Mr Soros Trumps Mrs Watanabe

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While the dominant flow of policy action from the Japanese has, until last week, been of the jawboning variety, the actual selling pressure on the rapidly devaluing currency has come from foreign sources. As the following chart shows, the last few months have seen not Mrs Watanabe (euphemistically selling her JPY to find better returns elsewhere) but the likes of Mr. Soros and Mr. Bass who see the endgame disorderly collapse of a currency (or perhaps it is the rest of the G7 central bankers unwinding JPY-based reserves to 'help' their fellow central planner out). The bulk of JPY selling pressure has come during non-Tokyo trading hours, as the Japanese, until last week at least, appear much more timid about Abenomics' chances of success.



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Fock you, Solos gaijin!

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Too bad the avatars are so small, yours is sooo naughty!

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Could be a dead cat bounce afterall?

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get ready for Hyperinflation.  

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My Spidey Senses detect a disturbance in the force. I smells a Gold rally. I also smells currency dislocations a comin'.

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Mrs Watanabe isn't nearly as worried about things as billionaire Soros. Ironic.

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Q: What is your view on gold?

Soros: That’s a complicated question. It has disappointed the public, because it is meant to be the ultimate safe haven. But when the euro was close to collapsing in the last year, actually gold went down, because if people needed to sell something, they could sell gold. Therefore they sold gold. So gold went down together with everything else.

Gold was destroyed as a safe haven, proved to be unsafe. Because of the disappointment, most people are reducing their holdings of gold. But the central banks will continue to buy them, so I don’t expect gold to go down. If you have the prospect of a crisis, you will have occasional flurries or jumps. So gold is very volatile on a day-to-day basis, no trend on a longer-term basis.

really, mr. soros? what about the 10-year trend of gold?

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There's no place for gold in a new vvvirld order.


There may be no place for you either......hope you don't mind.

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"Gold was destroyed as a safe haven, proved to be unsafe


No hyperbole there!  

The intent of the suppression was primarily to keep the huge majority in the west out of gold but making it look that way.

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Funny that he called it a "bubble" back in 2011 and now he says it can't drop much from here. Peak to trough drop of 20 percent. Some Bubble!

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Unsafe for WHOM?  A glance into the lake shows all Tozs still accounted for.

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Sorosis of the Silver.......I'm just a little jaundiced.

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This must be bullish for Euro he is major short player there to .....

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The Japanese will fall on their sword if the emperor tells them to do it....very well trained..they will not sell their bonds and destroy their country.....its in their blood...

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Trading these days is like going into a gunfight where your opponant can shoot 10 large magazine magazine clips at you from 2 feet away 2 hours before you get to shoot back with a slingshot... if you make it....


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No way the odds are that good!

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Another day goes by and still ZH gets me fuming.

Finding out yet a fucking gain that Dirt Box Soros hasnt shifted from this mortal coil.

I betcha this swine runs on Kryptonite or some thing.

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No he is stealing his power from the motionless wrist watches of redundant miners.



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Here comes Slovenia...


Slovenia Facing a Banking Crisis, Report Warns


"‘'Slovenia is facing a severe banking crisis, driven by excessive risk-taking, weak corporate governance of state-owned banks and insufficiently effective supervision tools,'’ according to the report.

Last year’s estimate of the level of bad loans in the banking system is outdated and was created by methodology that was weak and nontransparent, so the real damage could be worse, the organization said."



The International Bank Heists Have Begun


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I'm sure this time it'll be different. Completely different.

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Iff'n yer not a Cypriot, then yes, yes it is!

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Market makers must be taking a beating, which is never a good sign for retailers; they start getting nasty and petty, getting filled becomes like scoring a blowjob in a nunnery...

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So to sum it up this morning,

Its looking mighty fine out there if you run a small business, have lots of shiny stuff and know the evil one Soros?

Thats me fucking sorted then, FORWARD COMRADES....

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This is wildly bullish for stocks. No joke! Down arrow me if you wish, but think about the statement.

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Joke eddiebe?

Johnny comes home from school and tells his mum that the kids have been talking about what their dads do for a living.  His mum says what did he say, and Johnny says, "I told them he was a street smart pimp who whores out bitchez, and he sells crack cocaine to little boys and girls while gun running for Eric Holder".

Mums not happy and says why did he do that?  Johnny says, "Come off it mum, how could I tell my friends and teachers that my dad is politician?".

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+100 for the johnny joke first thing in the morning!!  he he heee  "smart pimp how whores out bitchez"

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Whereas a politician is a smart pimp who whores out citizens--difference is that the politician lies about it.

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careful, Frederic Bastiat was a politician, too, elected as member of parliament

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The risk of generalizing, I guess.