Meet The Fed Employee Who Leaked The FOMC Minutes

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Presenting Brian Gross, Special Assistant to the Fed for Congressional Liaison, who as Bloomberg reveals, is the person who released the FOMC minutes at 2 pm yesterday. Amusingly, Brian worked as Chief Ethics Officer while he was a deputy staff direct on the Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee. Just as amusing is that according to his LinkedIn profile, Brian is involved in virtually every governmental organization, up to an including the Securities and Exchange Commission Alumni Association.

From LinkedIn

And from a testimonial on behalf of Brian:

Derek V. Baker

Real Estate Agent at Keller-Williams Realty


Brian Gross is one of those rare people that knows something about everything, except he knows a *lot* about everything. His knowledge and expertise is so broad that he is invariably the one you go to when you need solid information and fast. He was an excellent boss and knows how to cultivate employees to reach their highest potential.

January 21, 2011, Derek V. reported to Brian at The Hon. Phil Gramm

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digitlman's picture

On the surface, this looks like a guy who just got the day wrong....*shrug*

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repeat: world's biggest organized crime syndicate in human history AWARD goes to...........<USA><USA><USA>

Big Slick's picture

"Currently exploring new career opportunities"

ACP's picture

I wouldn't say it's amusing that he was Chief Ethics Officer for a bank, I would say it's fitting.

The Juggernaut's picture

Did you get a nice kick back from that email, Brian Gross?  I'm looking forward to the collapse of the Fed.

AlaricBalth's picture

Mr. Brian J. Gross was also in the middle a scandal to help the FRB evade questions about which counterparties were paid off during the AIG bailout.

Raymond K Hessel's picture

I'm confused about why this is important.

Aren't congressional staffers exempt from insider trader rules, so they will front run the market anyway.  There's nothing here.  These guys trade on private information all the time, legally.

What am I missing?

AlaricBalth's picture

Because the Fed minutes were leaked to private trade organizations (lobbyists), who are not exempt.

Raymond K Hessel's picture


I still think this is a huge deal over nothing. 

These fuckers have been doing this since before it was illegal.  It'll never stop.  


akarc's picture

Which makes it a HUGE FUCKING DEAL!

jcaz's picture

Will be amusing to watch him use the "ignorance" defense, give his resume...

But of course he will, anyway.....

HF Critic's picture

Now I'm confused - I thought NO ONE was exempt from insider trading rules. Since when do we (formally, officially, in writing) have one set of rule for the elites and another for the rest of the herd?

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Not sure if Scott London is a Jew but this effer is def one.

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Georgetown law.....that's where sandra fluke goes....they sure are crankin' out the scum at G'town these days.


outamyeffinway's picture

He knows "a lot" about everything except what the fucking date is!

Melin's picture

Haven't conducted any analysis but it seems like Jew-bashing is on the rise around here.  Are they just paid trolls attempting to ramp down the quality of comments?

It's so tedious...

Raymond K Hessel's picture

It makes us all look bad.


JOYFUL's picture

Maybe you're just a 'self-hating' white...

or one of those who encourage that phenomena! Please drone on about some other us.

Or come right out with a "Tyler's should ban\moderate\eliminate  demand of the usual type of hype, if you feel the momentum's goin your way...

but no whining pls.

Raymond K Hessel's picture

The reason assholes like you waste time thinking about regulation is because you need other people to tell you what's right and what's wrong.  You think liberty means you don't have a responsibility to control yourself, to practice discipline.

You're a child.  

We all can live without your need for regulations to tell you what's right and what's wrong.  

You and your skinhead ilk need people like me to practice discipline, use our minds, and stop blaming other people for where our lives ended up.  People like me built the Eiffel Tower from iron and sweat.  People like you are like locusts, crying about it's other people's fault your life is so hard, and never measured up to what you thought it should have been.... fucking crybaby.

Don't like what's going on around you?  How do you fix it?  You can start by acting like a man! 

Raymond K Hessel's picture

Oh, yeah.  FYI and BTFW, life is hard.  

It was always hard.

It was hard in 10,000 BC.  

It was hard in 1000 AD

It was hard in 1780, 1860, 1930, 1990, 2013.

Guess what?  Can you guess correctly if life is going to be hard in 21345 AD?  

Spoiler alert.  It's going to fucking hard.  And the world needs men just as hard as life.  

Lead. Follow. Get the fuck out of the way.  Pick one and be done with it.

JOYFUL's picture

what part of "no whining" you no understand Raybo?


oh, and btw, fyi...

"real men" don't upvote their own comment! Pathetic.

JOYFUL's picture

No, actually it's comments about 'jewbashing' that are on a rise lately...

comments on 'jews' have always been a part of the zeitgest here...the frequency rises and falls with unknown synergies to other cyclical phenomena...jawing about 'jewbashing' however, seems to be the special concern of certain types who need to make a special effort to show empathy for special interest groups...for reasons know only to themselves...

however it's well known that there is a very high incidence of comments about 'trolls' here being made by 'trolls'...for reasons best known to most of us!


akarc's picture

YO Joyful, is that a screen name yo mamma gave ya or is it because you find so much fun in hate!

"Maybe you're just a 'self-hating' white..."

Just an ol drunk irishman here. Ya know, the white niggers that came over here cause they were hungry. You don't suffer from Hitler syndrome do ya?

On the narcissism front he was only ever interested in himself, his own plans and his own proposed ideology. He had an extremely inflated sense of self importance claiming he could build a ‘thousand year Reich’ while he was only ever interested in people he could use to advance his own selfish needs and desires. His relationships with women were also narcissistic in nature, lacking in genuine love and tenderness, they were always focused solely around his desire for personal pleasure which was usually achieved through voyeuristic fulfilment.

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akarc's picture

Just saying I support your right to be be an idiot and freedom to dispatch venom and hate people you have no control over which obviously must have some relation to your own inadequacies, real or imagined, but don't be offended if I express my right to call you on shit that is beyond even ignorance.

Kinda like the folk worrying about mexican lettuce pickers gonna take all our jobs.

Historically when people could not defend themselves against the enemy they either turned on themselves or those unable to defend themselves to re-enforce their delusion that they are something special. Which of course sets them up for failure cause it ain't jews, blacks, or hispanics that are the real enemy and your focus on them only diverts attention from the real crimes at the top. 

So who pays you to turn one agains the other as the corporate/government alliance continues to eat us?


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Hey, your're back already, fore I even had time to give you a thumbs up for the last lecture! Kool...

who pays me? Labor o love, dood. I know it's impossible for a minion of the moneychangers to understand, but the urge to save as many of the kith n kin as can be secured from within your sionist Euromerikan Gulag Zone is just a natural character expression of the Europoid people...before your work progressed to the level of success you enjoy at this moment, we hung together more, with shared values and ways of seeing ourselves and others, very different from those you hope to poison the West with now.

Looks like a whole new crop of you have been dropped on the lawn lately. Well, we cleaned the last lot out, I have no doubt that the yard work will enjoy equal success this time around.

Next question? Always a pleasure talkin wit ya dood!

*hilarious how quick you was with the backpedalling designed to make you look less guys work in cubicles with a supervisors looking over your screens?

akarc's picture

Obvious? No cubicle, no supervisor, no time clock, no backpedaling, no fake wars! Principles formed by street experience. 

JOYFUL's picture

Lol...did somebody finally tell you to put a sock in it before giving the whole game away? Too bad...twas great!

Fake wars are the talmudist is 'dividing people'...

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akarc's picture

"impressive turnout today,"

I just saw your postngs and figured it was Humor friday

JOYFUL's picture

Hey, thanks for asking dood!

I never tire of telling the folks back in Gulagistan just how Joyous life is again once one slips out of the talmudist controlled west and begins to feel alive agin! Some hear and understand the message...

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oh, and about all that 'jewish' pyschoanalytic babble...way too stale, yur gonna have to try a lot harder than that to get traction here. But don't stop...I luv Q&A!

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probably paid trolls of the fascists running the country.

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nuke those jews from orbit.  just to make sure. - ripley (alien #?)

Not sure if Scott London is a Jew but this effer

Carl Spackler's picture

Everything about this guy says "lobbyist." 

His loyalties are to making his ego feel powerful and making himself wealthier by manipulation of the system, regardless of law (which is a mere set of formalities for the serfs).

He knows who his masters are, how he personally benefit, and -exactly- what he was doing.



Abraxas's picture

S&P @ 1585.65; Au @ $1569.20

Maybe these numbers do not reflect anything now. Maybe they are assigned by the FED.

Gringo Viejo's picture

I know it's a hackneyed phrase but nevertheless..

you simply couldn't make this stuff up.

Oldballplayer's picture

30 days hath September....

My mother in law gets her Dr appointments' dates wrong too.  She is 90.  We don't let her drive.  Maybe she could control the important information for history's largest economy.

Baron Robber's picture

Phil Gramm.....means criminal all the way

NotApplicable's picture

First thing I noticed. Between that and his beginnings at A&M, his status as a valuable tool is obvious.

Dapper Dan's picture

Phil Gramm, the senator who converted the USA into one big Enron.


"He's always willing to rise above principle. He's got every quality of a dog except loyalty."

-- Dave McNeely, political columnist for the Austin, Texas American-Statesman

In Bailout Nation (Chapter 19) Barry Ritholtz assigned number three to Phil Gramm for his importance into unleashing the crisis:

1. Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan
2. The Federal Reserve (in its role of setting monetary policy)
3. Senator Phil Gramm
4-6. Moody’s Investors Service, Standard & Poor’s, and Fitch Ratings (rating agencies)
7. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
8-9. Mortgage originators and lending banks
10. Congress
11. The Federal Reserve again (in its role as bank regulator)
12. Borrowers and home buyers
13-17. The five biggest Wall Street firms (Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch,Morgan Stanley, and Goldman Sachs) and their CEOs
18. President George W. Bush
19. President Bill Clinton
20. President Ronald Reagan
21-22. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson
23-24. Treasury Secretaries Robert Rubin and Lawrence Summers
25. FOMC Chief Ben Bernanke
26. Mortgage brokers
27. Appraisers (the dishonest ones)
28. Collateralized debt obligation (CDO) managers (who produced the junk)
29. Institutional investors (pensions, insurance firms, banks, etc.) for
buying the junk
30-31. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC); Office of Thrift
Supervision (OTS)
32. State regulatory agencies
33. Structured investment vehicles (SIVs)/hedge funds for buying the junk

The Proletariat's picture

Who are the "100" [or so...] on the list???

digitlman's picture

I mean, how many of us have gone all day Tuesday thinking it was Wednedsday?

ptoemmes's picture

I've gone all day Tuesday thinking it's Monday.  In fact I have had quite a few weeks of ALL Mondays.



Bearwagon's picture

Which Saturday do we have today? Ah, I see, it Wednesaturday ....

Larry Dallas's picture

There is no stronger endorsement one person can get other than a Keller Williams Realtor.

something tells me this guy wasn't breast-fed as a kid...

Blano's picture

Depends on what time I start drinking.

akarc's picture

YOu mean it ain't tuesday? Fuck Im late to pick up the ol lady

Sudden Debt's picture

so... he was a director... than he was promoted to assistant...