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It is all too easy to look admiringly at levitating nominal stock prices, stick your head in the sand, and believe that Abe and Kuroda have it all under control (by "it" we mean everything that has happened and that Zero Hedge predicted would happen two years ago). But for those unwilling to take the BoJ's word for it that "the economy has stopped deteriorating," we ask one simple question. After looking at the following four charts of Abe's 2-2-2-2 Plan, "is it sustainable?" You decide...


Abenomics: The "2-2-2-2" policy

+2% inflation in 2 years - by printing (and implicitly devaluing the currency on a scale we have not seen)... way beyond anything anyone has ever tried before...


Double monetary base and BOJ’s JGB holding


Double the average duration of JGBs the BOJ buys


And all this with a Structural deterioration in the extrernal balance...



All looks very doable eh? Now ask yourselves, do you feel lucky?


Given the volatility in JGBs on the last 3 days, we suggest not. ..

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Even a 'Kardashian' could not possibly backstop what's to come...

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Sustainable? Are you kidding me?! I mean, of course! To the moon!

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Meh! Sustainable seems to have become a question of whether or not the proles are in the streets with torches and guillotines.  Don't see them yet, so things, as reported, must be sustainable, no?

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Seems like a shortage of Depends is about to develop in the land of the rising sun.

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stainability ...


japan just shot their load

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I bet the FED and the ECB are watching very very carefully. If this experiment works, expect these money printers to go "full retard". I personally don't see how it can with all their debt. Printing money doesn't fix that.

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I personally don't see how it can with all their debt. Printing money doesn't fix that.


But isn't that the whole point. Printing inflates away the debt problem.  They are killing two birds with one printing press.  They wipe out their debt with inflation, and smash their currency making their exports competitive.  Sure, their retired population will be eating cat food, or will be cat food.  Wait, that's three birds.  The sooner they get their demographic profile "right-sized", the better.

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By George, this is gonna work

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Yes goddamnit Japan is unsustainably sustainable......unsustainably

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Green shoots, recovery summer hope and change!!!!!!!

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Damn I forgot to check my gardens on FarmVille ...I bet everything died and I'll have to start all over. Just fricken great! ........Damn chart porn anyway.

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Can you buy virtual food with bitcoins?

WayBehind's picture

Virtual food & virtual money. What a great combo. We need more of those hahaha

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Kinda like EBT in a strip just appears out of the ether...but its still kinda fishy ;-)

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I kind of got the impression that Bitcoin is ideal for hiring hookers/strippers.

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I finally said fuck the garden planting (kept dying) and built an oil refinery and a bunch of rigs.  That was forever ago.  Havent been back since.  A retarded waste of time.  Now i'm here.  Much more productive.

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Assets!!??   We don't need no stinking assets!

Great movie. Watch it.

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You’ve got to ask yourself one question. Do I feel lucky? Well do you punk,,,

Classic Movie Line #31 (0:28)

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Note to self: Learn how to dance like an old gold prospector.

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What the banksters want is inflation in real estate to bail out their bad loans.

What they get is commodity inflation, which tanks the economy.  They keep repeating the same mistakes. Government debt will crush them all soon enough.

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Ding ding ding ding ding!! 

We have a winner!

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Billyens and billyens and billyens!

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Jap stocks are free money for anyone who wants it. All their wealth are belong to us. Fuck Mrs Watanabe, she is going to get fucked up the ass big time.

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Nothing a little war won't solve.


WhyDoesItHurtWhen iPee's picture

Abe and Kuroda are breaking (Divine) wind in the general direction of China.

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     I sounds really bad when we talk about it, but when I see it on paper/monitor I want to shit myself!  BoJ gone full retard...

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Tyler - you have nuked me three times as a troll - I repeat my statement since 2010:


"NEVER underestimate the replacement power of equities (common fucking stocks, ETF's, E/S futures) within an INFLATIONARY FUCKING SPIRAL."


What is it about that statement that makes the ZH crowd go bonkers? Martin Zweig said it when Tyler was in Grade School. 



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You referenced "Martin Zweig".  There's that.  You endorse paper - there's that too.  Lastly, there is no shortage of geniuses, like your buddy Marty,  when the "market" is ascending.  A very small fraction of those geniuses avoid being wiped out with the next market wipe-out.

Shark bait.

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SO I buy Chipotle, Netflix, and Amazon and become a trillionaire?

There were a lot of trillionaires in Zimbabwe. I bet a lot of people in Wiemar felt filthy rich pushing around wheelbarrows full of cash.

It doesn't matter if a share of stock is worth $1 billion on paper if there is nobody willing to give you something of worth for it.

One share of Chipotle might be worth $1 billion in dollars, but it would probably be worth about six atoms of gold.

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25 bps in volatility is the author's evidence for unsustainability? lulz lulz lulz lulz lulz lulz lulz lulz lulz lulz lulz lulz lulz lulz lulz

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I'm sure old abe will break a sweat when he hits infinity and beyond. lol

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I like hockey sticks.

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Don't worry, I have it from a creditable source that we will all be taken care of no matter what happens:

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Japan is taking the Krugman advice....if you own all the JGBs ....well you can just retire them. Then people only can equities....the stock maket goes up and you are wealthy.

The BoJ can do the Krugman platinum  coin for show if they like..... is just so easy....

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I wouldn't worry about it. BTFD. Nukes are going to fly tomorrow.

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We seem to be lagging behind so channeling Schumer " ...Get to work Mr. Chairman."



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Just think of the equities to the moon stories when Toyota unveils the Trillion Yen car. Followed soon by the Quadrillion Yen Car.

I personally can't wait for Trillion Yen Sake.

I know people that can't wait for the Trillion Yen Happy Ending.

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And if that doesn't happen, I'll be looking forward to the day when they're giving out free Toyota Camry's with every tank of gas.

Or maybe not.


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We have seen how Benny's QE's have expanded the job market with about 100 million out of the work force.  So what's next for the socialists and central planners?  More QE and lots more welfare.  Throw O'bummercare into the mix and if we survive 2013, 2014 should be one heck of a ride; similar to a big time bull ride.  The only thing that suvives will be bull.