'Alternative For Germany' Party Buoyed By "Every Swastika On The Streets Of Athens"

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A month ago we discussed the rising anti-Euro sentiment in the core of Europe and the "Alternative for Germany" party appears to be growing in strength. As the NYTimes reports, this is a party driven a collection of elites (not a groundswell from the streets) tired of Merkel's "flagrant breach of democratic, legal, and economic principles." While we warned that the forthcoming 'wealth tax' will raise the ire of the southern-European elites (and thus increase the likelihood of a euro breakup), it appears this small-but-growing party in Germany is pushing in the same direction, as one member noted, "we keep giving out more and more money when we have so many problems at home." Polls show as many as 1-in-4 would consider voting for the new party, and "they don't need more than 5% to make things very tight for [Merkel]." The increasing tension in Europe (and rising anti-Germany sentiment) is helping raise membership as "every swastika on the streets of Athens" reduces Merkel's support, and, as members note, "if the euro fails, Europe will not fail," amid nostalgia for the former German Mark.


Via NYTimes,

With less than six months to go before parliamentary elections in Germany, a new political party that is calling for an end to the European currency union is gaining strength.


The party, Alternative for Germany, held its first formal party congress on Sunday at a Berlin hotel. It has emerged as a wild card ahead of the September elections and poses a potential threat to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s re-election prospects.




We want to put an end to the flagrant breach of democratic, legal and economic principles that we have seen in the past three years, because Chancellor Merkel’s government said there is no alternative,” Mr. Lucke told more than 1,500 supporters on Sunday. “Now it is here, the Alternative for Germany.”


Mr. Lucke says the euro is dividing Europe rather than uniting it, as the single currency was meant to do.




“They don’t need to get 5 percent to make things very tight for the chancellor,” said Wolfgang Nowak, a fellow at the North Rhine-Westphalia School of Governance in Duisburg. “And every swastika on the street in Athens helps this new party.”




“We keep giving out more and more money when we have so many problems here at home,” said Ms. Tigges-Friedrichs, who runs two hotels and a cafe in Bad Pyrmont.




Polls show that a large number of voters, as many as one in four, would consider voting for the party. But that might not translate into actual votes. And several other surveys have shown that the nostalgia for the former German currency, the mark, is beginning to ebb.


Discontent has its limits. While Germans dislike the notional price tag for the many commitments and guarantees their government has made over the three years of the euro crisis, the job market is strong, borrowing costs are low and the country is approaching the balanced budget it so desperately craves.




“If the euro fails, Europe will not fail,” said Mr. Lucke, contradicting the chancellor’s repeated insistence that the future of the 27-member European Union is tied to the success of its common currency. “If the euro fails, then the policies of Angela Merkel and Wolfgang Schäuble fail,” he said, referring to the chancellor and her finance minister.




Steffen Kampeter, a deputy finance minister from Ms. Merkel’s party, told the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung that Alternative for Germany was giving voters a far too rosy picture of how a euro-zone breakup would occur. “The new party is deluding voters that it’s possible to renationalize the common currency without drawbacks,” Mr. Kampeter said, “as if you could make eggs again out of scrambled eggs.”

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johnQpublic's picture

this morning in boston, drills were held simulating a bombing

that came out during a press conference

coincidence right?


and again, and now yet again

sorry for the hijacking of thread

return to regular thought paterns

nothing to see here

AssFire's picture

Same as Britan's subway bombing and 911...seems like they were doing drills as well.

Sell off of gold prior to this and airline stock sell off before 911.

All coincidence.

ACP's picture


Abraxas's picture

I just read this on al jazeera: "Cyprus eases citizenship to soothe investors

President says foreign depositors who lost at least $3.9m due to EU-IMF bailout are eligible to apply for citizenship." I thought it was a joke at first...
Pseudo Anonym's picture

end the reins of judefetzen

knukles's picture

"Sumptin's wrong Luchi"
             -Desi Arnaz


Yes, Desi had it right. 
There is something' terribly wrong.

To wit:  The Germans are sick and tired of paying for their southern laz-a-bouts
           The Southern laz-a-bouts are sick and tired of giving all their wealth to the Northern Nazis.

Lemme see here.
The rich are giving to the poor and bankrupt while the poor and bankrupt are supposedly giving boatloads to the rich, but neither the rich nor the poor and bankrupt seem to see any of the others monies.

So where's all the loot going to?

Seriously, dude....
Somebody should be booking a fat load a profits and we ain't seen any of it yet!

"Dere's sumptin' wrong Luchi!"



otto skorzeny's picture

some guy from Mobile said there were bomb sniffing dogs at start and finish lines but people were constantly being reassured that there was nothing to worry about.

Buck Johnson's picture

Yes they did, this is going to be a very complicated T attack.

W74's picture

Good for Germany though, and for this party.  That they've done as well as they have (the Germans) despite the internal forces working against them (the you-know-whos; the rest of Europe; the international financiers) is a testament to their strength and tenacity.

This new party still has six months to gather more support.  How magnificent was Beppe Grillo's rise in Italy in just a couple of weeks?  Give this thing time, give it momentum, and you'll find that 5% ain't but a thang.

Pseudo Anonym's picture

gasoline might be too expensive and wasteful.  stihls get the job done w/o wasting gas: http://tinyurl.com/czegrmg

Freddie's picture

What a dream. The Germans and other EUopeans can actually have small parties and free (non rigged) elections. 

The USA has Democrats and RINOs who are really Democrats and they all love dear muslim as does all of TV and Hollywood.   Almost all elections in the USA are RIGGED.

Azannoth's picture

Well Yes and No, the hurdles to get your party registered are high and you can forget about MSM media coverage

QQQBall's picture

What were the GIs doing at the finish line? I saw lots of GIs in fatigues in the bombing video?

W74's picture

Making it look like response times were basically zero to put the public's mind at ease and make people that a Soldier or a Police Officer is always right around the corner.

Azannoth's picture

Exactly the "1st responders" here seem to be soldiers, next step put the military in charge of any and every public event ?

moonstears's picture

'Cause all give some, some give all.(it's YOUR miltary, dipshit)

moonstears's picture

Uh, some runners represent various causes, think "kids with cancer" or "bakers union", well too several  veterans organizations like "wounded warriors". This is why there were military, as well as local national guard, setting tents, hauling cases of  water, etc

lolmao500's picture

Good. When in power, invite all the Eurocrats and do a night of the long knives... Europe will celebrate you for it.

Yen Cross's picture

  So the boston P.D. used live 'Improvised devices' in trash cans, and forgot to remove them? 

  OK, I'll entertain your doubt. The explosives were planted 'intentionally' buy the MAN. I'm guessing there were a lot of 'First Responder' family members in the crowd. I'm sure they knew exactly how -where-when the debris would fly, and where they should be positioned?

  You're an Idiot  "Jon- Biffey- Crapper!"

QQQBall's picture


I hope Eric Holder didn't provide the explosives - if so, the truth will never come out.

Pure Evil's picture

So, what will he call this operation, Fast and Feet Lost?

otto skorzeny's picture

germany is going to be left holding the bag-the french are running for the exit and throwing a lifeline to the chinese and the NYC banking jews aren't going to give the germans their gold.

otto skorzeny's picture

we all know what happens when an isolated germany lashes out.

QQQBall's picture

They each hold each others sovereigns, so how do you see anyone exiting on the QT?

Smiddywesson's picture

The same story and method is used everywhere in the West.  Break down immigration and border control, destroy blood ties and set the races against each other, and finally, propagandize the news and manipulate the education system so everybody is a dumbed down shadow of our former selves.  Our people never voted for what plagues them. All over the West, your vote counts for nothing, which of course, makes you a slave.   

In previous times, people were peasants and had the common sense to know they were peasants.  They knew what they knew and knew what they didn't know, so you couldn't bullshit them.  Today, every teenybopper dressed like a whore is an expert on foreign policy and will gladly betray her country and people for the praise of the pimps that use us all.    

It's popular to criticize these lost souls who walk around like fools with Nazi symbols tatooed on their bodies, but I think they do it to find other similar people.  I can't help but feel that they do what they do because they can feel there is something wrong with the Matrix, that we are being slowly destroyed as a people, as a nation, and as a generation.  

I used to excitedly dream about what it would be like living in the future.  Now that I am old, I thirst for the past.  Why would anyone but a fool or a narcissistic sociopath want to live forever?  I keep seeing Bruce Willis in 12 Monkeys saying how they live like worms.    

Yen Cross's picture

     No one hates the [.gov micro-magement ] more than I do!~  I started expatriating 12 years ago to Australia.

  I'm heading back to  Queensland next month.  If the 'Man' wanted to blow something up, it wouldn't be the Boston Marathon.


Smiddywesson's picture

I don't hate the government,

reasoning that if I did, I would have found love in the arms of another government.

I hate what's being done to us, the people of the West,

and I think it's happening because there is no government at all.


Don't hate your government, that's like hating the tendrils of an octopus rather than the head.  The fools who work for the government have no say in what they do.  They are victims too.

Yen Cross's picture

  Did you catch the kudos I gave you on another thread?

rich_wicks's picture

The fools who work for the government have no say in what they do.

What a ludicrous statement.

Of course they have a say in what they do.  If they had a problem with it, they simply wouldn't work for the government, moron.

Zer0head's picture

watching FOX now

wonderful how the Progressives and the NeoCons join in holy matrimony during a (pseudo) crisis

otto skorzeny's picture

nothing excites the media whores more than evil brown men- except for "assault weapons". no mention of drone strikes and collateral damage in ME.

nmewn's picture

Hey!...I use to have one of those coins!

Zer0head's picture

Word CLoud update






it has to be so

Smiddywesson's picture

Domestic?  Good catch, despite the reporting that they have a burned Saudi at the scene, it's being peddeled as domestic terrorism? How convenient, somehow there has to be a moral in this that we can protect "the children" from Saudi bombers by disarming law abiding citizens.  

I'm a federal law enforcement officer.  In twenty three years and I broke my perfect record only once by drawing my weapon, but at least I didn't point it at anybody who didn't invite it.  I think cops today are feminized wimps who can't tolerate any risk, no matter how small, or at least their bosses are, so they treat everything like a SWAT assault.  A little curtesy goes a long way.  Me, I like knowing people have guns.  It enforces curtesy.  Back in the day we'd call people up make an appointment for an arrest like civilized human beings.  It was simple human courtesy and respect.  Today everybody is treated like a serial killer.

NoDebt's picture

Yeah.  That's a good catch.  My fear is this is going to be (quickly) called "domestic terrorism" or it's going to get "Benghazi'ed" (we don't know the answers but we're investigating and we'll let you know if we ever find anything out).  There is no fucking way this administration is EVER going to admit we got hit by real foreign terrorists on their watch, especially not if that's what really happened.

If they could pass this off as "workplace violence" I'm pretty sure they would.  Doesn't mean they won't still try.

There is SO much on the line here the spin will undoubtedly be dizzying.

fomcy's picture

Is PM's has anything to do with the YEN? I mean look

USDJPY falling and PM's falling as well in tandem..

Silver 22 and change Gold 1325.. None stop action.


1330 is (-30%) from 1900

Yen Cross's picture

  Most of my positions are in the 80's. I bought this 1/2 $50k contract 2 hours ago.

   I did it because the risk /reward looked good. [IMG]http://imageshack.us/a/img832/359/uj1.png[/IMG]
    I took profit on my trades above 90, when the trade crossed the 50% on the BoJ move. (700) pips.

lolmao500's picture

The terrorist had bitcoins, silver, gold and guns! Time to ban them all!

Stoploss's picture

You forgot he was a racist redneck!

RaceToTheBottom's picture

Maybe the Chinese come to the rescue. 

FIAT's picture

"elections" aren't anything more than predetermined hegelian dialectic public relations exercises to trick morons into thinking they have a voice or a say in zog

gwar5's picture

Calling for an end to the Euro project is about 12 years too late.


Barely a decade old and it's already a dictatorship, fucked up beyond all recognition. It's toast... Breaking their own laws before the ink is even dry... Run by unaccountable bureaucrats trying to build a neo-monarchy in Europe for themselves. 

Americans are dumb, but not stupider than Jupiter. Even starry-eyed Europeans knew it was being jammed down their throats at the time.

JR's picture

Here in the German capital, the images of demonstrators in Athens, Madrid and now Nicosia, Cyprussome of them waving swastikas or pictures of Ms. Merkel dressed as Hitler — have begun to try people’s patience. – The NY Times

You would expect the NY Times to be on top of the latest slogans or images that fit the Zionists’ identification of Germany. And the reporters for the NY Times could hardly pass it up; it’s too good.

There’s always an edge that comes out on the streets  when there’s an opposition, an edge that uses porno and swastikas or whatever, to shock and push. They are against Germany. But cooler heads know what’s going on in Europe and who’s putting the screws on their countries; it’s the bankers.

dunce's picture

The Germans are singing an old song, "got along without you before  i met you, going to get along without you now".

Rudini's picture

What a wonderful excuse for Merkel to change her tune...after a financial incident in about 3, 2, 1 months....