Cyprus Central Bank In Shambles Following Third Board Member Resignation

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Perhaps the most underfollowed story of the day is the blatant takeover of the Cypriot Central bank by the ECB, which as we reported earlier, has been ordered to sell their gold by the ECB's Mario Draghi, even though the disposition decision of the "independent" central bank of the now insolvent nation is supposedly theirs. First it was this:


And now we learn that not one, not two, but three board members of the central bank have called it a day:


We are sure there are at least a few more board members who can resign topped off by Panicos himself bailing, before the entire central bank implodes, and there is nobody left in charge of the now obsolete monetary policy apparatus. What happens then: will Goldman appoint a new "technocratic" Board and governor, or will the country finally confirm that all European lies about member bank Independence is just one big lie?

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Somewhere there's a giant Pez dispenser full of ex-Goldman execs just waiting to have it's squiddy head pulled back and the next one in line extracted to fill vacant central banking positions around the world.

Bastiat's picture

I like to imagine the Pez dispenser fumbled into the toilet.

Arius's picture

i am puzzled ... why ECB wants cyprus to sell their gold for cash, so to pay them back, when ECB can print its own cash... and save the country ... no?

toys for tits's picture

Last one out is a rotten egg.

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O.T But I thought I would report on the ever larger guns and ammo bubble that is going on in the US. I dropped by the Big Reno Gun show this morning, more out of curiosity then anything else as I'm topped up with all that I want and need. Normally the show is crowded as hell on Saturday and Sunday but Friday morning early is not to bad. Well this morning everybody and there brother was there and even at an hour ofter the open the line for tickets was crazy.

Dr. Engali's picture

Is there anything left to buy that people can afford? It's pretty difficult for people to shell out a buck a round for .223. Just saying..maybe people are tapped out (pun intended....both of them).

RobD's picture

Well if there was any ammo actually for sale in the show I'm betting it would be gone by this afternoon no matter what the price was. In the past(before the Os re-election and Sandy Hook) you could get pretty good deals on ammo at this show if you were willing to buy the re-manufactured stuff in bulk. There was a break even point in that if you were to have it shipped in the cost of shipping would be greater then the sales tax. I have no clue what the prices are in there now as I did not get in line for a ticket. I might stop by after work and check it out again as it's on my way home anyway. As an aside I was in Wall-Mart this morning and there was a line at the sporting goods register(about 5 guys), they said it was ammo shipment day lol. Shits getting crazy.

fomcy's picture

"why ECB wants cyprus to sell their gold for cash"

Because they take the GOLD down and now wants to get

Cyprus Gold at fire sale.

Arius's picture

yes, but it is only 10 ton .... it is just peanuts.  china i think has bought over 2-3 hunderds tons over only this year in less than 3 months... poor Cyprus cannot even fill one day quota .... i wonder if its worth the fuss .... just a thought ...

kaiserhoff's picture

Only ten tons would look great in my basement;)

Grimbert's picture

It's only about 20 cubic feet. I'd put it in my bedroom and lie on it.

Manthong's picture

But then your bedroom would be in your basement.

Maybe this guy had 10 tons of gold in his bedroom.  :-)

ziggy59's picture

For These bankser phucks, its the thrill of the game...

Sadistic mofos, these people are

Obaminator's picture

its a quarter oz per person in Cyprus - its like asking each person to give up a piece of jewelry.

bastards! fuk a duk

Guy Fawkes's picture

In a fractional reserve banking system that 10 tonnes of gold "magically" becomes 100 tonnes.

kliguy38's picture

They're just wanting them to sell all their barbarous relics....

Urban Redneck's picture

The ECB doesn't want Cyprus to sell it's gold for cash (to just anyone).  

The ECB does, however, want the title the gold that is nominally "owned" by Cyprus.

In the meantime, the headline saves Ben a few bucks on his monkey hammering bill, and forces that many more weak limbs on the magic hard money tree to give up the fruit of their labors at a reduced joke of price...   


Aussiekiwi's picture

because physical Gold is real money perhaps

Downtoolong's picture

Yep, Lloyd is watching quietly from behind the one way glass window.


DeadFred's picture

What makes them want to follow Draghi's orders? How many divisions does he have? How is he going to get them to Cyprus? Follow Nancy R.'s advice and just say NO!

Bam_Man's picture

Everything is proceeding according to plan.

It will be pretty difficult to leave the Euro and launch your own currency when:

1) You have no Gold

2) Your Central Bank is in chaos and disarray.

McMolotov's picture

It's all going to hell in a handbasket, as my dad would say.

GolfHatesMe's picture

Brother can you spare a handbasket?

McMolotov's picture

Sorry, I only have one, and I'm saving it for when I have to haul a load of Benny Bucks down to the store to get a loaf of bread.

FieldingMellish's picture

What amazing motivation a gun to the head is.

Vashta Nerada's picture

Perhaps if enough board members resign, they won't have a quorum.

DavidC's picture

Said it elsewhere on ZH today - PLEASE, Cyprus, tell the ECB to FUCK OFF.


Yen Cross's picture

     Cyprus really needs to tell Troika and the ECB to get back on their 'short bus' and head home before things get really ugly.

  These f**king markets are criminal.

  U.S. 10-Year 1.728 1.791 1.795 1.724 -0.064 -3.53%  

                                                                              T-10s down 6.5 bps. WTF? It's definitely different this time...

Uber Vandal's picture

These f**king casinos are criminal.

Fixed it for you.

The game is rigged.

But you can't win if you don't play......

Bastiat's picture

As Evan-Pritchard points out, Cyprus doesn't *have* its gold.  Do you suppose they will politely return it from London if Cypruse quits?  Without the gold what will Cyprus base its new currency on?  That's how the game is played.

Urban Redneck's picture

Use their own bullshit tactics against them... execute a physical SWAP with the Chinese or Russians for gold they hold domestically at a 5-10% discount.  See if the dickless wankers have the balls to stand up to a bigger bully than themselves.  


gjp's picture

Bonds up, PMs crushed, stocks welll on their way to green again with high beta names leading the way.

Central bankers are having it all their way. Absolutely incredible, outrageous, evil. But when will something break? How long can the world last with a criminal capital allocation and wealth distribution process?

Solidarity, zh brothers. We are under full frontal attack by a heavily armed and desperate enemy. We're on th right side I'm sure, but we won't all make it.

RonBurgundy's picture

Draghi is a fool for demanding the Gold. Krugman has said its all just "goldbuggery"

DavidC's picture

I feel sad for Krugman, an obviously educated man with no concept of the real world.


Bastiat's picture

I do too but because he's a shameless, gutless pimp and that's not a quality way to live.

ziggy59's picture

Who says educashun leads to intellijence?

Shheeit...lookie at the leaders of this country..

flapdoodle's picture

Krugman just does what he is told, just like Obama...

tecno242's picture

Fools are just handing over the country to the ECB... 

taking a bailout is essentially suicide for your country.

Aussiekiwi's picture

Its Ok, they 'bailed in' everything will be just fine, listen to the calm re-assurances of our leaders and....look 'Biggest loser is back on TV' must not miss that!!

youngman's picture

I bet some Russian Mobsters have something to do about a target t-shirt or something sent to them..

swissaustrian's picture

So the central bankers of Cyprus don't want to sell the gold?

Damn tradionalists.


taraxias's picture

Okay, I'm confused.

Who wants to sell the gold, their central bank on orders from Draghi or their own governmen without consultation?

Will someone pull the plug on this charade please.

somecallmetimmah's picture

Just leave your gold on the counter and walk away.

insanelysane's picture

But where is the gold?  This is why Germany is repatrioting their gold.  Because if the ECB or IMF decides you owe them money, they don't want fiat.

beavertails's picture

let the banks implode Cyprus and Save your gold for the reset.  It's not that difficult a decision.  At least each citizen would have half an oz of gold to their name.

Schmuck Raker's picture

OT: Sprott Silver ETF(PSLV) now trading at ZERO premium. Interesting.

Schmuck Raker's picture


Paper Silver now trading at a discount to spot!!

-0.07% $10.32

Praise be to Ben!

somecallmetimmah's picture


If you surrender before an attack occurs, was it ever really an attack?

ekm's picture

The whole world market is hanging on one and one hair only:

Order from Obama to crap it.

Nothing else holds this market, same as in 2008, a simple Bush's order crapped the whole thing after oil went parabolic.