutional rights are "for the greater good" of our society as a whole.  They insist that even though the political measures being taken in the U.S. today are almost identical to those implemented in communist police states, this time "things will be different".  This time, the collectivists will "get it right".  Not surprising, though, is the fact that the vast majority of those that call for rights restrictions and socialized mega-government have never actually lived under the kind of system they are demanding.  They have absolutely NO idea what it is really like, nor do they ever attempt to learn from those who comprehend full well.

Some people know.  Some people have lived it.  Some people have experienced the consequences first hand.  And, for anyone with the intelligence to listen, this is what they have to say about gun control and the path to tyranny...


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greased up deaf guy's picture

to those concerned at the dhs...

i'll see your 0.40 and raise you 0.308 ;).

Leto II's picture

Reach out and touch somebuddy

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

.40 caliber good out to 25 meters in the hands of someone pretty good.

.308 good to 400 meters...

Jam Akin's picture

as long as you've got your holdover and wind calcs dialed in.  

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Yes, you do have to know what you are doing.  I claim no competence in long range shooting, but many country boys can take out targets at 400 meters.

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"I ask, Sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people. To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them."

George Mason
Co-author of the Second Amendment
during Virginia's Convention to Ratify the Constitution, 1788

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Fidel Castro Ruz is defending the second amendment?

Lore's picture

That's all well and good, but does this man collect his kitchen scraps in a green container?  Turn out his lights for Earth Hour?  What's his stand on gay marriage?

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A lot good old boys can reach out and touch their game at distances a lot further than 400 meters. With new tech like this built into optics magnum hunting rifles in the hands of even the average shooter are good to 800 meters and further.

How it works here:

In action here:



dtwn's picture

.338 Lapua Magnum, when you really want to reeeeeeaaaaaaach out.  1000m achievable with decent amount of practice, 2700m in expert sniper hands in Afghanistan.  Right around $1000,

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

More expensive, but better than Savage:


Axenolith's picture

BTW, That Savage is allegedly a spectacular gun for the price.  Additionally, it weighs about 1/2 the Onlylongrange product.  When it comes down to what your average citizen "should" get, 10-15 pounds extra of rifle is a LOT.  You'd be better off spending the saved difference at the range, and spending some time out in the country developing some field craft.

ATM's picture

Those target guns are fine if you have a hardened bunker to shoot from but I don't. I will choose a weapon that is easily portable and is 1 MOA less accurate over 300 meters anyday.

Any good old deer rifle will do just fine, 30.06, .270, 6.5, 7mm, even .243. 

Bagbalm's picture

Or, if you are poor a plain old surplus Mosin. It probably still has dirt on it from when it was recovered from a ditch outside Leningrad, and it may not have been cleaned since 1945, but it will go BOOM without being cleaned on the proper schedule with a $10/oz synthetic Teflon infused designer bore cleaner.

SamAdams's picture

For hunting, a Savage model 110 is cheap and shoots straight.  Hard to beat for the price.  All calibers mentioned are fine, but .308 is NATO and generally easy to find.  30.06 is not bad either and with 180 grain bullet, will take down a moose.

Mosin 91/30 is a reliable $100 beater gun and 7.62x54 steel core ammo is cheap.  Not a great hunting gun without a bit of work.  In which case, you should have just bought a Savage.

Regardless, any gun you buy is AN INVESTMENT WITH RETURNS GREATER THAN GOLD.  With the UN's bullhorn Cult (Feinstein, Schumer, Blumenthal, Bloomberg... see a pattern?) and Obama screaming gun control, gun values double each year. 

otto skorzeny's picture

Seems like a nice price alternative to barrett and armalite.

2bit Hoarder's picture

the lapau is way too overpriced ... just get a Remington 700 .308. get the face of the bolt trued and have fun.  the firing pin needs to be modified as well, as it can become "sticky" within the carrier in cold weather and create an unsafe condition. (fires when you close the bolt).

that's what i used in USMC snipe school and it's a great platform.  1000 yds plus all day long with a little breathing control and a steady base.

i have a rock laying on the ground at the corner of my dead end road 3/4 mile away from my front door.  engraved on that rock are the words "past this point, you are in range" my neighbors know this to be true and feel safer for it.  just a phone call away and i can cover many of their houses.  several have told their children to call me before calling 911 if they have a break-in etc ... now that folks, is why I joined the USMC.

Rogue Trooper's picture

Nice story brother.  I've consolidated everything around .308.

M1A (Actauly the Norinco, in my country an M1A is $4,000) but it's still works fine and going to get tuned up in my next project)

Ruger Scout - love this great package for what it is.

Another .308 Bolt to come....

Bloody annoyed I sold my Rem .308 Tac a few years back with a nice surpressor :(

jvetter713's picture

2 Bit...I love it!  I wanna get a similar rock...granted, mine might only be 50 yards from my house but still...

CheapBastard's picture

90% of gun fights/uses/needs occur within 15 feet, says the FBI.

2bit Hoarder's picture

in a non-warzone environment ... if Obama, or any other pres went all-in on the tyrannical thing, that distance would stretch significanty. 

Seize Mars's picture

Look, you have the right attitude, but...

"If Obama or any other res went all-in on the tyrannical thing..." Seriously? "If?"

They're already confiscating illegally. Talk to some people. They're already spying on you, they're already fighting many, many undeclared wars, they have already imprisoned a large portion of the populace.

"if." Nice.

aka Gil's picture

"If" is still a reasonable assumption. They're spying so they have a pretty good idea how many of us are prepared. Do they have the nerve and the people to pull this off? That's a big "if" IMO. These lying thieves nor their minions have demonstrated any courage or conviction, only arrogance and hubris.

Rogue Trooper's picture

Within 1 yard my M1A is mighty fine Club.

Just another fine feature of the finest battle rifle yet devised.

Boondocker's picture

Better than that with the training "our government" provides

2bit Hoarder's picture

my Rem 700 .308 w/50 power  march scope is pretty reliable up to around 1100 yards ...


Semper Fi

Rogue Trooper's picture

True dat. Regret... I sold my Rem 700 .308 in a crazy moment.

HardAssets's picture

helluva lot longer than 400 meters

Rogue Trooper's picture

Oh common the .308 is just warming up and in the realm of the nancy-boy round the .223 which is starting to have as much kinetic energy has a BB gun (Ok that was a joke AR15 crew)

Sure 300 to 400 yards with my Aimpoint, but once I change the glass, and I'm good out to 600 to 800 yards.  But wind is still a bitch.

M1A Fear no one....


GoldForCash's picture

7.62 x 39mm @ 800 rounds per minute.

wee-weed up's picture

The Obama Admin will see that their sycophant MSM ignores him.

Bad Attitude's picture

It seems to me that Dear Leader and his regime believe their own propaganda. I don't believe they fully appreciate how angry the citizenry has become - not everyone can be pacified with an Obamaphone and a SNAP/EBT card at a strip joint. It is very telling that a lot of state governments are starting to very publicly push back.

Maybe the coming shit storm can be avoided, but I doubt it. Dear Leader seems to almost be intentionally aggravating the situation - reckless economic policies, stirring up racial tension, demands for draconian gun control, and ignoring the rule of law and the Constitution.

Forty Six and 2's picture

Bingo! Intentionally aggravating the situation is exactly what they're doing. It's a game of poke the tiger with a stick. As soon as he (we) swipe, out comes the declaration of Marshal Law and then outright gun confiscations - DHS gets to use their shiny new APCs, drones, LRADs, and loose some of those newly obtained .40 cal ala Dorner style. How successful they will be in that scenario is another matter.

We just have to not swipe at them, but wait them out using what legal methods are still viable to stop them or until the system implodes. Which ever comes first.

Proofreder's picture

MARTIAL Law -  LOSE, not Loose

NOT 'marshal' as in U.S. Marshall or Marshall Islands.  

HTF can anyone attempting to form or argue an opinion make such tragic errors - just totally invalidates the missive.

Idiot or Fool?

Not too difficult to figure this person; loose mind, no doubt.

akak's picture

Yep, there learning of English grammar could of been better for sure, but to be frank I could care less.

Forty Six and 2's picture

@Proofreder [sic]

Said the pot. I think your glib post says more about you than it does me.

Let's break it down, shall we...

While my marshal was a whopper and embarrassing my usage/spelling of loose was accurate as one of the meanings is "to let fly" a la "loose an arrow," not lose as in gone missing or misplace, or lost face ( I guess I should have used 'shoot' instead. With that, let's do some substitutions to see what makes more sense:

FS&2: DHS gets to use their shiny new APCs, drones, LRADs, and loose [to let fly] some of those newly obtained .40 cal ala Dorner style.

Proofreder: DHS gets to use their shiny new APCs, drones, LRADs, and lose [to misplace] some of those newly obtained .40 cal ala Dorner style.

Uh oh, Grammar-Nazi made a grammatical error.

Proofreder: Such tragic errors - just totally invalidates the missive. Idiot or Fool? Not to difficult to figure this person...

Project much? Just how is my "missive" invalid, esp given your invalid missive. Guess you're just as idiotic and/or foolish as I.

There are way more intelligent posters on ZH than either of us. Even they occasionally make grammatical errors. It's inevitable. What I find interesting is that you're not posting belittling comments to them. Why not? Was it something I said that rankled your hippie sensibilities?

We'll never know since you weren't capable of adding any substance to the discussion. Rather, you attempted to invalidate my post purely over one dumb grammatical error (with one of your own) instead of debating it. Your post has as much importance, value and knowledge here as the Krugman I deposited in the toilet this morning.

I think you should study up and try again tomorrow.

Thanks for playing

Frankie Carbone's picture

Jesus, enough with the quibbling. I'm not impressed one bit. 

I can't stand hubristic people.

otto skorzeny's picture

the states are not going  to push back for shit-they are too dependent on uncle sam's teat- alot of the $ used for state and local LE comes from the feds

Lore's picture

When Corzine is in jail, there will be hope.

Offthebeach's picture

Since The Constitution is " a living thing ", states should print their own fiat.

LetThemEatRand's picture

Too bad this author had to confuse "collectivism" with tyranny.  Roads, schools, airports, parks, GPS, defense from unelected tyrants, etc., are all collectivist products.  The key -- as imagined by the Founders of the U.S. -- is balance.  We are WAY out of balance and that needs to be fixed by taking crony out of capitalism and politics.  The 2nd Amendment is a very important part of the balance and in that I agree with the author.  Much of the rest is ideological bullshit which divides and solves nothing.

Bicycle Repairman's picture

I would think that appropriate collective projects are based on democratic cooperation as opposed to those imposed from the top down.  In top down schemes the rubric "we know better" is employed, and the desires of the vast majority of the people are ignored.

For example, I have trouble comparing the Eisenhower interstate highway with the White Sea canal.

LetThemEatRand's picture

I agree.  My objection is with the idea -- advanced by many who identify with libertarianism -- that all collective action is bad.   The libertarian ideas would be much more likely to actually gain traction as a mainstream idea if authors such as this one toned done the rhetoric and acknowledged that some collectivist or socialist or other demonized concepts are actually worthwhile.  For example, even the most ardent libertarian wants a court system but such a system by definition requires collective funding and enforcement of judgments.

tmosley's picture

Jesus God, Rand.  You have been here how long?  Still can't tell the difference between anarchists and libertarians?

Or are you jus' trollin'?

Calmyourself's picture

Mosely, you have been here long enough to know what lter is at her core , a collectivist.  From her death tax rants that virtually all estates return to the state for distribution to her characterization of "collective" action as some sort of compulsory goodness all the while denying her own employees a unionization vote.